Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/13/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/13/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden thanks Hope for being someone he can trust and someone to listen and care. Aiden feels that now he can breathe as he kisses her again. Aiden tells Hope that he loves her and wants to be with her now. Hope starts to talk. Aiden apologizes for going too far as he got caught up in her understanding about Meredith. Aiden understands if she's not ready. Hope says she just wants him to know that she feels the same.

Daniel reveals the money clip that was left in his coat pocket. Paige and Eve come back from the bathroom. JJ and Eve think back to that night. Daniel greets Paige. Paige says it's good to see him. Daniel greets Eve as well. Daniel apologizes for interrupting. JJ stops him and says it was nothing.

Theresa argues that Kayla has to be wrong. Kayla shows her the test results. Brady mocks Theresa but Kayla tells him to back off. Brady refuses and says she needs to hear what he has to say. Brady questions Theresa thinking she could really get away with this. Theresa cries that she was pregnant but Brady doesn't believe her and says they both know why she lied.

Aiden asks Hope what she just said. Hope says he heard her. Aiden is glad to hear that she feels the same way. Hope admits that she was attracted to him from the very beginning even if she didn't like him at all. Hope praises him and says she understands now why he was so closed off. Hope tells him that she likes him, trusts him, and respects him. Hope tells him that she does want to be with him and they kiss. Aiden tells her that he has an idea that can happen but she might not like it.

JJ apologizes and asks to talk to Daniel in private now. Daniel agrees to it. Paige thanks Daniel for understanding about her not working at the hospital today. Daniel says it was nice seeing Eve again. JJ asks Daniel if they can go talk at the Pub. Daniel agrees. Paige stops JJ and doesn't understand why JJ has to talk to Daniel right now when they were going to talk to Eve. JJ tells her that it can't wait. Paige questions what is so important.

Theresa argues that she's not lying. Kayla brings up the possibility of a false positive. Theresa say she wouldn't have gone to Kayla if she was lying. Kayla gets a call back to the hospital but offers to stay with Theresa. Theresa tells her that she doesn't need her so Kayla exits. Theresa cries that Brady has to believe her. Brady says he believed her once and look where that got him.

Hope asks Aiden what the idea is. Maggie arrives at the park and interrupts. Maggie says they are just who she wanted to see.

Daniel exits the club. JJ apologizes to Paige for not telling her before but Daniel and Jennifer broke up for good. Paige questions Daniel being alone. JJ says he really feels like he has to talk to him about it now and it may take a while so he suggests they meet up another time to talk. JJ thanks her and says he'll see her soon then kisses her goodbye. JJ exits and Paige goes back to Eve. Eve asks what's going on and if JJ is coming back. Paige says no and it's probably just as well. Eve asks why she says that. Paige suggests they both be really honest with each other as she just figured out what happened last night.

Brady tries to leave but Theresa stops him. Theresa says she doesn't know what happened but she wouldn't lie about this. Brady believes she just got found out. Theresa argues that it wouldn't make sense if she didn't believe it. Brady agrees to stay and tells her that it's time she hears what he has to say. Brady says it doesn't matter whether he believes her or not. Brady says all that matters is that he needs her to stay away from him and out of his life. Brady knows she has family and understands that but he doesn't want to cross paths with her. Brady calls her a bad drug and declares he doesn't do drugs anymore. Brady says Kayla gave them good news. Brady is thankful she's not pregnant as they aren't ready for a kid. Brady adds that the kid won't have to go through the Hell of having them as parents. Theresa asks what he's talking about as he'd be a great dad. Brady says not with her as a mother because the kid would recognize that he loathes her. Brady announces this is where they go their separate ways and warns her to stay out of his way or she'll be sorry. Brady says goodbye and exits the Pub.

Maggie explains that she was talking to Victor about Thanksgiving and how it's about family so they want Hope and Aiden there if they don't have plans. Hope thanks her. Maggie wants Aiden to meet the whole family. Maggie understands if Aiden has other plans with Chase or if he'll be overwhelmed. Aiden says Chase would love it. Maggie is glad and reminds Hope to bring the cranberry sauce. Maggie adds that she can tell they are just trying to be nice because her timing sucks.

Eve doesn't understand what Paige is talking about. Paige brings up Daniel's coat being the same one that was on the chair last night. Eve doesn't think they should talk about it. Paige tells her that JJ just told her what happened. Paige believes it was Daniel and that's why they were acting so weird. Eve questions JJ telling her that. Paige explains that JJ said Daniel and Jennifer split up for good so she understands they both felt alone. Eve tells her that she's completely wrong. Paige tells her to be truthful. Eve informs her that Daniel wasn't anywhere near their apartment last night. Eve says the coat is just some coincidence. Paige tells her that she can tell her the truth. Eve talks about not wanting anything from Jennifer and assures her that her assumptions are completely wrong here. Paige says okay and asks who it was then.

JJ and Daniel meet at the Pub. JJ thanks him for returning his money clip. Daniel says it's no big deal but it is to JJ. JJ talks about Daniel being great to him so many times and always helping him out. Daniel asks if he needs some help now. JJ tells him that he really does.

Maggie tells Hope that maybe this year she'll finally have something to be thankful for and she leaves. Aiden comments on liking her. Hope thinks Maggie sensed they wanted to be alone. Hope asks Aiden about his suggestion from earlier. Aiden is worried that it might seem a little rude. Aiden tells her that he wants to be with her and he asks her to come with him now.

JJ tells Daniel that he always does the wrong thing. Daniel argues not always and thinks he's being hard on himself. JJ tells Daniel that he's not the kid that has turned everything around because he's screwed up worse than he ever has. Daniel asks if he means with Paige and asks if it's about Eve.

Eve reminds Paige that she's her mother and insists the coat is all over town. Paige agrees and apologizes. Eve says she made a big mistake and the worst part is that Paige found out. Eve wants to move on. Paige worries about if it was Daniel but Eve assures her that it wasn't. Eve asks if they can keep it private as she doesn't want her to interrogate Daniel. Paige promises not to. Eve doesn't want her to ask anymore about it because it's not good for their relationship. Paige agrees as long as it's no one she knows. Eve tells her that it's absolutely nobody.

Theresa goes home and talks to Anne about what happened. Anne complains about Kayla. Theresa says Kayla never lies so she thought she would help Brady believe her. Anne asks about the pregnancy test. Theresa says she doesn't have it anymore. Theresa calls last night such a blur but she knew she was pregnant with Brady's baby. Anne asks if she got high to celebrate. Theresa cries and asks if she thinks she lost her baby. Anne thinks she would've known.

Aiden tells Hope that the kids are in school so they have a couple of hours. Aiden offers to get them a room. Hope brings up the gala and reveals that she bid on a hotel package at the Salem Inn which she won. Hope thought about giving it to Doug and Julie for Christmas but suggests they maybe could put it to better use. Hope asks Aiden what he says. Aiden jokes that he'll have to think about it and they walk off together.

JJ tells Daniel that it has nothing to do with Eve and asks why he would say that. Daniel brings up how hard on him she's been in the past and she seemed tense now like something was off. Daniel asks if something happened. JJ assures him that it has nothing to do with Eve, just Paige. JJ says he didn't take Daniel's advice to tell Paige about Jack and Kayla then she found out in a bad way. Daniel assumes Paige would understand why JJ didn't tell her. JJ says she didn't at first but she came around. JJ feels he overreacted. Daniel tells him to do the right thing and just let it all go. Daniel feels there's no reason they can't just start over as sometimes the best thing to do is just move forward. JJ decides maybe he's right and he can do that because what's done is done.

Eve tells Paige that they will just put last night behind them. Eve calls her the most wonderful daughter in the world. Paige mentions being late for class so she exits. Eve grabs her phone.

JJ goes home and thinks back to being with Paige then being with Eve. JJ states that Daniel is right that there's no reason he can't put it behind him and start fresh with Paige. JJ gets a text from Eve that she needs to see him now.

Brady sits at home working until the doorbell rings. Brady answers the door and Daniel arrives, saying they need to talk. Daniel needs to tell him how sorry he is about what happened with Kristen. Brady says he already has. Daniel says Kristen was in a bad place and Jennifer told him it was over. Daniel says there's no excuses but it was a real moment of weakness and they both realized it so they stopped. Brady tells him that he's sorry about Jennifer. Brady jokes about making mistakes with women and judging him. Daniel repeats that he really is sorry. Brady admits it wasn't his favorite thing but he did him a favor by proving to him that Kristen was never the woman she said she was. Daniel jokes that he's glad he could be of service. Brady is glad he's there because he realized that he needs to apologize to him too. Daniel asks what he's talking about. Brady responds Theresa.

Anne assures Theresa that she would've known if she lost the baby. Theresa doesn't remember last night and talks about sleeping with bad dreams. Theresa recalls waking up feeling really tired like she was hit by a train. Anne suggests she was drinking.

Aiden and Hope go to the hotel room and they kiss.

Maggie goes to the hospital and greets Kayla. Maggie notes something is wrong and asks if she wants to talk about it. Kayla tells her that she's just worried about Theresa more than usual. Maggie is sure there must be a reason. Kayla says Theresa isn't anyone's favorite person but she thought she would straighten her life out. Maggie compares it to Nick and how she kept loving him. Kayla says sometimes family is really difficult. Maggie asks what Theresa did. Kayla tells her it's what she does better than anyone, make a bad situation worse.

Anne asks Theresa if she didn't have any wine as she points out an empty gallon of wine on her counter. Theresa cries that she is sure she wouldn't do anything to hurt her baby. Anne questions what the wine is doing there but Theresa doesn't know. Anne asks if it's possible that it slipped her mind that she's not supposed to drink while pregnant. Theresa doesn't know if she was distracted and suggests maybe she wasn't thinking then admits it's possible. Anne points out that nothing is left in the bottle so she would've had more than a glass. Theresa doesn't remember and worries if she did drink it all. Anne remarks that it would've been in character as Theresa is her own worst enemy. Theresa mocks her support. Anne says they are friends but she notices Theresa is screwing up. Theresa tells her to go. Anne warns her not to take it out on her. Anne yells at her that she was wrong about being pregnant and made a fool out of herself. Anne declares that Theresa has no one to blame but herself for burning her bridge with Brady, his family, and everybody else in the town. Anne then storms out.

Daniel asks Brady what about Theresa and why he's even talking to her. Brady says he had to but Daniel disagrees. Brady explains that Theresa told him that she was pregnant with his child so he insisted on a test. Brady adds that Kayla did the test and Theresa wasn't pregnant.

Eve goes to see JJ. Eve tells him that it's a total disaster. JJ apologizes for the coat. Eve tells him that she had to convince Paige that it wasn't Daniel. JJ thinks they could be okay going forward. Eve says they need to talk about he and Paige going forward.

Aiden and Hope move to the bed and begin to undress. Hope stops so Aiden asks if something is wrong and if she wants to stop.

Daniel calls it weird that Theresa would let Kayla do the test. Brady feels Theresa really believed she was pregnant. Daniel brings up what he went through with Chloe. Brady doesn't know but thinks it's possible that Theresa believes she was telling the truth.

Theresa wonders how she could've been so wrong.

Kristen's doctor Mandrake sits alone in his office and thinks back to injecting Theresa with a needle. He picks up his phone and calls Kristen to see how she's doing. He says he'll be by very soon to check on her condition.

Paige walks through the town square. She stops and wonders if JJ is still with Daniel so she decides to text him that she loves him.

JJ asks Eve what she means. Eve tells him that he has to understand that he now has to break it off with Paige as he cannot be with her anymore. Eve declares that they are over forever.

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