Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/12/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/12/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail tells Ben that she hopes it's okay that she just stopped by. Ben says of course. Abigail hoped they could talk about them.

Daniel talks on the phone at home about a surgery. He hangs up and looks for his keys. He looks in his jacket pocket and finds a money clip, wondering if it's JJ's.

Eve calls JJ and asks who is with him. JJ says he's alone at home and Abigail won't be back until later. Eve tells him that she'll come over as this is important and thinks back to being with him. JJ says fine and he'll be there. Eve tells him to stay there and goes to leave but Eric arrives.

Paige shows up at JJ's door and greets him with a kiss. Paige tells him that she changed her mind about going to the hospital today and asks what they should do.

Theresa questions Brady thinking getting her pregnant was the stupidest thing he's ever done. Theresa tells Brady since the baby is such an awful concept to him, he's not needed and can go to Hell.

Hope proceeds with the search and comes across an article on Meredith's death being ruled an accidental suicide with Aiden originally thought to be a suspect before being cleared. Aiden appears behind her and calls it interesting reading. Aiden says he must have deluded himself into thinking it wasn't on the internet anymore but there it is. Aiden reveals to Hope that four years ago in Portland, everyone thought he murdered his wife in cold blood.

Daniel thinks back to JJ returning his jacket and decides the money must be his and he'll need it back so he gets his phone.

JJ asks Paige what happened as he thought she was watching Daniel operate today. Paige thinks back to seeing Daniel's jacket with Eve. Paige tells JJ that she decided Daniel doesn't need her hanging around. Eve texts JJ that she's been delayed but will be there soon. Paige asks JJ what he had planned for the day.

Eve invites Eric in and mentions that she was on her way out. Eric says he won't keep her but just wanted to show her the retouched photo. Eric adds that he was concerned about her after seeing her in the town square. Eve says she had a really bad night. Eric hopes he didn't make things worse. Eve says none of it was on him. Eric asks if he can help.

Brady stops Theresa and apologizes for being frustrated and angry. Theresa insists that she's pregnant as Kayla comes back. Theresa asks if they ran the test and if she's pregnant.

Ben tells Abigail that he's always happy to see her but figured she would be working at the hospital. Abigail says she starts full time tomorrow. Ben says they both have something to celebrate in his apartment and her job. Abigail asks if he really feels that way and isn't still upset about Chad. Ben decides that all that matters is that she's happy which he wants more than anything.

Daniel looks at a framed photo of he and Jennifer then puts it away in the drawer. Maggie arrives and notes that he looks a little lost.

JJ invites Paige for coffee at the club but she wants to stay in. She asks if he's worried about something. JJ says no. Paige reassures him that she wants to start fresh. Paige gives JJ a new calendar she made with pictures of them which JJ calls awesome.

Eve tells Eric that she would like to forget the last 24 hours. Eric asks if it was that bad and suggests she talk about it but Eve doesn't want to bore him with her life's drama. Eve informs him that it started when she found out she can't have her surgery so her singing career is done. Eric says he's sorry as he knew how much it meant to her. Eve asks Eric to keep the news of her surgery to himself since she hasn't told Theresa yet. Eve brings up Eric looking for Theresa yesterday. Eve says Theresa is having some drama in her life that she can't deal with.

Kayla tells Theresa that the test results won't be in for another hour. She suggests they go to the Pub and then she'll bring the results. Theresa agrees to go and looks forward to the results. Brady suggests to Theresa that they start over.

Aiden assures Hope that he didn't kill Meredith and it's all there online. Aiden then reveals he brought her flowers. Hope asks him not to leave so he stays. She wants him to understand. Aiden says that he does. Aiden adds that he's surprised she waited this long. Hope says she knows he's a private person. Aiden knows that she wouldn't have before seeing him with Bree or Nicole. Aiden says he'll go but Hope stops him. Hope turns off the computer and says she doesn't want to read about it but wants him to tell her what happened.

Abigail tells Ben that she came to talk to him about something important. She says she should've paid more attention to how Chad made him feel. Ben feels he didn't give her a chance and made it all about him. Ben praises her and says he goes crazy at the thought of losing her. Abigail admits she would do the same because she doesn't want to lose him either. Abigail praises him and says he makes her really happy so she wants to be with him and they kiss.

JJ tells Paige that the calendar is so cool. Paige says all that she thought about was him and kisses him. Paige adds that she loves it when they are together and it feels so perfect as they hug and kiss again.

Eric tells Eve there's no worries and he'll e-mail her when he's done with the photos. She thanks him and he exits.

Brady and Theresa go to the Pub. Theresa mentions not having an appetite. Theresa tells Brady that she will have a paternity test run as well. Brady responds that he's sure they don't need that.

Maggie asks Daniel about Parker coming home. Daniel says it will be a couple more days. Maggie talks about missing him. Maggie asks if something is bothering him as he seems out of focus. Daniel says she might as well know that it's about Jennifer.

Aiden and Hope go to the park. Aiden tells her there's no way to sugarcoat it as he and Meredith were more than unhappy but they loved Chase so they worked hard to keep their marriage going. Aiden says maybe they shouldn't have with all the fights every day and constantly talking about divorce to others but it always came back to Chase and not wanting to lose their son. Aiden knows Hope understands that all too well. Aiden says they stuck it out even though it became harder. Aiden says they all find different ways to numb the pain and Meredith's was alcohol which is why he rarely touches it. Aiden continues that at some point, she had a gun and would occasionally make threats while drinking to use the gun on him or herself. Aiden points out that the gun was never loaded until that night. Aiden recalls the last fight they had. Aiden says she went to the bedroom and came back with the gun, threatening to kill herself and then loaded it in front of him. Aiden says he didn't know what to do as he told her not to do it as it would wake Chase and it stopped her. Aiden cries that she loved Chase but she hated him more because she put the gun back to her head. Aiden explains that this time he tried to grab the gun but she pulled back, pulled the trigger, and shot herself.

Brady suggests to Theresa that they take things one step at a time. Brady adds that marriage is not an option. Theresa promises no abortion. Brady warns that he would fight her if she tried. Theresa asks if he wants a child. Brady admits that he always has.

Daniel knows Jennifer means the world to Maggie and she's always rooted for them but they had a talk. Daniel admits it's hard to accept and knows it will be hard for Maggie to accept too but they decided that it's over. Maggie encourages him not to give up. Daniel says he's sorry. Maggie says she is too and hugs him.

JJ and Paige kiss onto the couch in the living room until JJ's phone goes off. JJ rushes to get it, saying he'll be right back. The doorbell rings so Paige goes to answer it and Eve arrives.

Ben and Abigail continue kissing and begin to undress.

Brady tells Theresa that he's thought a lot about being a father as he loves kids but the timing has never been right. Theresa warns him not to think about taking her baby from her. Brady assures that he would never do that. Brady tells her that they will figure out a way to raise this child together.

Daniel tells Maggie that he will never regret knowing and loving Jennifer. Daniel thinks everyone is better for having Jennifer in their life. Maggie agrees. Daniel states that he now has to focus on the blessings he does have like Melanie, Maggie, and Parker, his family. Daniel adds that he wouldn't trade it for anything. Maggie thinks he will be alright. Daniel says he will be eventually. Maggie notices the money clip and asks about it. Daniel explains that it's JJ's and says that he should probably drop by and give it to him.

JJ checks the door and Eve greets him. Eve claims she came to talk to Jennifer and asks if she's around. JJ tells her that she's gone for the week. Eve says that's too bad as she wanted to talk to her about something. Paige questions Eve coming just to talk to her. Eve says the royalty check was sent there by mistake so she came to give it to her. She gives it to JJ and then questions Paige as to why she casually blew off her internship today. Paige laughs and says it's got to be like fate. Paige calls it meant to be as she was telling JJ about a fresh start and how good things were so she wants it to be that way for all of them. Eve calls it a wonderful goal but too idealistic. Paige insists they can try to make it work. Paige thinks the problem is that JJ and Eve haven't gotten to know each other well enough. Paige suggests they all go out and talk it through.

Aiden sits with Hope and continues talking about how he and Meredith would fight after Chase went to bed but this time he woke up crying as if he already knew. Aiden recalls just holding Chase until his sister came to take him away while he got interviewed by the police and Meredith's body was taken away. Aiden says things looked bad for him at first as he didn't protect himself when he should have for Chase's sake. Aiden mentions that he tried stopping the bleeding then quickly realized it was hopeless as he was holding Meredith and moved the gun away, knowing his prints would be all over it. Aiden tells Hope that Meredith's last words to him were "I hate you." Aiden felt like part of him died too.

Ben and Abigail have sex in bed. Ben promises to not let anyone or anything ruin this for them.

Paige, JJ, and Eve go to the club. Paige wants to put everything in the past and leave it there. Eve and JJ agree. Paige says it's so good that they all agree. Paige spills her coffee on herself so she goes to clean it off but asks Eve to come with her so she does. JJ tells himself that Eve isn't going to say anything and he's not going to so they will be fine. Daniel arrives and tells JJ that he was just the guy he was looking for.

Aiden tells Hope that she's the only person he has ever talked to about those last few minutes or any of it. Hope calls it a terribly painful memory. Aiden says their countless battles cost Chase his mother. Aiden says that Chase remembers very little of that night as they moved several times. Aiden adds that Chase has never asked any questions. Aiden isn't sure if he doesn't know what to ask or if he knows the answers would be too hard. Aiden suggests Chase is the one protecting him all these years. Aiden feels bad for letting him down like that. Hope comforts him as he cries.

Brady tells Theresa that Daniel and Chloe are doing a pretty good job with Parker so they can use that as a guide. They talk about the kid growing up. Brady assures her that he won't let anyone push her out and they will do this as a team. Kayla arrives with the test results. Theresa asks how far along she is. Kayla suggests talking to Theresa one on one but Theresa says no because she and Brady are together in this all the way. Kayla reveals that there is no child as Theresa is not pregnant.

Daniel asks JJ if he's with someone. JJ says he's with Paige and Eve. Daniel questions Eve and if that's a good thing. JJ explains that Paige wanted to do it as a fresh start. Daniel reveals the money clip that was left in his jacket pocket as Paige and Eve come back from the bathroom and Paige sees it.

Aiden tells Hope that he should've told her all of this but he understands if she wants to walk away and not look back. Hope assures him that she's not going anywhere. Aiden kisses her and thanks her for being someone he can trust and someone to listen and care. Aiden feels that now he can breathe as he kisses her again. Aiden tells Hope that he loves her and wants to be with her now.

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