Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/11/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/11/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope meets Aiden at the club. Aiden mentions Ciara and Aiden being at play practice. Aiden hopes she can get off work early so he can make up for last night. Hope tells him he doesn't have to but he insists. Aiden also wants to make up for family movie night soon. Nicole interrupts and declares it must be fate as he is the answer to her prayers.

Abigail goes to the hospital and tells Kayla that she is ready to accept her job offer. Kayla tells her that she doesn't need to rush in to it and can take time to think about it. Abigail is ready but Kayla hates to see her and Ben fighting. Abigail asks Kayla if she also thinks Chad is trying to manipulate her.

Ben runs in to Sonny outside the Pub. Ben tells him that Abigail got her job back at the hospital. Sonny says that's great. Ben says he's happy for her but Chad is the one that made it happen.

Chad tells Jordan that he wants to kiss her but he won't because he doesn't want to take advantage. Jordan then kisses him. Rafe walks by and sees them.

Theresa informs Brady that she is carrying his child. She asks if he's going to say something. She gets up and repeats that she's pregnant with his baby so she thinks she deserves a response. Brady laughs at her.

Kayla tells Abigail that she has no idea what is going on in Chad's mind but he can't manipulate her if she doesn't let him. Abigail takes it as Kayla agreeing with Ben that Chad has an agenda. Kayla says they know Chad's history and suggests he wants to make things right with her. Abigail takes the possibility that Chad could be trying to come between she and Ben. Abigail brings up Ben being jealous when he has no reason to be. Kayla mentions Chad being Ben's boss. Kayla points out Ben working hard to make a living while Chad is a DiMera. Kayla also notes that Chad was Abigail's first love so maybe Ben has justification for being insecure.

Sonny tells Ben about Chad being very angry at EJ for taking advantage of Abigail. Sonny thinks this is Chad's way of trying to make things right. Ben doesn't buy it. Sonny questions Ben thinking Chad wants Abigail back while also being mad about Chad being with Jordan.

Chad and Jordan finish their kiss and Rafe walks away. Chad hopes he wasn't taking advantage and Jordan assures him he wasn't. Rafe remains nearby listening from the gate.

Nicole tells Aiden that she has a piece to write for work on people moving to Salem. She wants Aiden because he moved from Portland but he refuses.

Theresa doesn't find it funny. Brady accuses her of lying. Brady tells her that John won't be pressing charges. Theresa swears but Brady says he would never believe her.

Nicole argues that Aiden didn't let her finish but Aiden is not interested. Nicole thought they were friends. Nicole calls it a free commercial for Aiden's law firm but he tells her that he's not going to do it.

Kayla goes to Paul's hospital room with Abigail. Paul assumes Abigail is the physical therapist but Kayla informs him that Abigail is from PR. Abigail thanks him for his donation to the hospital. Kayla leaves them to talk. Abigail asks him about his rotator cuff surgery and how he hurt his shoulder. Paul explains it was during baseball practice. Abigail asks if he's sure he wants his donation to be anonymous and he does. Abigail decides they should get to work.

Sonny thought Ben trusted Chad now. Ben doesn't know how to compete with him. Sonny argues that Ben is not competing with Chad. Sonny tells Ben that either way, Abigail obviously wants him not Chad. Sonny tells Ben to come with him.

Chad tells Jordan that if she ever needs anything, he's there. Jordan thanks him but feels she has to work this out on her own. Chad assures her that she's not alone. Jordan tells him that she has to go get ready for work. She thanks him for everything. Chad hopes to see her soon and she walks off. Rafe returns to confront Chad.

Brady questions Theresa thinking being pregnant would make things better when that's the last thing he wants. Theresa calls that a very hurtful thing to say. Brady says hurtful was her being thrilled that Maggie and John tried to come between them because it pushed him into her arms. He accuses her of playing him while he was high. Brady talks about everything she did and screams about her making him think he hit John. Theresa doesn't want a recap of their mistakes. She says their future includes a baby they made whether he likes it or not. She adds that she's not lying and can prove it.

Nicole gives up on Aiden and exits. Aiden apologizes to Hope. Hope doesn't blame him and knows he doesn't like to talk about Portland. Aiden asks what makes her say that. Hope says she saw how uncomfortable he got after seeing Bree. Aiden asks if she saw her again but Hope says no.

Rafe questions what Chad is up to with Jordan as he's a DiMera. Rafe brings up what Chad did to Gabi. Chad argues that he saved Gabi from going to prison after what she did to Melanie. Chad questions Rafe thinking he's a bad person because he's a DiMera. Chad then brings up Rafe's sisters going to prison and asks what the name Hernandez makes him.

Abigail talks to Jordan at the hospital and informs her that she got her job back. Jordan is happy for her and hugs her. They talk about Paul. Jordan says she's on her way to meet him now. Abigail mentions Paul's anonymous donation. Jordan says she'll see what she can find out. Abigail asks if she talked to Ben today. Jordan says she hasn't. Abigail says she just had something to clear up with him. They hope it's nothing serious. Abigail exits as Jordan heads to Paul's room. Jordan recognizes him as the famous baseball pitcher and talks about his impressive stats. Jordan asks for his autograph.

Sonny brings Ben to an old friend's place as the friend just moved out. Ben calls it perfect as Sonny asks if he's interested. Ben says it depends on the rent. Sonny tells him it's a lot cheaper than what he was looking at. Ben offers to get his info but he's told that he can move in today.

Theresa reminds Brady of the night they ended up in bed and how he wanted her. Theresa says she didn't have protection because it was unexpected and they were broken up. She warns Brady that he should've done something to prevent it if he didn't want it. Theresa tells him that they are having a baby. Brady argues that they don't know it's his so Theresa slaps him.

Aiden and Hope talk about their plans as Hope heads back to work. Nicole rejoins Aiden and asks him for the real story.

Rafe tells Chad that he's not going to be able to provoke him like he did Ben. Chad remarks that he wouldn't want another Hernandez behind bars. Rafe warns Chad about hurting Jordan. Chad mocks Rafe cheating with Kate and says he wouldn't hurt her the way Rafe did. Chad tells him to have a good day and walks away.

Theresa tells Brady that she had fun with him. Brady calls it a terrible time. Theresa says she liked the drinking and the drugs but the sex was amazing and meant something to her. Theresa brings up Brady's sex life and accuses him of double standards. Theresa tells him that he's the only one she had been with since they got together. Theresa sits down crying and asks where they go from here. Brady thinks they need a test.

Aiden apologizes to Nicole for overreacting and blames getting into it with Chase earlier. Aiden offers to find her a willing subject for her article. She tells him that he doesn't have to do this. Aiden asks what she means. Nicole says she's been there and that she knows he's keeping a secret. Nicole adds that Hope probably sees it too.

Hope works in her office. Rafe walks in and startles her. They question each other being edgy as Rafe calls it a bad day. They laugh together. Rafe notes that he hasn't seen her in awhile. They both seem to be doing the same. Rafe tells her that he's sorry about the divorce. Rafe doesn't want to pry in her personal life but mentions her seeing Aiden. Rafe says he doesn't know him well but heard he's a stand up guy. Rafe encourages Hope about moving on. Rafe apologizes for being presumptuous. Rafe says he can only imagine how hard it is for Hope and Ciara without Bo. Hope tells him that what's bothering her has nothing to do with Bo.

Jordan talks to Paul about his recovery time. Paul jokes with her about baseball and is glad she's a fan. Paul tells Jordan that he's glad to be workign with her and she feels the same.

Theresa agrees to a pregnancy test and offers to go get one but Brady stops her, questioning her proof. Brady wants a test that they both can trust meaning a blood test at the hospital. Theresa doesn't have a problem with it and calls Kayla. Theresa tells Kayla that she needs a pregnancy test right now.

Abigail runs in to Sonny in the town square. Sonny congratulates her on getting her old job back. Abigail assumes he also heard about her and Ben's fight. Sonny says he's not taking sides. Abigail feels she was a total jerk for accusing Ben of not wanting her to take her job back. Sonny calls it very complicated. Abigail asks where she can find Ben. Sonny tells her that Ben is on the schedule but is not at the club.

Ben begins setting up his new home. He looks out the window and thinks back to his argument with Abigail. Ben states that it would be so much better if he had her there to share it with him.

Brady and Theresa go to the hospital and talk to Kayla. Kayla asks how far along she is and questions this not being planned. Theresa tells Kayla that her judgments aren't going to change anything. Theresa wants the test results as quick as possible because it's the only way Brady will believe her. Kayla agrees to do the best she can and Theresa follows her while Brady sits down.

Nicole tells Aiden that she's not threatening him but she knows something is up. Nicole adds that she's not trying to dig anything up but she just wants to warn him to be careful because the bigger the secret, the bigger it will come back to bite.

Hope tells Rafe that she couldn't stand Aiden when they first met and thought he was a complete jerk until she realized how fun and generous he is as well as a great dad. Rafe asks what the problem is. Hope brings up running into Bree, who was a friend of Aiden's wife. Hope says Aiden has made no secret that they weren't happy before she died but he got tense when he found out she knew Bree, like he thought they may have talked about him. Hope brings up Aiden being short with Nicole earlier. Rafe asks what she's thinking. Hope brings up going online to find out more about him but she feels wrong about digging into his personal life when he doesn't want her to know more. Rafe notes that she's curious and asks if she's concerned. Hope admits that she is somewhat. Rafe tells her that he'll search Aiden's past for her. Hope thanks him but says no as she would feel too guilty. Hope wants Aiden to trust her enough to tell her one day. Hope points out that Aiden has never pushed her about Bo. Rafe knows how she feels and brings up wanting answers from Jordan but that didn't turn out well. Hope tells him that she's sorry. Rafe says it happens. Rafe tells her that he's there if changes her mind or if she needs to talk. Hope thanks him. Rafe knows it's not just about her but Ciara too. Rafe says they can discuss their case later. Hope thanks him as he exits. Hope looks at Ciara's photo and then goes back to her computer. She looks back and then types "Aiden Jennings" into the search engine but stops before continuing.

Sonny meets with Chad and tells him that there's a problem with the electrician and the new club. Chad tells him that he's in no matter what it takes to get it going. Sonny is glad he said that. Sonny mentions running in to Abigail and is glad he got her job back. Sonny adds that he hopes he did it for the right reasons. Sonny assures Chad that Ben is a good guy and good for Abigail. Sonny thinks they can both agree that Abigail deserves to be happy.

Abigail shows up at Ben's new place and gives him a housewarming gift.

Rafe goes to the hospital and greets Brady. Rafe asks if everything is okay. Brady says not exactly. Rafe mentions hearing about what happened with Kristen. Brady tells him this isn't about Kristen but he screwed up. Rafe asks if he can help but Brady says no one can help. Brady says this might be the stupidest mistake that he's made with women. Theresa appears behind them and listens. Rafe tells him to hang in there and walks away. Theresa approaches Brady.

Aiden tells Nicole that she doesn't know anything about him. She says the same about him not knowing about her. Nicole brings up her porn past and her miscarriages. Aiden tells her that she really doesn't need to tell him all of this. Nicole then brings up what she did to Eric. Nicole says she can't go back or change any of it but she can share what she's learned. Nicole calls herself a really good liar but she couldn't get away for long because the truth always comes out somehow at the worst possible time in the worst possible way. Nicole wishes him luck and exits the club.

Hope proceeds with the search and comes across an article on Meredith's death being ruled an accidental suicide with Aiden originally thought to be a suspect before being cleared.

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