Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/10/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/10/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa wakes up in bed wondering what happened to her.

John goes to meet Brady at the Kiriakis Mansion and says he was looking for him all night. Brady responds that he wasn't ready to be found but he is now.

Marlena sits in the club and gets a call from Stefano. Stefano warns her about her tone and complains that Sami is keeping his grandchildren from him. Marlena tries to explain that Sami is trying to protect them from him.

Kayla informs Abigail that the hospital is offering her old job back. Abigail excitedly calls it great news. Ben comes back in and tells her that he's really happy for her. Abigail is excited and asks Kayla how this happened. Abigail asks if Sami changed her mind. Kayla says no. Ben realizes it was Chad.

Chad asks Kate about who she's meeting with. Kate wants Chad to leave but Chad jokes about staying and believes it's Clyde.

Clyde repeats his apology. Jordan continues to hold the gun on him and shouts that she was fifteen years old. Clyde yells back that he knows he was wrong. Jordan cries back that it was more than wrong, it was rape! Clyde asks if that's what she really believes.

Brady tells John that he had some time to think about what he did and why he did it which he knows was to protect him. John admits he should've had more faith in him and what he did was cruel. John tries to explain that he could see him moving back towards Kristen. Brady tells him that he gets it now. Brady adds that he has one more question and wants him to be completely honest. Brady asks John if he would do it again the same way, knowing what he knows now. John responds that he would.

Theresa thinks back to being at the Pub with Anne and then going to the park. Theresa remembers being on her way home.

Abigail asks how Chad could have anything to do with this. Kayla admits it was Chad as he took the DiMera seat on the board and convinced them to get her job back. Abigail doesn't understand after what she did. Kayla says they made an exception. Ben tells her that Chad threw around his name and money to get Abigail's job back.

Kate thinks Chad must have something better to do than intrude on her privacy. Chad questions her about Clyde. Kate argues with him and calls Clyde handsome and very bright. Chad points out that he's also late.

Jordan tells Clyde that he knows exactly what he did. Clyde says they were both there and know what happened. Clyde says he's apologized and knows it was wrong but she never lets him make it up to her. Jordan shouts that he cannot justify what he did as she was fifteen. Clyde repeats that he knew it was wrong and blames his drinking at the time. Jordan screams at him to shut up. Clyde asks if she hates him enough to shoot him. Jordan says yes.

Marlena tells Stefano that Sami is doing the right thing for herself and her children. Stefano wants to know where they are. Marlena says she's done talking about Sami but will talk about Kristen and what she's done to Brady.

Brady thanks John for telling him the truth. John apologizes for his concern over Kristen being a threat. Brady asks if he's still concerned that Kristen is still in the picture. John asks if she is. Brady says no as he told her goodbye, she accepted it, and will no longer be in his life ever again. Brady admits that what John did helped him get rid of her. John is thankful. Brady adds that this isn't just about Kristen. John understands there's still Theresa. Brady points out that John lied about her too.

Theresa can't remember what happened to her. Her phone rings with a call from Anne, who tells her that she's two hours late for work. Theresa complains about Anne and says she just overslept. Theresa adds that she's feeling a little off. Anne wants her at work. Theresa says she will get there when she can and reminds her about being pregnant. Anne says she has important news to tell her. Theresa responds that she'll be right there and hangs up.

Kayla thinks Chad felt bad for Abigail being caught in the crossfire with Sami and EJ. Kayla feels it doesn't matter as she's just glad to have Abigail back. Abigail thanks her. Ben questions Abigail really falling for this.

Chad talks about Kate's love life and how Clyde is different from the others. Kate calls Clyde charming, bright, and one of a kind. Kate assumes Chad must have heard about Clyde from Jordan.

Clyde dares Jordan to go ahead and pull the trigger. Jordan shakes with the gun against his chest. Clyde takes the gun from her as she cries.

Theresa goes to the hospital and Anne greets her. Theresa talks about the excitement of the pregnancy. Theresa says she would never do anything to harm her baby. Theresa wants to focus on Kristen and then find Brady. Anne mocks the idea of Brady being thrilled about it. Theresa asks what Anne wanted to tell her.

Brady brings up John letting him believe that he hit him when he knew it was Theresa. Brady knows why John did it. Brady says the problem is people protecting him by lying to him to keep him from self destruction. Brady declares he will not tolerate anything but the truth from anyone. Brady gives John a folder about a work situation that needs to be handled in Europe today. Brady adds that he's checked with the hospital and John is well enough to travel so he needs him to go handle this himself. Brady says he stepped in and handled business when John wasn't able to and now he needs John to step in. John agrees that it needs to be handled today and appreciates Brady's help. John agrees to go but adds that he's coming back. Brady says he needs some distance from him after what he did and then they will talk again. Brady says he's glad he's alive and will be forever grateful for that but he cannot let him interfere with his life again.

Marlena complains about Kristen. Stefano says he just called to warn her about Sami. Marlena continues that Kristen and Stefano are both leaving town. Stefano angrily hangs up and Marlena says that was fun.

Abigail asks Ben what he's talking about. Ben argues that Chad has pulled one stunt after another. Ben questions Abigail not seeing through Chad.

Chad tells Kate that Jordan doesn't say much to him about Clyde but he gets the feeling that Clyde creeps her out. Kate jokes that she has that effect on her. Kate argues about Jordan and comments that Chad has fallen for her since Rafe came to his senses. Chad remarks about Clyde being late unless he stood her up and walks off.

Clyde warns Jordan that she should be ready to use the gun as he won't be so generous next time and puts it away. Clyde tells Jordan they can't change the past as they both have to live with what they have done. Jordan wants him to tell her what else. Clyde tells her that she doesn't need to know and to leave it be. Clyde tells her to get out. Jordan argues that she won't let him win.

Anne tells Theresa that she called Kristen to talk about the scholarship in EJ's name. Anne informs Theresa that Kristen checked out of her hotel so she has left town. Theresa asks if she's sure and if she's not with Brady. Anne says she called the Kiriakis Mansion too and Kristen was not there. Theresa hopes this is real. Theresa wonders if this makes it perfect timing to tell Brady that she's pregnant and rushes off while Anne wants her to think it through.

Marlena exits the club and runs in to John. John says he knows they have a lot to talk about but he doesn't have much time as he has to go to Europe today and he'll be gone as long as it takes.

Clyde catches up with Kate in the park and apologizes, saying he couldn't get through on the phone but has an excuse. Kate asks for his excuse. Clyde informs her that he was held up at gunpoint.

Jordan walks out of the town square and sits down crying. Chad finds her and asks what happened. Jordan swears she's fine and that nothing happened to her.

Abigail tells Ben that he's totally misinterpreting this as Chad did an amazing thing. Ben argues that Chad did it for himself. Kayla offers to leave but Abigail wants her to help explain that Chad was just trying to help her. Kayla says she can't speak to Chad's motives but assures Ben that Abigail loved the job. Kayla then exits.

Theresa goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and refuses to leave without seeing Brady so Henderson sends her in to the living room.

Ben apologizes to Abigail and says he will support her going back to the hospital no matter what. Abigail thanks him. She wishes he could get his feelings about Chad under control. Ben wants to but Chad pushes his buttons every time. Abigail says it's not about him. Ben believes Chad is trying to get her back.

Chad apologizes to Jordan for prying. Jordan is sorry for snapping. Chad asks if she wants to talk. Jordan cries that she doesn't know what to do as Chad hugs her.

Kate questions Clyde about someone pulling a gun on him. Clyde says that's the only thing that could keep him from seeing her. Kate calls it an excuse hard to beat. Clyde says he was looking forward to spending time with her.

Marlena sits with John and asks about Brady wanting him to make this trip. John explains that Brady wants his space. John believes it's for the best for both of them. Marlena understands. John admits he will miss Salem and Brady and most of all, Marlena.

Theresa is surprised Brady didn't have her kicked out and notes that he doesn't look thrilled to see her. Brady realizes they need to talk about what happened but says there will be no more discussions after this. Theresa knows they made mistakes but what she has to say isn't about her or John but about Kristen. Theresa knows Brady had strong feelings for Kristen. Brady tells her that Kristen is no longer in his life as she is gone and will stay that way. Theresa calls that amazing news and says it's the best thing that could happen to him. Brady stops her and says he has some things to say to her and when he's done, she will be out of his life as well.

Abigail calls it crazy. Ben argues that she's in denial. Abigail insists that Chad doesn't want her back after what happened with EJ. Ben thinks Chad wants to keep tabs on her to make sure she isn't with anyone. Ben brings up what Chad has done since being back. Abigail asks why Chad's with Jordan then. Ben thinks it's just to drive him nuts. Abigail points out that Chad met Jordan before knowing they were related. Ben doesn't believe anything when it comes to Chad.

Chad jokes with Jordan that every time they run into each other, one of them is a complete wreck. Chad says whoever made Jordan feel this way doesn't deserve another second of her time and he's here if she needs anything.

Clyde asks Kate what to do with an amount of money. Kate suggests investing. Clyde brings up buying a place to live in Salem. Kate asks him about settling here. Clyde says the more time he spends, the more he likes it.

Brady tells Theresa to listen to his words and accept it. Brady tells her that he's had blinders the past few weeks because he desperately wanted John to be okay and wanted to believe everyone was being truthful with him. Brady says now he knows, there wasn't much truth coming from anyone. Brady asks how to judge anyone when he's been one of the biggest liars of all. Brady declares that's over now and truth is the most important thing to him now. Brady states that the truth is that he was with Theresa to desperately fill a void for companionship, alcohol, drugs, and sex. Brady admits it was also kind of for love. Brady owns his part for all of it but says he is not that man anymore. Theresa says she can see that. Brady mentions that Kristen left town so Theresa should too as it would be for the best for everyone but it's her call. Brady tells her to go wherever she wants and be whoever she wants but he will have no part in it. Brady concludes that they are done. Brady adds there is nothing left for her to do but get the hell out of his sight.

Abigail asks Ben if he honestly wants her to turn down a job that she loved. Ben says of course not and apologizes for making her feel that way. Abigail encourages being honest. Ben says this is exactly what Chad wanted, an argument over him. Abigail doesn't think that's what Chad wanted but it might be what ends up having. Abigail ends up storming out.

Chad tells Jordan that he wants to kiss her but he won't because he doesn't want to take advantage. Jordan then kisses him.

Clyde asks Kate about finding a place to settle down. Kate agrees to come up with ideas. Clyde asks about making up for their dinner and then kisses her. Clyde tells her that they're going to rock this town and then walks away.

Stefano sits listening to classical music and looks at a photo of EJ, Sami, and the kids which makes him sad.

Marlena tells John that she waited a long time for him to come back so she'll wait a little while longer. John says he no longer has reservations about leaving as he just wanted her blessing. Marlena gives it. John gets up and kisses her goodbye then walks away.

Theresa tells Brady that she can't do what he's asking because it wouldn't be fair to them. Theresa says there is something important that he needs to know. Theresa informs Brady that she is carrying his child.

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