Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/7/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/7/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel goes in to the hospital to work. He stops to think back to telling Nicole that it was over with Jennifer. Anne interrupts to tell him that his patient is waiting. Anne stops him to sign a confidentiality form which confuses Daniel.
Eve wakes up from dreaming about being with JJ and declares that was no dream.
JJ gets a call from Paige. Paige says she needs to see him now. JJ invites her over and hangs up. Abigail enters and asks him who was on the phone. She asks him what's wrong. JJ responds that he's so glad Jennifer is away right now.
Chad talks to Kayla in her office. Kayla tells him that she's sorry about EJ. Chad thanks her and says he came to talk about Abigail.
Sonny goes to the club and confronts Ben about starting a fight with Chad.

Kate meets Victor in the town square. She jokes that people might talk now that she is the sole CEO of DiMera Enterprises with a fierce competitor. Victor remarks that people would talk about her new hilbilly boyfriend.
Clyde is woken in bed by his alarm. He reaches to shut it off and reaches onto his nightstand. Jordan appears with his gun in her hand, asking if he's looking for that.
Ben tells Sonny that he apologized to Chad. Sonny reminds Ben that Chad is still his partner and Ben's boss. Sonny adds that Chad stepped back to not deal with stuff like this. Ben mocks the idea. Sonny brings up Chad's history with Abigail. Ben doesn't care about his history but what he might be up to now with Jordan.
Kayla asks if Chad came to apologize for how he treated Abigail. Chad questions him apologizing for her sleeping with EJ. Chad says he came to talk about Abigail getting her job back at the hospital.

Abigail asks JJ if something happened with Paige. JJ says it happened so fast and everything is completely out of control. Abigail sits with him and wants him to tell her everything.
Eve gets up and apologizes to Paige for what happened last night.
Clyde questions how Jordan got in. Jordan says he taught her well and she wasn't surprised to find the gun next to his bed. Clyde asks what she wants. Jordan responds just one thing, the truth.
Anne brings Daniel in to see his patient, who he recognizes as Paul Norita. Anne is extra nice to him before leaving. Paul tells Daniel that his agent requested him for surgery after looking up his record. Paul is a baseball player and has a torn rotator cuff. Daniel encourages him about the recovery as Paul says he needs his fastball back.
Chad hands Kayla an envelope that says Abigail has been reinstated and he has taken care of the board. Kayla realizes Chad took EJ's seat on the board. Chad tells Kayla that she can give Abigail the good news about getting her job back.
Abigail asks JJ to talk to her about what happened. JJ informs her that Paige found out about Kayla and Jack. Abigail tells him that she's so sorry. JJ tells her that Paige is on her way to come talk about it. Abigail asks what Paige said. JJ says he didn't give her a chance as he handled it so wrong but then she apologized. Abigail suggests maybe she understands. JJ wonders if things changed as he couldn't figure out her mood. JJ adds that things change really fast sometimes like how up and down things have been between them. Abigail asks if Eve knows. JJ thinks so and wonders if Eve told Paige. JJ says it doesn't matter because he did everything wrong. JJ adds that he still can't understand it and he knows Paige never will.
Paige sits and thinks back to seeing JJ's jacket and recognizing seeing it on Daniel. Eve asks Paige if she's upset with her. Paige tells her she's not and understands how upset she was about her surgery. Eve talks about her disappointment. Paige knows they've been fighting a lot but she hates that she wasn't there when she found out and wishes she could've helped. Eve tells her not to blame herself for this. Paige suggests maybe if she were there, she wouldn't have had to turn to someone else. Eve says it was really stupid and meant nothing with nobody. Eve says it will never happen again as she made a huge mistake. Paige tells her that Eve's not the only one as she made a huge mistake with JJ. Paige says she has to talk to JJ so Eve says they can talk later. They hug and Paige exits. Eve worries about JJ telling Paige and decides she has to call him.
Victor mocks Clyde to Kate and suggests Kate distance herself from him and focus on what's important. Victor tells Kate to resign from DiMera and come back to Mad World.
Sonny tells Ben that Jordan can decide who she hangs with. Ben agrees to back off and to try and keep his temper about Chad. Ben offers to tell Chad that it will never happen again. Sonny tells him that Chad had business at the hospital. Ben points out that's where Jordan works. Sonny warns Ben that if he can't handle Chad spending time with Jordan then maybe he should find somewhere else to work.
Clyde brings up what Jordan calls an accident and how she never told Ben. Clyde says Jordan's been trying to avoid the truth. Clyde adds that he knows better than most how hard it can to be face the truth.
Paige goes to see JJ.  JJ tells her that he's sorry. Paige says she's sorry for believing Bev before listening to him and now knows she was trying to make him look bad. Paige tells him that Rory set her straight and she was wrong for making him feel guilty. Paige wants to start over and forget the past few weeks. Paige tells him that she loves him and they hug. JJ tells her that he loves her too.
Eve searches for her phone and finds it. She texts JJ to say nothing but her phone needs to be charged. She puts it on the charger as Abigail arrives. Eve tells her that it's not a good time. Abigail says it's too bad and comes in. Eve tells her to leave but Abigail says she's not leaving until they talk about last night.
Kayla tells Chad that it's not going to work. Chad argues that it already has. Kayla tells him that it won't work in getting Abigail back as she will see through him. Chad tells her that she has it wrong as they have both moved on. Chad says he's doing this because it was unfair for her to lose her job because of what happened with EJ and Sami. Chad calls it a gesture of good will and then exits.
Kate says she should be flattered that Victor wants her but she's extremely happy in charge of DiMera. Kate adds that she and Chad are getting along. Victor asks about Stefano. Kate intends to have no dealing with Stefano. Victor tells her that she knows Stefano's going to resurface again to make her life miserable. Kate says they will see about that.
Daniel tells Paul about surgery and how he has a physical therapist lined up for him. Paul jokes about it being a woman and wanting to spend time with her.
Clyde accuses Jordan of keeping him from his son. Jordan argues that she kept him from beating him. Clyde says Jordan has pushed the accident out of her head and wonders whta else she doesn't remember. Clyde tells Jordan that she can't trust a thing in her head.
Paige feels horrible about what happened and feels awful for Kayla as well as JJ having to lvie with it. Paige wants JJ to understand that it has nothing to do with him. JJ is not so sure as he's really afraid that it affects him in a bad way. Paige calls him a wonderful person and says whatever happened in the past has to stay there. Paige says they will stick to not just loving each other but being honest and truthful no matter what.
Abigail tells Eve that Jennifer is out of town so someone has to stick up for JJ and none of this was his fault. Eve asks if she's saying it's hers. Abigail asks if it was. Abigail tells Eve to admit that she told Paige about Jack and Kayla.
Kayla enters Paul's room. Paul assumes she's the physical therapist but she introduces herself as the chief of staff. Paul jokes with her. Kayla assures him that his privacy will be respected. Paul thanks her and says no one knows about his shoulder yet as far as his career goes.
Chad meets with Kate. Chad tells him that his visit to the hospital went well and asks her what Victor wanted. Kate informs him that Victor wanted to steal her away from DiMera Enterprises.
Victor goes to the club and visits with Sonny. Victor asks about the new club. Sonny tells him that it's moving along. Victor asks if that's what is keeping him here instead of being with his husband and daughter in California.
Jordan accuses Clyde of lying about there being anything else to know. Clyde denies and says he's tired of this. Clyde calls this a dumb stunt of hers and asks for the gun. Jordan keeps it aimed at Clyde.
Eve tells Abigail that she didn't deliberately tell Paige but she might have overheard her and Kayla. Abigail argues with her. Eve says she would never want to hurt Paige. Eve says she has enough of her own stuff on her plate and tells Abigail to get out. Abigail warns Eve that she'll have to answer to her and Jennifer if she tries to use their tragic family history in any way. Eve shuts the door and tries to go back to text JJ but realizes she forgot to plug in the charger. Eve hopes JJ keeps his mouth shut.
JJ gives Paige a bracelet that he got for her. Paige calls it perfect and kisses him. JJ is glad she likes it. Paige thinks he seems like he has something else to say. Paige offers to skip class but JJ tells her that it's all good. Paige asks to see him later. JJ says he can't wait as she exits.
Chad questions Kate telling him about Victor's offer and if she wants more money or a longer contract. Kate says she is happy with her terms and is not going anywhere. Chad is glad to hear it. Kate wishes there were different circumstances but she feels they can make the necessary moves themselves. They talk about Stefano. Kate thinks Stefano feels secure enough to make a big final move. Kate adds that if he does make that move, they are going to blow him out of the water.
Sonny informs Victor that Will is working in California writing the screenplay. Sonny adds that Will is mainly there to support his family. Victor feels Sonny doesn't believe that.
Paige comes home. Eve asks her about class. Paige says it got cancelled so she came home as she felt Eve may need her. Eve asks her about meeting JJ about where things stand and what happened.
JJ goes to see Daniel. JJ gives him back Daniel's jacket that he borrowed. Daniel didn't know he had it but says it's no worry. JJ notes that Daniel is upset. Daniel tells JJ that he needs his and Paige's keys back as he overstepped with that. Daniel tells him that it doesn't really matter. JJ tells him that he appreciated having the place to go to. JJ thinks something is really wrong here. Daniel says they all make mistakes. JJ asks if this is about him.
Clyde questions Jordan thinking she can scare him. Clyde says they both know which of them is really scared. Jordan tells him that he's wrong and she's finally not scared of him anymore. Clyde warns that she'd be making a big mistake by pulling the trigger. Jordan feels she should've done it a long time ago.

Sonny asks Victor why he wouldn't believe Will is helping his family. Victor talks about Will's ambitions and articles while now being in Hollywood for a screenplay. Sonny insists he's helping his family and it's only for six months. Sonny tells Victor to tell him what he really thinks.
Paul talks to Kayla about just wanting his arm to be able to throw the baseball again. Kayla assures him that he's in the best possible hands with Daniel.
Daniel tells JJ that it's about himself not JJ. Daniel tells him that he never should've given him the key without Jennifer's consent. Daniel adds that it is really over between he and Jennifer. JJ asks if he's sure it's really final and Daniel says that it is. JJ hates it because he always felt he's the one that made things really bad for them. Daniel says whatever happened before has nothing to do with now. Daniel declares that he messed up and there is no going back. JJ asks what happened. Daniel says it's no longer his place so Jennifer can talk to him if she wants but he has to respect her decisions and privacy.
Paige tells Eve that she and JJ are starting over. Paige says a lot went down with them last night. Paige reveals that she overheard Eve and Kayla talking about Jack. Eve is sorry she heard. Paige tells her that she and JJ both kind of freaked out in different ways but now she understands a little more why she was so hesitant about JJ. Paige adds that it's not fair to judge JJ based on his father. Eve agrees. Paige says she just talked to JJ about all of this and it wasn't easy as he's not taking it very well or acting like himself. Eve says she understands. Paige adds that she still loves JJ and wants to be with him. Paige decides they've said enough and can finish later.
Kayla and Abigail meet at the Pub and talk about Paige and JJ being so good together and they hope they can work it out. Ben walks by the Pub and sees them through the window.
Clyde tells Jordan that he can't make the past up to her and brings up things going downhill after her mom passed. Jordan tells him not to use her as an excuse as their lives were bad before she passed. Clyde tells Jordan that she would be in prison if he didn't protect her. Jordan questions him calling it protecting her.
Kayla tells Abigail that she has some good news for her about work. Abigail talks about hitting walls everywhere. Kayla informs her that the hospital is offering her old job back. Abigail excitedly calls it great news. Ben comes back in and agrees that it's great news. Abigail is excited and asks Kayla how this happened.
Chad asks Kate if he's keeping her. Kate admits she's meeting someone but he's late. Chad asks her why she thinks it's going to be so easy to get rid of Stefano. Kate notes that she didn't say it would be easy but when the time comes to put the final nail on Stefano, they will have a powerful adversary holding the hammer. Chad realizes she means Victor.
Victor tells Sonny how happy he was for he and Will after their wedding. Victor notes that marriage takes hard work. Victor thinks Sonny and Will have a real shot at a successful marriage because he can see their love. Victor encourages him to hang on to that. Victor then exits.
Daniel doesn't want to overstep or tell JJ how to run his life. Daniel adds that he really cares about him so he will tell him that he made a mistake with Jennifer and there is no going back as it can't be fixed. Daniel advises JJ to not let the same thing happen with he and Paige.

Paige knows Eve has been through a lot and she hates that she's hurting. Paige tells her that she loves her but she also loves JJ. Paige declares that the three of them will have to find a way to all get along. Eve tells her that she loves her as they hug. Paige exits. Eve mutters that she can never find out. Eve goes back to her phone and calls JJ, telling him that they need to talk privately alone now. JJ agrees.
Clyde tells Jordan not to talk to him like that. Jordan says she will talk to him however she wants. Clyde repeats his apology. Jordan continues to hold the gun on him and shouts that she was fifteen years old. Clyde yells back that he knows he was wrong. Jordan cries back that it was more than wrong, it was rape!

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