Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/6/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/6/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve stops Paige and tells her there's no aspirin in her bedroom as she just checked. Paige points out that there was yesterday. Paige stops and sees JJ's jacket, realizing that Eve has someone in her bedroom. JJ scrambles to get dressed inside. Paige asks Eve what's going on here.
Abigail wonders to Jordan why Chad didn't just tell Ben instead of giving him a bad reference. Abigail calls it just like Chad. Jordan argues that Ben didn't have to punch him. Jordan says they both know the real problem here is Ben's temper.
Ben tells Chad that he was right that he wouldn't want to live in a DiMera apartment. Chad lets it slip that he was Abigail's first time having sex. Chad asks if he said too much. Ben calls him a son of a bitch.
Daniel tells Nicole that he didn't go all the way with Kristen but it went far enough. Nicole is disgusted that Daniel touched her. Daniel knows he made a mistake and says they were both in a really bad place. Nicole can't believe he'd even consider. Nicole asks if it was about Jennifer. Daniel tells her it's over as they had it out once and for all so he's never going to get her back.
Kristen calls Brady. Brady asks what the hell she wants. Kristen tells him that she will be leaving soon but before she goes, there's something he needs to know. Brady responds that he saw her with Daniel so he knows everything he needs to know about her. Kristen says she just wanted to tell him that she's not leaving empty-handed.
Theresa walks through the park where she is grabbed by two men. They hear someone coming.
Eve questions Paige talking to her like that after what she's been through today. Paige apologizes. Eve says she just wanted to sing again and have Paige be proud of her. Paige says she already is proud of her and hugs her. Paige tells Eve that she understands.
Brady asks Kristen if she's taking Daniel with her. Kristen calls it two broken hearted people reaching out to each other. Brady calls it two horny people having sex. Kristen tells Brady that she will always have the memories they shared and what could've been. Brady tells her that he's hanging up. Kristen tells him that when she goes, she will be carrying a part of him inside her then hangs up.
A woman walks by where one of Kristen's men pretends to be lost looking for the town square. She points him in the direction and walks on. The two men then carry Theresa away.

Jordan talks to Abigail about dealing with Ben's temper since he was a teen. Jordan says violence doesn't solve anything. Abigail tells her that she knows about what happened to her when she was young.
Ben threatens Chad. Chad says he's just trying to give him all the facts and figured he already knew about him and Abigail. Chad tells him that it was him, then EJ, now Ben. Chad adds that there could be other guys. Chad claims he's trying to help Ben and warns him about his attitude.
Nicole apologizes to Daniel for going off on him as she feels bad for him. Daniel says he really just needs to get out of here and walks off. Nicole heads in the opposite direction.

JJ listens from Eve's bedroom. Paige agrees to go get Eve some aspirin. Paige tells her to take it easy and she'll be right back. Paige exits. JJ comes out and tells her that he's so out of there. Eve stops him and tells him to wait just a minute.
Jordan asks Abigail if Clyde said something to her. Abigail explains that Ben told her about the abuse they took from him. Abigail says Clyde admitted it and regrets the way he treated them. Jordan mocks him beating them with a belt. Abigail is sorry and can't imagine how she feels. Jordan blames Clyde for Ben's temper and doesn't believe he regrets a thing. They talk about Clyde helping Ben pay for college and agree that Clyde owes him. Jordan states that Ben can never forgive Clyde.
Ben tells Chad to fire him if he doesn't like his attitude and warns him to keep his mouth shut about Abigail. Chad compares it to Jordan being with Rafe before he met her. Ben promises that what he's trying to do is not going to work.
Paige walks through the town square and thinks back to seeing JJ's jacket, realizing that she had seen it before. She remembers seeing it on Daniel and wonders if Eve is with him. She brings up Daniel being with Jennifer which reminds her of JJ.
Eve tells JJ that she wishes this night never happened and tells JJ to get out. Eve tells JJ that this never happened and she never saw him. JJ agrees and shouts that he wishes he never met her as he storms out, leaving Eve worried.
Daniel goes home and calls himself an idiot as he thinks back to being with Kristen. There's a knock at the door. Daniel hopes they will go away but realizes they won't so he gets up and answers. Nicole arrives. Daniel tells her to go away but Nicole tells her she won't leave him like this.
Maggie comes home to find Brady in the living room. Maggie tells him about a restaurant but realizes he's upset. She asks whats happened and if it's John. Brady tells her that it is. Maggie thought he was doing so well. Brady says physically he's fine. Maggie asks why he's upset. Brady says it's not just John but Theresa, John, and Kristen. Maggie doesn't understand. Brady says he doesn't either. Maggie looks at the drinks but Brady assures that he hasn't touched one. Brady suggests going to a meeting. Maggie offers to drive so he can fill her in. Brady thanks her and admits that he was hoping she would come home. Maggie tells him to just call her next time.
Kristen sits looking at a picture of Brady on her phone. One of her men arrive and tells her it's time. Kristen grabs her bags and exits.
Theresa wakes up chained to a hospital bed in a gown. Kristen's first guy that is a doctor enters and tells Theresa that she's home. He pulls out a needle. Theresa says she doesn't like needles and adds that she's pregnant. He responds that he knows and then injects her with the needle.
Abigail apologizes to Jordan for bringing this up. Jordan doesn't like thinking about it and doesn't want to answer questions. Abigail agrees to never bring it up again. Jordan wonders what Ben and Chad are doing out there.
Ben calls this all a setup and argues that Chad knew what would happen when he found out about the apartment. Chad mocks the idea. Ben tells him that he told Rafe to send him out so he could apologize, he did, so they are done. Ben heads back inside.
JJ comes home where Kayla is on the computer. JJ greets her. Kayla tells him that her computer crashed so she used the key that Jennifer gave her. Kayla asks JJ where he's  been, hoping he was doing something fun. JJ tells her that it wasn't fun. Kayla mentions seeing Paige at the hospital and she hopes things work out. JJ tells her that he blew it tonight like he always does and he ruined everything.
Eve sits at home worried until Paige returns with aspirin. Eve complains of her headache. Paige gives her the aspirin. Eve says she's going to take a few and then go straight to bed. Eve tells her how much it means that she's there instead of with her friend. Eve adds that she doesn't know what she would do without Paige and it means so much that she's there. Paige tells her that she knew someone was with her before.
Daniel tells Nicole that he's not going to shoot himself. Nicole thinks it's good for her to be there if he's done with Jennifer. Daniel brings up Brady seeing him in bed with Kristen. Daniel says he wouldn't have gone near Kristen if there was hope for he and Jennifer but there isn't any. Nicole blames herself. Daniel tells her not to make it about her. Nicole feels she understands how much he is hurting right now. Daniel talks about feeling like he didn't meet Jennifer's standard and wasn't good enough. Daniel says maybe she was right since he went to Kristen. Daniel complains about it. Nicole stops him and says to hell with what Jennifer thinks. Nicole assures him that he's not a terrible person. Daniel brings up going at it with Kristen after what she did to Eric and Brady and says he knows it makes her sick.

Jordan asks Ben if everything is okay out there. Ben says he apologized and is moving on. Jordan asks for a minute with Ben so Abigail steps aside. Chad comes back in. Ben tells Jordan that she can save the lecture as he knows he needs to watch his temper. Ben assures her that he's nothing like Clyde and he's got this. Abigail asks Chad about Ben apologizing and if this is over then. Chad says they better be. Abigail asks what that means. Chad tells her that he and Sonny are opening up another club and Ben had the chance to manage it. Chad adds that Ben still has the chance if he watches his temper. Chad warns that if Ben blows up again, he could end up in jail.
Eve asks Paige what she's accusing her of. Paige says she's not judging her. Eve says she felt so bad and it was stupid. Paige just wants to know one thing and then she'll drop it. Paige asks if the man is serious. Eve assures her it's not and she was just upset. Eve talks about regretting it. Paige knows how much she was counting on being able to sing again. Paige wishes she was there for her when she found out. Eve wishes she was too.
Kayla sits with JJ and suggests maybe it isn't as bad as he thinks. Kayla tells him to sleep on it but JJ says that won't change what happened tonight. JJ tells her that Paige found out about what Jack did to Kayla. JJ adds that his reaction wasn't the best. JJ says he lied to her and then blew up at her. Kayla asks if he apologized. JJ says he left a message but doubts she will even listen to it. Kayla apologizes and asks if she can do anything to help. JJ says he didn't think and forgot what was really important to him. Kayla tells JJ to promise not to give up on Paige as she feels anything can be made right. Kayla calls JJ a good guy and hugs him goodbye as she then exits. JJ remarks to himself that he's not.
Eve complains of feeling stupid and having nothing left. Paige argues that she has her and always will. Eve doesn't want her to feel sorry for her. Eve talks about being hopeful for her surgery and now she did something really stupid with a complete nobody. Eve says the worst part about is it that Paige knows about it. Paige says she's here for her now. Paige adds that the whole thing with JJ came between them and she hated that. Paige is glad she's there for her mom. Paige assures that they will get through this together. Eve wonders what she ever did to deserve a daughter like her. Eve cries that she loves her as they hug.
Abigail and Ben walk through the town square. Ben talks about having to look for an apartment all over again. Abigail brings up Chad and Sonny opening up another club which could be a good opportunity for Ben. Ben can't believe Chad is talking about him to her. Ben feels Chad is playing her. Abigail asks if he thinks she's just a sucker then.
Chad tells Jordan that he and Ben just didn't hit it off and whatever he does rubs Ben the wrong way. Jordan asks about Ben apologizing. Chad says he thought Ben was going to come after him again. Chad says he must have said things the wrong way. Jordan suggests steering clear of each other. Chad asks if she means he and Ben or them.
Brady and Maggie come back home. Maggie questions Brady about John letting him believe he did it when he knew it was Theresa. Brady explains that John thought he would dump Theresa to go back to Kristen. Brady argues that John had no faith in him. Maggie thinks he was just being protective. Maggie brings up that Kristen was trying to help Brady and asks if there is something she's missing. Brady repeats that he has a thousand reasons to hate her.
Nicole asks Daniel what he wants. He wants her to go away and insists the can handle this all by himself. Nicole asks Daniel if he's going to be like this when Parker comes home. Daniel suggests Parker could be better with Chloe. Nicole blames Jennifer. Nicole brings up lying to him, shooting him, and using him. Nicole apologizes for making it all about her. Nicole tells Daniel that he loved Jennifer for years and now says they are broken up for good. Nicole knows that kind of pain can make someone do stupid things. Nicole takes Daniel's beer and says she won't let him inflict more pain on himself, asking who she is to judge him as she takes a drink.
Ben suggests they can stop talking about Chad but Abigail won't let go that Ben thinks she's being played. Abigail talks about learning from her experience with Chad. Ben brings up EJ coming along. Abigail gets upset and says goodnight then walks off.
Jordan tells Chad that she was talking about he and Ben staying away from each other. Chad says he doesn't want to pressure her but he's there if she ever wants to talk about anything. Jordan thinks back to Clyde. Jordan thanks Chad but says it's something she has to figure out on her own. Jordan exits the club and thinks back to Clyde. Jordan declares that she needs to know the truth and walks off.
Eve tells Paige that she's just going to take a walk to get some air. Paige offers to go with her but Eve says she's done enough for her. Eve exits. Paige goes to her phone.
JJ picks up his jacket and starts to head upstairs when his phone rings with a text from Paige, wanting to talk in the morning and apologizing. JJ questions her being sorry.
Daniel questions Nicole not judging him even though he's harshly judged her in the past. Nicole jokes that she's a finer person than he expected. She comments that Daniel looks beat and suggests he get some sleep. Nicole says nobody is perfect but he's still a good man and she's always known that. Nicole kisses him on the cheek and then exits. Daniel heads to bed.
Brady tells Maggie that he got a really weird call from Kristen earlier. Maggie asks what she said. Brady says he didn't understand but she said she's leaving Salem and that's all he cares about. Brady declares he's done with Kristen, John, and Theresa. Brady wishes he never saw any of those people ever again.

Kristen is wheeled in to a hospital bed next to Theresa and says she's ready. Kristen repeats that it's really happening and she's finally going to get what's rightfully hers as her doctors prepare Theresa.

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