Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/5/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/5/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paige remains in the town square crying. Rory approaches and says she looks like hell. Rory asks about meeting with JJ. Paige tells him that's what's wrong.
JJ goes to Eve's looking for Paige. Eve tells him that she's not there. JJ asks where she is because he needs to see her.
Ben punches Chad in the face. Ben tells him that he's not buying his act anymore because he knows he spoke to the landlord and blocked him getting the apartment. Chad mocks Ben having nowhere to go with Abigail.
Abigail runs in to Rafe outside the club and they talk about missing Arianna.
Jordan says she's talking about how Clyde said it wasn't just her mom's blood on her hands. Jordan asks what he was talking about. Clyde asks if she's really saying she doesn't know and what kind of game she's playing.
Daniel calls Brady from the hospital and says he heard what happened and he's worried abuot him. Brady thinks back to seeing Daniel in bed with Kristen and says he should be.
Theresa tells Anne that nothing can change that she's the mother of Brady's child so she just needs to talk to him. Anne points out that Brady is furious with her. Nicole enters the Pub and Theresa remarks that Brady would take the call if he thought it was Nicole. Anne asks what she's scheming now.
Kristen's man assures her that the job she wants can be done. Kristen knows it's illegal and wants to get to work.
Rory tells Paige that he's confused as JJ was happy and excited to meet with her. Paige brings up the girls at the party. Rory tells her that she's got it wrong. Paige tells him not to protect JJ as she knows exactly what kind of person he is.
Eve wonders why now and tells JJ that Paige isn't coming home tonight. Eve questions if he's been drinking and if he did something to Paige. JJ tells her that no one hates him more than he does right now. JJ congratulates Eve and says she got her wish as it's all over for he and Paige.
Clyde argues that Jordan knows what she did. Jordan says she knows what he did and insists it was an accident. She accuses him of making this all up to get to her. She tells him that it's not going to work and starts to walk off but Clyde says she really doesn't remember.
Ben and Chad continue to fight until Rafe and Abigail break it up. Abigail asks what's going on. Chad tells her that her lunatic boyfriend just jumped him. Ben accuses Chad of lying to the landlord about him. Abigail asks Chad if Ben lost the apartment because of him. Chad admits he could say that.
Clyde realizes Jordan just pushed it all out of her head. Clyde says her mom could be like that too at times. Jordan tells him not to talk about her. Clyde says that Jordan forgot that she killed her own mom.
Theresa sends Anne to approach Nicole. Anne wants to start over with her and offers her a scoop. Nicole asks her to sit but Anne suggests they go outside so they do. Theresa goes to Nicole's table and takes her phone from her purse to call Brady.

Daniel tells Brady about hearing from Marlena about him finding out about Theresa. Brady asks Daniel to come over and says they will talk there. Daniel tells him that he's on his way. Brady hangs up and remarks that he can hardly wait.
Kristen's man tells her that he has everything he needs and came fully prepared. He comments on the view from the window and opens his briefcase. Kristen hurries him along.
Paige shows Rory the pictures and says Bev sent them. Rory tells her that she knows Bev. Paige questions if Bev handed him the beer too and how stupid Rory thinks she is. Rory asks if she really can't see there's another side of this. Paige questions why he's sticking up for JJ after what happened with Jill. Paige tells Rory that he was right that JJ is a dog.
Eve tells JJ that all she ever wanted was for all of this to work. She wanted Paige to come to Salem, finish high school and have a great life while she just wanted to get back to doing what she was meant to do. Eve says she wanted them all to be happy but it's too much to ask. JJ questions her crying and asks what happened. Eve mentions her prognosis. JJ asks if she's sick. Eve says it's not important and doesn't matter. JJ says it seems like it does. Eve cries that she can't have the surgery and will never be able to sing again. JJ brings up spraining his wrist playing basketball and how he couldn't play guitar for a month but it wasn't forever. JJ holds her hand and says he's really sorry. Eve admits it hurts. Eve cries that singing was all she had and now she can't do it. JJ encourages her and says she's really smart and beautiful. They hug as JJ repeats that she's really beautiful. Eve kisses JJ. JJ is surprised but kisses her back.
Rory encourages Paige. He admits he's never been crazy about her but didn't think she was the type of person to shut JJ out without giving him a chance. He asks if she wants to be that person and then walks away. Paige rolls her eyes and turns away then looks at her phone. Paige listens to her voicemail from JJ, apologizing for not knowing how to tell her about Jack and Kayla.
Nicole mocks Anne's big story being about the hospital scholarship. Inside the Pub, Theresa calls Brady from Nicole's phone. Brady answers. Theresa tells him to listen as it's important but Brady hangs up. Nicole realizes she was set up and goes back in to catch Theresa. Nicole takes her phone back and asks why Theresa called Brady from her phone. Theresa denies it but Nicole says she'll call Brady and storms out. Theresa tells Anne that Brady hung up on her. Anne thinks he did her a favor.
Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Brady. Brady claims he's never been better and sees everything clearer. Daniel repeats that he heard what happened. Brady says everyone's been lying to him. Brady brings up Theresa lying to him about hitting John and John backing up her lie. Brady mentions Kristen being the one right about Theresa. Brady talks about Kristen being full of surprises. Daniel states that there is something he should know. Daniel admits he suspected Theresa was lying but wasn't sure so he didn't say anything because he didn't know for sure. Brady tells him that he knew and says when the truth hit him, he went to see his best friend, the one guy who would be concerned and always had his back. Brady tells Daniel that he really wanted to talk to him but he was in bed doing Kristen so the timing wasn't right. Brady informs Daniel that he saw him and calls him a son of a bitch.
Paige continues listening to JJ's voicemail about how nothing happened at the party and he loves her.
Eve and JJ end up kissing in bed.
Paige calls JJ.
Eve and JJ start to undress while kissing in bed.
Paige gets JJ's voicemail and hangs up. Paige decides she should just go home and walks off.
JJ and Eve continue kissing in bed.

Rafe questions Chad lying. Chad reveals that his family owns that apartment so he didn't think Ben would want him as a landlord. Chad says he was going to suggests a couple of places his family doesn't own but Ben punched him before he could explain. Ben calls him a liar as Rafe takes him outside. Chad tells Abigail that he hopes Ben gets a handle on his temper.
Jordan tells Clyde that her mom's death was an accident. Clyde says it must be too painful for her to remember the rest of it. Clyde tells her that she can take her mind off of it with her rich new boyfriend. Clyde says it's best now that she doesn't remember what she did but he will never forget. Clyde walks off.
Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and hears Brady arguing with Daniel. Daniel tells Brady that he made a mistake and didn't mean to hurt him. Nicole walks in as Brady asks what Daniel is going to tell Jennifer about sleeping with Kristen. Brady says he wouldn't have believed it if he didn't see it but it pissed him off. Brady then punches Daniel in the face.
JJ and Eve finish in bed, wondering what they've done. Eve tells JJ that he has to get out now. Paige comes home looking for Eve.
Ben argues that Chad's a jerk. Rafe agrees but questions him punching Chad. Ben says Chad just pushes his buttons. Rafe warns him about self control. Rafe brings up that Chad hates him. Ben thinks Rafe is taking Chad's side and brings up him being with Jordan.
Jordan arrives at the club and sees Chad with ice on his face. Jordan realizes it was Ben.
Brady grabs Daniel and calls him a liar and a two-faced friend until Nicole interrupts. Brady says he's not worth it. Brady says it doesn't matter if they stopped before going all the way because touching her was going too far. Daniel apologizes but Brady says he did him a favor as he learned a lot about people in his life. Daniel tries to explain but Brady tells him that he doesn't want to see or hear from him. Brady tells him to get out so Daniel exits. Brady asks Nicole what she's doing there. Nicole tells him that she came about Theresa.
Anne tells Theresa to slow down and think things through. Nicole asks what there is to think about it as she's having Brady's baby. Anne tells her to think from Brady's perspective as he just found out what happened. Anne doesn't think it's a good time and warns that she could lose Brady for good.
Kristen pays her man and he says she will hear from him when it's done as he exits. Kristen grabs her phone and looks at a picture of Brady.
Paige looks out the window and assumes Eve must have left but then sees her purse and realizes she's there. Eve comes out from the back and thought she was staying at a friend's. Paige asks her what's wrong. Eve tells her everything. JJ remains in the bedroom worried. Paige asks Eve what it is.
Chad explains to Jordan that he figured Ben wouldn't want to live in a DiMera building. Jordan feels terrible. Chad says it was just a misunderstanding as he and Ben don't exactly get along. Jordan says she will talk to him. Chad says Rafe is talking to him now. Chad asks Jordan if she's alright as she looked like something was really wrong.
Rafe tells Ben that he hates that Jordan is with Chad but he's not going to go punch him in the face. Rafe says he will go talk to Chad to keep him from pressing charges against him. Rafe tells Ben to stay and calm down. Rafe heads back inside.
Brady knows Theresa used Nicole's phone to call him. Nicole explains that she didn't know. Brady tells her to forget about it. Nicole says she heard he and Daniel so she wants him to talk to her. Brady appreciates her trying to help but wants to be alone. Nicole apologizes for bothering him and exits. Nicole heads for Daniel. Brady sits with a drink.
Anne invites Theresa over and says they'll figure the whole thing out. Theresa tells her to forget it as she's going home. Anne tells her not to worry as they will work through everything. Theresa calls her a sucky best friend. Anne points out that she's all she's got and exits the Pub. Theresa heads out and is followed.
Nicole finds Daniel in the town square and says she knows it's not her business but she's confused. Nicole asks if Brady is wrong as she came in the middle of it. Daniel tells her that it's all true.

JJ listens from the bedroom. Eve tells Paige that something terrible has happened and there's no reversing it. Eve tells her that she can't have her surgery and will never able to sing again. Paige hugs her and tells her that she's so sorry. Eve feels she doesn't deserve her sympathy. Paige encourages her. Paige wants to sit down and talk about it. Eve complains of a headache and asks Paige to go to the store to get something for it. Paige says there's some in Eve's bedroom and goes to get it.
Chad tells Rafe that he doesn't want to press any charges as it was a just misunderstanding. Rafe says he has to go and tells him that Ben is waiting outside to talk. Chad jokes about it and heads outside. Jordan thanks Rafe for breaking up the fight and calming Ben down. Rafe admits Ben has a temper that could land him in trouble. Jordan says they know. Rafe says he has a short fuse about Chad so she might want to consider that. Rafe exits. Abigail asks Jordan what that was supposed to mean. Jordan doesn't think Rafe is very happy that she's friends with Chad and assumes Abigail's not either.
Ben tells Chad that he owes him an apology. Chad gets that he should've made it clear. Ben tells him that he was right that he wouldn't want to live in a DiMera apartment. Chad lets it slip that he was Abigail's first time having sex.
Daniel tells Nicole that he didn't go all the way with Kristen but it went far enough. Nicole is disgusted that Daniel touched her. Daniel knows he made a mistake and says they were both in a really bad place. Nicole can't believe he'd even consider. Nicole asks if it was about Jennifer. Daniel tells her it's over as they had it out once and for all so he's never going to get her back.
Kristen calls Brady. Brady asks what the hell she wants. Kristen tells him that she will be leaving soon but before she goes, there's something he needs to know.

Theresa walks through the park where she is grabbed by two men.
Eve stops Paige and tells her there's no aspirin in her bedroom as she just checked. Paige points out that there was yesterday. Paige stops and sees JJ's jacket, realizing that Eve has someone in her bedroom.

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