Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/4/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/4/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ asks Paige why she thinks he's lying to her. Paige says she knows what he's been doing today and it makes her wonder who he really is.
Chad walks through the town square. Clyde sees him and comments that Jordan could do worse.
Jordan is at the hospital and thinks back to Clyde accusing her of killing her mom. She spills some coffee. Marlena approaches and asks if she's okay.
Ben walks out of the town square with a woman he met with about getting an apartment. She says everything looked good and he could be able to move in tomorrow. Ben thanks her.
Abigail goes to the club and asks Sonny for Ben. Sonny tells her that she just missed him as he let him go early because he had something important to do. Abigail decides she'll go see Arianna with a gift but Sonny informs her that Will and Arianna left with Sami for California.
Eve asks what kind of problem. Dr. Chung tells her that he has to cancel the surgery. Eve complains about postponing but he informs her that she's no longer a candidate for the surgery at all.
Theresa tells Anne that she's sure she is having Brady's baby. Kristen listens from the bushes and says it's so wrong as she looks down at the rocks.

Clyde approaches Chad and says he just read the article about him. Clyde tells him that he's sorry about EJ and claims that he didn't know him personally. Chad thanks him and says he will see him around town as he walks off. Clyde remarks that EJ was an arrogant ass.
Abigail questions Will moving to California with Arianna and not saying goodbye. Sonny tells her that he wanted to but didn't have time. Sonny adds that he'll be back in six months. Abigail thinks it's a really long time and questions it. Sonny says he'll visit. Abigail doesn't think it sounds like them. Sonny explains that Will was hired to write the screenplay. Abigail wonders if that article will ever go away. Abigail jokes that Will won't have time to write more articles. Sonny says he is taking time off and shows her the latest article on Chad.
Paige questions JJ drinking. JJ says it's nothing as he was just waiting for her and it was in the fridge. JJ calls it just a beer. Paige argues that it's not like he's had just one beer.
Kristen picks up a rock as she watches. Anne congratulates Theresa. Theresa calls it a miracle after everything she and Brady had been through. Theresa comments on being the one to make Brady's dream come true. Kristen thinks back to telling Brady in the past that she couldn't have kids. Kristen drops her rock, making a noise which startles Theresa.
Jordan tells Marlena that she's fine and just had a tough day. Marlena comments that it's going around lately. Jordan offers to talk but Marlena believes the day will get better for them both. Jordan stops her and asks her about a patient having memories from the past. She says she's never seen anyone go through repressed memories. Marlena says it's rare but it happens and can be quite upsetting.
Abigail questions Chad calling EJ an arrogant ass in the article. Chad arrives and states that he was. Abigail asks what he said about her. Chad says Will refused to write about Abigail and he agreed. Sonny says they have a few things to go over for the club so they step aside. Ben arrives and kisses Abigail as he tells her that he has great news.
JJ asks what the beer matters. Paige asks where he was before. JJ says he was hanging out with Rory and admits they had a few. JJ says they were just trying to patch things up. Paige questions him doing what Rory does. JJ says he had to take the edge off after Paige wasn't answering his texts. JJ questions what this is about as he just wants to get past their misunderstanding. Paige asks if he's sure it's a misunderstanding. Paige thought she understood everything but now she's not so sure. JJ asks what she's talking about and what's wrong. Paige shows him her phone with the photo of JJ and the two girls at the party.
Eve questions Dr. Chung if it's about the insurance. He tells her it's not financial but the tests indicate that the surgery risks damaging her nerves. Eve questions him just figuring this out now. He tells her that he ran additional tests. He warns her that the surgery could risk losing her voice altogether. Eve is willing to take the risk but Dr. Chung is not. Eve wants another opinion. He tells her that he has already consulted with his colleagues and they have concluded that nothing can be done to help her.
Anne blows off the noise as nothing. Theresa suggests they go somewhere else to continue the conversation. Anne decides they'll go have drinks and wants to know how this all happened as they walk off together. Kristen comes out from behind the bushes and throws the trash can around in frustration as she screams.
Marlena talks with Jordan about repressed memories and how they can come back. She offers to meet with the patient that Jordan is talking about. Jordan thanks her for the information and Marlena exits.

Chad and Sonny go over their club proposal. Chad comments on it being clear that Sonny spent a lot of time on it. Chad suggests he take a break and call Will but Sonny wants to continue. Chad comments on things being covered. Ben tells Abigail about the apartment plan and how she'll love it. Ben comments that he doesn't know how he got so lucky. Chad gets a call and says he's one of the owners of the club. He adds that he can answer all their questions while looking at Ben and Abigail.
Dr. Chung warns Eve that no surgeon is willing to risk this. Eve cries that she had been waiting for years and finally has the money. Eve says singing is her life and she was finally going to get her life back so he can't tell her there's no hope here. He doesn't know what else to say. Eve rushes out of the office crying.
JJ asks Paige how she got the picture. Paige asks who cares and wants to know what he was doing. JJ tells her he was at a party with Rory and they were just messing around. Paige compares it to him with Jill. JJ argues that it was nothing like that. Paige points out that he doesn't remember. JJ assures her this was nothing. Paige says he decided not to tell her about it. JJ asks what's the point as they talked for two seconds and he doesn't even know their names. Paige asks if that's supposed to make her feel better. JJ doesn't understand what he did wrong as he's never lied to her about anything. Paige comes back that he's been keeping something from her for weeks, that his dad raped his aunt Kayla.
Chad says it's no problem at all as he hangs up. He looks at Ben and Abigail then walks out of the club. Ben talks to Abigail about finally having a place of his own and he can't wait to share it with her as they kiss.
Sonny walks through the park calling Will. He leaves a message to say hello and says he'll call him later. Marlena appears and greets him, asking how he is. Sonny says he's good but the apartment is feeling a little empty. Sonny adds that he didn't sleep at all. Marlena states that their wedding was the first and last wedding she will ever perform. She comments that they were so happy and in love. She wants to make sure he's okay with Will leaving. Sonny wishes he was but he's not.
Chad goes to the hospital and sees Jordan. She apologizes for not calling but isn't ready to answer him and also feels pressured. Chad informs her that he didn't come to see her but about EJ being on the board. Chad offers to buy her a coffee.
JJ asks how Paige knows about Jack and Kayla. Paige tells him that it doesn't matter as she just does. Paige asks why he didn't tell her. JJ gets mad and asks if it was Theresa or Eve that told her. JJ asks what was said to her. Paige stops him but JJ tells her that she's the one that needs to stop.
Eric finds Eve in the town square and asks where Theresa is. Eve doesn't know and asks what she did now. Eric says they were just talking earlier and didn't finish but now she's not answering her phone. Eve suggests Eric leave Theresa alone if she doesn't want to talk. The waitress brings Eve a glass of wine. Eve asks Eric if he wants a glass as she hates drinking alone. He declines and asks if something is bothering her.
Theresa and Anne go to the Pub. Theresa tells Anne that she needs to tell Brady about the baby as soon as possible. Anne asks why and if she made this all up. Theresa says no but understands why she would think that. Theresa says she thought her life was over before this wonderful thing happened.
Kristen returns to her room and pulls out her phone. She makes a call and says she has some very specific needs so it's important to meet right away and it can't wait. Kristen says she can count on their complete support and says to listen very carefully.
Jordan talks about her case load for the week. Chad calls her a miracle worker and asks what's bothering her as she seemed upset last time he saw her and now doesn't seem like herself. Jordan doesn't think he knows her. Chad feels life is too short. Chad goes to let her get back to work but Jordan says she's actually done. Jordan asks for a rain check on the coffee as she has something to take care of. Jordan says she'll give him an answer on dinner. Chad tells her to check out the article on him first. Jordan asks if he thinks she'll be that impressed. Chad thinks the opposite and walks away. Jordan texts Clyde that she needs to see him now.

Sonny tells Marlena that he and Will were having problems before California came up. Marlena asks if he thinks Will went on the trip to avoid those problems. Sonny explains that they were arguing about his work. Sonny says he is proud of Will and could never ask him to walk away from this opportunity. Sonny adds that he can't imagine what Sami and the kids are going through right now so they really need Will and Arianna with them. Marlena brings up Sonny being a very important part of that family. Marlena suggests he jump on a plane to surprise them. Sonny says he just has so much work right now but he'll see what he can do. Marlena thinks it would be good to tell Will that he misses him and how he feels. Sonny wants to put a positive spin on it. Marlena says all couples that she treats say they miss talking and being close. Marlena thinks if they stay close, they'll be just fine. Sonny thanks her and they hug.
Paige apologizes. JJ says he can't talk about it right now and thinks she should go. Paige gets mad and says she'll let him get back to the party with the two girls. JJ calls it unfair. Paige asks what she's supposed to think when she thought he was upset about his dad and wanted to be there for him but he's not upset with the girls. Paige says she's confused and doesn't know him at all. JJ tries to stop her. Paige doesn't know what's going on with him but declares that they are done as she storms out.
Eve tells Eric that nothing is wrong. Eric asks her about drinking before the surgery. Eve tells him that her singing plans hit a snag. Eric is sorry to hear. Eve says she'll figure something out like she always does. Eve adds that she doesn't feel like talking about her career right now. Eve says she doesn't know much about Eric other than that he's an outstanding photographer and used to be a priest. She says his career isn't who he is. Eric gets a call about their photo session and steps away to take it. Eve takes another drink as she cries. She then gets up and walks away.
Chad returns to the club where Ben is working. Ben walks away and gets a call about the apartment. She informs Ben that she's sorry but he didn't get the apartment. Ben questions her. She tells him that his references were the issue, namely his employer. Ben brings up Sonny but she informs him that it wasn't Sonny. Ben glares up at Chad.
Clyde meets Jordan in the town square. Clyde comments on things looking up for their family with Ben getting his own place and a degree. Jordan says she didn't ask him here to talk about Ben but about what he said the other day. Clyde asks if she means her killing her mom.
Theresa tells Anne that the day started out lousy but she got a little blessing. Theresa reveals that she was looking at the calendar on her phone when she realized that she was late so she took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Anne asks if she's positive that it's Brady's. She tells her that Brady is the only guy that she's been with for months and now he's going to be a dad.
JJ finishes his beer at Daniel's. He pulls out his phone and calls Paige.
Paige walks through the town square crying and ignores JJ's call. She calls her friend asking if she can stay at her dorm tonight. Paige says she'll see her soon as she hangs up crying.
JJ leaves a message for Paige, apologizing for screwing things up as he wanted to tell her about Jack and Kayla but didn't know how since it was so horrible. JJ adds that he was scared that maybe he was like Jack as he is in other ways so he shut down. JJ says he's not like that and he's not a player. JJ says those girls were a mistake but nothing happened and meant nothing to him. JJ says whoever took the picture was just trying to mess with them and it worked. JJ tells Paige that he loves her and he hopes she knows that.
Sonny finishes a call as Abigail joins him to leave him her gift for Arianna. Sonny says he'll give it to her when he visits. He asks why Ben was so stoked. She tells him about Ben getting his own apartment.
Ben asks the woman who the landlord spoke to and hangs up. Ben approaches Chad and punches him in the face.
Clyde comments that it's almost like Jordan tried to put everything that happened out of her mind. Jordan says she's talking about how he said it wasn't just her mom's blood on her hands. Jordan asks what he was talking about.
Paige cries that she should just go home and needs her mom.
Eve gets Paige's text that she is staying with her friend Daphne for the night. Eve puts on one of her old CDs and cries as she listens to it. There's a knock at the door so she turns it off. She answers and JJ arrives.

Anne thinks Theresa seems awfully confident. Theresa says the baby will make everything right. Anne hopes it's not born in jail. Theresa assures that it won't happen as nothing can ever change that she's the mother of Brady's child.
The man Kristen called comes to her room. She thanks him for coming and asks if he's positive that the job they discussed can be done tonight. He tells her most definitely.

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