Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/3/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/3/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

In an argument with Kayla, Eve brings up Jack raping Kayla, which Paige overhears as she's just come home.
JJ tells Rory that he's thinking about leaving the party when two girls join him and tell him not to. Bev says it's perfect and takes a picture of JJ with the girls.

Aiden tells Bree that it's been a long time and asks about Chase. Aiden says he's fine. Bree talks about wondering about him when he left Portland and says they both know why.
Theresa and Anne talk about Theresa trying to make things right with Brady. Theresa tells Anne that they can't talk about it in the Pub.
Eric and Marlena talk about Brady finding out the truth from John. Eric worries that this could send Brady right back to Kristen's arms.
Kristen tells Brady that she's surprised to see him again. Brady says a lot has happened since then as he thinks back to finding her in bed with Daniel. Brady informs Kristen that it turns out they aren't done after all. Kristen asks if he came to yell at her and says she's exhausted from trying to save him from Theresa. Kristen adds that she's accepted that he refuses to believe her. Brady reveals to her that he does believe her and he now realizes that she was the only one that was telling him the truth.
Paige goes to the Pub crying as she realizes why JJ reacted the way he did. Paige grabs her phone and looks at all the missed calls from JJ.
The girls talk to JJ until he gets a text from Paige, asking to meet. JJ says he has to go and sends Rory away with the girls. JJ texts Paige that he will see her soon.
Aiden asks Bree what brings her to Salem. Bree informs him that she used to live here and is just visiting. Bree mentions that she's leaving. Aiden wishes they had more time to catch up and tells her to have a good trip. Bree thanks him. Bree stops and tells him that there's not a single day where she doesn't think about Meredith. Hope walks by and looks confused as she sees them together.
Marlena talks on the phone to John and tells him to take it easy as she hangs up. Marlena talks to Eric about John and Brady getting so close until this had to happen. Eric asks if she had any idea that John was lying. Marlena says if she did, she would've warned that it would blow up in his face. Eric says they just have to hope for the best and hugs her. Theresa and Anne arrive but stop when they see Marlena and Eric. Marlena tries to approach but they get back into the elevator. Marlena tells Eric that she won't get away that easy.


Kristen questions what changed Brady's mind. Brady informs her that he overheard John and Theresa. Brady explains John trying to protect him. Brady tells Kristen that he now knows everything she said was the truth. Kristen apologizes and says she knows he must be so upset. Brady tells her not to be sorry as she was just trying to help him and he should've listened. Kristen hugs him and is happy that he finally understands.
Hope gets a call that keeps her at a distance. Aiden tells Bree that he thinks about Meredith all the time too as she was his wife. Bree calls her a sweet person and a dear friend. Bree mentions having to get going to her flight and says goodbye. Bree walks away and Hope returns to Aiden. Hope asks Aiden about knowing Bree.
Kayla tells Eve that it took a lot of work to get past what Jack did to her but he was truly remorseful and went to therapy to make amends and be a better person. Eve argues it didn't work. Kayla says Eve just refuses to acknowledge it. Kayla calls her the same selfish vindictive girl she first met. Eve argues that she's trying to protect Paige from JJ and accuses JJ of keeping Paige from her dreams in Stamford. Kayla says Paige decided that and it's working out well. Eve says JJ isn't worthy of Paige. Kayla says Eve will never think so because he's Jennifer's son. Kayla wants Eve to admit it's all about Jennifer.
Paige looks at JJ's picture on her phone and wonders how she even brings this up or if she should at all. Paige decides that JJ needs to know that she's there for him and maybe it will even bring them closer together but maybe not.
Rory questions JJ leaving now. JJ tells him that he got a text from Paige. Rory asks about the girls and says it's JJ's loss. Rory then adds that he hopes it goes well for JJ. JJ says they're going to meet at Daniel's apartment while she's at the Pub now. Bev overhears and rushes off.
Anne and Theresa run away to outside the town square and stop at the bench, complaining about Marlena. Anne rambles until Theresa tells her to shut up. Anne complains about sticking by her. Theresa wants her to understand that she's just nervous. Anne talks about being the one to talk her off the ledge. Theresa wonders if they lost Marlena but Marlena arrives with Eric and says that would be impossible.
Kristen tells Brady that she's so relieved but knows it must be painful and at least he knows the truth. Kristen can't help but think it's a new beginning for them. Kristen adds that she doesn't think they will pick up where they left off and she doesn't expect him to trust her again. Kristen says that she wanted him to know the truth because she loves him. Kristen knows he still has feelings for her. Kristen adds that he said her lying killed his feelings but there was no lying. Kristen asks if this is a fresh start for them. Brady tells her that it sounds really nice and it might have been possible if not for one small problem. Kristen asks what it is. Brady reveals to her that he just saw her having sex with his best friend.

Aiden tells Hope that he does know Bree and asks about her knowing her. Hope says her daughter and Ciara were in classes years ago. Hope says they were acquaintances. Aiden mentions knowing her in Portland as she was friends with his wife but he didn't know her well. Hope calls it a small world and Aiden agrees. Hope asks if he's okay. Aiden says he is. Hope says running in to Bree must have brought back a lot of memories. Aiden admits that it did.
Eve repeats that this isn't about Jennifer. Eve praises Paige and runs down JJ for having a police record and drug problem. Kayla brings up Eve's police record. Kayla talks about Frankie loving Jennifer instead of Eve. Kayla believes that's why Eve is trying to punish Jennifer through JJ. Eve argues that she doesn't know anything about her relationship with her daughter. Eve asks about Kayla's daughter, Stephanie. Kayla says she's great. Eve talks about her leaving Salem. Eve talks about her love for Paige and how she doesn't think she can be happy with JJ. Eve says JJ will lie, cheat, and steal to get whatever he wants. Eve hopes Paige sees who JJ really is sooner than later. Kayla then exits.
JJ goes to Daniel's, looking for Paige but she's not there yet. JJ hopes they can work this out.
Paige exits the Pub and runs in to Bev. Bev tells her that he just saw Paige at the Halloween party. Paige asks what party. Bev tells her that JJ has been there all afternoon and adds that he was having a little too much fun. Paige doesn't know so Bev offers to show her the pictures.
Marlena confronts Theresa about hiding something all along and accuses her of trying to kill John. Anne tries to interrupt but Marlena tells her to shut up. Anne continues to question her but Marlena wants to talk to Theresa. Theresa complains that John is obviously confused about that night. Anne backs her up. Theresa suggests that John could be brain damaged. Marlena argues that John isn't confused and brings up the recording of her confessing. Anne argues with Marlena until Theresa stops her. Theresa tells Eric that he knows how Kristen can edit things. Theresa argues that Kristen was just jealous that she had Brady. Eric tells her that she doesn't have Brady and the recording was real. Theresa complains that no one would believe it. Anne continues backing up Theresa. Marlena says she doesn't know if Theresa will go to jail but the good news is that she and Brady are finished. Theresa isn't sure about that.
Kristen says it's not possible but Brady stops her. Brady says after finding out the truth, he needed someone to talk to and went to find his good friend Daniel. Brady says the door was open. Kristen argues that it's not what he thinks as they didn't sleep together. Kristen says they realized the mistake and stopped. Brady says he saw the look in her eyes and questions why she was with him then. Kristen cries that she thought she lost him. Kristen explains how she went to see Daniel, who just had a big fight with Jennifer. Kristen tells him that they stopped because he loves Jennifer and she loves Brady. Kristen insists that's why she couldn't have sex with Daniel. Kristen hopes that Brady believes her.
JJ grabs a beer from the fridge and texts Paige, asking where she is.
Bev shows Paige her picture from the party of JJ with the girls and says it looks like he's having a fine time without her. Bev mocks her. Paige tells her to shut up. Bev says she tried to warn her that JJ is a player but that's who he is and always will be. Paige storms off. Bev calls out to her that she will text her the photos and laughs.
Marlena argues with Theresa over her thinking Brady will still be with her. Theresa decides they will wait and see. Anne mocks Marlena. Eric asks to talk to Theresa for a few minutes so Marlena walks away. Theresa hopes Eric isn't mad at her. Eric says he's not but he's disappointed as he thought she was putting her life back together. Eric asks her not to make this tougher and to stay away from Brady. Eric walks away. Anne talks to Theresa and suggests it could be a good idea since Brady's best friends are Daniel and Jennifer. Theresa says she has a reason for not giving up. Anne asks her what it is. Theresa says they have to go somewhere where they can't be interrupted again so they walk off together.
Kristen hopes Brady believes her. Brady says it doesn't matter whether they stopped as she got in to bed with him in the first place. Brady says there is always someone else and usually someone he's close to. Brady asks if she just wants to hurt him. Brady says all she wanted in the first place was use him to get back at John and then she raped Eric. Kristen argues that nothing would've happened if she thought he would take her back. Brady says he will never take her back as she went from his brother to his best friend. Brady argues that she always has an excuse. Brady says he has his proof that she's sick and destructive. Kristen argues that she didn't cheat on him as she thought she lost him forever. Brady complains about her getting with Daniel. Brady says they could've had a chance if she got with anyone else but his best friend. Kristen complains that they didn't sleep together. Brady groups her in with the liars in his life. Kristen tells him that she loves him but Brady responds that he never wants to see her again as he then storms out.
Hope talks to Aiden about their movie night. Aiden stops her and suggests maybe it isn't such a good idea at all. Aiden asks if she would be upset if he cancels. Hope says no but they just made the plan half an hour ago. Hope asks him what changed.
Eve goes to the hospital and looks at an article about Kayla. Eve talks about not letting Kayla get to her as she will be having her surgery and then singing again. Dr. Chung comes in and Eve thinks they are all ready but he tells her there is something that he needs to talk to her about.
Paige goes to Daniel's and stops outside. She pulls out her phone and looks at the photo of JJ and the girls. Paige says Bev had to have set it up and wonders if she took the pictures last time too. Paige then heads inside the apartment. JJ says he was starting to think she wasn't coming. Paige says she got sidetracked. JJ tells her how glad he was to see her text and how he's missed her so much as he hugs her.
Kristen cries that she was this close to getting Brady back. Kristen shouts that she's an idiot and stupid. Kristen wonders why any of this had to happen. Kristen throws ice and throws flowers against the wall then rushes out of her room.
Brady goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion where Marlena and Eric are waiting. Marlena says they've been waiting all afternoon. Eric says they heard about John and Theresa so they know it must be a shock. Brady responds that they don't know the half of it.
Aiden tells Hope that nothing changed but he was thinking about it and Chase really doesn't like scary movies. Hope says they could choose another movie. Hope asks if this is about his wife as she knows seeing Bree couldn't have been easy for him. Aiden tells her that's not it. Aiden adds that Ciara wasn't very happy about them seeing each other. Hope says she seems fine with it now. Aiden doesn't want to push her or Chase. Hope hopes they can do it another time. Aiden mentions having to go to work. Aiden kisses her on the cheek and says he'll see her soon as he walks away.
Eve hopes there's not another delay so she can get back to singing as soon as possible. Dr. Chung reveals he has bad news as there is a problem. Eve asks what kind of problem.
JJ asks Paige if something's wrong. Paige asks JJ what he's been doing today. JJ tells her that he's been texting her. Paige stops him and yells at him to stop lying to her.

Eric asks Brady what he means but he says it's nothing. Marlena disagrees. Brady doesn't want to talk about it and wants to be alone. Marlena understands but isn't sure that's a good idea. Brady insists he won't drink or do drugs. Brady wants her to tell John to stay out of his life. Marlena argues that John knows he made a mistake and loves him. Marlena agrees to go but tells Brady that they are there if he wants to talk. Brady thanks them. Marlena knows he feels hurt by the people he loves and isn't sure where to turn. Marlena adds that no matter what, Kristen is the one person he can never trust. Brady tells her that he knows and declares he never wants to see that bitch again.

Kristen cries in the park until she hears Anne and Theresa coming. Kristen runs and hides in the bushes then listens in. Anne asks Theresa about her secret. Theresa tells her that she knows things don't look good for her and Brady right now but after she explains, he'll have to forgive her. Anne asks what she's going to say. Kristen listens as Theresa happily announces to Anne that she's pregnant with Brady's child.

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