Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/31/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/31/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Kristen kiss in to bed. Brady arrives in the hall and sees Daniel's door was left cracked open so he walks in.

Hope sits in the town square where Aiden approaches her in a mask but Hope knew it was him. Hope tells him that she doesn't scare very easily. Aiden kisses her on the cheek.

JJ tries calling Paige but she doesn't answer. He thinks back to talking to Daniel about Paige overhearing Kayla talking about being raped. JJ states that he's got to talk to her.

Paige is with Kayla at the Pub when she gets a text from JJ that they need to talk. Kayla asks if something is wrong.

Eric goes to Eve's and brings the proofs from their photoshoot. Eve tells him that her schedule is free so they have all day together.

Marlena arrives at the hospital and finds John and Theresa in a staredown. Marlena asks what's going on. Theresa tells her that John just ruined everything for Brady.

Brady walks in on Daniel and Kristen kissing in bed.

Theresa yells at the hospital staff for staring at them. Theresa wants to go find Brady. John orders her to stay away from Brady. Theresa tells John that Brady wants him to stay away so he should take the hint. Marlena suggests going to her office now so they follow.

Brady watches Daniel and Kristen then walks away in disgust. Brady bumps into a chair making a noise but Daniel and Kristen continue. Brady exits Daniel's apartment.

Aiden sits with Hope and they talk about their kids. Aiden is glad to squeeze in a lunch. Hope appreciates him going all out and is sorry for cancelling the picnic. Hope agrees on taking it simple but Aiden points out they are spending a holiday together.

Rory sits in the club reading a comic book when Bev arrives and asks if he is heading to the keg party in the woods. Rory says he is after reading. Bev points out that last year it would've been them and JJ. Bev complains about Paige and says it's JJ's loss as they are better off without him but Rory is unsure.

JJ plays guitar at home and gets a text from Abigail. JJ continues waiting for Paige and gets a call from Maggie. JJ tells her that Jennifer is fine and Abigail is at a job interview. JJ claims he is good as well.

Paige tells Kayla that she's fine and it's nothing major. Kayla asks if it's the program at the hospital but Paige says she loves it. Kayla asks if it's trouble in classes but Paige says no. Kayla guesses there's only one thing left then and Paige admits things aren't so good with JJ.

Eve tells Eric that the doctor had to reschedule her final pre-OP for her surgery. Eve wants Eric to know the real her and wonders what album can show his style. Eric says Eve can pick her photo to use but she wants Eric to choose. Eve says his first decision can be picking red wine or white wine.

Daniel and Kristen continue kissing in bed until Daniel stops and says this is wrong and he can't. Kristen agrees and says neither could she.

JJ wonders how many times he can text Paige the same thing. There's a knock at the door and Rory arrives. Rory says he's still mad at him so JJ asks if he came to tell him that. Rory says he misses them doing their thing and is sorry for bailing on him. JJ admits he needs to talk to somebody. Rory asks why he's so freaked because his dad raped somebody.

Kayla tells Paige that she can tell her if it's none of her business but sometimes getting it out in the open helps. Paige thinks back to walking away from JJ. Paige tells Kayla that it's just Eve not liking JJ. Paige brings up Eve's surgery being tomorrow and how she wants to be there for her so she and JJ are kind of taking a break. Paige then says she has a mid term to study for so Kayla says they can talk later. Paige thanks her and exits. Kayla comments that with Eve, some things never change.

Eve tells Eric that she can't have any alcohol before her surgery but she doesn't want to stop Eric from celebrating her getting her life back. Eric tells him it's a little early for him. Eve encourages him but he declines. Eve comments that they are a lot alike. Eve compares losing her singing career to Eric losing his calling. Eve thinks he's nervous. Eve says that she really likes him as a friend so she thinks they should open the wine and put on a CD before looking over the proofs. Eric gets a text that something's come up and he has to go. Eric tells her to look over the photos and e-mail her as he rushes out.

Marlena wants to be caught up on what happened. John tells her that Brady found out the truth about what happened. Marlena asks about the truth. Theresa argues that he's lying. John tells Marlena that Brady is not the one who hit him with the poker. Theresa threatens him with a lawsuit and argues that he has no proof along with already giving his statement. John points out that Kristen has a recording of Theresa admitting to bashing his skull in.

Daniel and Kristen get dressed. Kristen comments that she's sure glad they stopped as that wasn't right. Daniel declares it over and nothing so she agrees.

Brady goes to the club and orders a scotch.

Aiden suggests to Hope that they and the kids watch scary movies after the Halloween party. Hope agrees as long as Ciara doesn't pick the movie. Aiden mentions that the mask he was wearing was because Chase was too scared to wear it. Aiden brings up movies and tells Hope that she can tell Ciara about not picking the movie.

Theresa mocks the idea of Kristen having proof. John says Kristen just got her hands on a device and used it. Theresa complains. Marlena questions the proof. Theresa calls it fake and suggests John helped her as she mocks him changing his story. Marlena suggests contacting the police. Theresa questions Marlena believing Kristen and brings up her sex tape with Eric. John says he doesn't care about the recording as he remembers what happened that night. Theresa complains that Kristen will do anything to get her out of the way to get to Brady. Theresa declares that she won't argue with him while letting Kristen win ever. Theresa storms out.

Brady thinks back to overhearing the truth from John and then seeing Daniel and Kristen in bed together. Brady's hand shakes as he prepares to take a drink.

Daniel and Kristen head back to the living room and exchange looks while getting dressed. Kristen says they were so caught up that they forgot to close the door. Daniel asks if she's okay. She says they both lost something today in the person that made them happy. Kristen didn't want to feel any more pain but says things are clearer now. Kristen thinks she owes him this much and declares that today is the day she says goodbye to Salem, Brady, and him.

Paige sits at the library and thinks back to being with JJ.

Kayla goes to see Eve. Kayla says she came to wish her luck on the surgery. Eve asks why she's really there. Kayla wanted to follow up on their conversation about Paige and JJ. Kayla praises Paige and her work at the hospital but she noticed that Paige was awfully down. Kayla thinks it's the tension between Eve and JJ so she wanted to try and help.

JJ sits with Rory and talks to him about everything being ruined. Rory doesn't get why what Jack did years ago will screw up JJ and Paige. JJ explains that Jack raped someone he knows and now Paige knows her too. JJ wonders if Paige will think he's like Jack and worries that he is. Rory tells him to give Paige time and she'll come back around. JJ worries that he's screwed up. Rory brings up the party in the woods to take the edge off and have some fun. Rory tells him that he can't sit around and drive himself nuts. JJ agrees and exits with Rory.

Theresa meets Anne at the Pub and demands her purse. Theresa pulls out the listening device and tells her that she told Anne about trusting Kristen. Theresa explains that Kristen recorded their conversation and played it for Brady. Theresa says that she needs to find Brady so she can fix this.

Marlena questions John knowing all along. John says after a couple of days it all came back to him but he knew if he let Brady off the hook while he was so grateful to Kristen then he would go back to her. John wants to go find Brady but Marlena worries that he's not fully recovered to leave the hospital. John declares he won't be fully recovered until he finds his son so he exits.

Brady decides against the drink and declares they are not worth it. Brady then exits the club.

Kristen says what happened between them was emotional and intense. Kristen adds that there is no them and never could be. Daniel agrees. Kristen says that's why they stopped. They joke about not even liking each other. Kristen says she won't tell and she's leaving town because there's nothing left for her anymore. Kristen adds that she'll still root for he and Jennifer. Daniel doesn't see that happening because he didn't get past what happened between them. Daniel assures that it's over. Kristen still wants to see him get his happy ending. Kristen says goodbye to Daniel and kisses him on the cheek then exits, leaving Daniel looking at the smashed photo of he and Jennifer.

Aiden and Hope decide on movies. Aiden gets a text and has to call a client. Hope says she'll grab the popcorn. Aiden walks away to make the call. Hope then runs into an old friend named Bree that she knew from mom classes ten years ago. Bree says she just came back on business but her plane leaves in a couple of hours. Hope says they should catch up next time. She points out that Hope looks so happy. Hope responds that she is.

Paige looks at a photo of JJ on her phone.

JJ and Rory go to the party in the woods. Rory offers him a drink but he declines. JJ continues checking his phone. Rory insists on JJ drinking so he takes a drink. Bev appears and watches from the bushes.

Eve doesn't want to hear excuses about JJ. Kayla says JJ made mistakes and struggled after Jack's death like anyone. Kayla doesn't think what JJ did back then should count against him. Eve states that JJ is forever too sketchy. Kayla thinks she just sees it that way because she hates Jennifer. Eve admits she can't stand Jennifer but what scares her about JJ is Jack. Eve remarks that she doesn't have to tell Kayla what Jack was like.

Hope and Bree say goodbye. Hope walks away. Aiden returns and Bree recognizes him.

JJ finishes his drink. Rory tells him that everything is cool now and goes to get more. Bev watches on. Rory comments that the party could change their lives after two girls walk by. Rory suggests JJ take another drink so he does while Bev watches.

Eve tells Kayla that JJ is just like Jack in more ways than one. Eve calls Jack a worthless son of a bitch that wasn't good enough for him so JJ isn't good enough for Paige. Kayla argues that they are completely different people. Paige arrives outside and listens in from the door. Kayla thinks Eve is using Jack's history against JJ. Eve then brings up Jack raping Kayla, which Paige hears.

Eric goes to the hospital and asks Marlena what's going on with Brady.

John goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Henderson answers the door and tells him that he hasn't seen Brady since the morning.

Theresa texts Brady and doesn't get an answer. Anne suggests she steer clear but Theresa refuses to give up. Theresa states that she's going to find Brady and make this right.

Eric tries to call Brady but he doesn't answer. Daniel approaches and notes Marlena doesn't look too happy. Marlena reveals to Daniel that Brady overheard John and now knows Theresa hit him and that John was lying to him. Marlena explains that John lied to keep Brady from Kristen. Eric asks Daniel to let them know if he sees Brady as they walk away. Daniel realizes that Brady now knows that Kristen was telling the truth.

Kristen goes home to her hotel room where Brady stops her at the door.

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