Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/30/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/30/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami sits at home signing papers with Kate. Lucas comes in and greets them. Sami sends him to see Allie in the garden. Sami finishes signing over DiMera Enterprises to Kate, making her the sole CEO. Sami jokes with Kate about their portrait and Kate says it's grown on her.

Adrienne goes to see Sonny and asks about his message to see him right away. Will comes in and greets her. Adrienne asks where he's going. Sonny informs her that Will and Arianna are going to Los Angeles.

Kristen tells Daniel that Brady has finally had it with her and is never going to take her back. Kristen cries so Daniel hugs her.

John tells Theresa that she can go back where she came from after Kristen leaves or else he will tell the police and Brady that the person who hit him wasn't Brady, but Theresa. Brady then appears to be listening from the doorway. Theresa starts to argue but Brady pushes the door open.

Sami asks Kate if she's grown on her. Kate admits it may be an overstatement but says she's gotten used to her. They flash back to a fight in their past. Sami says Kate gave her nothing but grief for twenty years and she hated her for it. Sami adds that Kate taught her how to be tough and fight for herself. Kate tells her she's welcome. Sami says now Kate has to fight for both of them as it's all on her to finish what they started. Sami wants her to make sure Stefano is destroyed for good.

Kristen apologizes to Daniel and says she didn't know where else to go as Stefano doesn't understand. She thanks Daniel for not saying he's sorry when she knows he's not. Kristen hopes he knows for sure how much she loves Brady. She insists it's the truth. Kristen says she has to accept that she's never going to be with Brady and there's nothing she can do to change it.

Theresa and John both try to talk to Brady but he cuts them off. Brady asks John if he realizes what this is. Brady then declares that Kristen was right.

Kate tells Sami that she won't stop until Stefano is neutralized. Sami says if she needs any help, she will be a phone call away. Kate tells her not to worry about anything but herself and the children. Kate jokes that it will be easier to run things without Sami screwing things up. Sami wants her to admit she's going to miss her. Marlena and Roman arrive. Sami hugs them and is glad they came. Sami is prepared for them to think she's crazy. Roman says that Marlena talked sense into him so he knows this is what she needs to do for now. Sami thanks him. Marlena goes to check on the kids and Kate steps out to make a call so Sami can talk with Roman. Roman tells her that he just wanted her to be safe and happy. Roman hugs her and says he will be proud of her until the day he dies. Sami cries.

Lucas sits with Allie in the garden and asks if she's sad about leaving. Allie says she's sad about EJ and she's glad they are going on a trip because school is no fun anymore. Allie brings up Johnny getting in fights about his last name. Lucas encourages that won't happen in California and assures that he will come see her. Lucas hugs her and tells her that he loves her.

Will is glad Adrienne came then goes to get Arianna packed. Adrienne asks Sonny what's really going on here.

Daniel asks Kristen if something just happened between her and Brady. She tells him that she had proof that Theresa hit John with a recording but Brady thought she manufactured it. Kristen says she knew whatever they had was over after that. Kristen adds that she just wanted to save him. Kristen hoped the truth would speak for itself but it killed any good feeling he had for her. Kristen thinks Daniel loves this since he was right that Brady would never take her back. Daniel looks upset at her. Kristen asks if she's boring him or if he thinks she's lying. Daniel stops her and says he believes her. Daniel knows her heart is broken and it's over as he knows exactly how she feels.

Theresa tries to talk to Brady but he tells her to shut up. Brady says he heard that Theresa was the one who attacked John. Brady wants them all to be honest. Brady asks John about saying Theresa attacked him and he admits it. Theresa tries to argue but Brady warns her to shut her mouth. Brady questions John's excuse for keeping him in the dark. Brady then stops and realizes that John was going to keep him with Theresa to keep him away from Kristen. John admits that's why he did it.

Sonny tells Adrienne that Will wants to help Sami and the kids so he's going with them. Adrienne argues that Sami doesn't need a babysitter and asks about Will's job. Sonny explains that Will was hired to write the screenplay. Adrienne complains and calls it very upsetting and drastic. Sonny points out that Will wanted him to come with him but he couldn't. Adrienne thinks it's odd that Will's going but Sonny tells her they are leaving today.

Roman encourages Sami about being fearless and growing up to be a great mother. Sami talks about wanting time with her kids. Roman tells her to enjoy it because it goes by fast. Eric arrives and Sami greets him with a hug.

Brady questions John lying all along. John says he didn't remember anything at first but it came back slowly and he was going to tell everybody until he found out Kristen was back. John says he saw how this was going to play out so he chose not to help Kristen. Brady argues that John let him believe he put his dad in a coma and almost killed him. John blames himself. Brady asks if he has any idea what he's been going through. John says he knew that neither woman was good for Brady. Theresa tries to argue John's memory and says she loves Brady. Brady says there was a one time he wanted a relationship with her but not after she let him believe her crime was his. Brady says she played him just like John. Brady shouts that the one person to treat him like an adult was Kristen.

Kristen mocks Daniel and wants to know what he's feeling. Kristen yells at him to save Brady from Theresa. Daniel says he doesn't need to do that. Kristen questions Daniel letting Theresa ruin Brady's life. Daniel tells her that she shouldn't be there. Kristen agrees that none of this should be happening. Kristen asks if he's afraid that Jennifer is going to find them together. Daniel wants her to leave. Kristen asks if Jennifer thinks she's contagious or toxic. Kristen mocks the idea of Daniel being perfect. Kristen asks if he and Jennifer had a fight and wants to know what's wrong. Daniel screams at her to shut the hell up.

Abe joins Roman with Johnny outside to say goodbye. Abe gives Johnny one of EJ's watches. Johnny talks about wanting to be just like EJ. Roman has no doubt that he'll be a good man.

Will comes back in to the living room and says Sami needs this adventure. Adrienne mentions his job. Will says it came out of the blue and calls it a lucky break.

Eric asks Sami about Hollywood. Sami knows it's crazy but mentions Nicole thinking it was a good idea. Eric questions her speaking to Nicole. Sami tells him that they hung out and had drinks. Sami says they might not be friends but she came to talk about EJ and ended up talking about everything. Sami says Nicole made some good points and she feels right to go. Eric comments that she looks at peace. Sami is determined and glad. They joke about the kids. Sami is glad they are excited for the big adventure. Eric gives Sami an old photo from when they were kids. They joke about Sami protecting him. Sami says this is her chance. Sami calls Eric a wonderful human and warns him to protect himself from people taking advantage of his kindness. Sami says no matter where she is, she'll be back if he needs her. They hug as Marlena returns to the room and smiles.

Theresa questions Brady thinking Kristen respecting him. Brady says she told him the truth. Theresa argues that no one knows the truth as they were drunk and they may never know what happened that night. Brady questions her memory. Theresa says he didn't do anything wrong which is all that matters. Theresa tries to put it in the past but Brady says it doesn't make it okay. Theresa complains about Kristen lying and manipulating him. Brady says that's all Theresa has been doing. Brady thinks John must be loving this. John says he didn't want this. Brady says it's the same old situation where everyone warns Brady about the woman. Brady realizes Daniel knew the truth too and asks if John told him. Brady says Daniel knew and Kristen told him the truth.

Daniel asks if Kristen wants to know what's wrong. He declares that he and Jennifer are done forever like she and Brady. Kristen says that just can't be. Daniel says Jennifer gave up and she's gone. Kristen realizes he does understand what she's feeling and says good.

Marlena tells Sami that the kids are packed and that Will and Sonny are helping. Eric goes to help the kids. Marlena apologizes and says she'll be out to see her but cries that it feels like goodbye. Sami cries as they hug.

Will and Sonny talk outside about helping Sydney pack. Will mentions wanting Sydney to be happy so he can't say no. Sonny says he knows the feeling. Will hugs him as he starts to cry.

Brady asks Theresa if she hit John and put him in a coma. Theresa argues that Kristen will make up a story. Brady reveals that Kristen has a recording of Theresa admitting everything to Anne because she knew she would need proof to convince him. John tries to interrupt but Brady tells him to go to Hell and take Theresa with him. Brady declares he's going to see someone who he knows he can trust.

Daniel calls Kristen a witch. Kristen argues that Jennifer always gets over it. Daniel disagrees. Kristen then goes along and says Daniel must have blown it with the perfect woman then. Kristen sees the photo of Daniel and Jennifer on the shelf and asks if he was drowning his sorrows while staring at pictures of Jennifer. Daniel grabs her and tells her to stop. Daniel says everyone's pain is her bloodsport and she just feeds off of it. Daniel tells her to shut her mouth. Kristen asks what he's going to do and they suddenly start kissing.

John tells Brady not to go back to Kristen. Brady tells him that he has no right to judge Kristen. Brady storms out and Theresa goes after him. Theresa tries to tell him that there's more than he knows but Brady pulls away and exits through the elevator, leaving Theresa crying.

Will tells Sonny that he's going to miss him just as much. Will jokes with him. Sonny tells him that he knows he wants this and he wants him to be there for his family. Will reminds him that it's only six months. Sonny talks about how much Arianna will grow in that time. They kiss goodbye.

Sami and Marlena flash back to a past time that Marlena told Sami she loved her without condition. Sami says there's so much she never said to Marlena. The kids run in, excited for the limo ride. The kids say they are all packed and ready so they run out. Sami and Marlena start to walk out together but Sami stops, saying she forgot one thing. She gets a photo album and looks through it. Sami hugs the album and looks around the room one last time.

Theresa complains about the people at the hospital looking at her. She tells John this is not over as she exits.

Daniel and Kristen kiss in to bed. Brady arrives in the hall and sees Daniel's door was left cracked open so he walks in.

Abe hugs Sami goodbye. She thanks him for coming and he tells her to take care. Eric hugs Sami goodbye and agrees to call all the time. Kate offers a handshake but Sami hugs her and thanks her. Sami thanks Sonny for lending his husband and kid for awhile. Sami says they are lucky to have him. Sonny says he's the lucky one as Sami hugs him goodbye. Will hugs everyone as well. Sami hugs Marlena and she agrees to come visit soon. Sami tells Roman that he has to come visit too. Lucas comes in and jokes that the kids are tearing up the limo. Sami calls out to them. Sami can't believe she's the one leaving. Lucas agrees that it's usually him. Lucas tells her he'll track her down soon and be out there as soon as he can. Sami hugs him goodbye. Will tells Sami that it's time and they hug. Will exits. Sami declares this is it. Sami exits as Marlena, Roman, Lucas, Abe, Kate and Eric watch her go.

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