Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/29/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/29/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami gets the kids ready to pack. Rafe arrives and says he heard she's moving to LA. Sami says it's for a little while anyway as Hollywood wouldn't take no for an answer. Rafe is glad she got some good news. Rafe guesses this is goodbye then.

Will comes home. Sonny asks where he went so early. Will tells him that he took Arianna to see Gabi. Sonny asks why he didn't tell him so he could go with him. Will says he had to do this one alone so he could see if Gabi is okay with him taking Arianna to LA.

Daniel asks Jennifer if she's saying she doesn't love him anymore. Jennifer thinks they both know what they had is over.

Theresa questions John's attitude. John asks if she knows if Kristen is still in town.

Kristen plays the recording of Theresa admitting that she hit John, not Brady. Brady calls Kristen a lying bitch. Kristen asks what he's talking about. Brady accuses her of editing the recording. Kristen tries to convince him but Brady thinks she's trying to put one over on him again.

Daniel asks Jennifer if this is it. Jennifer feels this is the only decision as she thinks he's fed up. Daniel says he's not. Jennifer claims every time she's reached out to him, he's shut her down. Daniel didn't feel like talking when nothing changed but he hadn't given up hope. Jennifer blames him thinking that she's too judgmental. Jennifer complains that she can't talk to him. Daniel tells her that she's right that they should've had a conversation a long time ago. Daniel asks if they can talk tonight but Jennifer tells him that it's too late. Daniel asks what she means. She tells him that she's leaving in a few hours for a couple of weeks and she thinks it will be really good to get away. Daniel asks about when she comes back. She doesn't want to live in limbo anymore. She says she is going to get a new job where she's not involved with him in any way because she's not his lover or friend anymore. She doesn't understand how they got here but the problem hurts too much to figure it out.

Kristen calls Brady out of his mind. Brady continues to accuse of her editing it. Brady brings up her sex tape with Eric. Kristen swears that she's telling the truth. Brady says it won't change anything because he doesn't believe her and he never will.

John asks Theresa why she gets jumpy when Kristen is brought up. The nurse comes in for John to sign papers for his release. Theresa says she has to get going. John says they'll have plenty of chances to talk when he's out. Theresa rushes out.

Rafe sits with Sami and asks who is going to play him in the movie. They joke about it. Rafe says they had a lot of really great times together that he wouldn't trade for anything. Rafe asks if he could say goodbye to the kids. Sami says it's not really goodbye. Rafe feels everything will work out great for her.

Sonny questions Will telling Gabi that he made up his mind before telling him. Will says he couldn't decide until he found out that Gabi would be okay with him taking Arianna. Sonny questions if they are leaving then. Will says it's just for six months. Sonny asks about him deciding that by talking to Gabi instead of him. Will tells him to say if he doesn't want him to go.

Rafe tells Sami there's another reason he came by and gives her back EJ's ring. Rafe apologizes for not telling her. Sami talks about calling the station wanting it back. She asks if this means that EJ's case is officially closed. Rafe says they are just tying up loose ends. Sami says she'll never know why EJ went in to the woods and that's it. Rafe says he and Roman just wanted her to have the ring back before she left. Rafe apologizes if it brought up all her feelings again. Sami is glad to have it and is grateful that he brought it to her.

Sonny apologizes to Will since he did say he thought it was okay as he knows how it important it is to him. Will says he needs to be there for Sami and she needs to get out of Salem. Will says it will only be for a few months and they can visit each other. Sonny says he's going to miss them like crazy and asks when he leaves. Will informs him that Sami wants to leave today and wants him to fly out with them. Sonny goes to get Arianna packed then.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's not playing games and he still loves her. Jennifer knows they loved each other once. Jennifer brings up not letting Nicole, Chloe, or JJ tear them apart because they loved and trusted each other. Daniel brings up her not believing him with Eric and Nicole. Jennifer says she was trying to be honest with him but she didn't know he would hold it against her. Daniel brings up how she treated him when she thought he slept with Theresa. Daniel says his life has been Parker and his work as no one can replace the empty space that he wants to be her. Jennifer asks why he didn't fix what was broken between them. Daniel feels that she didn't want to fix anything and felt she just wanted to be right. Daniel asks if she wants to talk and if this is all she has to say. Jennifer says she has more to say and it's important.

Theresa walks past the Pub wondering what John is up to and what she's going to do. She stops and gets a text.

Kristen continues trying to tell Brady that Theresa tried to kill John. Brady argues that she's half his size. She tells him to ask Daniel. Brady doesn't want to hear it anymore and says she's really shown what a hatred bitch she really is. Brady adds that she has set him free. She asks if he's over her just like that. Brady calls her the ultimate addiction as he couldn't stay away but now she's attacking an innocent girl whose done nothing to her on top of trying to destroy Eric, John, and Marlena. Brady says he has seen the light. Kristen argues that Theresa is not an innocent girl whose done nothing. She insists that she's not lying while Brady is lying to himself. Kristen tells him that Theresa did this to John, not him. Kristen says she's telling him this because she loves him so much and wants him to believe it. Kristen swears that it's the absolute truth.

Will tells Sonny that Zoe loved his article on Chad so she's going to hold his job for him. Will says if things don't work out in LA then he'll have a reason to come home. Sonny questions him. Will clarifies he meant that he still have a job waiting for him. Sonny asks if things don't work out for LA. Will insists that he's coming back. Will kisses him and goes to pack.

Sami talks to Rafe about EJ wanting to redo their wedding and how they exchanged rings. Rafe knows how much the kids must be missing their dad. Sami says it's so hard to watch them hurt and she doesn't know how to help them deal with losing a parent. Rafe encourages that they still have her. Rafe calls it a real tragedy but says they will be alright because she will make sure they are. Rafe adds that they are lucky and he was too. They get emotional and bring up seeing the kids. Sami says they will all miss him and she will a lot. They hug as Sami cries. Rafe tells her to take care of herself and kisses her on the cheek goodbye. Rafe heads upstairs to say goodbye to the kids.

Jennifer thinks it would be best if Daniel stayed out of her kids' lives. She knows they both love him especially JJ but she wants to do this her way. She wants him to get his key back from JJ and stop being the cool uncle or whatever to him. Daniel argues that JJ is going through a real struggle and needs someone to talk to. Jennifer complains that it should be her. She says it would be hard for her. Jennifer declares that Daniel can't have her family if he doesn't want her. Daniel insists that he does want her and brings up waiting through Jack and telling Chloe off as well as saving her life. Daniel knows they still love each other and declares this is not over.

Rafe goes to Will and Sonny's after Will texted him to come by. Rafe asks if everything is okay. Sonny says it depends on his point of view. Rafe asks what's going on. Sonny says Rafe probably wanted him to see Arianna before they leave today. Rafe asks where they are going. Sonny informs him that they are going to LA with Sami and the kids.

Kayla brings Caroline to see Sami. Sami says she didn't have to come all this way but Caroline insisted. Caroline says it's not easy being a widow and tells Sami to do whatever she has to do for her and the kids. Kayla adds that she'll take care of Caroline. Caroline asks about the kids and heads upstairs to see them. Sami asks Kayla how Caroline is doing. Kayla says she's fine or will pretend to as they all cry. Sami thinks Kayla would be relieved to see her go. Kayla disagrees and says Sami has been through a lot and deserves all the happiness in the world. Kayla says she loves her and they hug as Sami thanks her.

Brady tells Kristen that he's not falling for this as he doesn't plan to be around her ever again. Brady says he's fixing his life and his relationships so he's leaving her far behind. Brady doesn't want to hear her anymore. Brady hopes he never sees her face again. Brady declares that he's just done and storms out, leaving Kristen crying.

Theresa stands alone at home with a smile. She grabs her things and heads out.

Jennifer calls Daniel very persuasive. He asks if she could be persuaded to stick around until they get this resolved. Jennifer says she could be if he told her his secrets with JJ because she knows he's going through something. Jennifer asks what is going on with he and Kristen and why she keeps seeing him with her. Daniel says he can't do that. Jennifer asks if she can't understand her own son's problems or if she might interfere with he and Kristen. Daniel says there are reasons that have nothing to do with him. Jennifer whines that he doesn't trust her enough so she's done. Jennifer says she's loved him more than she thought she could ever love someone again. She adds that she'll always be grateful for him saving her life but now she needs him out of her life. Jennifer says goodbye and rushes out of his office. Daniel sits down holding back tears.

Caroline returns to Sami in the living room while Kayla is upstairs helping the kids pack. Sami praises Caroline as a mother. Sami is going to miss her advice. Caroline says she'll have the phone but she won't need her advice as she'll be just fine. Sami knows she's upset about her leaving. Sami cries and asks her to come with them but she declines. Sami cries that she's the hardest person to say goodbye to as they hug.

Rafe sits with Will and mentions Sami not saying anything about him going with her. Will says she probably wanted him to tell her because of Arianna. Rafe asks if Will is going because Sami needs him or because he thinks it will be good for his career.

Jennifer packs her bags at home. She grabs her purse then looks at a photo of her and Daniel.

Daniel goes home and pours a drink. He says it's early but drinks anyways. Daniel looks over at the same photo of he and Jennifer on the shelf. There's a knock at the door and Kristen arrives.

Theresa returns to John's room and asks about him going home. John says he is thanks to Kristen. Theresa says she can't stand Kristen but she saved his life so they all have to be grateful. John stops the small talk. John says she's known for a long time what he's known and why he did what he did. John declares that he will never give Kristen a chance to get Brady back. John brings up Theresa's parents and warns her about letting Brady go. Theresa tells him that she's not letting him go. John warns that when the time is right, he will tell Brady what she did.

Sami talks about Caroline being there for her through everything. Caroline encourages that she will be alright. Sami doesn't know how as she aches inside for EJ. Caroline tells her that she always finds a way. Sami worries that she might forget her. Caroline calls that impossible and says with Sami's new life, she might forget her. Caroline declares it impossible to forget Sami Brady as they hug.

Will tells Rafe that he's doing this because Sami said she needed him and that's it. Will admits he's happy about the job offer as if it works out then he can put away a lot of money for Arianna's education and wouldn't have to worry about her future. Rafe asks if he's out there for six months like Sami. Will says yeah and Arianna wakes up so he goes to get her. Rafe asks Sonny if he's okay with this. Sonny says it's all good.

Jennifer rips up the photo of her and Daniel. She grabs her purse and walks out.

Kristen tells Daniel that he should be really proud of himself as he was right that Brady has finally had it with her and is never going to take her back. Kristen cries so Daniel hugs her.

John tells Theresa that she can go back where she came from after Kristen leaves or else he will tell the police and Brady that the person who hit him wasn't Brady, but Theresa. Brady then appears to be listening from the doorway.

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