Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/28/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/28/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami talks to Harold about packing her things at the mansion. The doorbell rings so Harold goes to answer it. Allie runs in and complains that she can't find her doll so they can't go to California without it. Hope arrives with Ciara and asks about Sami's text. Sami sends Ciara to help Allie find her doll in the garden. Sami apologizes to Hope for the mess and tells her that she has something she had to tell her in person. Hope asks what it is. Sami tells her that she has to say goodbye.

Jennifer finishes a call with her mom about needing to go be with her for a surgery for two weeks as Abigail comes in. Jennifer asks about JJ but Abigail says JJ already left upset after talking to Daniel about seeing him right away.

JJ meets with Daniel in his office. Daniel asks him what's going on. JJ tells him that everything is wrong.

Brady and Theresa get up together. Brady says he has no idea where this is going. Theresa kisses him and promises to make him forget Kristen ever existed.

Kristen sits in her room playing the recording of Theresa confessing to Anne that it was her who hit John. Kristen calls it perfect and says now for the payoff.

Hope questions Sami leaving Salem. Sami says it's just for six months but there's a production company that came from Hollywood and want to make a movie about her life. Sami knows it's crazy but says it came from Will's article. Hope calls it great if she's ready. Sami says of course she is and that it's not about her but the kids. Sami says she wants to get the kids away from Stefano and the house where they remember EJ. Hope understands she needs to not see EJ waiting for her in every room. Hope asks when she's leaving. Sami reveals it's today. Hope hugs her as she cries.

Anne goes to see Kristen and brings the paperwork for the scholarship program in honor of EJ. Anne says she's thrilled that Kristen came to her about it. Kristen suggests they go over the information very carefully.

Theresa tells Brady that their mistakes are in the past and they'll learn from them. Theresa thinks they can take it to a whole new level. Brady says they'll just have to see what happens but right now he has to check on John as he wants to make sure he gets out of the hospital today.

Abigail asks Jennifer if she's doing okay. Jennifer says she's just a little upset that JJ reached out to someone other than his family. Jennifer says she needs to get to the hospital. Abigail stops her and tells her how sweet and understanding she was during everything with EJ and she couldn't have gotten through it without her. Jennifer encourages that she could've because she's strong. Abigail thinks her strength comes from having Jennifer's love and support. Abigail hugs her and tells her not to worry about JJ because he knows she's there for him too.

Daniel wants JJ to talk to him. JJ says he was all set to tell Paige about Jack and Kayla then Rory found Jill so they went looking for her. JJ explains that Paige found her and Jill told her that she didn't drug him and no one knows who did it but also added that he came on to her and bragged about it. Daniel questions Paige buying it. JJ doesn't blame her since he's been acting weird and guilty lately. JJ says he wanted to tell her the whole story but she won't even talk to him anymore.

Sami tells Hope about telling the kids and seeing them smile for the first time since EJ died. Sami talks about getting away from the house and the memory of EJ. Sami adds that Johnny is glad to leave school. Hope thinks it's good for them to have a distraction and change. Hope asks Sami if she's honestly doing this just for the kids.

Kristen goes over things with Anne then tells her they'll have to continue later because she has an appointment. Kristen hurries Anne out then goes back to listening to the recordings she has and calls it perfect.

Daniel warns JJ that he'll wreck any chance he has if he doesn't tell Paige the whole story. Daniel asks if something else is bothering him. JJ thinks back to massaging Eve's hand. JJ tells Daniel there's nothing else. Jennifer goes and listens from the door. Daniel tells JJ to use his apartment as it's the perfect place to be alone with Paige. Daniel tells him to do what he's got to do. JJ thanks him and says it means a lot. Jennifer turns and walks away. JJ comes out and Jennifer greets him. Jennifer tells JJ that she has to go be with her mom for a couple of weeks and she's leaving today. She asks if he's okay. JJ says he's cool. Jennifer mentions being on her way to Daniel's office and hearing JJ talking to Daniel about an apartment key. JJ says he has one to babysit and Paige has one too. JJ tells her to be safe. Jennifer adds that they can text and talk while she's gone. JJ tells her he loves her and exits. Jennifer storms back to Daniel's office to confront him. She tells Daniel that she doesn't know what he thinks he's doing but it's going to stop right now.

Allie tells Ciara about the movie on Sami's life and how they get to move out to California in a big house. Allie tells Ciara that she can come visit.

Sami admits to Hope that she's doing this for herself too as she knows she can't escape the pain and has to face the shock of what happened but she thinks it's good for the kids and for her to be busy with something. Hope agrees it will help. Allie and Ciara come back in, having found the doll. Allie heads upstairs to pack. Hope asks if Ciara wants to go help pack. Ciara thinks she can handle it then tells Hope they need to talk. Hope asks what it's about. Ciara says Allie really wants her to go to Hollywood with her and asks if she can.

Brady talks on the phone about John. Brady says he'd want to be the one to tell him and hangs up. Brady tells Theresa that John is getting out later today so he's going to tell him now. Theresa decides she'll go with him. Anne arrives and tells Theresa that she has big news. Theresa says it's not a good time but Brady says it is and tells her to talk while he goes. Brady exits. Anne continues about the scholarship but Theresa doesn't care. Anne calls it a big deal for her. Theresa argues that it makes no sense as all Kristen does is think of ways to hook up with Brady again. Anne says she came to reassure her but she won't even support her. Theresa asks her to give her a break. Anne argues that Theresa is never grateful as lately everyone else is just an extra to her. Anne says it's getting real old. Theresa asks if she's done because she needs to get to the hospital to make sure John hasn't changed his mind. Theresa tells Anne to see herself out as she exits.

Brady goes to see John and tells him that his next hospital meal will be his last. John asks about work. Brady says it's good and nothing out of the ordinary. John asks about his life outside of work. Brady tells him not to worry about Kristen as he told her to leave town but he's not sure if she has because he's not a part of her life anymore. Brady gets a text from Kristen saying she's leaving town and must see him before she goes. Brady tells John that he has to take care of something and he'll see him later. Brady exits as Theresa arrives at the hospital.

Hope tells Ciara no. Ciara argues that Allie is her best friend while Hollywood is exciting compared to boring Salem. Ciara says they need her to be in Sami's movie and brings up when they fought over Sami's earring. Sami thinks back to that. Ciara wants to play herself in the movie. Hope tells her to apologize to Sami for that so she does. Sami thanks her and tells her not to worry about it. Hope says maybe they can talk later about planning a visit. Ciara wants to move there. Hope tells her that's not going to happen and tells her to drop it. Ciara says that's not okay as she heads upstairs. Sami is sorry that Ciara is disappointed. Hope understands that Ciara is trying to run away from the reality of the divorce and not having her dad around. Hope apologizes for being insensitive. Sami understands. Hope says they've been through a terrible trauma. Hope adds that she thinks Sami is doing the right thing. Hope says in six months, everything will be different and there won't be so much focus on what happened. Sami realizes Hope is trying to move on as well. Hope agrees and they hug.

Aiden walks through the town square finishing a phone call. Aiden picks up some flowers and says he thinks she'll love it. Aiden thinks back to his one on one talk with Ciara. Aiden grabs a second set of flowers.

Jennifer can't believe Daniel gave JJ and Paige keys to his apartment without telling her and says he gave them permission to have sex. Daniel says it was so they can babysit Parker and he trusts JJ to not abuse it. Daniel sees now that she's upset. Jennifer questions if he's apologizing. Daniel says he's trying to explain. Jennifer accuses him of involving himself in her children's life and then keeping it from him. Jennifer complains about no one telling her when JJ was drugged at the party. Daniel argues that it's JJ's job to tell her. Daniel says JJ needs to feel he can trust her and right now he needs her to help him through a rough patch. Jennifer asks why he needs her when he has him. Daniel says he's trying to help him and suggests Jennifer sit down and listen to JJ. Jennifer questions Daniel trying to tell her how to be a parent.

Theresa goes in to John's room. John tells her to stick around and they'll talk.

Brady goes to Kristen's and says he's glad to hear she took his advice to leave town. Kristen tells him that if he wants her to leave, she will but not until he makes his final decision. Brady says he has. Kristen says she first has to tell him something really important and asks if he's willing to listen.

Hope sits with Sami and talks about when she first met EJ. Sami talks about becoming a parent changing him. Hope encourages her and they hug. Hope tells her that she's going to miss her so much. Sami says the same and cries that she will always love her.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's not trying to tell her how to be a parent. Jennifer thinks he made it sound like she doesn't listen to JJ. Daniel thinks she's being oversensitive. Jennifer accuses him of keeping important information from her and lying to her. Jennifer brings up the situation with Nicole. Daniel argues that Nicole deserved a chance to fix it on her own but Jennifer didn't trust him enough. Jennifer questions him writing her out of his life completely for not being perfect. Jennifer accuses Daniel of always having little secrets with JJ. Daniel says he tells JJ to talk to her. Jennifer thinks Daniel likes the secrets because it gives him power to punish her. Jennifer whines that she's so sick of it.

Sami walks through the town square with Johnny. He spots Abigail and runs up to hug her.

Theresa mentions Brady saying that John is getting out today and he'll be back to himself soon. She talks about his memory coming back. John says she must be thrilled. Theresa says they both want to protect Brady. John mentions wanting to get to know her better and says there's no time like the present.

Kristen is convinced that once Brady knows what she knows then they can finally be completely open and honest with one another which is when forgiveness happens. Kristen mentions Brady saying he couldn't hate her for saving John's life. Kristen adds that Eric is trying to forgive her too because he wants to let go of the hate and move on. Brady tells her that they talk all the time. Kristen says they know the power of forgiveness because of her love for him. Kristen jokes that maybe she could forgive Marlena some day. Brady declares they are done since she said she's leaving town and is now talking about some kind of future that's not going to happen. Kristen asks if he thinks he has a future with Theresa. Brady says that may be possible. Kristen declares that's not going to happen and that it's time for him to know why.

Hope and Ciara go to the Pub and meet Aiden. Aiden gives them the flowers. Ciara says flowers won't cut it when she could be moving to Hollywood. Hope tells Aiden about Sami moving. Ciara complains that she could've been one of the stars. Aiden encourages that he's glad she's staying in Salem.

Johnny excitedly tells Abigail about the move to LA. Johnny sees one of his friends and goes to tell him, leaving Abigail with Sami. Abigail asks her about leaving. Sami says she is for awhile. Abigail says she thought about writing a letter of apology but didn't know if it would be appropriate. Sami responds that it wouldn't. Abigail says so long and starts to walk off but Sami stops her.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's not trying to punish her. Jennifer feels she's worked so hard to get back what they had and says he always plays a game to make it not happen. Daniel says he can't work miracles. Jennifer says it's obvious he feels he doesn't owe her an explanation for anything like JJ or Kristen. Daniel says Kristen doesn't have a thing to do with this. Jennifer brings up walking in on Daniel and Kristen having late night one on ones. Daniel yells that she is not her concern. Jennifer argues that he thinks nothing concerns her so she's come to realize she no longer knows who he is anymore.

John asks Theresa about caring about Brady and what she sees in him. John argues that she's only known him for a few minutes before getting him high and drunk and running off to a wedding. Theresa questions his attitude and him not being nice to her.

Kristen tells Brady that she suspected Theresa from the day she gave John the drug because she was too jumpy. Brady argues that people like to see the worst in her. Kristen tells Brady that she just wants him to listen. Kristen plays the recording of Anne's voice and starts to tell her that this is real. Brady doesn't want to hear it and questions what truth she's talking about.

Sami tells Abigail that she doesn't hate her anymore. Sami adds that they'll never be friends but she won't let it drag her down and she's going to let it go. Sami wishes her luck in her life. Abigail says the same and walks away. Sami calls Johnny back over and leaves with him.

JJ goes to Daniel's and waits for Paige. He gets a call from a friend but says he can't meet up because he has to meet up with Paige. He informs JJ that he saw Paige heading home. JJ thanks him, hangs up, and heads out. JJ stops and thinks back to massaging Eve's hand again. JJ says he can't go over if Eve is there.

Daniel says he doesn't know who Jennifer is either when she comes in like that because he thought she believed in him and trusted him to do the right thing but maybe he's wrong. Jennifer says she's tried to find a way back to what they had but he never seems interested. Daniel argues that's not true. Daniel asks if she just wants to give up. Jennifer decides maybe it just isn't meant to be and maybe she was right when she had her doubts about him. Jennifer adds that she never thought she'd say this but she thinks the love she had for him is finally completely gone. Jennifer then exits.

Theresa tells John to ask her anything. John says he knows all about the night he got hurt just like he knows about her. John thinks she knows why he's not being nice to her.

Brady argues that Kristen throws the word truth around. Kristen says she didn't bring him for a trick or games. Kristen just wants him to listen. She plays the recording of Theresa admitting that she hit John, not Brady.

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