Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/27/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/27/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will questions Bruce wanting him to go with Sami to Hollywood. Sami encourages it being about his article and knowing her story. Will says he's not a screen writer. Sami thinks he'll figure it out and brings up the kids needing their brother. Sami says Sonny and Arianna would love it to so how could he say no.

Chad goes to Sonny's and Sonny tells him he missed Will. Sonny hands Chad the article so he begins to read it.

Abigail sits at the club where Lucas enters and offers to buy her a coffee. Lucas asks if she's doing okay. She says she is and is just waiting for someone.

Ben asks what Clyde said to Jordan. Clyde appears in the gateway behind them and asks if Jordan wants to tell him or if he should.

Paige then walks through the park and catches Jill. Paige says she's been looking for her. Jill pretends not to remember her. Paige says she'll remind her.

JJ shows up at Eve's looking for Paige. Eve trips with a box and falls down. JJ checks to see if she's okay.

Will tells Sami that there's thousands of writers. Bruce insists they want Will. Will calls it flattering and asks for a moment alone with Sami. Bruce steps out to make calls. Sami encourages Will. Will tells her to forget about him as it sounds like she's already decided to go. Will asks if she's sure that's the right decision.

JJ asks Eve if she's okay and helps her up. Eve complains about her hand hurting. JJ offers to check on it but Eve says she's fine. Eve asks to know what he's even doing there.

Paige reminds Jill who she is from the party. Jill asks if she's calling her a liar and doesn't like her tone. Paige tells her that she doesn't like that she drugged her boyfriend. Paige asks if it's all coming back to her now. Jill thinks back to Eve sending her away.

Ben wants somebody to say something. Ben asks Clyde what he did to upset Jordan. Clyde says he just warned her that if she didn't stop coming between them, he would tell Ben how she murdered his mother.

Abigail insists to Lucas that she's fine. Lucas is glad that she has Ben to help her get through things.

Jordan imagines Clyde telling Ben that she killed their mother and Ben believing him then turning against her. Clyde asks again if Jordan wants to tell Ben or if he should.

JJ tells Eve that he was looking for Paige. Eve tells him that he just missed her. JJ tells Eve about Rory seeing Jill and how they want to find her to prove to Eve that he didn't cheat on Paige. Eve asks about tracking her down. Eve tells him that Paige mentioned it and thinks it will be good for everybody to have answers. JJ tells her that he's going to go if she's okay. Eve says she is but shows pain in her hand again. JJ asks her about it and goes to get her some ice.

Paige tells Jill that she knows what she did or she wouldn't have ran from Rory. Jill says she was just really embarrassed and knows Rory was upset that she ditched him. Jill accuses Paige of leaving JJ that night. Paige tells Jill that she's not leaving until she gets the real story. Paige threatens to call JJ or the police. Jill asks if she just wants to know if JJ was faithful. Paige wants the truth so Jill tells her to listen up.

Sami thinks getting the kids away from the heartache would be great. Sami says she only has to go for six months and thinks it would be great for Sonny and Arianna too. Will says Sonny's business is here so he can't just ask him to go. Sami encourages that it would be great for Will and could pay for Arianna's education. Sami wants Will to promise her that he'll think about it. Will says he can't promise anything until talking to Sonny. Sami excitedly hugs him and talks about how great it will be. Bruce comes back in and asks if he hears a celebration. Sami tells him that Will hasn't made up his mind yet but she has. Bruce tells her that she made the right decision. Bruce informs Will that they have an offer for him to write the screenplay with generous terms. Bruce asks if that makes the decision any easier.

Chad finishes reading the article and says Will made him sound interesting. Sonny says what came to his mind was son of a bitch. Chad says he's an interesting one. Chad points out that Will just wrote the truth. Chad tells Sonny that he's right that Will is one hell of a writer and they toast to that.

Jordan tells Ben that this isn't easy but it's something she should've told him a long time ago and he deserves to know the truth. Jordan says she's been telling Ben not to accept Clyde's offer to help when she was wrong as she was just being selfish. Ben asks what she means. Jordan says Clyde made her realize that she was making it all about her when it should be about Ben and his relationship with Clyde. She tells him that Clyde is trying to bring them together and she shouldn't stand in the way of that. Ben says she isn't and he totally understands. Clyde says he's glad she realizes he only wants to do right by Ben. Jordan says she knows that now. Ben adds that he would make her the same offer but she wouldn't accept. Ben assures Jordan that he's not mad. Jordan cries that she's sorry as Ben hugs her.

JJ offers to drive Eve to the ER but she says no. Eve says she promised not to take any medication before her surgery. Eve says they'll just see what the ice does. JJ says he'll stick around until she's sure that she's okay.

Jill tells Paige that she didn't drug her boyfriend but someone did. Paige asks how she knows. Jill says her sister saw an article that kids had stuff put in their drinks that night. Jill claims that JJ started acting different after calling Rory's brother to get Rory. Jill claims that JJ totally started coming on to her.

Will tells Bruce that it's very generous so he's wondering if he would have to move to Los Angeles cause he can write from anywhere. Bruce says he would to meet producers and directors. Bruce adds that he would put them up in a house. Bruce notes that the offer won't be on the table indefinitely. Will decides he should go talk to Sonny. Sami tells him to let her know the minute he decides. Will leaves. Bruce wants to go over more details with Sami. Sami says she just has to send one quick text.

Chad decides to get going. Sonny apologizes, thinking Will would've been back by now. Chad asks if everything is okay. Sonny says it is. Chad says he'd stick around but has to check on Jordan and see if Ben's done trashing him. Sonny asks if he and Jordan are a thing now. Chad says not yet and then exits.

Lucas asks Abigail about JJ being in love with Eve's daughter. Lucas tells Abigail that she can call Ben if she wants. Abigail is sure he will be there soon and asks about Allie. Lucas is proud of how strong she has been. Lucas gets a text that Sami needs him. Lucas hates to leave Abigail alone but she says she's fine and thanks him. Lucas says they will talk later and exits.

Ben asks Clyde about his offer to help him go to school by January while he can use his money to get his own place. Ben calls it unbelievable and declares to Jordan that it could change everything for him. Jordan tells Ben that he has no reason to turn it down and Clyde agrees. Ben doesn't know how to thank him. Clyde tells him to make him proud. Ben feels like he should tell Abigail the good news and invites Jordan to the club with him but she says she is headed the other way so she will see him later. Jordan walks away. Ben thanks Clyde again. Clyde says it's his pleasure as Ben walks off. Jordan comes back and tells Clyde that they need to get a few things straight. Clyde congratulates her first and tells her well played as he claps.

Jill tells Paige that she's not proud of it but she asked for the truth. Jill says JJ can't be blamed as it's a party and things happen. Jill claims JJ was just trying to be nice after Rory left her and they were just passing the time. Paige asks about the pictures. Jill says the drugs really started kicking in as JJ really got into it. Paige doesn't want to hear the details. Jill thought she did. Jill calls JJ a fun guy, leaving Paige uncomfortable. Jill talks about JJ getting a lot of action in England.

JJ prepares to leave but Eve gets a cramp and complains of the pain. Eve says she's falling apart. JJ sits with her and massages her hand. Eve tells him it feels good.

Jill says she told her what she needed to know and now has to go. Paige stops her and asks more about the pictures. Jill claims the cops showed up so she left and she never saw JJ again. Jill advises Paige to let it go. Jill suggests JJ's a player and walks off.

Eve pulls away and says she's better now as she puts her hand back on ice. JJ gets a text from Paige needing to see him so he says he's going to go. Eve thanks him for helping and he says he's glad she's feeling better. JJ then exits. Eve hopes Jill had time to get out of town.

Jordan gets a call from Ben, asking if she's alone and if they can talk. Jordan says she's alone. Ben says he just wanted to make sure she didn't say what she said because Clyde was there. Jordan claims she meant every word. Ben says he just wanted to make sure. She tells him to have a good time with Abigail and she'll see him later. Jordan hangs up and warns Ben to keep his word because if he holds this over Ben's head then she'll tell him everything. Jordan says he may not forgive her but he'd never forgive Clyde and he'd be dead to him. Jordan storms off while Clyde comments that he's not so sure about that.

Ben joins Abigail at the club and apologizes for taking long. Abigail asks if everything is okay. Ben tells her everything is so much better than okay and kisses her.

Bruce tells Sami to let him know when she wants the corporate jet to meet her in the morning. Sami thanks him and starts to walk him out when Lucas arrives. Sami introduces Bruce to Lucas. Bruce tells Sami that she won't be sorry and exits. Lucas asks Sami about what's going on. Sami says she has something to tell him and she knows he'll think she's crazy. Lucas wonders what now.

Will comes home. Sonny tells him that he just missed Chad. Will asks if he showed him the story. Sonny says he did and he thought it was great work. Will asks if Sonny read it. Sonny calls it very impressive and says he's getting better every time. Will decides he should send it off to Zoe. Sonny notes that he doesn't seem thrilled. Will says he is but he got some news. Sonny asks what kind. Will informs him that Sami is going to Hollywood and she's taking the kids and wants him to come with her.

Abigail asks Ben what happened with Jordan and apologizes for opening her mouth about Chad. Ben says she wasn't upset about Chad but about Clyde. Abigail asks why he looks happy then. Ben tells her that she told him to give Clyde a chance so he's going to because he offered to help with his college funds. Ben adds that now he can get a real apartment. Abigail is happy for him. Ben says he's happy for them and they kiss.

Will knows it seems like it's all about him and his career but tells Sonny how much screen writers make so they can put money away for Arianna's education and they can invest. Will tells Sonny that it's only six months so he can get Ben and T to run the club. Sonny stops him and tells him he can't go but maybe Will should.

Sami explains things to Lucas. Lucas says she is crazy but calls it a terrific idea and says he's proud of her for getting out of the mansion. Lucas is unsure about taking Allie away. Sami adds that it's only a six month contract. Lucas jokes about tracking her down. He asks if she told the kids yet. Sami says she will soon and she's sure they will be thrilled. Sami wants Lucas to visit often and thanks him for understanding as she expected a big fight. Lucas jokes about wanting to see her life story and having Will leave out a couple parts. They laugh as they flash back to when they first met and past times together. Sami says she feels blessed to have people in life that will do anything. Lucas tells Sami that he loves her and Sami says she loves him too. They joke about casting her movie.

Will questions Sonny thinking he should go without him and says he couldn't. Sonny admits it's the opportunity of a lifetime and he can't keep him from that. Sonny adds that he's working on expanding the club and he's looking at property. Sonny says Will had a lot going on so he hasn't brought it up. Sonny adds that he would come see he and Arianna in Hollywood as much as he could. Sonny says if it's important to him and he wants to try it for six months then maybe he should go. Will asks if he really means that.

Eve thinks back to JJ massaging her hand and then exits with the box she was carrying earlier.

JJ catches up with Paige in the town square and asks her what's going on. Paige tells him that she saw Jill in the park. JJ questions her letting her go. Paige says she asked Jill what happened after Rory said JJ didn't want to find her. JJ argues it's not true but Paige says all that matters is what he did.

Chad finds Jordan outside the Pub and asks how things went with Ben. Jordan says they talked and everything is fine. Chad asks if that means she'll go out to dinner with him. Jordan says she has a lot going on right now. Chad tells her not to answer yet if she's not in the right frame of mind to decide. Chad then kisses her and says he looks forward to hearing from her as he walks away.

Abigail asks Ben if he's sure Clyde can afford college tuition. Ben says he's made some good investments. Ben admits he still feels weird accepting his help but Abigail encourages that it's what dads are supposed to do. Ben says college is always something he dreamed of. Abigail tells him that all his dreams are coming true and she kisses him.

Clyde calls Jeremiah and asks about Miguel. Clyde tells Jeremiah to come back with another load now that the Salem PD closed the book on EJ and it's time for them to move some product.

Lucas tells Sami to let him know if she needs anything. Sami thanks him for his support. Lucas repeats that this is crazy. Lucas adds that he's really going to miss her. Sami cries that she'll miss him too and she'll never have a better friend. Sami kisses him on the cheek and Lucas says neither will he as he exits.

Sonny tells Will that he wouldn't hold him back if this is what he really wants. Sonny adds that it's his decision. Will tells him he loves him so much and kisses him. Will says he still has to think about it and about them but it would be so tough to turn down. Arianna starts to cry so Will goes to check on her after saying he's so glad they talked. Sonny looks disappointed and says me too.

Jill calls Eve. Eve hopes Jill got out of town without being seen but Jill tells her what happened. Eve tells her that she did the right thing and asks her to tell her everything.

Paige tells JJ that Jill says she's not the one who drugged his drink. JJ asks what else she said about the pictures. Paige says it doesn't matter and tries to leave but JJ says it does matter. Paige tells JJ that she wants them to take a break. JJ questions her. Paige tells him not to text or call as she just needs to figure all this out. Paige adds that she really thought she knew him and walks off leaving JJ confused.

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