Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/24/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/24/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ tells Paige that today is not going to be like last night as something did happen and she has a right to know what it is. JJ says she only got half the story. Rory arrives interrupting them. Rory reveals that he just saw Jill.

Jill catches up to Eve and says she has to help her or the whole scam will be exposed.

Kate asks Clyde what he set straight. Clyde says he thinks he finally convinced Jordan that he'll do whatever it takes to reunite with Ben.

Chad hugs Jordan and tells her that he's there for her, whatever she needs.

Ben asks Abigail why she thought he and Jordan got in a fight. She assumes he wouldn't be happy about Jordan going out with Chad. Ben asks what she's talking about.

Will talks to Sonny at home and wants to leave papers for Chad. Sonny stops him and says they have to figure out what's going on with them first.

Sami and Nicole hug. They joke that it was unexpected and no one saw but how EJ would be laughing about it. Sami offers Nicole a drink. Nicole notices the portrait of Sami and Kate in the living room and calls it so genius. Nicole praises Sami for putting Stefano out. They toast to them actually having a drink together. Nicole hopes it's okay that she came over. Sami says she's glad she did and she was going to call her. Sami adds that she doesn't know anyone else who really understands what she's going through and what she's lost. They toast to EJ.

Will doesn't feel like Sonny respects or supports him lately. Sonny calls that not true. Will tries to leave but Sonny asks why he thinks that. Will brings up his reaction to the Chad story. Sonny admits he misunderstood. Will feels he's too ambitious and too young for this. Will adds that he doesn't want to end up with a boring life. Sonny asks if he means he doesn't want their life.

Rory explains that he lost Jill. Paige says they have to find her. JJ says she could be anywhere and adds that they were in the middle of something. Paige points out that she could clear JJ's name with Eve. JJ agrees and asks Rory to take them to where he lost her so they exit.

Nicole wishes she could take back what she said to Sami about Will's article. Nicole adds that she completely understands why she had to get revenge on EJ and why she had to take him back. Sami tells Nicole that EJ did love her. Nicole says it wasn't as much as he loved Sami. Sami says EJ wanted their second time to work and she's sorry it didn't work out. Nicole says Sami always came first and she could've saved a lot of heartache if she realized that sooner. Nicole mentions the last time she saw EJ. She talks about EJ saying they were back together and stronger than ever. Sami is glad they were back together. Nicole is glad that her last memory of EJ is him wishing her well. Sami can't even remember the last thing they talked about. Nicole tells her that all that matters is she loved him and he knew that. Nicole assures her that EJ was completely happy because of her and the kids.

Kate doesn't think Jordan should come between Clyde and Ben. Clyde says she has her reasons as he wasn't a great dad. Kate asks if she's going to back off now. Clyde responds that he thinks Jordan has seen the light.

Jordan apologizes to Chad for being a mess. Chad says she's been great to him and he wants to return the favor. He asks if she wants to talk about it. Jordan thinks back to arguing with Clyde and says she can't talk about it.

Abigail apologizes as she thought Ben knew. Ben questions Jordan going out with Chad and thinks Chad is doing this to get back at him. Abigail doesn't think so but Ben declares he won't let Chad hurt her and storms out of the club.

Paige checks the Pub but no one saw Jill while JJ and Rory catch up with her and say no one at the town square did either. Rory asks about having a photo of Jill. Paige says she'll go home and check her computer while Rory and JJ keep looking. Paige says they will find her as they go their separate ways.

Chad tells Jordan that they don't have to talk and can just sit there. Chad jokes with her to cheer her up. Chad tells her that things will get better. Jordan would like to believe that. Ben approaches and asks what's going on here.

Sonny asks Will if he thinks he's boring. Will says it came out wrong. Sonny asks if he thinks their life is boring which he is happy with. Will asks about Sonny's dreams. Sonny says they became reality when he married the love of his life, he has a family, and his club is up and running. Will doesn't think those were his dreams. Sonny says he did all the adventures. Will says he didn't do any of that. Sonny says he will still support his dreams as long as they don't cloud his judgment. Will questions if he's normally such a screw up.

Nicole and Sami joke about them drinking together and getting along. They think back to their various fights over the years. They jokingly argue about who started each of their fights and think back to more flashbacks of their past fights. They laugh together. Sami tells Nicole about Hollywood people coming to see her and they toast to that.

JJ and Rory talk in the town square about not finding Jill. Rory can't believe JJ didn't save those photos. JJ didn't think they would ever see her again. JJ says he needs to talk to Paige about something. Rory questions him wanting to give up.

Eve questions Jill not getting out of town. Jill says she tried but Rory saw her. Eve worries about Paige finding out that she hired her. Eve sends Jill to hide while Paige comes home. Paige informs Eve that Rory saw Jill. Paige notices her cell phone on the table and asks if someone else is there. Eve claims it's hers. Paige says she's getting the pictures of Jill from her hard drive backup. Paige says she wants to get the whole story. Eve questions looking for her. Paige admits she could be anywhere and wishes she could get the police involved. Paige swears JJ did not take the drug on purpose and wasn't cheating on her. Eve remarks that she'd have to rethink JJ. Paige exits, leaving Eve frustrated.

Kate and Clyde go to the Pub. Kate gets a call from Victor and says that's great. She thanks him and says she'll tell Sami then hangs up. Kate asks Clyde for a rain check. Clyde agrees if they can trade it for dinner. Kate agrees and exits.

Will remarks about Sonny keeping him in line. Sonny praises his work but Will argues that he has no idea how much his work means to him. Will says he loves what he does and is willing to push the boundaries to make that happen. Will says if Sami needs him to spend the night he will. Will adds that he will text him and walks out. Sonny calls out to him not to leave like this.

Sami shows Nicole the opportunity from Hollywood. Nicole calls it great and thinks it would be fun. Sami worries about it and having to move to California. Nicole thinks Sami should do it and brings up the DiMera Mansion. Sami admits it's drenched in memories but also stinks of Stefano. Sami adds that Stefano would come after the kids. Nicole tells her to take the kids as far away from Stefano as she can. Sami brings up kids being mean to Johnny at camp for being a DiMera. Sami doesn't want Johnny to grow up with that. Nicole asks her what's holding her back then and tells her to go to California. Sami says there's timing and business that she has to be there for. Sami brings up the situation that she's in and how she's working it out. Sami gets a call from Kate and asks what the word is. Kate tells Sami that Victor worked his magic and she's in the clear with the SCC. Sami excitedly thanks her. Kate asks if she's been drinking. Sami admits she has a little and blames Nicole. Kate asks if she should call security. Sami says Nicole actually gave her some excellent advice tonight.

Eve tells Jill to leave town no matter what and not go to the town square. Eve tells her a different route to go to catch the bus. Jill apologizes. Eve gives her a hat and sunglasses to make sure she's not recognized and then sends her away.

JJ explains to Rory that he was just about to tell Paige about Jack sexually assaulting someone. Rory questions why he would bring that up, why it's more important than Jill and what it has to do with anything. JJ says he wouldn't understand. Paige comes back and hides around the corner to listen. Rory suggests JJ may be giving up on purpose because he's afraid of what Jill may really say. JJ declares he's done and walks off.

Abigail joins Ben's side. Ben questions what Chad did to upset Jordan. Jordan stops him and says he didn't do anything. Ben asks if this is Chad's idea of a date. Jordan questions Abigail telling him. Abigail thought he knew. Ben tells Chad that Jordan is saying no and wants Jordan to tell Chad that there's no chance she'll ever go out with him.

Sami calls Bruce from Hollywood and invites him over. They joke over who could play Nicole in the movie. Sami adds that they want her to go tomorrow which surprises Nicole. Sami says they want her to come to a big event. Nicole questions her leaving with the kids tomorrow. Sami thought she said it was a good idea. Nicole calls it so sudden. Nicole adds that she has no right to ask but she begs to see Sydney before she goes.

Jordan says she is not doing this right now. Chad says it's not Ben's business. Ben argues that he's protecting his family. Jordan and Abigail keep them apart. Jordan wants to speak to Ben alone. Chad apologizes for causing her any trouble. Ben tells Abigail he will see her at the club. Chad and Abigail exit together. Jordan tells Ben that she doesn't deserve his protection. Chad accuses Abigail of telling Ben on purpose to send him after them. Chad feels she can't stand that he's interested in someone besides her.

Nicole promises not to say anything to Sydney about the move as she just wants to see her one last time. Sami agrees and they hug. Will walks in and asks if he should leave them alone. They laugh and Sami tells Will to stay as she needs to talk to him about something. Nicole says she won't interrupt if she's in her meeting when she's done. Sami thanks her for everything. Nicole jokes with her and heads upstairs. Will says he had so many questions before but now doesn't know where to start. Sami gives him the papers from Hollywood and tells him he can start by reading that.

Nicole visits Sydney in her bedroom and says goodbye. Nicole goes to leave but Sydney wakes up.

Abigail tells Chad to get his ego in check because she doesn't give a damn about him or his love life. Abigail tells him to go for it if Jordan will have him but warns him not to hurt her. Chad says he won't. Abigail argues that he's a DiMera so hurting people comes naturally to him. Chad responds that he's a DiMera and they always get what they want. Chad then walks away.

Ben asks why he wouldn't protect Jordan and what Chad did to her. Jordan says it was Clyde. Ben asks what Clyde said to her. Clyde appears in the gateway behind them.

Jill walks through the park and feels her disguise was a dead giveaway and too suspicious so she throws away the hat and sunglasses. Paige then walks through and catches her.

JJ shows up at Eve's looking for Paige. Eve trips with a box and falls down. JJ checks to see if she's okay.

Sydney tells Nicole that she misses EJ. Nicole assures her how much EJ loved her. Nicole adds that Sami, Johnny, and Allie will take care of her because they love her very much. Sydney asks if she loves her too. Nicole says she will always be a part of her heart and tells her to never forget that. Sydney asks Nicole to stay. Nicole agrees to stay until she falls asleep. Nicole sits down to read her a story.

Will questions Sami seriously considering this and asks about the SCC. Sami asks how he knew. Sami realizes that he's the one who went to Victor. Will hopes he didn't make things worse. Sami says he rescued her as Kate just called and said the whole mess will go away. Sami thanks him. The doorbell rings so Sami tells Will to stay and meet Bruce. Sami rushes to answer the door and Bruce enters. Bruce says they are all so excited about this project. Sami invites him in to the living room. Sami introduces Bruce to Will. Bruce mentions that they were just reading Will's article and praises him for it. Bruce adds that they really want him on board. Will asks what that means. Sami thinks she knows. Bruce says they were just working on an offer. He invites Will to come to Hollywood with his family. Sami excitedly hugs Will.

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