Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/23/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/23/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ has a nightmare of Paige questioning him about Jack raping Kayla.

Paige sits at the club and spills her coffee. Mary Beth arrives and asks what's wrong. Paige tells her nothing has been right since that party with Jill.

Jill shows up at Eve's. Eve thought she left town. Jill says she's back and they need to have a talk.

Sami talks about a Hollywood dream. Kate tells Sami that they need to focus on getting out of what she's done. Chad enters and says they need to have a talk. Kate calls it a personal matter but Chad wants to know what's going on and suggests he could help.

Rafe goes to the Pub and greets Nicole. Rafe says he wanted to check on her after what happened with EJ. Nicole says EJ made her life a living hell but she feels so bad.

Jordan asks Clyde about Ben finding out what kind of man Clyde really is. Clyde asks how Ben would feel if he found out that Jordan killed their mother. Jordan calls him a bastard and says she would never hurt her mother.

JJ goes downstairs, grabs his bag and exits.

Mary Beth asks why Paige is still thinking about Jill. Paige tells her about running in to Rory last night. Mary Beth encourages her not to trust Rory. Paige feels things haven't been the same since that night. Paige asks if she's not telling her something or if she knows more about that night. Mary Beth claims she never saw Jill before. Paige questions her about nothing being wrong with her arm that night. Mary Beth thought she was over everything from that night. She adds that Paige must believe JJ since she got birth control. She asks why Paige is upset about it all over again.

Eve questions what Jill is doing back in town. Jill says her cousin kicked her out so she needs money. Eve asks if she's going to blackmail her. Jill says money is the only way to keep Paige from finding out what Eve did.

Kate appreciates Chad wanting to help but thinks they should figure it out on their own. Sami agrees. Chad says his brother is dead, his nieces & nephew are suffering and worries about Sami going to prison. Chad gets a call from Stefano and asks if he's okay. Stefano asks how he could be okay. Stefano says no matter what he did to him, his son is dead. Stefano asks what's going on with Sami and Kate. Chad tells him to hold on. Kate asks if it's really Stefano. Chad asks if they want him to ask Stefano if he can help with their problem.

Paige tells Mary Beth that she can't talk to her about this as it's private. Mary Beth argues that they are best friends. Paige complains that JJ is not interested and it started after the party. Paige says nothing has been the same with them since.

JJ catches up with Rory in the park and tells him he never went after Jill. Rory complains about the pictures and tells him that Paige won't be buying his story about being drugged. Rory mentions that he told Paige that he wouldn't put it past JJ to cheat on her.

Eve tells Jill that she paid her and their deal is done. Jill says it's done when she says so. Jill threatens to tell Paige that JJ wasn't sneaking around and didn't come on to her and that it was all set up by Eve. Eve warns Jill that she used to be her.

Jordan accuses Clyde of making up a big lie. Clyde swears to tell Ben the truth. Jordan argues that she didn't kill her. Clyde says Ben was too young at the time but he saw the car crash. Jordan argues that it was an accident and she would never kill her mom.

Nicole tells Rafe that she and EJ sort of buried the hatchet the last time they saw each other. Rafe can't say he ever made peace with EJ and still hated him. Nicole asks if that made it harder to investigate his murder. Rafe says it was cut and dry. Nicole asks if EJ was really killed by a junkie. Rafe says it looks like a mugging got out of hand. Rafe always felt EJ would die like a DiMera. Nicole calls it crazy and Rafe agrees.

Sami questions Chad blackmailing her. Chad says he's trying to do the best for everyone. Kate warns that he's making a big mistake if he's including Stefano. Chad says he can't keep him waiting and goes back to the phone. Stefano asks about the children. Chad tells him that Johnny and Sydney are handling themselves like true DiMeras. Stefano suggests arranging a video chat with him and them. Chad says he'll see what he can do and then tells Stefano that something is going on with Sami that he should know about.

Clyde says Jordan can keep telling herself she had nothing to do with the accident. Jordan argues that she couldn't have. Clyde asks what she's told Ben all these years. Jordan insists she would never while Clyde continues accusing her. Clyde says she's lucky that he's the one that found her and came up with a story to fix things. Clyde adds that Jordan was too young to drive at the time. Jordan says her mom begged her to drive that day. Clyde says he's kept her secret all these years. Clyde tells her that he's not the bad guy because he's been protecting her. She accuses him of using it all to blackmail her and make her do things. Clyde argues that he never made her do things that she didn't want to do. Jordan tries to slap him but he catches her arm.

Nicole and Rafe worry about the kids. Nicole mentions talking to Chad. Rafe suggests Nicole go see the kids.

Stefano asks Chad if he's still there. Chad says he is. Stefano asks what's happening with Sami. Sami stops Chad and agrees to tell him everything. Chad tells Stefano that he's cutting out. Chad tells him that Sami has just pulled herself together with EJ gone so she won't be a pushover. Stefano states that he can handle Sami and asks if there's any other news. Chad says no but he'll keep him up to speed. Stefano tells Chad to tell Kate about him buying shares and how the last tip should cost Kate a lot. Stefano wants this deal to put another nail in her coffin. Chad tells him that he'll take care of it and hangs up. Sami calls Chad such a DiMera and a son of a bitch.

JJ questions Rory about what Paige said. Rory says Paige stood up for him but he could tell something was bothering her. JJ says they are fine but Rory is unsure as JJ looks like something is bugging him too. Rory warns JJ to be careful or Paige might move on.

Mary Beth suggests to Paige that maybe JJ did do something with Jill or maybe there's someone else. They wonder aloud what could be wrong. Mary Beth suggests maybe JJ got an STD and doesn't want to give it to her. Paige decides they are done. Mary Beth tells her JJ is the one driving her up the wall, not her.

Eve tells Jill that she got smart and got out of her profession. Jill says they helped each other out. Eve says she never agreed to her using drugs on JJ. Eve says if she says anything to Paige then she'll say she was shocked that Jill used drugs on JJ. Eve says Paige will understand that she was just looking out for her while Jill would go to jail for drugging JJ. Eve teases calling Abe. Jill accuses her of bluffing but Eve makes the call and asks for Abe.

Rafe asks why Nicole doesn't go see the kids. Nicole says Sami doesn't want her anywhere near her kids. Rafe thinks she could make them feel better. Rafe argues that Sami knows how well Nicole took care of the kids. Nicole agrees to consider going over there. Rafe encourages her and asks how everything else is going for her. Nicole doesn't answer so Rafe figures it's not good.

JJ tells Rory that all he needs to know is that he loves Paige. Rory tells him he better go talk to her then and walks off. JJ agrees that he has to tell Paige everything. He pulls out his phone and calls Paige. JJ asks her to come over. Paige asks why when he didn't want her there last night. JJ says it's important as he needs to explain last night.

Eve gets put on hold. Jill stops her and asks for $500. Eve questions paying her after she blackmailed her. Jill apologizes and says she's down to her last $20. Eve wants her word that she will get out of town and threatens to call Abe if she sees her again. Jill agrees. Eve says that's more like it and agrees to get her the money. Eve warns Jill to never play a player again. Eve goes to get the money.

Jordan pulls away from Clyde. Clyde warns her to get her facts straight and stop trying to rewrite history. Clyde questions her changing her name from Tammy Sue to Jordan. Jordan insists that she did not kill her mother. Clyde brings up them fighting before the accident. Jordan says they were fighting over her wanting her mom away from Clyde. Clyde accuses her of driving her mom into a pole while Jordan insists it was an accident.

Sami questions Chad blackmailing her with Stefano. Chad argues that she left him no choice. Chad asks what's going on or if he has to call Stefano back. Sami questions how she knows Chad won't just tell Stefano anyways. Chad tells her that she has to trust him. Kate assures that she can. Chad asks Sami to tell him what kind of trouble she's in.

Eve goes to the hospital and drops off documents for her surgery. Kayla approaches and talks about hearing she was back in town. Eve mentions her surgery and calls her singing her life dream. Kayla wishes her luck. Kayla mentions really getting to know Paige.

Rafe asks Nicole if she wants to talk. Nicole says she's made her own bed and lying in it. She declares she lost Nicole forever and it's her own fault. Rafe knows the feeling with Jordan and says he screwed that up forever. They joke about what's wrong with them and plan to hang out at the club. They mention missing each other. Rafe brings up Nicole visiting the kids again. Nicole says that she will. Rafe says goodbye and exits.

Sami goes over her situation with Chad. Chad asks how she wants to deal with it. Sami says Lucas and Victor are looking in to it. Chad questions Victor. Kate says he offered to help. Chad adds that he might be able to help too as he's a major shareholder in DiMera Enterprises so Victor could use that to his advantage. Sami questions him doing that for her and says he can be a good guy. Kate decides to go get coffee. Chad tells Sami to try not to worry as he exits with Kate. Sami says thank you to EJ.

Jordan asks Clyde if he has any idea what it was like for him to come home drunk and hit them. Clyde says he made mistakes. Jordan complains about cracked ribs, black eyes, and concussions. Clyde says that's why he stopped drinking. Jordan says he only stopped because they left as she had to get Ben away from him. Clyde shouts that she ran because she's guilty.

Jill walks through the park. Rory rushes by and can't believe it's her so he follows.

Eve tells Kayla that Paige hasn't told her about it. Kayla is surprised. Eve says they have both been busy. Kayla tells Eve to be proud of Paige. Eve mentions Paige being accepted to Stamford but she got distracted. Kayla asks if it's JJ. Eve says JJ is one of her reasons. Kayla comments that they seem crazy about each other. Eve questions if Kayla is encouraging that relationship.

Paige goes to see JJ. JJ invites her so they go to the living room and sit. JJ knows he acted really weird last night. JJ gets that she's mad. Paige doesn't want to keep asking him what's wrong. Paige asks if she's missing something that happened between them. She wants him to tell her what it is.

Jordan argues that she didn't do anything wrong. Clyde accuses her of taking his son away from him. Clyde warns that if she doesn't stop trying to come between he and Ben then he will tell the world all of what she did. Clyde tells her to start using her head. Jordan brings up him wanting her to do whatever he says. Clyde states that she has a lot more than her mom's blood on her hands as he walks away.

Chad and Kate walk through the town square after meeting with Victor. Chad asks how it went. Kate thinks Victor thinks he will be helpful. Chad asks what she's thinking about now. Kate asks if he's going to stop playing games with using Stefano. Clyde approaches and greets Kate. She notes he's in a good mood. Clyde feels things are going his way.

Sami sits with Sydney as she shows her a drawing of their family. There's a knock at the door so Sami takes Sydney to go see who it is. Sami opens the door to see Nicole. Sydney excitedly hugs her and refers to as mommy Nicole.

Rory chases after Jill past the Pub and wonders why she's running as he loses her.

Kayla tells Eve that JJ is a good person who went through a tough time so they are lucky to have found each other. Eve can't believe her and brings up JJ's record. Kayla argues that he can turn in to a good person. Eve argues that Paige will figure out that JJ is not the right guy for her. Eve mentions seeing a lot of Jack in JJ. Eve brings up Kayla knowing better than anybody what Jack was like. Eve then exits.

JJ tells Paige that today is not going to be like last night as something did happen and she has a right to know what it is.

Chad tells Kate that he will see her back at the house and walks away. Kate asks Clyde why he's so chipper. Clyde tells her that it feels so good to finally set things straight.

Jordan remains outside the town square crying. Chad approaches and hugs her.

Sydney shows Nicole her drawing. Nicole wishes EJ could see it. Sydney mentions Sami saying EJ can see them all the time. Nicole agrees and encourages her to talk to Sami about how much EJ loves her. Sydney points out that she drew Nicole with everyone else. Nicole calls it beautiful. Sami sends Sydney to put it in an envelope since she wanted to send it to EJ in Heaven. Nicole apologizes for not calling first. Sami tells her that it's okay but Nicole says it's not and she's so sorry. Sami cries and hugs Nicole.

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