Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/22/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/22/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa goes to Eve's. Eve tells her about Kristen's accusations. Kristen listens in from her room. Eve warns Theresa that Kristen is on to her. Theresa asks if she really knows. Kristen wants her to just say it. A knock at Kristen's door, she thinks is room service but it's Brady which surprises her.

John is brought back to his hospital room where Marlena joins him. Marlena wants to know how he's really doing. John responds that will depend on her.

Ben walks through the town square and runs in to Clyde. Ben tells him he will get in touch when he's decided. Clyde replies that he's decided for him that he's not giving him a single dime.

Jordan goes to Sonny and Will's to talk to Abigail. Jordan says she wants to talk to her about Chad.

Chad walks by the Pub and sees Kate inside so he enters. Kate is on the phone talking about Sami being in serious trouble. Kate hangs up as Chad joins her and asks what kind of trouble Sami is in now.

Sami comes downstairs and in to the living room where a woman and two men in suits are waiting. One of the men introduces himself as Bruce and says they are so sorry while the woman with them adds that this matter could not wait.

Brady asks Kristen if it's a bad time. She says it's not but Brady feels it is and asks what she was listening to.

Ben complains that Clyde was playing him. Clyde says he realized there's something else he could give him besides cash and that's an education.

Abigail is glad as she wants to talk about Chad too. She says losing EJ is hurting him bad and asks what he did now. Jordan informs Abigail that Chad asked her out. Abigail is surprised and says EJ's murder must not be hitting him as hard as she thought. Jordan clarifies it was before EJ's death. Jordan says Abigail is her best friend so she wanted to talk to her first. Abigail questions Jordan considering it and if she's just given up on Rafe.

Theresa asks Eve if she really thinks Kristen knows what happened that night.

Kristen claims she was just helping Stefano finish some business. Kristen asks what brings Brady by. Brady responds that he needed to see her. Kristen brings up her saying she needed to see him once more.

The suits reveal that they are interested in Will because of his article. Sami panics and exits the room to make a call.

Kate questions Chad listening in on other peoples' conversations and mocks him reporting to Stefano. Sami calls Kate saying the feds have come to take her away and she needs her help.

Marlena says it's not dependent on her but on them because a lot has happened. John knows they haven't had a lot of alone time but that's all going to change. John declares they need to talk about them and their future.

Ben questions Clyde. Clyde says instead of giving him cash, he can give him a college education. Ben doesn't understand. Clyde explains that accepting doesn't mean he forgives him but he can take his savings and get a place to live while he takes care of his education. Clyde hopes Ben takes him up on this and lets him make up for the past by giving him a future.

Jordan tells Abigail that she didn't know if she could get over Rafe but talking to Chad felt so natural. Abigail asks if she's told Ben. Jordan asks about needing his approval too. Abigail talks about Ben and Chad not hitting it off so she might want to tell him before he finds out another way. Jordan agrees. Jordan asks if Abigail is okay with it. Abigail says she has nothing to say about it. Jordan questions her. Abigail tells her that Chad is not exactly Rafe as he's a really complicated guy who is a lot more like EJ than people realize. She states that he's a DiMera. Jordan points out that it's just one dinner.

Kate tells Sami that she will call her attorney to handle it. Sami wonders what EJ would do. Kate tells her to think about the kids and stay strong until she gets there. Sami hangs up and heads back inside. They want to get started but Sami wants to wait for her attorney.

Chad notes that didn't sound very good but Kate tells him that everything's fine and there's nothing to worry about. Chad thought they had an agreement and they trusted each other. Kate says they do and then exits.

Eve tells Theresa that she's not thrilled with the company she keeps and that she let Kristen barge in to her home. Theresa asks if she told her anything. Theresa gets a text from Anne that they need to meet. Eve tells her that she didn't and just thought she'd want to know so she can handle it. Eve declares that she doesn't want Kristen in her life as she has way too much going on. Eve mentions her photos. Theresa mocks her concern. Eve warns her about Kristen and the DiMeras.

Brady tells Kristen that she has it all wrong as he's not there simply because of her. She asks why else. Brady says with everything going on in their lives, he hadn't done something he meant to do since John woke up. Brady says he wants to pay her back for the cost of the drug because it saved John's life. Kristen asks how dare he insult her like that.

Bruce says they don't have much time but Sami demands her attorney. The woman talks about complicating things. Sami accuses them of trying to take advantage of a widow. Kate enters on the phone with an attorney. Harold apologizes to Kate about not being able to stop the visitors. He shows Kate their card which confuses her. Kate enters and stops Sami. Bruce says they wanted to talk to Kate too. Kate stops Sami and shows her their card. Sami asks if they are kidding her.

Abigail confronts Chad in the town square and asks what he's up to with Jordan. Chad asks why that's her business. Abigail accuses him of trying to use Jordan against her or Ben and says it won't work.

Jordan goes to the club to see Ben. They talk about wanting to talk to each other. Ben says he wanted to talk about Clyde as they talked about taking money from him. Jordan hopes he didn't. Ben informs her that Clyde wants to pay for him to go to college. Jordan worries that Clyde wants to buy him.

Theresa tells Eve that she's not taking this lightly. Eve tells her that Kristen blamed Theresa for Brady's drinking and drugs. Theresa complains about it. Eve tells her to yell at Kristen not her. Theresa asks what else was said. Eve says that Theresa tricked Brady into marriage and that she thinks there's more to the story of the night of John and Brady's fight. Theresa argues that she has nothing on her. Theresa says the only opinion that matters is John's and he sided with her. Theresa questions if Eve said anything. Eve warns her to be worried about Kristen. Theresa hopes that she didn't give Kristen an idea that something else happened that night. Eve asks why she would do that. Eve says she doesn't even know anything.

Kristen tells Brady that she doesn't need his money. She thinks he's trying to use this as a way to distance himself from her again. Brady wanted it to be personal. Kristen argues that she is not his enemy. Kristen says she's doing everything she can to make up for her mistakes and that's why if she saved John, that it would prove how much she still loves Brady. Kristen suggests maybe they could have a shot at a new beginning.

Ben assures Jordan that he doesn't think there's strings attached and that he thinks Clyde was being sincere. Jordan doesn't believe it and asks if Ben really does. Ben doesn't think Clyde is lying to him but he knows he can't keep living with so much hate. Jordan questions if Ben is really going to forgive him after everything he put them through.

John tells Marlena that they never really talked about where they were before the accident. John asks what's going on here. Marlena talks about thinking she might lose him and how it made her understand that she needed him in her life. John holds her hand as she gets tears in her eyes.

Theresa thanks Eve for filling her in. Eve tells her it better never happen again. Theresa can't figure out why it happened in the first place. Theresa asks if anything else happened. Eve says that's it. Theresa says she has to go check in with Anne and tells Eve to call if Kristen comes back. Theresa exits.

Brady admits he almost believes Kristen which scares him because that ship sailed long ago. Kristen argues it hasn't. Brady says he gave her two chances but her lies made him done with her. Brady tells Kristen that he's moved on and is continuing to so she should too. Brady then exits. Kristen shouts that he's not going to build a new life with Theresa.

The suits reveal they are from Universal Studios in Hollywood and they were fascinated by Will's article. Kate asks why they are there. Bruce announces they want to be in the Sami Brady DiMera business.

Theresa goes to see Anne at the hospital, who talks about Kristen coming to see her about a scholarship in EJ's name. Theresa wants to go somewhere private and talk now so they rush to a room.

Chad tells Abigail that he didn't know Jordan was Ben's sister or that she knew Abigail until after they spent time together. Chad questions if Abigail thought he was trying to make her jealous. Abigail says it wouldn't be off after he faked a brain tumor. Chad brings up Abigail sleeping with EJ. Chad says it's sick that she went there. Chad asks about Ben knowing. Abigail says Jordan will tell him. Chad notes that she hasn't agreed yet so maybe she'll make her day and turn him down. Chad then walks away.

Ben hates upsetting Jordan. He says he's not talking about forgiveness but getting a break. Jordan tells him that whatever he decides, he's going to have to live with. Ben stops her and asks what she was going to tell him but Jordan says it doesn't matter anymore and storms out, leaving Ben frustrated.

Marlena says it's nice to think about their future again. John responds that it's nice to have a future. Marlena brings up John talking about what happened that night and how it seemed so out of character. Brady enters and apologizes if he's interrupting.

Kate questions what they mean. They want to do a movie or a mini-series and bring up possible ideas. Sami calls it so much to take in. Bruce says she'll have to think it over carefully if she wants to make the leap as she would have to move to Los Angeles. Kate questions them coming so soon after EJ's death. They explain being captivated by the story. They understand Sami is overwhelming and leave their information and proposal. They hope to be working together soon and then exit. Sami looks over the papers. Kate tells her to snap out of it.

Jordan walks out of the town square and meets Clyde. Clyde was surprised to get a text from her but knows what it's about. She questions if he thinks she'll let him get away with all of this. He warns her to watch her tone.

John tells Brady that he's not interrupting. Brady says it's good to see them together. Brady asks John if he would mind if he brought Theresa around since he wanted to get to know her better and they are seeing each other again casually. John tells him they can talk about it later. Marlena asks if Brady has seen Kristen. Brady admits he just saw her now.

Kristen complains about not finding anything out from Eve with Theresa. Kristen suggests maybe Eve talks to herself so she listens back in.

Eve gets a call from the doctor. She says she will sign the papers and drop them off. She goes to grab a pen and knocks over the lamp, smashing Kristen's listening device. Kristen moves over to listening in on Anne's room.

Theresa brings Anne to the park and wants to know everything Kristen said. Anne explains Kristen noticing her hard work. Theresa thinks it's just because they talk. Anne talks about running the scholarship in EJ's name. Theresa questions her buying that. Theresa asks what she told Kristen.

Abigail goes to the club and talks to Ben about babysitting Arianna. She asks if he's okay then realizes he saw Jordan. Ben says it was another argument. Abigail says she had a feeling he wouldn't be happy about that which confuses Ben.

Jordan tells Clyde that she can use any tone she wants as she's not afraid of him anymore. Jordan questions what his game is and trying to buy Ben. Jordan asks about Ben finding out what kind of man he really is. Clyde asks how Ben would feel if he found out that Jordan killed their mother.

Kate tells Sami that they need to focus on getting out of what she's done. Chad enters and says they need to have a talk.

Brady mentions trying to pay Kristen back. A nurse tells Marlena that one of her patients needs her. John says he'll see her around as Marlena exits. Brady notes they seem good. John thinks they are going to be. Brady assures John that he has no intention of seeing Kristen again and thinks she might head out of town with EJ dead. Brady gets a call and steps out. John states that Kristen is the bigger threat so he'll deal with her first then worry about Theresa.

Anne questions Theresa. Theresa complains that Kristen was just trying to get to her. Anne reminds her that John backs her story. Theresa says she never said what happened. Anne tells her that all her body language and worrying gave her away but as long as John doesn't remember anything then she's alright. Theresa tells Anne that John does remember and he knows that it was her, not Brady, who hit him with the poker but for some reason he's just not telling anyone. Kristen hears it from the listening device that she put in Anne's purse. Kristen remarks to herself that John won't have to tell anyone because Theresa just did.

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