Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/21/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/21/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve sits at home until Kristen arrives and introduces herself. Eve says she knows who she is and asks why she's there. Kristen thought they should get to know each other better.

Theresa goes to the hospital and tells Anne that she and Brady are back together since they slept together. Anne informs Theresa that Brady is in with John. Theresa worries but Anne calms her down and walks away. Theresa wonders if John will keep the truth from Brady. Brady comes out and Theresa asks how John is and if there's anything new.

Clyde goes to the club and greets Ben. Ben thanks him for coming. Clyde calls it the first time Ben asked to see him. Ben says he's been thinking a lot about Clyde offering to help him out. Clyde says he's happy to help if he lets him. Ben decides maybe it's time they talk.

Abigail goes to Sonny's to watch Arianna. Sonny asks how she's doing since EJ's death. Abigail says she's fine and asks about Will. Sonny says he hasn't seen him much lately and they wonder where he is now.

Will goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to meet with Victor. Will says Victor told him if he ever needed anything, he could come to him. Victor asks if Will is in some kind of trouble. Will responds no but Sami is.

Sami has a nightmare about being arrested. She wakes up on the couch in the living room where Kate is. Kate asks if she's okay. Sami says she's not. Sami stresses that she can't go to prison. Kate doesn't think Sami will be able to avoid it.

Chad walks through the town square and runs across T. T tells him he's sorry about EJ. T recalls EJ and Sami helping out at the club on New Year's Eve and how he saw a different side of EJ as a pretty nice guy.

Brady tells Theresa that John's doing great. Theresa asks if he remembered anymore about the night he was hurt. Brady says no but he had a lot to say about her. Theresa asks what he said. Brady decides they should go somewhere else to talk about it.

Eve questions why Kristen came over. Kristen tells Eve that she knows what Theresa did to Brady and won't let it stand.

Chad tells T that he thought he saw that side of EJ at times too. T understands EJ was a complicated guy. T brings up everything being more complicated for everyone now. Chad asks about Abigail. T says he doesn't know how she's doing but mentions that she went to babysit Arianna. T walks off.

Sonny says EJ's death must have hit Abigail pretty hard. Abigail recalls being so angry at EJ and blaming him even though it was both of them as she didn't want to ruin things with Ben. Abigail wishes she could've been better to EJ the last time she saw him instead of telling him to get out of her life. Sonny encourages her. She regrets saying horrible things to EJ that she didn't mean. Abigail adds that she'll never get the chance to apologize or take it back and she'll have to live with that.

Clyde tells Ben that he wants to help him however he can. Clyde talks about his work making him money. Clyde brings up Ben working in their hometown but Ben quickly declines. Clyde figures Ben's heart is in Salem with Abigail.

Victor questions Sami being in trouble and needing his help. Will explains that no one knows he's there. Victor asks what they've gotten in to now that they need his help. Will informs him that he doesn't know the specifics but overheard them talking. Will declares that Sami is going to prison unless someone can pull off a miracle.

Kate tells Sami that she and Lucas are doing everything they can to keep her out of prison but she's no help. Kate brings up the charges against her. Kate insists that they are going to fix this. Sami questions her caring. Kate declares that the kids already lost their father so they are not going to lose their mother too.

Ben tells Clyde that he would rather not leave Salem for a job but he's not ready to take a handout from him either. Clyde considers it a good first step and understands it doesn't mean Ben forgives him. Clyde feels he owes him. Ben says he would never ask if he had another choice. Ben talks about almost saving up enough for school while his place is not the best. Clyde wants to make things right if he lets him. Clyde agrees to keep it quiet but Ben says he wouldn't be able to keep it from Jordan. Clyde warns that he knows what she'll say. Clyde says he'll give him more time to think about this but if he wants his help, it's there. Clyde exits.

Abigail talks about her and Will not getting along lately but she is so sorry for what he and Sami's family are going through. Sonny agrees to tell him when he sees him. Abigail asks if they are okay. Sonny says everything is just stressful. Abigail hopes Will will take time off work. Sonny is pretty sure Will won't write the article on Chad now. Abigail tells Sonny to go track down Will to try and take a break and do something fun while she watches Arianna. Sonny agrees that it sounds like a great idea.

Victor questions why Sami would go to prison. Will explains it's a business issue for DiMera Enterprises. Will knows Victor hates Stefano and doesn't want to start a war. Victor says he'll do anything to help but if he can't help, he'll be honest with him and this will end here. Victor wants to know exactly what Will overheard.

Sami and Kate search through folders while Kate complains about Sami being sloppy with one of the deals. Sami rants about just wanting revenge and to make EJ pay while now she's the one paying. Sami cries about losing everything as Kate hugs her. Sami questions why Kate is helping her.

Theresa and Brady go to the Pub. She asks what John said about her. Brady tells her that John wanted to get to know her better. Theresa says if it's what Brady wants. Brady doesn't know what he wants. She asks if he's sorry they made love last night. Brady says no as they have been great but thinks they need to be careful. Brady tells her that he loves being with her but he wants to make sure they are doing the right thing. Theresa asks if this is about them or Kristen.

Eve asks what exactly Theresa did to Brady. Kristen accuses Theresa of enabling Brady. Eve blames Kristen. Kristen says she's not responsible for almost killing a man. Kristen talks about John finding out about Theresa and Brady getting married which led to the fight. Eve argues that she can't blame Theresa for that. Kristen thinks they know the story is much greater than claimed. Eve's phone rings and she answers. Kristen sneaks a bugging device in to a flower pot as Eve hangs up. Eve wants Kristen to go and threatens to call the cops to have her thrown out. Kristen says she won't let it go as she exits. Kristen says to herself that hopefully now the walls will talk as she looks at her listening device.

T and Ben talk at the club as Ben is looking at houses. Ben says he's just dreaming.

Abigail holds Arianna and mentions receiving a letter from Gabi. Abigail can't imagine being away from her. There's a knock at the door and Chad arrives.

Will finishes informing Victor of what he knows. Victor says he did the right thing by coming to him. Victor wants him to forget this conversation and never repeat a word of it. Will asks if this means he'll be able to help Sami. Victor promises to do the best he can. Will thanks him and doesn't know if he can ever make it up to him. Victor jokes about never writing an article on him. Will declares he's never writing about his family again.

Kate tells Sami that they threw their lots together so they are partners. Kate says after everything, they are family. They joke with one another about their partnership.

Sonny finds Will outside the town square and hopes he didn't pull him away from something important. Will asks why he wanted to meet out here. Sonny says Abigail has Arianna and he didn't want to be distracted at the club. Sonny wants to focus on Will and kisses him. Sonny asks if everything is okay. Will says he's just been really overwhelmed lately. Sonny asks if that's why he ran out earlier this morning. Will apologizes and says he's had so much to take care of for Sami. Sonny reminds Will that he's there for him. Will thanks him. Sonny mentions Abigail worrying about him too. Will asks about her. Sonny says she has a lot of regrets over things she said to EJ and Will as well. Sonny adds that Abigail offered to stay longer so they could go on a date. Will wishes he could but he's behind on his article on Chad. Sonny questions Will still writing the article after everything that happened.

Chad claims he came to see Will but Abigail tells him they are out so she's babysitting. Chad asks her to let them know he came by but she invites him in. Abigail says she's glad to see him and asks how he's doing. Chad claims he's fine. Abigail knows Chad was angry with her and EJ but she knew they were close and EJ cared about him. Chad doesn't want to talk about it. Abigail tells Chad that he doesn't have to pretend not to be sad. Abigail has Chad hold Arianna and they sit together as Ben arrives.

Victor arrives at the DiMera Mansion. Kate questions what he's doing there. Victor says he's sorry about EJ but they don't have time to waste on the fix she's in with the SCC. Sami denies it but Victor says he knows everything. Kate calls it impossible. Sami asks about Lucas. Victor says he didn't find out from Lucas but that's not important. Victor declares he's there to help. Sami asks why when he hates her and anyone named DiMera. Victor says this isn't about her but about Sonny and Will's wedding making her part of his family so if there's anything he can do to keep her out of prison then that's what he'll do. Victor asks Sami to start from the beginning so they can fix this mess that she's gotten into.

Brady admits it is about Kristen as he didn't realize how much she was still in his head until she came back to Salem and then she saved John. Brady wouldn't feel right using Theresa to get over Kristen. Theresa says she doesn't care if that's what it takes. Brady says he couldn't do that. Theresa's phone rings. Brady tells her to take it as he has to get back to John at the hospital. Brady exits. Theresa answers the call from Eve and says she's busy but Eve says they can discuss Kristen another time then. Theresa asks why she wants to discuss Kristen and asks what's going on. Eve informs her that Kristen was just there asking about her.

Kristen sits in her room and orders room service. Anne arrives and tells her that she's sorry for her loss. Anne rambles about EJ then admits she's curious as to why she wanted to see her. Kristen tells her that she has big plans that involve her.

Will talks to Sonny about how someone else would write the article if he didn't. Sonny is tired of that argument. Will insists that he has complete control now. Sonny questions the timing but Will argues that it will now be so much better.

After going over everything, Victor tells Sami and Kate that he's seen worse. Victor warns that Sami almost destroyed her own life. Sami says she won't and can't let it happen. Victor tells Kate that they need to get together and sort things out. Sami asks what she should do. Victor tells her she'd just be a distraction so she should be with the kids and clean up. Victor exits with Kate.

Abigail greets Ben. Chad decides it's time to go. Abigail says she'll let Chad know he came by. Chad thanks her. Abigail goes to change Arianna. Ben asks Chad to hold up. Chad assures Ben that he's no longer interested in Abigail and he's seeing someone else. Ben tells Chad that he's sorry about EJ. They shake hands and Chad exits.

Brady goes to the hospital and asks a nurse about John not being in his room. She tells him that he went to physical therapy early. She comments that she's never seen such a recovery and he must be thrilled the doctors found a drug to help him.

Anne asks Kristen about her plans. Kristen talks about EJ and his legacy living on with the hospital. Kristen wants Anne in charge of a benefit scholarship in EJ's name. Anne makes a call to confirm while Kristen sneaks a bugging device in.

Sonny questions Will. Will explains that Chad was so angry at EJ that he couldn't focus on himself but now maybe he can focus on their old relationship. Sonny questions a murder getting the sales going. Will admits he likes to sell magazine and asks if his career bothers him. Will thinks Sonny is questioning his judgment and integrity. Sonny says everyone's under a lot of pressure so maybe he's overreacting and he apologizes. Sonny tells Will to write the article if Chad wants and he'll make it great. Will thanks him and says he'll be back for Arianna so he can get to work. Sonny apologizes as he wanted to have some alone time and talk instead of fighting. Will tells him it's okay and everything will be fine as he walks away.

Abigail rejoins Ben in the living room and asks if he's okay. Ben assures her that everything is great and they kiss.

Sami comes downstairs and in to the living room where men in suits are waiting.

Theresa goes to Eve's. Eve tells her about Kristen's accusations. Kristen listens in from her room. Eve warns Theresa that Kristen is on to her. Theresa asks if she really knows. Kristen wants her to just say it. A knock at Kristen's door, she thinks is room service but it's Brady which surprises her.

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