Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/20/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/20/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole comes across Chad outside the town square. She mentions not seeing him since he got back and says she's so sorry about EJ. Chad says leave it to EJ to time it this way. Chad tells her that he came back to nail him to the wall then he died on him.

Lucas and Will talk outside about focusing on Sami and the kids.

Sami questions what Kate's talking about. Kate tells her that it's about her going to prison and she doesn't want to get dragged along for that ride. Sami reminds her that EJ was shot to death and calls it irrelevant drama. Kate says she wouldn't come to her if it wasn't serious. Sami says she doesn't have time with this. Kate tells her to make time or she'll be behind bars.

Eric and Eve sit together in the town square. Eve praises his photography and compares it to her singing as a passion.

Daniel goes to Kristen's. She thanks him for coming as she wasn't sure he would.

Jennifer runs in to Maggie at the hospital. Maggie mentions not seeing her much lately. Jennifer says things are hectic after everything with EJ. Maggie asks about Abigail. Jennifer says she's worried for the kids. Maggie comments that Jennifer knows about kids losing their dad. Maggie asks about JJ. Jennifer says Eve hasn't broken him and Paige up. Jennifer mentions JJ wanting to take things slow and that something is bothering him but she doesn't know what it is.

Paige goes in to JJ's room and gets in to his bed. JJ wakes up surprised. JJ stops her and questions what she's doing there. Paige thinks he wanted her to come in and that he was leaving hints. Paige kisses him and mentions the door being open. JJ tries to explain but Paige continues kissing him until he stops her. JJ tells her that she shouldn't have come as he gets out of bed.

Daniel tells Kristen that it's a little soon to be socializing after EJ's death. Kristen asks if he's not going to help her. Daniel says he won't tell Brady what she thinks about Theresa. Kristen knows Daniel wants Theresa nailed to the wall. Daniel says John is sticking to his story. Daniel asks why he's there. Kristen says she has information with Brady's best interests at heart. Daniel points out that they aren't friends. Kristen hopes they could do something about that and offers him a glass of champagne.

Eric tells Eve that he hopes she can get back to her passion. Eve mentions her surgery. Eric says he's happy for her as it's hard to be kept from something you love. Eric adds that her daughter must be really proud of her. Eve says she's tried to be a good role model for Paige. Eve adds that nothing stops her from going after what she wants.

Paige questions what's going on with JJ. She says she's never loved anyone like this which is why she wants him to be her first but now she feels like he doesn't want her. JJ assures her that's not it. She asks what it is. JJ says he just feels like he shouldn't be any girl's first.

Jennifer tells Maggie about JJ growing up a lot so she trusts that he can handle himself and work out whatever is going on. They joke about their kids not needing them as much as they used to. Jennifer says she's had a lot of time to think and realized that she has been dealing with one crisis after another. Jennifer says she has unfinished business that has been ignored for too long. Maggie excitedly asks about it. Jennifer says she will let her know when it's taken care of and then exits. Maggie hopes to herself that it's about Daniel.

Daniel declines the champagne. She calls him no fun. She asks if he'll admit what he feels about Theresa. They talk about trying to get the truth out of Theresa. Kristen reveals she's having Theresa followed and shows Daniel a picture of Theresa at the Pub with Anne and then one with Eve. Kristen wonders if one of them may know the truth.

Nicole asks about Chad and EJ being close then remembers the article. Nicole asks about the kids. Chad says he's heading there now with stuff for the kids to play with. Chad invites Nicole but she says she can't as Sami doesn't need to see her. Chad asks if she's sure but she doesn't want to cause any trouble. Chad asks her about seeing Sydney. Nicole admits she still watches old video of Sydney.

Will talks to Lucas about letting Sami have it about getting back together with EJ and then EJ coming over and being great as he tried to fix things for he and Sami. Will notes that was the last time he saw EJ alive and right before that, he was writing an article about what a rotten guy he was.

Sami asks Kate if she can just fix it or let her deal with it in the future. Kate says she can't do that. Sami argues that she's not going to jail. Kate tells Sami that all the SCC will care about is that she has committed major fraud.

Nicole talks to Chad about conceiving and losing two babies with EJ. Nicole admits part of her will always love him and how it seemed like the war was over the last time they talked. Chad recalls his last conversation with him not being so nice. Chad admits it was complicated. Nicole thinks if she can say that she loved EJ despite everything then he can too. Nicole thinks Chad needs to say it to admit it to himself.

Daniel bets Kristen can get whatever information out of Anne or Eve while he roots from the sidelines. Daniel adds that if she thinks it's the path to getting Brady back, she'll have to come through him.

Paige questions what JJ means. JJ doesn't want to lose her. Paige's phone rings with a call from Eve. JJ wonders if she knows she's there and suggests she answer it. Paige answers. Eve asks if she's still studying. Paige claims she is at the library. Eve asks how long she's going to be. Paige says she was going to stay but changed her mind and will be home early. Eve says she will see her there. Eve hangs up and apologizes to Eric for keeping him waiting but she still feels the need to check on her daughter. Eve says her world revolves around Paige. Eve says she's doing her music career for Paige to show her how important it is to follow your dreams. Eve says singing made her feel so happy and confident. Eve jokes about going on about herself. She comments that Eric has a beautiful smile so he should smile more often. Maggie then appears.

Lucas tells Will that he has no reason to feel guilty as he was angry at the time. Will worries about his article. Lucas thinks the article could be pulled now but Will says Zoe wants it to make it a cover piece now and she wants him to talk to Chad again with a new approach. Lucas is sure Will is going to do the right thing. Will feels he's taking it for granted how lucky he is to have a dad that he can count on. Lucas says he's the lucky one as they hug.

Kate tells Sami that the government will be able to haul her off to jail. Kate brings up Sami's lies being fraud as she misled the entire public. Sami argues that Kate's the only one who knows. Kate shouts that it will get out. Chad enters and asks what will get out. Kate tells Chad that she was just telling Sami to take a break. Chad questions if that's what they were arguing about. Kate claims they always make decisions that way. Lucas enters and tells Chad that Will wants to talk to him out in the garden so he exits. Sami questions Kate lying to Chad. Kate says they have to keep a lid on it and not risk Chad going to Stefano. Kate tells Lucas that she's trying to tell Sami that she's in serious trouble. Sami complains about EJ being dead and goes upstairs to see the kids. Lucas asks Kate what's going on. Kate informs him that Sami is on record lying to one of their biggest investors. Lucas questions what she was thinking and rushes out after her. Lucas tells Sami to go say goodnight to the kids and then come back down so they can talk. Sami can't believe Kate told him and that he's buying it. Lucas goes back in to the living room.

Chad joins Will in the garden. Will wants to talk to him about the article. Chad admits he hasn't thought about it since EJ died. Chad asks about the article coming out. Will says it's been shelved temporarily as Zoe wants it rewritten with a new approach titled "Chad DiMera: Heir Apparent".

Kristen calls it an interesting thought that she has to get through Daniel. Daniel says Brady is a great guy but has lousy taste in women so he looks out for him. Daniel goes to leave but Kristen stops and says he's just starting to get interesting. Kristen tells him that she almost kind of likes him in a weird way. Daniel says Theresa is as bad for Brady as she is so he questions them agreeing on it. Kristen suggests he stay for champagne and they can come to an agreement. Jennifer then enters as Kristen was close to Daniel.

Eve tells Maggie that she and Eric were just having a drink. Eve then gets a call and steps away to answer. Eric asks Maggie if something is wrong as things got tense. Maggie says maybe it's because she wasn't sure what she was walking in on.

JJ asks Paige not to be mad. Paige doesn't get it. Paige brings up the pictures of JJ with Jill. JJ says it has nothing to do with this. Paige asks what it is and if there's another girl. JJ insists that he loves her. Paige says he has a funny way of showing it and storms out. JJ follows her down the stairs asking her not to go. JJ says things got messed up. Paige just wants to know why. JJ says he can't tell her. Paige tells him to let her know when he's ready to be honest and she walks out.

Eric tells Maggie that he and Eve are working together. He explains she hired him for publicity photos. Maggie says she gets it now. Eric questions if she thought they were seeing each other and realizes Maggie doesn't like Eve. Maggie mentions Jennifer not liking her either. Maggie then comments that Eve hired the best photographer and tells him to take care as she walks off. Eve returns and asks Eric what kind of an earful Maggie gave him about her.

Jennifer guesses she's interrupting but Daniel says he was just leaving. Daniel exits. Kristen calls it a surprise as she finishes her champagne. Jennifer says she just came by to say she's sorry about EJ. Kristen remarks about her not talking to her. Jennifer comments that she seems to be handling it well and questions if she's going after Daniel now.

Eric tells Eve that Maggie only said she and Jennifer have issues with her and left it at that. Eve questions Eric knowing Jennifer. Eric informs her that they are good friends. Eve admits they had a financial issue with a lawsuit that was settled and now over with. Eric says it's not his business. Eric decides to get going. He tells her that he will have a proof sheet ready for her tomorrow. Eve reminds him that she'll dedicate a song to him when she returns to the stage. Eric thanks her and exits.

Kristen asks Jennifer if she's joking and says they were just talking about their worries for Brady. Jennifer questions the champagne and asks if Daniel was open to working with her. Kristen doesn't like the way this is going. Jennifer says Kristen has a history of ruining men's lives and questions her going after Daniel. Kristen tells her to ask Daniel then remarks that they aren't talking because she's too judgmental. Jennifer asks if he said that. Kristen calls it a lucky guess. Kristen says she doesn't want to fight as she's not the enemy.

Nicole sits outside the Pub as Daniel walks by and greets her. Nicole wipes tears from her eyes. Daniel sits with her and she admits she was thinking about EJ. Nicole says they split up so many times but she still doesn't know how to say goodbye to him. Daniel encourages that she'll figure it out. Nicole mentions running into Chad and how things were bad between he and EJ. Nicole brings up the last time she spoke to EJ not being ugly and that being the best she could hope for.

Sami plays with Johnny. Sami asks if he wants to try and go back to school. Johnny informs her that some of the kids make fun of him by calling EJ and Stefano crooks. Sami says she'll come with him and talk to the teacher. Sami calls EJ a great man who loved Johnny very much. Johnny is afraid Sami will leave them too. Sami assures that she's not going anywhere.

Chad tells Will that they can shove that article idea. Will feels horrible for approaching Chad about the article in the first place. Will knows Chad didn't mean most of it but Chad assures him that he really hated EJ.

Lucas tells Kate that they have to come up with a strategy to keep Sami out of jail. Sami comes in and agrees, saying nothing can keep her from her kids now.

Daniel offers to be there for Nicole to talk to. Nicole figured he wanted to get away from her but Daniel says that's not true. Daniel invites her for a cup of coffee. Nicole says it sounds good so they head in to the Pub.

Jennifer questions how Kristen could say something so hurtful then claim to not be the enemy. Jennifer brings up defending Kristen in the past and how she had to watch what happened to Eric and Brady. Jennifer declares she won't watch her do the same to Daniel and then storms out. Kristen remarks that Daniel has served his purpose and the rest is up to her.

JJ walks through the town square and stops, thinking back to when he smashed the store window with Jack's book display after finding out about he and Kayla.

Eve comes home and finds Paige on the couch. Eve asks if something is wrong. Paige claims she's fine, just tired and going to bed. Eve asks if something happened tonight. Paige says no and goes to bed. Eve comments that JJ is the only person who would make her look like that. Eve hopes JJ blew it with her and it's the end of them.

Chad tells Will that he came back to Salem ready to kill EJ. Will asks if they could've worked it out. Chad doesn't know and talks about the DiMeras. Chad insists that he wouldn't want anyone to write the article but Will. Will agrees and says they will talk tomorrow as he's been through enough today. Chad tells him he's going to hang out for a bit as Will heads home.

Lucas warns Sami about the stock going down and the losses she'll have to worry about. Will listens in from the back door. Sami worries about getting a lawyer. Kate brings up Stefano. Sami asks if she's basically handed a way for Stefano to take her children away. Sami hugs a photo and cries as Lucas comforts her while Will listens in.

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