Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/17/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/17/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ciara asks Hope who she's going on a date with. Aiden arrives and Ciara gets upset, saying not him. Aiden apologizes if he interrupted. Ciara declares she won't let Hope go on a date with Aiden.

Mary Beth looks away so Eve asks if something happened with Paige. Mary Beth thinks back to finding Paige's birth control pills.

Paige kisses JJ and tells him that she wants him to be her first. JJ is caught off guard but Paige says she means it. Paige shows him the birth control pills and says everything has changed ever since Kayla.

Abigail and Ben sit together in the club. She brings up Ben stopping himself from saying he never wanted anyone to die before. Abigail asks if he once wanted someone dead.

Kate tells Clyde that she didn't see a funny fortune cookie coming. Clyde says he just wanted to provide her a distraction. Clyde comments on how random life is sometimes and there's no understanding why things happen.

Sami cries over the urn at home and says she's going to figure out how to stop crying. Sami swears to EJ that she will be strong for the children and to protect them. Sami calls it her sacred vow to EJ. Lucas arrives and tells her that she will do it with the help of the people who love her. Sami greets him with a hug. She's so glad he's there. Sami cries that she can't do it alone and needs all the people she loves. Lucas says they will do their best to be there for her. Lucas insists that Sami will keep her promise. Lucas calls her the most amazing survivor he will ever know.

Eve asks Mary Beth again if something happened. She tells her nothing did but she hopes Eve finds a way to make Paige see what a loser JJ is. Eve wants to stop her before she makes a bigger mistake. Mary Beth says she will keep her ears open. Eve says the sooner the better.

JJ asks Paige why everything changed after what Kayla said. Paige talks about seeing how supportive and protective JJ has been which convinced her that he's amazing. JJ disagrees. Paige tells him that he's the one she's been waiting for all this time.

Ben tells Abigail that he didn't want EJ dead and she moved out of his life. Abigail says she wasn't asking about EJ but about Ben. Abigail feels it reminded him of something. Ben says he never wants to lie to her so he admits she's right that there was once someone he wished were dead, his father.

Clyde asks if there will be a memorial for EJ. Kate says EJ didn't want anything like that. Clyde thinks Stefano would want a tribute to his son. Kate says it was very complicated between them and they were in a very bad place when this happened so they didn't get to make up before this happened.

Sami tells Lucas about Rafe finding the guy who killed EJ. Sami can't wrap her head around the idea that EJ was a victim of something so random. Allie runs in and hugs Lucas.

Hope tells Ciara to calm down as everything will be alright. Hope says Ciara likes Aiden but Ciara argues that doesn't mean she wants him to be her new dad.

Eve sits at home until Eric arrives. Eric says he's there to do his publicity shots. Eve is surprised that he's the photographer and comments that he looks like he should be in front of the camera instead of behind it.

JJ tells Paige that she can't put him on a pedestal. Paige talks about watching terrible guys come in and out of Eve's life which made her wonder if every guy was like that but now she knows it's not true because she found JJ. Paige tells JJ that she loves him and she knows he loves her. Paige says it will be perfect as they kiss.

Hope tells Ciara that she would never suggest anyone could ever replace Bo. Ciara thinks that's what a date is for. Hope says she's getting ahead of herself. Ciara accuses her of divorcing Bo so she can marry someone else. Julie arrives and encourages Ciara to calm down. Ciara announces to Julie that Hope is going on a date with Aiden which surprises her.

Ben doesn't think they should be talking about this. Abigail thinks they should. Ben says she lost her father while he wanted his dead the day after someone she knew was murdered. Abigail brings up that they hardly ever talk about him. Abigail wants to know who he is and how he came to be. Abigail mentions talking to Clyde and how he made some bad mistakes but she wants the whole story. Abigail apologizes for prying but she wants to know who Ben is. Ben tells her that his mom died when he was young and after that, it got bad. Ben adds that Jordan got the worst of it especially when trying to protect him. Ben admits it was a lot worse than he led on as Clyde could get nasty with the belt. Abigail can't believe it and calls it crazy. Ben says that's why they took off because they couldn't put up with it anymore and he didn't want to see him ever again. Abigail asks if he still wishes Clyde was dead.

Kate talks about Stefano and EJ. Clyde compares it to his kids hating him and talks about trying to fix things. Clyde admits they are good kids and he didn't do right by them. Clyde declares it's too late with Jordan but feels he still has a chance to show Ben that he's changed. Clyde wants the second chance that EJ and Stefano didn't have.

Allie cries to Lucas about Johnny and Sydney never seeing their dad again. Lucas encourages her. Allie cries that it's not fair that she still has her dad but Johnny and Sydney don't. Allie asks Lucas to be to Johnny and Sydney what EJ was to her.

Hope tells Julie that it's not how she wanted her to find out. Julie remembers Aiden from JJ's trial and the gala. Aiden suggests taking Ciara to the town square so Hope and Julie can talk. Julie states that she thought she was closer to Hope than anyone in the world.

Ben tells Abigail that he's seen Clyde a lot lately and he's saying all the right things but wonders if someone can really change. Ben mentions that Jordan doesn't buy it at all and that Clyde's had flashes of that anger. Abigail states that everyone gets angry. Ben admits that he has a temper that he got from Clyde. Ben adds that he doesn't wish Clyde was dead, just that he would go away.

Clyde encourages Kate to be open to change. Clyde says he wouldn't change a thing about her. Clyde tells her that change can happens in all kinds of ways like when the right person comes along. Kate's phone rings so she steps aside to answer it.

Lucas agrees to try to help Johnny and Sydney as much as he can. Lucas says he will do his best and talks about how much EJ loved them. Allie wants to go back upstairs so they can stick together. She hugs them and heads back upstairs. Sami thanks Lucas.

Eric sits with Eve and asks about her comeback. Eve says she's waited a long time for this and is throwing everything she has in to it. Eric asks about the surgery. Eve says she hasn't had it yet but she's confident that her voice will be as good as ever. Eve wants Eric to promise to be at her first performance. Eric wants to get her good pictures first. Eric sees her photo of Paige. Eve calls her the light of her life.

Paige and JJ kiss until he stops, reminding her that it's Daniel's place and he promised nothing like this would happen. Paige suggest using her friend's dorm's room but JJ thinks it might be too late. Paige asks if he wants them to be together. JJ says he doesn't see it happening tonight as he is really tired and she has early class. JJ decides he'll go home. Paige looks for her phone and finds it on the couch. JJ kisses her goodbye and rushes out.

Aiden sits with Ciara in the town square. Ciara argues that he doesn't care what she thinks and grown ups just do what they want. Aiden tells her they don't always. Ciara asks if he wants her to feel sorry for him. Aiden knows that won't happen. Aiden tells her that he really likes Hope. Ciara says she knows that. Aiden says they wouldn't be having this conversation if he didn't like her too.

Hope tells Julie that she should've told her what was going on but she has a hard time telling her and Doug things that will make them worry. Julie tells her that Bo left her in a horrible position so she's 100% behind her moving on. Julie calls Bo a damn fool. Julie admits it's a lot to take in. Julie asks her to tell her something about Aiden. Hope sits with her and says she can't really.

Paige walks through the park and comes across Rory, who asks where her boyfriend is. Rory questions her being all alone. Paige says she just came from seeing him. Rory remarks about JJ having somewhere else to be. Rory tells her to be sure he's not ditching her for another date.

JJ goes home and calls out to Abigail and Jennifer but no one's home so he heads upstairs, leaving the door unlocked.

Lucas asks Sami if she needs help planning anything. Sami tells him that EJ didn't want any memorial but she wants to put something private together for the kids. Sami wants the kids out of the mansion and away from Stefano for good.

Kate asks on the phone if they are sure. She says it's worse than she thought then hangs up. Clyde asks if she's alright. Kate says she needs to take care of an emergency. Clyde hopes to see her again soon. Kate worries about fixing this. She thanks him for the fortune cookie and exits the Pub. Kate then calls Sami an idiot.

Aiden knows they started out tough but thinks they became friends. Aiden feels they bonded at the gala. Aiden makes Ciara laugh and assures her that she is his friend. Aiden tells her that he would never even try to take Bo's place. Aiden says he likes Hope and would like to see her a lot. Aiden promises he won't hurt either one of them ever.

Hope says maybe she never told Julie about Aiden because he's difficult to describe. Julie calls him good looking. Hope jokes about it then admits he is. Hope tells her that Aiden is a lawyer with a son in Ciara's class but there are things she may never know about him as he's really private and kind of guarded but he's a good dad who loves his son. She mentions that he's very sweet with Ciara and makes her laugh. Hope says they are friends and if it turns to trust, she'll listen to him open up but she won't push him. Hope doesn't know where it's going but wants to find out. Julie encourages her and just wants a happy ending for her. Hope thanks her and they hug.

Rory tells Paige that there's JJ's story about the party and then what really happened. Paige brings up that Rory passed out. Rory complains that the girl was in to him then ended up with JJ. Paige argues that's not what happened. Rory questions her believing JJ then storms off.

JJ goes to his room and looks in the mirror then turns out the lights and goes to bed.

Abigail asks Ben about getting back to work. Ben mentions looking for a second job so he can make more money and move in to a better place. Abigail worries that she'd never see him. Ben says his only other option is using the money that he's saving for college. Abigail tells him not to because it's way too important to him. She encourages that something else will come up and they kiss. Clyde looks in through the window.

Lucas tells Sami that she'll be fine and decides to head upstairs with the kids. Sami says she'll be right there. Lucas tells her not to worry and to take her time as he exits. Sami looks at their family photo and cries. Kate rushes in and tells Sami that she's really stepped in it this time.

Hope rushes back to the bench as Aiden and Ciara return. Hope asks if Ciara wants to talk. Ciara says she's talked out and suggests they go on a date and it won't be so bad. Ciara jokes with Aiden that she'll be watching him. Aiden calls it a smart idea as they smile.

Abigail tells Ben that she better go as she has an interview tomorrow. Ben tells her to hang in there. Abigail kisses him goodbye and exits. Ben approaches Clyde and questions how long he's been there. Clyde says not long. Ben says he doesn't have the money to pay him back yet but he'll get it. Clyde tells him not to worry about it. Ben says it's not his call. Clyde asks him to keep it as he has a right to it for all he put him through.

Kate orders Sami to stay off her phone. Sami questions what she's talking about. Kate tells her that it's about Sami going to prison and she doesn't want to get dragged along for that ride.

Eric finishing taking photos of Eve and tells her that she did great. Eric says he'll put a sheet together so they can go over proofs and graphics. Eve can't believe he used to be a priest. Eve suggests they forget about the sheet and just go out and look over the pictures while celebrating how great this went over drinks. Eric is unsure but Eve insists so he agrees. Eric says he'll grab his things unless she needs to stay home for her daughter. Eve says Paige is still studying.

Paige goes to the Horton house and is surprised to find the door open. She wonders about JJ being tired and heads upstairs. Paige goes in to JJ's room and gets in to his bed, waking him up surprised.

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