Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/16/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/16/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden calls Hope from the park and tells her that he understands if she needs to be with Sami. Hope walks through the town square and tells him that Sami's fine as she's not alone. Hope says she's really looking forward to the picnic with him. Hope says it's a date so Aiden says he'll see her soon. Hope hangs up and Ciara appears, asking her what a date is.

Paige finishes a call from home. Eve comes in and hopes she's not calling JJ. Paige says she wasn't and goes to leave but Eve questions who she was talking to.

JJ goes to Daniel's office. Daniel asks if Paige is working today. JJ says she has class. Daniel adds that he hasn't seen Jennifer. JJ tells him that he came to talk to him if he can keep it between them.

Rafe walks past the Pub and calls Abe. Rafe says he's waiting for confirmation. Rafe calls it a big break that fell right in to their laps. Rafe says he'll let him know as soon as he hears something. Rafe hangs up and Kate approaches, asking if that was about EJ.

Clyde talks on the phone outside the town square, asking if they found what they were supposed to find. Clyde says with EJ out of the way, he wants this wrapped up so they can get back to business.

Chad says that EJ wasn't supposed to die and they were supposed to work things out. Jordan appears and puts her hand on his shoulder. Chad gets up and cries that he didn't want his brother to die as Jordan hugs him, saying she knows he didn't.

Sami tries to comfort Johnny in bed and assures him that EJ loved him. Sami tells Johnny that EJ will always be in his heart. She holds him and cries.

Hope thought Ciara was on a field trip. Ciara says she was but the bus broke down. Hope encourages her to get back to her teacher but Ciara questions her about the date. Ciara says she knows what a date is so she can skip that unless it's a lunch date with Jennifer. Hope doesn't respond so Ciara asks if it's the real kind of date. Hope admits that it is.

Aiden sets up the picnic in the park. Maggie arrives and comments that it looks like he's gone through a lot of trouble to make someone's day. She asks who the lucky woman is.

Rafe tells Kate that he can't discuss his work with her. Kate assumes she found out something as she heard him mention a break. Rafe says she'll know when the rest of Salem knows. Kate agrees to change the subject to Jordan.

Chad recalls the feeling when he lost his mom. Chad wishes he had a little more time with EJ.

Sami suggests they go eat but Johnny doesn't want to. Johnny declares that what happened to EJ is all his fault.

Daniel tells JJ that he can tell him anything and trust him. Daniel adds that he could trust Jennifer too. JJ says he really can't talk to her about this or anyone in his family because it's about Jack.

Paige tells Eve that who she talks to is none of her business as she's an adult. Eve says they used to be so close and share everything. Paige says she actually just listened to her and took care of her. Eve calls her cruel. Paige says she's being honest and refuses to make the same mistakes she did. Paige says she won't let Eve ruin her relationship with JJ for her and storms out.

Ciara questions Hope going on a date and asks what about Bo.

Aiden tells Maggie that he's just trying to make a picnic and do it right. Maggie asks if it's for Hope. Maggie informs him that Hope told her and Victor what was going on with them. Aiden gets a text from Hope that she has to cancel because something came up with Ciara. Aiden tells Maggie that he set up for a beautiful woman but she can't make it so he invites Maggie to join him.

Sami asks Johnny what he's talking about and insists it's not his fault. She asks what makes him think that. Johnny opens a lockbox and says he was supposed to give EJ a good luck charm that he found at camp as soon as he came back but he didn't. Johnny feels if he gave it to EJ then he'd still be with them. Sami tells him it wouldn't have changed what happened as nothing could have. Sami knows he's sad and tells him it's okay to be sad. Sami tells him to think about how happy they made EJ. Sami adds that EJ wanted him to know that he loved him more than anything and that he'll always be in his heart. Sami says they will feel EJ's love for the rest of their lives as she hugs him.

Clyde sends a text to Kate that he would like to see her soon as he's worried about her.

Rafe tells Kate that he's not talking to her about Jordan. Kate tells Rafe that Jordan was pretty upset about her dinner with Clyde. Kate insists there's nothing going on between them as it was just dinner and it wasn't serious. Rafe asks what it was and what kind of game she's playing.

Chad looks at EJ's family photo and recalls the last words he said to EJ. Jordan tries to encourage him. Chad regrets continuing to go after him. Chad says he knew EJ was sorry but he wouldn't back off. Jordan insists that EJ knew Chad would've forgiven him in time but Sami comes in and disagrees.

Paige walks through the town square and sticks something in to her purse.

Eve looks at photos of when Paige was a baby. Mary Beth arrives to pick up Paige for class but Eve tells her that Paige stormed off and probably straight to JJ. Eve says they haven't done a good job keeping them apart and have actually driven them closer. Mary Beth suggests backing off but Eve questions letting Paige ruin her life. Eve doesn't want Mary Beth to abandon her now and refuses to let JJ get his hooks in to Paige.

JJ informs Daniel that Paige overheard Kayla talking about being raped. Daniel says he's sorry about that. JJ adds that Paige doesn't know it was by Jack. JJ asks how he explains when he doesn't even understand it himself because the man who did that to Kayla is nothing like the dad he knew. JJ says now all of it is coming up in this random way. JJ recalls being angry when he first found out. JJ admits now he's really worried about himself because he keeps thinking that on some level, he's just like his dad.

Kate tells Rafe that she's not playing games as she only accepted a dinner invitation. Kate asks Rafe the reason that Jordan isn't getting along with Clyde. Rafe says it's not her business. Kate asks if it's still painful for him. Rafe says that Jordan has moved on and he's moving on. Rafe adds that he has work to do as his phone rings. Kate apologizes for bothering him and walks in to the Pub. Rafe answers his phone.

Chad walks Jordan out. Jordan tells him that Sami is upset so he shouldn't get in to it with her about it. Chad thanks Jordan for coming and she exits. Chad heads back in to the living room and asks how the kids are doing. Sami asks if he's serious and when he cared about the children. Chad says he always has but Sami questions if he was thinking about the kids when trying to destroy EJ.

Hope takes Ciara to the park and says there's something she's been wanting to explain for awhile but there was never the right moment. Hope decides the moment is now. Hope brings up Bo being away for awhile now. Ciara asks what her point is. Hope says her point is that she doesn't know when Bo is coming back as he's been gone for over two years. Hope says she can't keep hoping and waiting for him. Ciara argues that she has to wait because they are married. Hope says these are the most difficult words she's ever had to say.

Daniel brings up JJ talking before about how he was with girls. Daniel tells JJ that's a long way from what they are talking about unless there's something he's not telling him. JJ says he just keeps thinking he inherited something from Jack. Daniel stops him and assures JJ that he's his own man that makes his own choices. Daniel admits that when he got to know Jack, he liked him even when he didn't want to. Daniel praises Jack and says he changed for the better to become a better man. Daniel encourages that Jack learned from his mistakes and asks JJ if that makes sense. JJ admits that it does and thanks him. JJ still doesn't know how to say it to Paige to explain it to her.

Paige runs in to Mary Beth outside the club. Mary Beth mentions going to pick her up but she wasn't there. Paige spills birth control pills from her purse causing Mary Beth to question if she's having sex with JJ.

Clyde meets Kate at the Pub. Kate thought he understood that she can take care of herself and asks why he's so worried about her. Clyde says it's because of that terrible thing that happened to EJ.

Sami cries about wanting Chad to forgive EJ but he wouldn't listen. Sami yells at Chad for making Stefano turn on EJ. Chad doesn't think Stefano had anything to do with it. Sami brings up Stefano's last words to EJ being that he was dead to him. Sami cries that Chad and Stefano got their wish while screaming about EJ being dead. Sami asks if that makes it up to him. Sami screams about why he had to do that and breaks down crying. Chad tells her that he's there for whatever she needs and he'll leave if she wants but he wants to stay and try to help her.

Hope informs Ciara that she has filed for divorce. Hope talks about it being so hard but they can't put their lives on hold forever. Ciara asks if she's sure that Bo is never coming back to them. Hope says she doesn't know but she knows he will always love Ciara. Ciara asks if she's sure about not waiting for him anymore. Hope hugs her.

JJ tells Daniel that Jennifer knows something up and he has nowhere to hide. Daniel reminds him that he can use his place for privacy if he needs to think. JJ thanks him for everything. Daniel hugs him and encourages him to hang in there. JJ exits.

Paige tells Mary Beth that it's not her business but she's not sleeping with JJ. Mary Beth says she's obviously planning to. Paige argues that she just wants to be prepared. Paige asks her to keep it between them. Paige warns her that their friendship will be over if she says a word to anyone. Paige then walks off.

Kate tells Clyde that she wasn't on very good terms with EJ. Clyde says it must make the tragedy harder to bear. Kate says it's not about her and brings up the kids. Clyde asks about Sami being her business partner. Kate adds that she's very concerned about Sami.

Chad brings Sami a glass of water. She tells him that there's nothing he can do. Chad tells her to let him know if she thinks of anything because he's not going anywhere. Rafe arrives. Sami asks if he has news on who did this to EJ. Rafe tells her that the evidence says they know who did it. Chad asks if he's in custody. Rafe reveals he's in the morgue.

Eve goes to the hospital and talks to a nurse about her surgery and reviving her singing career. Eve asks for Eric's contact information to take some photos of her. Daniel walks by so Eve stops him and tells him that everything is coming together. Daniel wants her to stop judging JJ. Eve argues that he knows nothing about it and she'll decide what's best for Paige. Eve walks off.

JJ sits at Daniel's until Paige arrives. Paige tells him they need to talk.

Clyde makes a call and says well done. He hangs up and goes back to Kate. Clyde comments on everything falling into place.

Sami questions the murderer just being dead. Rafe explains that he overdosed right after shooting EJ. Rafe mentions finding EJ's watch, wedding band, and a gun. Sami questions it just being some druggie. Rafe says they won't know any more until finding the dealer who sold him the drugs. Chad asks Rafe if he's sure this is the one that killed EJ.

Hope tells Ciara that they can talk about this any time she wants. Hope promises they will be okay. Hope tells her that she loves her. Ciara asks Hope who she's going on a date with. Aiden arrives and Ciara gets upset, saying not him.

Kate agrees that it's always nice when things go as planned. Clyde thinks EJ's death is getting to her as he hears it in her voice. Kate admits they had a connection. Clyde wants to cheer her up and gives her a gift box. Kate opens it and laughs. Jordan sees them through the window and thinks back to arguing with Clyde. Kate's gift was a fortune cookie so she opens it. Kate reads her fortune which says "Have fun, it's only naughty if you get caught."


Rafe explains what they know about the gun and how it matches the bullet. Sami doesn't understand. Rafe apologizes as he was hoping it would make it easier knowing it wasn't about EJ or his family. Sami cries that it wasn't about anything and he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and now is just gone.

Daniel sits in his office and his phone rings, seeming to upset him.

Eve finds Mary Beth sitting in the town square. She asks her about finding Paige. Mary Beth looks away so Eve asks if something happened with Paige.

Paige sits with JJ and says she knows she's given him really mixed signals but she won't do it again. Paige tells JJ that she's ready. Paige says they are so close and don't have any secrets as they talk about everything. Paige tells JJ that he's the kind of guy that she dreamed about finding and then kisses him. Paige tells JJ that she wants him to be her first.

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