Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/15/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/15/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady sits in the DiMera Mansion looking at the urn. Marlena comes in and tells him that Sami is resting. Brady admits it's strange mourning someone he didn't really like. Marlena reminds him that Sami loved EJ. Brady agrees that it's about her loss and the kids. Kate comes in. Brady decides he'll go. Marlena mentions wanting to explain to John what happened. Brady greets Kate and leaves the room. Marlena offers Kate some food. Kate says she needs to meet with Sami as soon as possible. Brady exits the mansion and runs in to Theresa. He questions what she's doing there.

Jordan goes to the hospital and greets Rafe. She mentions hearing what happened and asks if he has any leads on who killed Chad's brother.

Miguel meets Clyde outside the town square and asks what they are going to do. Clyde tells him to calm down and reminds him that he told him never to call him. Miguel worries about knowing the DiMeras and wonders what they'll do if Stefano finds out it was them.

Nicole overhears and questions Eric, saying Daniel would never talk to Kristen after everything but Eric says he has and asks Daniel about it. Nicole brings up Kristen almost killing Daniel and what she did to Eric and Brady. Nicole questions Daniel talking to Kristen instead of her. Daniel argues that's not what is happening. Eric questions him. Daniel responds that he doesn't have to explain himself to him.

Kristen sits in her room looking at a picture of EJ and talks about the pain she is feeling. Kristen says she misses and loves EJ now and forever. Kristen says EJ more than anybody would understand what she has to do now. She says she has to keep moving forward as she exits. She looks at a picture of Brady and says they have to grab every bit of happiness they can.

Marlena tells Kate that Sami finally got to sleep. Kate wants her woken up. Marlena tries to explain. Kate says she understands but she needs Sami to fix their screwup or else EJ might not be the only parent that her kids lose.

Rafe tells Jordan that he can't talk about an ongoing investigation. Jordan wonders if they will go after other members of EJ's family. Rafe realizes she's worried about Chad.

Chad goes to the park where Abe is with Theo. Theo runs up and hugs Chad, telling him he can't go and die too like EJ.

Theresa tells Brady that she came to offer her condolences and check on Sami. Brady tells her that she's sleeping now. Theresa decides she'll come back another time. Theresa asks if they can go somewhere private and talk about something really important.

Nicole questions what Daniel and Kristen could possibly have to talk about. Kristen enters the Pub and declares it's no great mystery that she and Daniel have come to an understanding.

Jordan tells Rafe that she's not just talking about Chad but Sami and the kids. Rafe says they don't have any evidence that it was a hit. Rafe tells her about Sami finding EJ. Jordan's phone rings and she exits.

Chad tells Theo that he's not going anywhere. Theo says Lexie is with EJ now up in heaven. Abe encourages that Lexie is not alone now. Chad gives him a toy airplane from EJ to replace his broken one. They send Theo to play with it. Abe thanks Chad and asks how he's doing. Chad says he's hanging in there. Chad mentions Stefano wanted to ask if a reward would help catch the killer.

Clyde tells Miguel that they didn't kill EJ, Miguel did. Clyde says he never asked him to kill anyone. Clyde assures him that things will work out. Miguel worries about Stefano. Clyde says he'll take care of Stefano. Clyde tells Miguel to hide out for awhile. Miguel doesn't think he can hide from Stefano but Clyde tells him he'll put him somewhere that nobody will ever find him.

Kristen talks about getting to know Daniel a lot better after helping John. Kristen mentions maybe Daniel could've helped EJ. They all wish they could've helped. Kristen says at least Sami was with EJ as nothing meant more to him than Sami and the kids. Kristen praises Daniel for helping John.

John complains about not getting out of the hospital for days. He thinks back to Kristen arguing with him about knowing what Theresa did. John remarks that Kristen was always good at reading people and that's why he needs somebody on the outside. John looks at a photo of Marlena and says he needs someone he can trust to eliminate Kristen and then Theresa.

Kate tells Marlena that it's a fact that Stefano is vindictive. Kate worries about certain parts of the company that Sami is in control of. Marlena argues that Sami can't deal with this right now. Kate thinks it will take her mind off things. Marlena warns Kate to stay away from Sami. Kate reluctantly agrees and warns her to move the urn before one of the children knock it over. Marlena wants Kate gone by the time Sami wakes up and asks her to get a room at the Salem Inn. Kate says no as she's coming back to sleep in her own bed. Kate then exits.

Abe tells Chad that they are on the case and he'll run a reward by the DA. Abe hopes Chad doesn't feel guilty. Chad quickly responds that he's fine.

Kristen talks about her and Daniel becoming close. Daniel says they aren't close. Kristen says they have to seize the moment and grab happiness. Nicole questions her. Kristen realizes that all four of them did everything they could to save John except Nicole. Kristen tells Nicole that she can leave. Nicole tries to go after her but Daniel and Eric hold her back. Nicole threatens to come back for Kristen as Daniel escorts her out. Kristen tells Eric that she's glad they got a moment alone. Outside the Pub, Nicole complains about Kristen being near Eric. Kristen asks Eric to tell Sami how sorry she is. They agree that it's weird for them to be talking. Kristen says she was able to make sure John got the drugs because of Eric. He calls it blackmail. Kristen argues that something good came from it. Kristen asks Eric if he can find it in his heart to try and leave their problems in the past.

Theresa goes home with Brady. Theresa tells Brady that she thought about calling him but she thought he would call her and asks why he's still shutting her out.

Abe brings Theo to the hospital. Theo greets Jordan and mentions getting his new toy from Chad before rushing off. Jordan asks Abe about Chad. Abe says it's tough on him and didn't realize she knew Chad. Jordan says she just met him and they've become friendly. Abe tells her that Chad could definitely use a friend.

Chad meets Kate in the town square. Kate complains about Marlena throwing her out of the mansion. Kate admits that it wasn't the right time to hastle Sami. Chad jokes with her about Marlena being right.

Marlena goes to see John. John wants to talk to her but notices something is wrong and asks if it's Brady. Marlena says it's not Brady but EJ.

Brady tells Theresa that she's been wonderful, kind, and patient but he has a lot to process. Theresa feels he's been pulling away for a long time so she needs to know if he believes what John said. Brady says it doesn't matter. Theresa worries about protecting him. Brady questions why it's so important to her. Theresa says she just wanted to know if they will ever be close again even as friends. She asks if he still believes in her.

Kristen says she knows they will never be friends. Eric admits he still carries a lot of hatred. Eric says maybe someday he can go back to what he was taught and let it all go. Kristen says that would be the best day. Eric calls it a goal for himself, not for her. Kristen hugs him and says she gets it. Nicole watches from the window and storms back in. Nicole questions what they are thinking. Kristen says she's feeling lost after losing EJ. Kristen asks to speak with Daniel in private so they step outside. Eric questions Kristen snapping her fingers and Daniel going. Eric wonders what's going on with them. Nicole says she doesn't care but wants to know what's going on with Eric and Kristen.

Chad asks Kate about the kids. Kate says she didn't see them but EJ was cremated as she saw the urn. Kate exits for a meeting.

Abe goes to Rafe's office and mentions going over EJ's phone records and the last call being one he can't trace. Rafe reveals he's beginning to doubt it was a mugging. Rafe questions EJ being in the park or woods at night. Rafe feels there is more to this.

Jeremiah meets Clyde and tells him the cops will definitely find what they are looking for. Clyde tells him that Miguel has become a real problem as he will crack if Stefano gets a hold of him.

Chad goes home to the mansion and looks at the urn. He approaches it and says "you son of a bitch."

Eric tells Nicole to relax as Kristen was just talking about herself and then got upset about EJ's death. Eric knows Nicole must be grieving too. Nicole says they started getting along but it wasn't always that way. Nicole asks about Eric's feelings since EJ knew all along what Kristen did to him. Eric informs her that he and EJ talked a few days before his death and cleared some things. Nicole questions Eric forgiving EJ.

Daniel brings Kristen to his place and questions why she keeps saying they are close. Kristen calls them partners. Daniel says he's done and wants to hear what she has to say. Kristen says they know Theresa knocked out John and he lied about it. Daniel talks about being uncertain. Kristen shouts that Theresa is the only threat. Kristen tells Daniel that if he told Brady he truth, he would listen to him so if he cares about Brady then he'll do it. Kristen says if Theresa ruins Brady's life, it will be on Daniel.

Brady tells Theresa that he feels she and John could both be protecting him. Theresa tells him that's so out there. Theresa says they are telling him the truth because they care about him and it's important to her that he knows that. Brady asks why. Theresa tells him that the most important thing is that he knows he didn't do anything wrong. Theresa admits that she wants them to start over.

Chad looks at the urn and talks to it as if it's EJ. He says EJ was a rotten brother as everything was always about him. Chad says people are celebrating his death because he didn't care who he hurt or manipulated. Chad adds that it wasn't supposed to end like this.

Marlena tells John that Sami is devastated over losing EJ. She relates to the feeling of losing the one you love. Marlena calls it a very emotional day. She asks what John wanted to talk about. John decides it can wait.

Eric tells Nicole that forgiving EJ wasn't easy but he tried for Sami's sake and to get his life back. Nicole understands EJ but questions Kristen and brings up what she did to him. Nicole asks how he could even talk to her. Eric says he can't trust Kristen but he has to try and move on. Eric reminds her that Kristen is responsible for bringing John back. Eric says he did what he had to do. Nicole shouts that she does not believe this. Nicole questions him forgiving EJ and Kristen but not her.

Kristen asks what kind of man Daniel is. She asks if he only deals with facts or feelings too. Kristen thinks Daniel would go to great lengths to help someone he loves. Daniel says she's pulling out all the stops. Daniel tells her that he still won't help her because he's been watching her for a long time. Daniel knows she can manipulate anyone. Kristen argues that it's not about her. Daniel doesn't want to hear it's about Brady. Daniel tells Kristen that maybe she can get Brady to care but it doesn't work with him because he sees just fine. Kristen asks if he's going to let Theresa ruin his best friend's life then. Kristen tells Daniel that he will regret it and then walks out.

Theresa tells Brady that she's not saying they should get married or anything again. She says she was scared when Kristen threatened her but it made her realize how much he meant to her. Theresa tells him that it wasn't just about the sex and drugs but about him. Theresa cries that Brady really helped make her life better and now she wants to help him. She suggests telling everyone that Brady did nothing wrong might have helped. Theresa states that all the bad times are in the past so she thought maybe they could start over. Brady says he should go. Theresa questions if he's going to see Kristen. Brady stops and says he's not going to see anyone. Theresa asks if he really has to go.

Abe asks Rafe if he doesn't think it was random. Rafe brings up there being no footprints or DNA anywhere. Rafe gets a call and tells them to secure the scene and get forensics on it. Rafe tells Abe that they just got a break so they exit.

Clyde tells Jeremiah that he sent Miguel on a trip to where they come from. Jeremiah asks where he wants to hide him. Clyde tells him to hide him deep in the soil.

Chad says that EJ wasn't supposed to die and they were supposed to work things out. Jordan appears and puts her hand on his shoulder.

Eric tells Nicole that he doesn't forgive her. She asks why when he can forgive EJ, Kristen, and Stefano. Eric argues that she's different because what she did makes it unforgivable as she was his friend and his love. Eric says she was the one person he trusted more than anyone and she betrayed him. Nicole cries. Eric admits he hates himself for not being able to try to forgive her. Eric declares it's something that will never happen and then walks out, leaving Nicole crying.

Kristen returns home complaining about Daniel. She says she doesn't need Daniel's help but somebody else will help. Kristen declares that she's going to watch Theresa fall.

Daniel thinks back to Kristen warning him about ruining Brady's life. He takes out his phone and calls Brady.

Brady's phone rings while he and Theresa are having sex.

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