Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/14/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/14/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail comes in to the living room where Jennifer and JJ are in a serious conversation. Abigail asks what's going on. Jennifer informs her that they just got some unexpected news about EJ.

Nicole goes to Daniel's and questions receiving an apology text from him after he said he never wanted to see her again. Daniel informs her that EJ died last night.

Kristen leaves a message for Chad that she's there for him as she knows how hard it is. Brady arrives and says he wanted to make sure she was alright. Kristen hugs him.

Ben goes to Will and Sonny's to join them for a basketball game. They joke around until Will gets a call from Sami and says he better deal with this. Will answers and Sami says it's really nice to hear his voice. Will questions her and EJ not coming to the party. Sami says she meant to call him and thought he would know by now. Sami informs Will that EJ is dead.

Kristen apologizes to Brady and says she fell apart. She thanks him for being nice to her and invites him in. Brady says he knows she loved EJ. Kristen talks about becoming close over the last few years. She mentions their falling out but says EJ was still her brother. She asks about Sami and the kids. Brady informs her that he hasn't been to the house yet. Kristen is surprised that she's the first person he came to see.

Nicole asks how it happened. Daniel explains her that EJ was mugged and died before the ambulance got there. Daniel adds that he thought she knew. Nicole says she was in Chicago and asks if EJ is really gone. Nicole can't believe it and talks about their history. Daniel hugs her as she cries.

Will can't believe Sami is serious. Sami tells him that it's what happened and she thought he might have heard by now. Will asks what happened. Sami explains that EJ was mugged and shot. Will tells her to hang on as they are coming over. Sami hangs up crying. Will informs Sonny and Ben that EJ was killed last night. Will says they have to go over there and goes to change. Sonny understands and Ben says he has to go too as he exits.

Abigail doesn't want to hear if it's about Sami and EJ getting back together. Jennifer informs Abigail that EJ died last night. Abigail questions if there was an accident. JJ tells her that he was murdered.

Brady tells Kristen not to read in to it as he called the house and he wanted to give everyone some space. Kristen asks if he just came to pass the time then. Brady admits he wanted to make sure that she was alright. Kristen thanks him and says she's not as she doesn't know how to accept this. Brady says it's rough not having someone to lean on. Kristen talks about her and EJ arguing all the time lately and how she regrets every word. Kristen asks if Brady can relate to that after what happened with John. Brady says he can as he hates himself for what he said and did to John but he got a second chance and he wishes he could give that to Kristen too.

Nicole calls to check on the kids and hears from the babysitter that they are okay. Nicole worries about Johnny and Sydney. Daniel asks if she wants to go over there but Nicole says she can't because Sami will think she's intruding. Daniel thinks she would see it as sympathy. Nicole says Sami has enough on her plate and Eric might be there so she doesn't want anyone to think she's manipulating the situation. Daniel asks what he can do. Nicole says nothing and she'll get out of his way but Daniel asks her to stay. Daniel says she needs to talk about this with someone. Nicole argues that he doesn't want to be that person. Daniel asks why not since he knows better than anybody how much she loved EJ.

Will panics and doesn't know what to say when he sees Sami. Sonny assures that she will understand and hugs him.

Eric, Marlena, and Caroline go to see Sami. Eric hugs Sami as she cries while Sami doesn't want the kids to see her like this. Caroline tells Sami that she'll get through this as the family is always there for her. Marlena and Caroline go upstairs for the kids. Eric tells Sami that he knows he hasn't been spending enough time with the kids lately but he's going to make up for it now. Sami cries about how she and EJ were happy with the kids and were supposed to have the rest of their lives as Eric hugs her.

Jennifer and JJ sit Abigail down as she questions someone murdering EJ. Jennifer tells her that there was a mugging. Abigail can't believe it and cries for the children. The doorbell rings so JJ answers and Ben arrives, looking for Abigail. JJ tells him that now is not a good time so he should come back later. Ben tells him that he heard what happened and needed to make sure she's okay now. Abigail tells Jennifer that she felt so much anger and resentment towards EJ and now he's dead so she feels so hypocritical but she's so sad. Jennifer hugs her as she cries.

Nicole sits and admits she loved EJ even though they eventually tried to destroy each other. Daniel recalls when they first got involved as she was trying to hide her pregnancy from EJ. Daniel could tell her love for him. Nicole admits she loved him a lot and obsessively at times but realized she would always come second to Sami. Daniel asks if they had patched things up since then. Nicole says sort of as they moved past the anger and pain. Nicole says their last conversation was a nice one and she hopes he knew that she meant it.

Brady says he should go. Kristen asks how John's doing. Brady tells her that he's doing great and should make a full recovery. Kristen calls it wonderful as he seemed back to his old self. Brady is glad John remembers everything about that night and knows that he hit him to put him in the coma. Kristen thinks back to telling Daniel that it was Theresa. Kristen tells Brady that he keeps saying he's responsible when it's not true as it's not his fault.

Sonny tells Will that they should get over there. Will talks about how nothing ever works for Sami. Will agrees to go and says he'll call Lucas on the way as they exit.

Eric sits Sami down and asks her about being the one to find EJ. Sami recalls yelling for him to hang on. Sami says she had a lot to say as nobody understood or loved her like EJ did. Sami cries that they were supposed to have more time and now everything is gone. Eric tells her that the feelings and memories belong to her. Eric shows her their family photo and holds her as she breaks down crying.

JJ tells Abigail that Ben's there. Abigail asks for him to be brought in so he enters. Ben greets them. Abigail thanks him for coming. Ben says he just had to make sure she was okay as she hugs him. Ben apologizes if she needs alone time with her family. They tell him it's okay. Jennifer says she has to release a statement from the hospital board while JJ says he has stuff to do as well and they exit.

Nicole thanks Daniel for everything and says for a minute it felt like they were friends again. Daniel mentions dropping things off for Parker and then invites Nicole for coffee at the Pub if she still wants to talk. Nicole says she'd like that.

Sami says she knows Eric is right that she has to hang in and treasure the memories. Sami says she has to focus on the kids to help them get through this. Sami says she will protect them and get them away from here. Sami repeats that she has to get them away from Stefano and Kristen.

Brady tells Kristen that he knows what she means since John was blaming himself. Brady argues that it doesn't matter as he put John in the hospital and he has to live with that. Kristen asks if he's completely positive that John's story is accurate since he just came out of the coma. Brady insists that he was coherent and fine. Kristen thinks there's more to it. Brady asks what she's talking about. Kristen suggests they talk about it a little bit more. Brady questions wanting her to go over it again. Brady declares they have nothing more to say to each other. Brady appreciates what she did but tells her this is the last time they will be meeting. Brady tells Kristen that this is goodbye.

Will and Sonny go to the DiMera Mansion. Sami hugs Will and tells him it makes a huge difference that he's there. Sonny adds to let them know if there's anything they can do. Will feels awful about how he's treated them lately. Sami tells him not to worry about it as none of it matters. Will admits he still really cared about EJ. Sami tells him that he cared about him too and always tried to protect him as he was really proud of him. Sami assures Will that EJ knew and understood. Sami says EJ was determined that they would be close again as she hugs Will. Caroline comes back in and tells Eric that she has to get back to the Pub. Eric tells her to stay with the kids and he'll take care of it. Caroline thanks him. Eric tells Sami that he will be back later and hugs her goodbye.

JJ goes with Jennifer to the hospital. Jennifer says he didn't have to come with her but JJ wanted an excuse to give Abigail and Ben some alone time. Jennifer asks what he thinks about Ben. JJ says he likes him so far and remarks that he's a step up from EJ. Jennifer wants to invite Ben to dinner then suggests inviting Paige too. JJ isn't so sure about that. Jennifer questions if there's a problem between them.

Nicole goes to the Pub and calls her sister Taylor to tell her about EJ. She hangs up and decides she needs a drink. She gets up and goes to the counter where she finds Eric.

Kristen tells Brady that they will probably bump in to each other at times. Brady suggests she really consider leaving town. Brady knows she needs to stick around for Chad for awhile but suggests she go join Stefano. Kristen questions if he wants her to leave because everyone hates her then points out that he doesn't hate her because of what she did for John. Kristen's phone rings and she misses a call from Stefano. Brady goes to leave but Kristen wants to talk once more and if he still means it then they'll never see each other again. Brady turns and walks out.

Marlena answers the door at the DiMera Mansion where a box is delivered. Will tells Sami that Lucas is on his way but he'll be coming from Hong Kong. Sami says she should've called Lucas as he would be worried about Allie. Will tells her they are here now and going to help. Will says everything they have been fighting about is done and over. Sonny reveals that Will was going to tell them that at the party. Sami says EJ knew they would make it through and hugs Will. Marlena then enters with the urn.

JJ tells Jennifer that he and Paige were going to ease off a bit. Jennifer questions it but JJ gets a call and quickly steps out, saying they'll talk later.

Abigail hopes they find whoever did it. She apologizes to Ben. Ben tells her that she has to feel something. Abigail is surprised that it hit her really hard after she spent all this time hating him. Abigail remembers the last thing she ever said to EJ was that she never wanted to see him again and now she got her wish in the worst possible way.

Eric greets Nicole. Nicole says she didn't come to see him and thought he would be with Sami. Eric explains that he was but was running an errand for Caroline. Nicole asks how the kids are doing. Eric says it's hard for them to understand right now. Nicole says she and Sami never got along but she knows how much Sami loved EJ so she asks him to tell Sami that she's sorry. Eric says he will and admits that he was going to call her. Nicole thanks him and says she's fine. Nicole gets a work call and steps out to take it. Daniel enters the Pub and greets Eric. Daniel apologizes for what happened and sends his best to Sami. Daniel mentions meeting Nicole and asks if he's seen her. Eric tells him that she just stepped out on a call. Eric didn't know they were friends again. Daniel says he's not sure they are but asks if it would bother Eric if they were. Eric says no but what's been on his mind is Daniel and Kristen. Eric questions if he's suddenly friends with her again too.

Sami says EJ wanted to be cremated. Will feels it's kind of soon. Sami says EJ was always specific that he didn't want Stefano to bury him with other DiMeras. Marlena asks if there will be a service. Sami says no as EJ was clear that he felt it would be hard for the kids with the publicity. Sami rushes out to go check on the kids but stops at the stairs and breaks down crying. Brady enters and Sami runs to hug him as she cries.

Ben tells Abigail that none of this is on her as she never wished for anyone to die. Ben says EJ was a liar that hurt her badly but didn't deserve to be killed and his kids didn't deserve to lose their dad. Ben tells her that she deserves to feel what she feels without having to apologize. Ben says it should make her sad and he understands which is why he came. Abigail thanks him and is glad he came.

Daniel doesn't understand. Eric says with all the great news about John's recovery, he never explained why he was secretly speaking with Kristen. Nicole overhears and questions Eric, saying Daniel would never talk to Kristen after everything but Eric says he has and asks Daniel about it.

Sami brings Brady in to the living room. Will greets him and Marlena hugs him, saying she's glad he came. Will decides they will go stay with the kids for awhile. Sami thanks him as Will hugs her. Will and Sonny head upstairs. Brady asks how Sami is doing. Sami claims she's good and going to do this. Sami says she can be strong and will protect their family.

Kristen calls Stefano and says she did exactly what he said so they'll see if it turns out alright. Stefano thanks her for acting so quickly. Stefano reveals that EJ's body just arrived and Sami will never know the ashes in the urn are not EJ's.

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