Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/13/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/13/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen stands in her room complaining about John not realizing Theresa is the threat instead of her. She screams that she hates John until her phone rings with a call from Stefano. Kristen answers saying she had to talk to somebody. Stefano says not now and informs her that EJ is dead.

Chad and Kate meet at the Pub. Chad asks what they are celebrating. Kate thinks their partnership deserves a toast. Chad questions it being in public. Kate says Stefano's spies will just think he's doing his job. Kate and Chad toast to the destruction of Stefano and EJ.

Roman brings the kids home to the DiMera Mansion and asks them if they had fun at the party. Johnny asks why Sami and EJ didn't come.

Sami cries over EJ's body in the morgue. Sami talks about when they first met and how they needed more time. Sami wonders how they could be here.

Roman tells the kids that something came up for Sami and EJ but they're sorry they had to miss the party. Allie asks when they are coming home. Roman says he's not sure but they can wait up for awhile. Roman sends the kids to go play and then gets a call from Marlena. Marlena is walking past the Pub, asking about where Sami is. Marlena asks what's going on and if Sami is okay.

Sami thinks back to meeting EJ for the first time. She says EJ has been a part of every day of her life ever since then. She talks about never meeting anyone like him since. Sami talks about finding out he was a DiMera and hating him. Sami calls it a miracle that they survived all those years. Sami says no matter what, a part of her always knew she was meant to love him. Sami apologizes for not telling him before and cries about her being so stubborn. Sami cries about how they needed now after everything they had been through. She shouts that this is not fair. She cries that this is the worst lie because he promised her now and forever. Sami questions how he could do this and how they can be here as she cries over his body.

Chad toasts to Kate for always looking out for him. Chad mentions that he would've never known he was a DiMera if not for her. Kate says she's not sure if that's a curse or blessing. Chad talks about liking his brother and father at first but he loves his sister, nieces and nephews.

Kristen questions what Stefano is talking about and says there has to be some sort of mistake. Stefano informs her that EJ was shot tonight near the park and the police say it was a mugging. Kristen asks if he's okay. Stefano says he will be. Kristen says she needs a minute and will call him back. Stefano tells her to stay by the phone as he hangs up. Kristen says this can't be happening and cries that she doesn't want EJ gone. Kristen begins throwing everything against the wall enraged.

Chad tells Kate that he has no use for Stefano or EJ because they only think about themselves. Kate calls that true of Stefano. Chad argues that EJ is even worse after sleeping with Abigail and trying to play the family card with him. Chad declares that EJ is dead to him.

Sami wishes they had a time machine and thinks back to past times with EJ.

Abe and Rafe talk at the hospital about who killed EJ. They talk about it being a random junkie that may not know he killed a DiMera. Rafe says this is not how he thought EJ would go.

Sami talks about her life with EJ and how she understood him as she thinks back to more past times. Sami cries while holding EJ's hand.

Kristen sits alone in her room looking out the window. Kristen thinks back to returning to Salem for EJ and then her last argument with EJ where she threatened to destroy him. Kristen cries that she didn't want him gone and she didn't mean it.

Stefano yells on the phone that he needs it done now.

Kate tells Chad that it's a harsh lesson but it's good that he learned it. Chad gets a call from Stefano and says it's showtime as he answers. Stefano tells Chad that he has terrible news and informs him that EJ is dead. Chad responds that he's dead to him too. Stefano clarifies that EJ was murdered tonight.

Roman steps out on the phone with Marlena and informs her that Sami is at the hospital as EJ was shot tonight and didn't make it. Marlena can't believe it and worries about Sami. Roman tells her that he brought the kids home. Marlena says she'll go to the hospital to get Sami. Roman says she will need some clean clothes as she is covered in EJ's blood. Marlena says she's on her way anad hangs up.

Sami tells EJ that she will find his ring and can't believe it was taken. Sami talks about everything they went through to get here. Sami says the rings were the start of them moving past all the betrayals and the start of the now and forever. Sami thinks back to EJ's last proposal and breaks down crying as she lies next to EJ's body.

Chad asks if this is a prank. Stefano tells him that he wouldn't joke about the death of his child. Chad doesn't know what to say. Stefano says he has another call to make and will call again soon. Chad tells him not to worry about him and hangs up. Kate asks what that was about. Chad informs Kate that EJ is dead.

Stefano makes a call and says to call him immediately when everything is in place. Stefano looks at a photo of EJ and holds back tears as he thinks back to his last fight with EJ.

Sami cries that she can't leave EJ here and that he will still be a part of every day of her life. Sami says she loves him and that will never die. Sami promises to raise the children exactly how they talked about and to keep them safe from Stefano. Sami talks about Johnny growing up to be just like EJ. Sami cries that he has to stay with her because she can't do this without him. Marlena arrives and hugs Sami as she cries. Sami says EJ was the only person to ever truly love her completely and she doesn't know how to leave him. Sami cries about not knowing what's going to happen. Marlena tells her that she's not alone as she has her, Roman, and Eric. Sami asks where the kids are. Marlena tells her that Roman took them home. Sami asks what was said to them. Marlena says nothing has been said yet. Sami wants to go and tell the kids herself before they hear it from anyone else. Marlena reminds her about changing her clothes. Sami tells EJ that he was worth everything and kisses him goodbye as she cries. Marlena walks Sami out of the morgue.

Kate thinks it's some game that Stefano is playing because he found out they were working together. Chad assures her that Stefano is telling the truth. Kate asks when and where this happened. Chad tells her it was in the woods tonight. Chad remembers sending Sami after EJ in that direction. Kate stops him and tells him that they need to find out if it's real. Kate calls Roman. Roman says he can't talk to her right now. Kate tells him that she heard a rumor that EJ was killed. Roman tells her to keep it quiet as they haven't told the kids yet. Roman confirms to her that EJ died on the spot and Sami found him. Roman hangs up to get back with the kids. Kate tells Chad that Sami is okay. She says she's sorry about EJ but Chad questions if she is or if he even is. Chad brings up everything he just said about EJ and says he has no right.

Stefano talks to the photo of EJ and says he knows things were complicated between them but he loved him. Stefano thinks back to telling EJ how proud he was of him for proving himself as a DiMera.

Marlena walks Sami to Abe and Rafe. Marlena asks Abe to get a room for Sami to change. Sami thanks Rafe for bringing them to the hospital and keeping it out of the press. Rafe says nothing else matters but her and the kids. Rafe tells her to let him know if there's anything she needs. Rafe hugs her as she cries. Abe comes back and directs them to an open room. Sami asks Abe if Theo knows. Abe tells her that he will tell him. Abe adds that EJ is with Lexie now. Abe promises to find whoever did this.

Chad tells Kate that the last thing he said to EJ was that if he ended up dead, he deserved it. Kate feels EJ would understand he was upset. They worry about the kids. Chad wonders if they should go back to the mansion. Kate thinks they are the last people that Sami would want to see so they should let her have time with her family. Kate goes to get them drinks.

Sami returns home and stops at the stairs where she thinks back to coming down the stairs with EJ. She looks at the door and remembers kissing EJ there. She goes to the mirror crying and thinks about being with EJ there. Roman steps out and hugs her as she cries. Marlena enters and joins them. Sami asks where the kids are. Roman tells her that they are coloring in the living room. Sami decides she has to go to do this. Marlena tells her that she doesn't have to right now but Sami feels she does since EJ always calls at night so they will know something is wrong. Sami cries that she has to do it. Marlena tells her they will be right there with her. Sami enters the living room and Johnny asks where EJ is.

Kristen looks at a picture of EJ until her phone rings with a call from Stefano. He asks how she's doing. Kristen tells him not to worry as she's fine and asks how he is. Stefano says he needs her help tonight and tells her to listen carefully because time is of the essence.

Chad asks Kate when they are going to go pack because there's no way Sami wants them there now. Kate says they are staying. Chad says he can't go back. Kate tells him that the children will need their protection from Stefano. Kate says now that EJ is gone, Stefano won't let Sami raise his grandchildren and he'll do absolutely anything it takes to get control of their lives. Kate declares they will not let that happen.

Sami sits with the kids as they ask about EJ. Sami says he's not coming home. Johnny wants to know why. Sami informs the kids of what happened and they all hug.

Kristen appears in the morgue and injects a needle in to EJ's arm.

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