Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/10/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/10/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Clyde calls EJ a pretender and not a professional. Clyde mocks EJ's lifestyle being handed to him by a gangster father who didn't teach him a thing about how this works. EJ then punches Clyde in the face.

Sami remains in the park until she hears a gunshot and calls out for EJ.

Will prepares for the kids' party. Sonny arrives with Allie, Sydney, and Johnny. Will asks about Sami and EJ. Sonny tells him they will be there soon.

Ben kisses Abigail and says he's not off work yet but they don't have anywhere to go. Abigail suggests that's not such a bad thing.

Jordan questions how Chad knew it was her day off. Chad responds that he's a DiMera so he can just pick up a phone if he wants information. Jordan is not impressed and walks away. Chad follows after her.

Rafe runs in to Kate outside the Pub and assumes Kate is attending the party for the kids but Kate says she will pass because EJ will be there. Kate comments that she just might kill EJ if she had to deal with him tonight.

Clyde gets up as he and EJ look at Miguel, who shot EJ. EJ drops to his knees bleeding.

Sami continues searching through the park.

Miguel and Clyde watch as EJ collapses to the ground. Clyde questions what Miguel was thinking. Miguel argues that he was attacking him. Clyde orders Miguel to take EJ's wallet and watch so he does.

Sami continues trying to get a signal and says EJ better be alright.

Clyde orders Miguel to take EJ's ring too.

Sami finally gets a signal and calls the police about hearing a gunshot in the park. She calls for help because some one may be hurt.

Clyde orders Miguel to cover his tracks and leave no trace.

Ben questions Abigail not wanting to be alone. Abigail thinks it would be better if they took their time and got to know each other better. Ben agrees that's smart and asks how slow she wants to go. Abigail kisses him.

Rafe asks Kate what EJ is up to. Kate says EJ and Sami are the most revolting show around. Kate thinks it's nicer when they hate each other. Rafe asks if she's got another date with Clyde.

Clyde tells Miguel that he never saw him and sends him away as they leave EJ's body lying in the park.

Sami calls EJ and leaves a message asking what's going on and where he is. She says she's coming to find him. Sami walks on and finds EJ's body.

Abigail and Ben continue kissing until she stops and decides it wasn't slow enough. Ben notes that it was her. Abigail decides going slow was a lie and they resume kissing.

Jordan accuses Chad of spying on her as he catches up to her. Chad apologizes. Jordan questions how he knew her schedule then. Chad explains that he called the hospital because he wanted to talk to her and found out she was off.

Kate tells Rafe that whatever she does or doesn't do with Clyde is not his business. Rafe says he just has a bad feeling about Clyde and tells her to be careful. Rafe gets a call. Kate asks about it and Rafe responds that it's none of her business. Kate tells him to take care as Rafe hurries off.

Will and Sonny sit with the kids. Johnny gives them one of his drawings. Allie talks about Sami and EJ being really happy. Sonny encourages them.

Sami checks on EJ and feels his heartbeat. She removes her jacket to cover his wound. Sami tries to talk to EJ and asks if he can hear her. Sami yells for him to open his eyes and eventually he does. Sami tells him that he was shot but he's going to be okay because she's here now and the ambulance is coming to help him. Sami tries to get him to hang on. Sami tries EJ's phone but there's no reception. Sami says it doesn't matter because the ambulance is already coming to help. She continues encouraging him to stay with her.

Abigail and Ben continue kissing. Ben questions her lying about wanting to take it slow. She says yes but no as she does think they should get to know each other better but she thought taking it slow would make him feel better about not having a place. Abigail says what's really important is that they have each other. Ben calls her an amazing woman and they kiss. Ben says he'll see her later. Abigail tells him to text when he's off as he heads back in to the club.

Jordan comments that Chad has a strange sense of humor. Chad says sometimes he just goes with being a DiMera. Chad says he's not Stefano or EJ and has never had anyone followed or checked out. Chad apologizes for upsetting her. Jordan says she's just a really private person. Jordan asks what he wanted to talk to her about. Chad asks her out to dinner. Chad jokes about not wanting her to turn him down. Chad asks if she'll have dinner with him sometime.

Will and Sonny play board games with the kids. Will suggests cupcakes so the kids run to the table. Will mentions not hearing back from Sami. Sonny assures they will be there but Will worries that Sami is furious about the article on Chad. Sydney spills her punch so Will goes to clean it up.

Sami holds pressure on EJ's wound as EJ tries to breathe. Sami screams for help and encourages EJ. EJ tries to speak and says he doesn't want to leave her. Sami encourages him to stay and fight. Sami screams for someone to call an ambulance as her husband has been shot.

Clyde meets with Jeremiah and gives him EJ's things to wipe down and the gun, telling him to make sure it's fired and sloppy.

Sami continues to encourage EJ. EJ worries about the children. Sami tells him that she loves him. EJ is able to repeat that he loves her and Sami kisses him. Sami repeats that she loves him as EJ loses consciousness. Sami continues to repeat that she loves him. Rafe arrives. Sami tells him to call an ambulance. Rafe calls his guys over with the stretcher. Sami panics as Rafe tries to calm her down. Abe joins them and calls in that EJ has been shot. Rafe asks Sami what happened. Sami tells him that EJ has been shot. Rafe asks if she saw the shooting. Sami says she just heard it. Rafe asks what she was doing out there. Sami explains that Chad told her that EJ was in the park so she came to get him. She questions what the paramedics are doing. Rafe checks with the paramedics, who are calling it. Rafe informs Sami that EJ has died. Sami brings up past times that EJ was shot and insists that EJ is fine. Paramedics load EJ onto the stretcher. Sami talks about getting him to the hospital. Rafe tells Sami that EJ is gone. Sami says she's going with him and follows. Rafe tells Abe that Sami won't hear it. Abe says it will hit soon enough. Rafe decides to go with them while Abe stays at the scene.

Jordan tells Chad that she will think about it and gives him her phone to put his number in. Chad says he will see her around and walks off.

Clyde goes to the club and greets Ben at the bar. Clyde orders a whiskey. Clyde mentions that they didn't get a chance to finish before when Jordan came in. Ben calls it a loan but Clyde says it's a gift that he doesn't have to pay back. Ben says he does and he will.

Paramedics bring EJ in to the hospital with Sami and Rafe. Sami wants to follow to surgery but Rafe informs her that they are taking EJ to the morgue because he is gone. Sami refuses to leave him. Rafe tells her to let them do their job and she can see him in the morgue.

Sonny asks the kids what they want to play next. They go to play while Will tells Sonny that Sami is still not answering.

Rafe joins Sami in the waiting room and brings her water. Sami mentions EJ not having his ring so someone must have stolen it. Rafe calls it helpful. Rafe tells her that Roman is on his way and offers to call Marlena. Sami doesn't want people there and only wants to see EJ. Rafe sits with her. Sami brings up the kids being at Will's and expecting them. Rafe assures her that the kids won't hear anything until she tells them or if she wants her parents to. Sami just wants EJ to come home with her tonight. Rafe tells her that's not going to happen. Sami asks when she gets to see him. Rafe asks if she's sure as it won't be what she expects. Sami refuses to leave EJ alone and says she's not going anywhere until she gets to see him. Rafe says he'll go check. Sami worries that she left her purse in the ambulance so Rafe says he'll get it. EJ's phone rings so Sami answers it. It's Stefano, who asks why Sami is answering EJ's phone and where EJ is.

Chad meets with Kate at the Pub and says he loves how she plays Stefano. Chad tells her that Stefano keeps saying he has something big in the works for her so he will keep her posted. Kate asks about Chad seeming chipper today. Chad says he doesn't want to talk about it yet but things are falling right in to place.

Abigail approaches Jordan outside the town square and asks what she's smiling about. Jordan says it's nothing compared to Ben. Jordan says she knows Ben is really happy because of her.


Clyde feels he owes Ben but he respects his integrity. Clyde tells Ben that he could help him find another job. Ben questions him having job contacts and if he's saying he should come work for him.

Roman arrives at the hospital and asks Rafe where Sami is. Rafe tells him that she's in the waiting area and she's in complete shock like she doesn't believe it. Rafe tells Roman that EJ died in her arms. Roman says he'll take it on. Rafe tells him that Sami refused to leave without seeing EJ. Roman says he needs to talk to Marlena. Roman asks if it was a professional hit. Rafe feels it was too clumsy. Rafe adds that it looked like a mugging as they took his wallet and ring. Roman asks about the kids. Rafe says they are at Will's and he's kept a lid on this. Roman worries about Sami having to tell the kids that their dad is dead.

Stefano wants to speak to EJ but Sami says he can't. Stefano argues that he can't hide forever and will answer to him. Stefano orders her to put him on right now. Sami responds that she can't. Stefano asks where EJ is. Sami informs him that the EMTs took him to the morgue. Stefano questions what she is talking about and why he's in the morgue. Sami puts the phone down as Stefano continues to question the morgue. Stefano thinks she's lying. Roman enters the room to see Sami. Roman sits with her and asks if he can get her anything. Sami says it's just been a busy night. Roman says he knows and wants to take her home. Sami says she can't leave until she sees EJ. Sami tells Roman that the kids are still at Will's and it's past their bedtime so he can take them home for her. Roman agrees to do that as Rafe returns to the room. Roman tells Sami that he loves her and hugs her. Roman exits. Rafe tells Sami that she can see EJ now. Sami runs out of the room to the morgue. Rafe exits.

Abe calls home for Theo to be kept away from the TV so he can tell him about EJ in person. Abe adds that he doesn't know how long he will be and hangs up. Abe wonders who could've done this.

Clyde tells Ben that he wants better for him and was thinking along the lines of paying for school. Ben thanks him. Clyde tells him to just think about it and not give an answer now. Clyde says he can do it and would jump at the chance. Clyde then exits.

Stefano hangs up the phone and cries out "my son" as he breaks down in tears.

Roman arrives at Will's. Will asks if he's heard from Sami and EJ. Roman informs him that they aren't going to make it which disappoints the kids. Roman says they would much rather be there but Sami wants the kids to have fun. Sonny continues playing with the kids. Will asks Roman if everything is okay. Roman says yeah, sure.

Sami goes to the morgue to see EJ. She tells him that she's there and hugs his body while crying. Sami cries that she can't hear his heartbeat. Sami breaks down crying over EJ.

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