Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/9/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/9/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Roman reads Brady and Theresa's statements to John. John stares at Theresa as Roman reads that Theresa said Brady hit John over the head with the fireplace poker. Marlena asks John if that's what he remembers. John responds no, not really.

Ben whistles while cleaning at work. Jordan sits at the bar and asks why he's so happy.

Abigail walks through the town square and stops to look at flowers which reminds her of being with Ben. Chad approaches. Abigail tries to walk away but Chad says it doesn't have to be like this.

Sami shuts the doors in the living room and thinks back to Chad blaming her for everything. Johnny runs in and asks if it's time to go to Will and Sonny's for the party. Sami pretends to not know about the party. Johnny is excited to go. Sami tells him they will go as soon as EJ gets back.

EJ returns home but stops at the front door when he gets a call. Miguel informs him that Clyde has begun selling outside of the area he specified. Miguel tells EJ to give him an order and he'll do anything he asks as Clyde approaches Miguel. EJ orders him to find Clyde and get him to the meeting place as it's time he learn who is in charge.

Johnny talks to Sami about wanting to go to the party. He asks if Sami and EJ are going to the party or just dropping them off. EJ comes in and says they are certainly going to the party. Johnny runs up and hugs EJ as Sami smiles.

Ben asks if it's a crime to be in a good mood. Jordan thinks there's more to it. Jordan declares Ben is in love.

Abigail agrees maybe it doesn't have to be this way but it is for now. Chad admits he overreacted but apologized. Chad says nobody is going anywhere now. Abigail asks him to just leave Ben alone especially at the club. Chad questions Ben not respecting him as his boss. Abigail calls him a bastard and asks what he did now.

John tells Theresa that the way she described that night was wrong as it was so much more intense and angry. John goes along with saying he was out of mind and in a rage before Brady hit him. John tells Brady that it was all him while Brady just defended himself and isn't to blame for any of this which shocks everyone watching.

Abigail accuses Chad of taking out his problem with her on Ben. Abigail complains thinking that Chad is having Ben fired. Chad tells her to let him have his say.

Ben jokes about having a big sister as she teases him about being in love with Abigail. Jordan says it's so obvious. Jordan adds that she's really liked Abigail as she's been a good friend. Jordan tells Ben not to screw it up. Ben thanks her and says he's trying hard not to. Jordan wants them to be crazy happy together and hugs him as Clyde walks in.

Sami asks EJ about going to the party. EJ tells her that Will made a point to invite them. Sami asks about him going to see Will. EJ tells her that everything is fine and Will is counting on them being there. Sami thanks him and kisses him. EJ mentions getting a call from Sonny, who wants to pick Sami and the kids up himself. EJ says he has some errands to run so they'll go with Sonny. Johnny jokes about Allie and Sydney taking long to get ready. Sami goes to get them. EJ asks Johnny if he had fun at camp. Johnny says I guess and asks if EJ went to camp when he was little. EJ says he did. Johnny then asks if kids made fun of EJ's name because they made fun of his last name.

Kristen calls it so emotional and says she's so glad John is better. Kristen then says it's a time for family and tells Brady it must be nice to have the burden lifted. Kristen says she always knew Brady's fears were unfounded. Kristen says it's great that all the questions about that night have been answered. Kristen then exits.

EJ questions who made fun of Johnny's name. Johnny says older kids did it and one of them said they knew all about them. EJ tells him that he has a very special last name to be proud of. EJ says he can't promise it won't happen again as people will recognize his name and react to it. EJ tells him not to worry because they could be thinking of him or Stefano. EJ tells Johnny to be his own man and people will respect him for who he is, no matter what his last name is. Johnny says it does matter because he got his name from him. EJ hugs him as Sami watches with a smile from the door.

Clyde apologizes for interrupting but says he wanted to check if everything was good with Ben. Ben says everything's fine. Clyde tells him to let him know if he needs anything else as he's there for him. Clyde tells Jordan that he's glad to see her too and notes that she looked real happy when he came in so he hopes things are looking up for her. Clyde then exits. Jordan questions Ben what that was about. Ben says it was nothing. Jordan thinks Clyde was way too happy for it to be nothing. Ben admits he borrowed money from him which Jordan questions why.

Abigail accuses Chad of trying to take Ben's job away from him but Chad tells her that there's nothing to worry about because he is the one taking a step back from the club. Abigail questions what he means. Chad explains that he talked to Sonny and told him that he and Ben are not a good mix so he realized that the club was doing great without him and he's decided not to go back. Chad admits he was really looking forward to getting involved again but it's Sonny's place now so they reworked their deal where he will take a lower cut. Abigail questions him really doing this. Chad says he can't expect things to be the same as when he left. Abigail decides she should go. Chad gets that his stock isn't high with her right now. Abigail tells him that maybe it just went up a little. Chad stops her and asks her not to tell Ben about this. Abigail asks why. Chad tells her that he didn't do it for him. Abigail agrees not to say anything and thanks Chad as she then walks away.

Brady asks John if he's okay as it seemed to take a lot out of him. John says he's tired and it wasn't easy but it was necessary. John decides he'll try to get some rest but first he wants a word with Brady. Marlena tells John to get some rest and they will talk later. Marlena, Roman, and Daniel exit. Brady tells Theresa that John wanted a moment alone with him so she exits as well. John tells Brady that he knew all along that it wasn't him as he couldn't do that. Brady says it's just the two of them so he needs him to tell him if he was lying.

Kristen comments to Daniel that it was interesting as John mentioned before about not getting ahead of himself. Daniel asks what she's talking about as they look over at Theresa standing by the door.

John tells Brady to trust him that he's not responsible and he swears that's the truth. Brady needs John to know that it would've been different if he had his act together. Brady blames the drugs, drinking, and bad decisions while John was trying to help him. John stops him and says it's over. John says from now on, they don't look backwards but they will both look forward. Brady agrees and they shake hands.

Kristen glares at Theresa while walking away. Marlena asks Theresa if she's alright. She says she is and asks why she wouldn't be. Marlena notes that she seemed jumpy earlier. Theresa says she was nervous about what John might say and if he would get confused about what happened. Theresa says it's got to be good news in John's recovery. Brady comes out and tells Marlena that John wants to see her so she heads back inside. Theresa approaches Daniel and questions him about he and Kristen.

Sami sends Johnny to go hurry Allie and Sydney. Sami sits with EJ and asks what's wrong. EJ says he was thinking about Stefano and the whole mess. Sami asks if he's worried about this time. EJ says he's out for revenge but at the end of the day, he'll realize they are family and things will settle down. Sami knows EJ doesn't believe that. EJ doesn't know what he will do if Stefano goes after Sami and the children. Sami offers to talk to Stefano but EJ says he opened this door so he will close it. EJ asks her not to worry as they can't let anything bad happen to them now that they are finally back together. They kiss and EJ suggests they get ready for the party. Sami asks about him working things out with Will. EJ says he told him to go ahead with the article and not worry about his reaction. EJ says he didn't want to cause any more friction and is determined to make them a happy family. Sami thanks him and kisses him until his phone rings. EJ tells her that he has to go and he'll see her at the party. Sami mentions that she wants to walk in with him so he can call her when he's done. EJ agrees and they kiss. EJ calls himself the luckiest man alive as he exits.

Ben explains to Jordan that Clyde overheard him talking about money and offered him what he needed. Jordan questions him taking it. Ben says he couldn't take it out of his college funds. Jordan realizes it was to pay for falling in love. Jordan wants Ben to be really happy and for them to have fun but tells him that taking money from Clyde was a mistake. Ben assures that he remembers but it was in the past. Jordan wants to keep him there. Jordan offers to pay Clyde back for him but Ben says he can handle it himself. Jordan says she has to go. Ben agrees to call her next time and she exits.

Sami calls Sonny and thanks him for offering to pick up the kids. She hangs up and looks at family photo. Johnny comes in and asks if everything is okay. Sami tells him that everything is great. He asks where EJ is. Sami says he had to go but they will meet him at the party. Johnny shows Sami a rock to give to EJ that he got from camp for luck.

Chad walks through the town square and sees EJ rushing by. Chad sits down as Jordan passes through and sees him. Jordan says it was good to see him again. Chad questions if Ben got to her.

Theresa questions what Daniel and Kristen were really going on about. Daniel walks away from her and goes to Roman and Brady. Daniel wants to go over John's treatment with Brady. Roman says he has to get going and exits. Daniel and Brady go to talk. Theresa worries to herself about John being willing to lie about what happened. Theresa says it has to be about Kristen and wonders what Daniel is up to.

John tells Marlena that they have so much to talk about. Marlena says not now as there's no rush and he needs to rest while they have all the time in the world. Marlena exits.

Daniel and Brady go to a room in the hospital. Theresa follows and listens by the door. Daniel tells Brady that they'll talk about John.

Kristen returns to John's room.

Abigail goes to the club and runs in to Ben. They awkwardly greet each other. She mentions him working but Ben says she doesn't have to go and it's not busy. Ben offers to get her a drink but can't remember her favorite. Abigail rambles and says she'll take whatever. Ben suggests he take it to her outside. Ben sends her outside and says he'll catch up with her with a surprise so she exits.

Chad feels Jordan was so anxious to get away. Chad comments that it was great getting to know her but if his issues with Ben bother her. Jordan says it's not him and she was just distracted. Jordan sits with him and asks if he ever has coffee at his own club. Jordan thinks it's considerate that Chad is steering clear of Ben. Sami walks through and sees them.

EJ meets with Miguel in the park and complains about Clyde not sticking to the territory that he assigned. EJ declares that it's time to lay down the law.

Kristen sits next to John and says he got her. Kristen questions him being a little less than truthful. John questions her having deep regard for the truth. Kristen says she knows that he knows what Theresa did to him but he's willing to let her get away with it because he thinks it will keep Brady away from her. Kristen admits he decided on the situation quickly but says he made the wrong choice in deciding that Theresa was the lesser of two evils. Kristen tells John that he has to live with his choice and has to pray that he didn't just put Brady's life in danger. John says goodbye.

Jordan brings up Chad owning half the club. Chad spots Sami and greets her. Sami didn't know they knew each other. Chad calls it a small town and asks if Sami wants something. Sami admits she's looking for EJ as he's supposed to meet her there. Chad tells her the direction in which EJ went towards the park so Sami goes to find him. Jordan comments that it was tense. Chad calls it family stuff. Jordan mentions that Sami can't stand her either. Chad calls it something else they have in common.

Sami walks through the park looking for EJ and says this doesn't make any sense.

EJ and Miguel meet with Clyde. Clyde asks if everything is okay. EJ asks if he thought he wouldn't find out what he did. EJ reminds Clyde how this was supposed to work. Clyde argues that his orders didn't make any sense.

Sami tries her phone but has no signal and continues searching for EJ.

EJ reminds Clyde who he is and what he represents. Clyde says he's there to make money and tells EJ to go home to his wife and he'll send him his cut. Clyde promises EJ will be happy. EJ refuses to go until he understands he's over and finished. EJ declares that Clyde is finished in Salem and is going out tonight. Clyde doesn't see that happening.

Theresa paces outside of John's room. She says she doesn't know what they are talking about but John made it clear that he remembers everything so it doesn't matter what everyone says. Theresa walks off.

Brady tells Daniel that he keeps wondering if John is telling him the truth or if he's lying about what really happened to save him from the guilt. Brady feels like there's something John's not saying. Brady then exits. Daniel says him too.

Kristen says goodbye to John and exits. She repeats that John made the wrong choice but it's not over as she exits the hospital.

Ben joins Abigail outside. She calls it a beautiful night as they hold hands.

Jordan asks Chad what else they have in common. Chad jokes with her. Jordan says it was nice seeing him again. Chad continues joking with her and suggests she stay longer. Chad mentions it being her day off which she questions how he knew.

EJ doesn't think Clyde appreciates who he is. Clyde says he knows exactly who he's talking to. Clyde calls EJ a pretender and not a professional. Clyde mocks EJ's lifestyle being handed to him by a gangster father who didn't teach him a thing about how this works. EJ then punches Clyde in the face.

Sami continues trying to get a signal on her phone in the park. Sami remains in the park until she hears a gunshot and calls out for EJ.

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