Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/8/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/8/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will prepares to interview Chad for his article. Chad grabs a beer to loosen up and then comments that Will could use one too. Will says he's good but Chad asks what he expected from Sami about the article.

Caroline and Eric arrive at the DiMera Mansion. Caroline asks to speak to Sami alone. Caroline heads into the living room while Sami shakes her head.

Jeremiah and Clyde wait in the park for a meeting. Jeremiah tells Clyde that he was right about the money pouring in. EJ's associate Miguel arrives to meet with them.

Theresa confronts Daniel in the hospital and asks if he's going to see his patient. Daniel thinks back to talking to Kristen about thinking Theresa did it. Daniel asks if she has a problem with it. Theresa says it depends on what he's going to say because she talked to John. She warns him not to tell any lies because he doesn't want to make her angry.

John states that it's all coming back. John declares he knows what happened to him that night and he remembers it all. Brady asks if he's sure he's okay and tells him to go ahead. Marlena suggests Kristen leave because it's private but John wants her to stay.

Will thought Chad wanted to talk about himself. Chad says he can see Will is really upset about Sami. Will argues that he's misreading the situation as he's not surprised by Sami or EJ's reactions. Chad tells him that he can't be having second thoughts. Will mentions his last article almost costing him his family. Chad calls family overrated and tells Will that this article is about him, not his family. Chad says he won't trash Abigail or Sami. Will asks what he would say about Sami. Chad says they can start with how stupid she is to take EJ back.

EJ tells Caroline to make herself at home. Sami heads in while EJ jokes that he and Eric will bond. Sami asks Caroline to sit down. Caroline wants to know what is going on. EJ thanks Eric. Eric tells him that he didn't do anything for him but for Sami. Eric mentions that he even brought Caroline to what she calls evil. EJ thanks Eric for what he did for Kristen.

John insists that Kristen should stay as he wouldn't be able to say anything if not for her. John says he really needs to be sure. Marlena asks if he's alright. John says he's fine. Marlena offers to get a doctor. John agrees so there's no questions later. John tells Brady to trust him. Marlena says she'll go get Daniel. John says there is one more thing he needs that is just as important.

Will jokes about Sami thinking she knows everything. Chad says just because Sami forgave EJ doesn't mean he has to. Will thinks Chad can't hate him that much but Chad says he hates him more.

Sami tells Caroline that she's back with EJ. Caroline questions Sami not telling her. Sami blames Eric telling her. Caroline wants to hear what Sami has to say. Sami realizes she wants her reasons for getting back with EJ. Sami apologizes for not telling her. Sami says she loves EJ and he loves her. Sami says they have both done terrible things to each other and everybody knows he cheated on her. Sami says that EJ understands her and why she did what she did. Sami adds that she promised to let it go and move on while EJ has promised they will have a fresh start. Caroline reminds Sami that the DiMeras make a lot of promises. Sami argues that EJ never stopped loving her and he earned her forgiveness. Sami says she tried to fight it but she loves him and there's nothing she can do about it. Sami promises her that they will make it work this time. Caroline reminds her of the pain EJ caused her and says she can't just forget that.

EJ tells Eric that he's very aware of the hell that Kristen put him through and for Eric to give that up for John was selfless. EJ adds that he's truly sorry and he hopes he can believe that. Eric points out that he got Sami to believe it which is what really matters to him.

Clyde thanks Miguel for meeting them. Miguel brings up them doing what EJ told him not to do. Jeremiah hands Miguel a bag of cash which he seems impressed by.

Daniel tells Theresa that she has nothing to worry about if she did nothing wrong. Theresa says she isn't playing games. Daniel reminds her that John could remember everything about that night. Marlena comes out and tells Daniel that John wants to see him. Marlena stops Theresa and informs her that John wants to see her as well.

Will thinks all of Chad's talk is for show so everyone can know how hurt he is. Will points out that EJ is still Chad's brother. Chad questions that meaning he should be cool with what he did. Will brings up Chad taking a bullet for EJ. Chad says he wouldn't do it again and he doubts anyone would take another bullet for EJ.

EJ tells Eric that he doesn't expect to win him over overnight but he cares about what he thinks. Eric says what's done is done and he has to find a way to live with it. EJ reminds Eric that he's in his house. Eric says he came because of Caroline and he will come back to see Sami and the kids. Eric tells EJ that the only thing that matters to him is how he treats Sami and nothing else counts.

Sami tells Caroline that she knows that EJ upset her so much because she loves him so much. Sami talks about her anger and then she had to move on and let it go. Sami says she saw that her love for EJ was still there underneath everything. Sami says she finally heard EJ and how he never stopped loving her and that he truly deeply regretted what he did. Caroline shouts that what EJ did can't be taken back. Caroline tells Sami that she talked to Victor, who told her not to be so judgmental about what makes other people happy so she will pray for them both. They hug and cry.

Brady goes to see what's keeping Marlena as Daniel enters. John tells him that it's alright as he asked Kristen to come.

Marlena repeats to Theresa that John wants to see her. Theresa doesn't understand why. Brady tells her that he will tell her when she gets there but Theresa says no.

Daniel comments on seeing Kristen. John thinks she should be there because he's awake, talking, and remembering thanks to her. John talks about wanting to be sure because he doesn't want any questions about what he has to say.

Theresa tells Brady that she doesn't belong in there with family. Marlena informs her that John asked for her to talk about that night. Theresa then agrees and continues to worry as they head back in to the room. Brady declares this is what they have been waiting to hear for a long time. Theresa is unhappy to see Kristen and then nervously looks at John.

Clyde tells Miguel that the money will show EJ how good they are doing and how much more they can make for everyone. Miguel leaves with the bag. Jeremiah asks Clyde what he thinks Miguel is going to do. Clyde says they'll just have to wait and see.

EJ shows Caroline and Eric the kids' drawings and they joke around about them. Caroline says goodbye and gives EJ a kiss on the cheek. Sami is happy and hugs Eric, thanking him for bringing her by. Eric and Caroline exit. EJ asks Sami how it went. Sami responds that it was better than she could've hoped as Caroline wants her to be happy. EJ says Eric does too and it's wonderful they have the support of her family unlike his with Chad. Sami informs EJ about Will's upcoming article on Chad.

Chad jokes with Will about using a quote for his article that he would never take another bullet for EJ. Will worries about Chad's anger being dug up and making him look bad. Will reminds Chad that EJ is his brother. Chad feels Sami has gotten to Will. Chad says he's going to have his say about EJ with or without Will. Chad tells him to think about it and get back to him as he then exits.

Sami tells EJ that Will was obviously very upset about them getting back together but they talked until she flipped over the article on Chad. Sami worries that Chad will use the article to get them in public. EJ tells her to calm down but Sami continues to worry and compares it to the last article. Sami complains about Will telling her to get out of his career and get lost. EJ jokes with her about the opinions of others. EJ tells her to wait while he does something. EJ kisses her goodbye. She asks where he's going. He says it's a surprise but he'll be right back as he exits.

Theresa complains about Kristen being there and thinks it's a problem for everyone if she has an agenda. John says he asked for her to be there and this won't long. Daniel tells John that he's doing well. John says he'll make it fast but it's very important. John apologizes for doing this to everyone but he's not quite ready yet. Marlena asks if he's alright. John says he's fine but thinks they need someone from the police department before they go any further. Theresa worries while Kristen decides to make that call.

Sami decides to leave but opens the door as Chad arrives. She warns him that he has some nerve showing his face there again.

EJ goes to see Will. Will figured he'd show up after talking to Sami. EJ asks to come in. Will tells him to keep his voice down as Arianna is sleeping. EJ says he has no reason to raise his voice. EJ comments on preparing the kids' party. EJ tells Will that he came to talk to him in private before the children arrive and to thank him for doing this for them. Will says whatever is between them, he and Sonny want Sami and EJ to be there. Will says he will write what he wants to write in the article and won't take orders. EJ tells Will to write the article which surprises him.

Marlena tells Kristen to put her phone away as Roman is already at the hospital. Marlena goes to get him. Daniel asks John about his memory. John says it just came rushing back and it was after he spoke to Theresa. John says he was surprised and asks Theresa if she remembers it all that night. John points out that she left the week leading up to it and all the fights they had. Theresa says she didn't want to upset him. John adds that he remembered on his own and he also remembered her saying that she and Brady became close. Brady asks what he means. John says what he is about to say has to do with the three of them. Daniel and Kristen watch on, looking pleased at Theresa.

Eric brings Caroline back to the Pub. Caroline wants to know what's going on with Eric and tells him not to hold back.

Chad guesses EJ whined to Sami. Sami tells him that Stefano thinks EJ betrayed him and set him off. Sami warns Chad that he has no idea what Stefano is capable of. Chad blows it off. Sami reminds him that EJ is his brother. Chad says EJ is the guy that stabbed them both in the back. Sami asks if she's supposed to be bitter like him. Chad wishes she would wake up and brings up Sami punishing EJ until she decided to jump back in bed with him. Sami tries to slap Chad but he catches her hand. Chad tells her to stop trying to put it all on him because they both know everything happening to EJ is her fault.

Will questions EJ wanting him to write the article and what the catch is. EJ says he doesn't want anything else coming between Will and Sami. EJ brings up Will being a parent and how painful it is to Sami. EJ tells will to write the article and he has his blessing. Will questions EJ being okay with taking the hit no matter what Chad has to say about him. EJ says he may not like Will's first article but admits it was well-written. EJ doesn't think the situation can get any worse than it already is. Will admits that he didn't see this coming. EJ adds that there is one thing as he would be grateful if Will doesn't drag Abigail's name through the mud again. Will tells him not to worry as he already made it clear to Chad that Abigail is off limits. EJ asks about Sami. Will admits he misses Sami too. EJ tells him that he's grateful for this conversation and knows Will has mixed feelings about them gettin back together. EJ promises to prove himself to Will, Sami, and everyone else and he won't hurt her ever again. EJ then exits.

Brady asks John what he means. Marlena returns with Roman. John thanks him for coming. Roman says it's good to see him alive and kicking. John brings up the investigation the night he was hit. Roman says they got all the information they could but weren't able to get the information John knew. John asks to hear Brady and Theresa's statements as it's important. Roman agrees. Kristen remarks that she just loves technology.

Eric tells Caroline that he has nothing exciting to tell as he's just focused on his photography and the family. Caroline asks about Nicole and the church. Caroline questions Eric being all work and no play. Eric tells her that there's no one and it's far too soon. Caroline hopes he's not saying never as she wants him to be happy. Eric thinks it'll be a long time before he can trust someone again after he trusted Nicole. Caroline tells him that doesn't mean that the right person isn't out there waiting.

Sami questions Chad blaming her when he told Stefano. Chad says Sami put it all in motion by going after EJ. Chad jokes about EJ betraying Stefano for her. Chad says it's all on Sami. Sami says she won't tell EJ about this conversation. Sami warns Chad that he's messing with a very dangerous man in EJ. Sami threatens that EJ will kill him if he messes with her or the kids. Chad argues that he didn't. Sami says his threats put them at risk and calls him arrogant. Sami tells Chad that he is so out of his league. Chad decides to step outside through the back. EJ returns but stops at the front door when he gets a call. Miguel informs him that Clyde has begun selling outside of the area he specified. Miguel tells EJ to give him an order and he'll do anything he asks as Clyde and Jeremiah approach Miguel.

Roman reads Brady and Theresa's statements to John. John stares at Theresa as Roman reads that Theresa said Brady hit John over the head with the fireplace poker. Marlena asks John if that's the way he remembers it.

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