Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/7/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/7/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paige joins JJ at Daniel's. JJ asks her how it's going. Paige asks him why he didn't tell her about Jack and Kayla. JJ asks if she's kidding and questions why Kayla told her about that.

Sami shows up at Will and Sonny's with a present for Arianna. Will tells her they are having a party for Johnny, Allie, and Sydney. Sami didn't want Arianna to feel left out. They both say they need to talk to the other. Sami informs Will that she and EJ are back together. Will can't believe she took the creep back.

Chad goes home where EJ calls him a son of a bitch. EJ wants him out of the house. Chad tells him to check with Kate because she has more say. EJ accuses him of sucking up to her. Chad says Kate's been better to him than his family. EJ asks if he has any idea what he's done. Chad realizes he talked to Stefano.

John questions Kristen being back and Brady being with her. Marlena confirms. John hoped he was hearing things. Marlena is afraid it's true. John asks for her phone.

Kristen tries to get Brady but he pushes her away and says they can't do that. Kristen says after everything she sacrificed to come back and save John's life for him. She asks if he really wants her to walk away and pretend she never met him.

Eric goes to the Pub and greets Caroline. Caroline thanks him for John being alright. Eric credits the doctors and says he just made a deal with Kristen. Caroline says it must've killed him to lose his chance to put her away. Eric feels he also gave her another chance at Brady. Caroline worries about Kristen milking that she saved John.

Brady tells Kristen not to start. Kristen argues it never ended for them. Brady brings up what she did to Eric and said it was over then. Kristen tells him that he still wants her. Brady says he still wants cocaine too but doesn't act on impulses. She asks why he's there. Brady says he only wanted to thank her for saving John. Marlena calls Brady. Brady asks if John's okay. She tells him that John wants to see him as soon as possible and he wants him to bring Kristen with him.

Paige doesn't know why JJ is making a big deal of this and calls it a random connection. Paige then reveals she only knows that Jack was a patient of Kayla's when she first became a nurse. Paige wonders why JJ seemed so surprised. JJ says he doesn't even know all the details and that Kayla didn't talk about it much. JJ mentions Jack having cancer. Paige asks why he was so upset when she told him. Parker wakes up so Paige goes to check on him.

Will can't believe Sami is back with EJ. Sami argues that EJ has been good to him. Will brings up what he did to Abigail. Sami wishes Lucas would have told him already. Will says no one else probably wanted to talk or think about it. Will asks how she could even consider taking him back after what he did. Will questions if she has any pride at all.

EJ tells Chad that he has no idea how serious this is that he unleashed a monster on him and his family. Chad blows it off as no big deal. EJ explains that Stefano knows he turned him in to the police and he will go to prison if he comes back which he knows because of Chad. Chad questions if EJ didn't think Stefano would find out from someone. EJ says he knew there was a chance which he had to take to protect Sami. Chad says payback's a bitch. EJ says Kate is too and wishes him luck with that.

Paige comforts Parker while JJ thinks back to arguing with Jennifer when he found out about Jack and Kayla. JJ wonders how he's supposed to tell Paige something like that. She comes in and asks what he meant. JJ says it's about Jack and why he got upset. Paige asks if something's wrong. JJ says there is. JJ informs her that he found out Jack wasn't always the guy that he thought was always so great. Paige asks what he means. JJ explains that Jack was pretty much a jerk before he was born. JJ adds that he put Jennifer through a lot. JJ talks about Jack going off on adventures while the family always sided with Jennifer. JJ talks about loving his dad but growing up hearing people say they didn't like him and things he did. Paige points out that Jack was good to him. JJ says that's what he wants to remember and asks Paige not to talk to Kayla about Jack anymore. Paige agrees and apologizes for bringing any bad memories up. Paige feels Kayla told enough about her life so she'll drop it. JJ thanks her.

Brady tells Marlena to tell John that he's on his way and he'll have Kristen with him. Brady hangs up and informs Kristen. Brady assumes Marlena told John what she did. Kristen says it's not possible because of the restraining order against her. Brady says he can text Roman to have the order lifted. Kristen thinks a judge would have to be involved but Brady says he can make it happen. Brady and Kristen exit.

Marlena asks John why he's doing this. John asks if she would believe he knew what he was doing. Marlena wants to. John says he needs her to do something for him when they get there. John states that Brady is with Kristen alone because of him. John says he needs to do this but can't do it without Marlena.

Sami brings up Will wanting a truce with her. Will says he did with her but not EJ. Will continues to bring up what EJ did with Abigail. Will questions Sami being all about forgiveness now and if she's going to forgive Abigail. Sami argues that Abigail is not an innocent victim. Will tells her not to make it like it's all her fault. Sami brings up Abigail's past with Austin. Will says Austin didn't sleep with her but EJ did. Will says Abigail didn't manipulate EJ DiMera. Sami stops Will.

Chad says he'll choose trusting Kate over him. EJ calls him a fool. Chad blames his problems on what he did with Abigail. Chad feels EJ is getting exactly what he deserves. EJ asks if he ever stopped to think about the revenge Stefano will bring because of him. Chad calls it a bump in the road. EJ says he never went to the police which Stefano sees as the ultimate betrayal. Chad asks if Stefano is going to kill his own son. EJ responds that's precisely what he will do.

Eric asks if it's possible to be a DiMera and a decent human. Kristen thinks it's late for Kristen and EJ. Caroline worries about Brady taking Kristen back in to his life. Caroline is thankful Sami got rid of EJ. Eric then informs her that Sami has taken EJ back which she can't believe.

Sami says she shouldn't be there if Will isn't going to listen or understand. Will asks her not to go and promises to listen even if he doesn't understand. Sami says that everybody makes mistakes. Will says he knows with how he had his daughter. Sami reminds him of going through that. Will admits he hurt a lot of people. Sami knows it's hard. Sami compares her and EJ to if Sonny did something like that. Will argues that Sonny would never cheat on him. Sami says that if he did, she asks if Will would throw away everything if it was just a mistake. Will hopes he never has to find out. Will admits he can get why it shouldn't be all thrown away. Sami thanks him. Arianna wakes up so Will goes to check on her. Will stops and asks Sami not to go because he still wants to talk to her about something. Sami says she has a little bit of time before her meeting. Sami finds notes on the desk for Will's upcoming article on Chad and questions if that's what Will wanted to talk about.

Chad argues that Stefano wouldn't kill his own son. EJ tells him not to delude himself and not to forget what Stefano is capable of when he feels betrayed by his family. EJ brings up Stefano leaving Tony in a prison on an island and Peter to rot in jail. EJ adds that he took his time getting Kristen out and abducted Lexi which ultimately led to her death. EJ reminds him that Stefano said he was a changed man after that and how he said the same thing after Chad was shot. EJ calls Stefano the same vengeful monster that he was born to be. EJ blames Chad for unleashing that monster on him and his family. EJ says Chad may hate him but questions him having Sami and the kids destroyed too and if he could live with that.

Paige puts Parker back to sleep and rejoins JJ. JJ jokes with her about studying. Paige sits on JJ's lap but JJ worries about if Daniel walked in on them like that. Paige kisses him but JJ stops and says they can't do this.

Will accuses Sami of snooping. Sami argues that it was on the table and he better not be writing an article on Chad. Will explains it was his assignment. Sami argues that he can't do that because Chad hates EJ now. Will says he's not surprised. Sami worries about Chad trashing EJ. Will tells her the article is going to happen. Sami brings up Abigail. Will says she doesn't care about her but Abigail won't be mentioned. Will doubts Chad will mention Sami. Will says he has to ask about EJ. Will brings up Sami sending Chad his last article. Sami threatens him about the article. Will tells her that he's writing the article so he thinks she should leave. Sami agrees and storms out.

Chad questions EJ using his kids to try and get off the hook. Chad calls him pathetic. EJ asks him to tell Stefano that Kate was lying to him to call him off. Chad says he should've thought about him when he screwed Abigail. Chad brings up having to find out from Sami. EJ says he meant to call him. Chad shouts that he didn't. EJ didn't know what to say. Chad argues that EJ doesn't give a damn about him. EJ wishes it would all go away. Chad questions EJ deciding the best thing to do was nothing. Chad believes he never crossed through EJ's selfish mind. Chad calls him pathetic and says he won't be talking to Stefano about changing his mind. Chad adds that seeing EJ squirm is making his day. Chad states that he doesn't care what Stefano or anyone else does to EJ and then walks out of the mansion.

Brady and Kristen arrive at the hospital and see Marlena. Brady brings up the restraining order stopping Kristen from going near John. Marlena offers to tell him. Brady informs her that he texted Roman to lift the order. Brady asks if they should go in but Marlena says John wants to see Kristen first alone. Brady isn't sure that's a great idea. Kristen brings up her attorney. Marlena says that's what John wants so Kristen heads inside. Kristen tells John long time no see.

Brady worries that it's a little soon for John to see Kristen alone. Marlena agrees. Brady asks why she agreed to it. Marlena says John insisted after hearing Brady was alone with her. Brady says there is nothing to worry about as he thanked Kristen but also told her there is still no hope for them. Marlena tells Brady that Kristen hears what she wants to hear. Brady states that he knows what he's doing but Marlena questions if he does.

John admits it's been a long time as Marlena filled him in. John says he knows she's the one that got him out of the coma. John adds that it wasn't easy for Marlena to tell him but he still doesn't know all the details. Kristen says she did what she could and is glad it worked. John says the doctors think he'll make a full recovery. Kristen asks why she's there. John says after everything they've been through and the pain they have caused each other, maybe they could use this moment as a new beginning.

Will starts writing notes for his article when Chad arrives. Will questions him banging on the door when Arianna is asleep. Chad says he got carried away. Will informs him that he was expecting to see EJ.

Sami goes home to tell EJ about what happened but EJ informs her that Stefano knows that he turned him in. Sami questions how when only they and Kate knew. Sami asks if it was Kate. EJ explains that Kate told Chad, who told Stefano. EJ tells her that Stefano said he was dead to him. Sami says she's sorry and hugs him. EJ declares he doesn't know what's going to happen but it's not going to be good.

JJ tells Paige that he has to go and he exits. Paige wonders why he keeps pulling away. Paige makes a call for an appointment.

Will tells Chad about finding out that Sami is back with EJ. Will talks about Sami flipping out and how she worries that Chad will trash EJ in the article. Will assures Chad that he's still writing the article. Chad says good because he has a whole lot to say about his family including EJ.

Sami wants to go find Kate but EJ stops her. Sami argues that Kate was her partner against Stefano and wants to do something. EJ says he just wanted her to know. Sami thinks they should do something. EJ says whatever it is, they will do together. Caroline and Eric arrive. Caroline asks to speak to Sami.

Kristen tells John that a new beginning makes her wonder. Brady and Marlena come in. Kristen says they weren't finished but Marlena says her five minutes are up. Kristen says they were talking about closure. Marlena declares John needs to rest and Kristen needs to go. Brady agrees. John says he doesn't understand. Brady asks if he's alright. Marlena asks what it is. John states that it's all coming back. John declares he knows what happened to him that night and he remembers it all.

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