Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/6/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/6/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Julie goes to see Jennifer asking why she sounded so upset on the phone. Jennifer says she could really use her help and it's about Eve, Paige, and JJ.

Bev approaches Paige in the town square and asks her about JJ ditching her at the party for a random girl.

JJ goes to the Pub and greets Kayla. Kayla mentions meeting Paige. JJ says he wanted to talk to her first. Kayla asks about what. JJ thinks back to Paige telling him what she overheard. JJ tells Kayla that it's about her and Paige.

Sami meets with Chad outside the town square, hoping they could talk about EJ.

EJ calls Stefano from home. Stefano asks what he wants. EJ tells him that he just spoke to Victor and he knows what he's doing to undermine him. Stefano calls Victor a liar and he has no intention of undermining his own son but to destroy him.

Brady declares that he's going to have to thank Kristen. Marlena tells him that's the last thing he needs to do.

Kristen asks Daniel if he knows Theresa put John in the coma. Daniel says he doesn't know but suspects more than ever. Kristen wants to know why he thinks more than ever. Daniel says Theresa got in his face. Kristen wants to work together to bring Theresa down for good.

Eve joins Theresa at the hospital and tells her that the doctor is optimistic about her surgery. Theresa tells her it's not about her all the time. Eve questions if it's about her and asks what she's freaking out about now. Theresa tells Eve that Eric said John is starting to remember things from that night.

John lays in his bed and starts having flashbacks to arguments with Brady and talking to Eric about it and then the night with Theresa. John has flashbacks to Brady visiting him mixed with Theresa knocking him out. John suddenly wakes up and declares it was Theresa. John wonders if he's imagining it or if Theresa did this. Maxine comes in and asks if there's something she can do for him. John says there is.

Brady tells Marlena that any decent man would thank Kristen for saving his father's life. Marlena argues that he doesn't owe her that as she didn't do it out of the kindness of her heart. Brady agrees that she wouldn't have done it without getting Eric to drop the charges. Marlena reminds him that Kristen wants him too. Brady says he knows that. Marlena asks if that's why he can't leave this alone and if that's what he wants too.

Daniel tells Kristen that they don't have any proof. Kristen says they'll find some but Daniel doesn't want to be a part of this. Daniel wants Theresa to be punished only if she's guilty. Daniel says that John will either remember or they won't ever know the truth and there's nothing else they are going to do. Kristen states that's the difference between them. Kristen argues that Daniel will just let Theresa get away with it while that's not her and she doesn't believe it's their only option. Kristen tells Daniel that she will take it from here. Daniel stops her and says she's not going anywhere until he makes somethin crystal clear.

Eve encourages Theresa to take a deep breath because maybe John doesn't remember everything. Eve thinks John would've said something to somebody by now if he remembered. Theresa agrees that maybe she's right. Maxine comes in and informs Theresa that John wants to see her.

Jennifer talks to Julie about never seeing anything good in Eve. Julie recalls seeing Eve's talent for music. Jennifer says she loathes Eve. They talk about JJ dating Paige. Jennifer wants Julie to talk to Eve and tell her that JJ is a good kid and get her to back off. Julie suggests inviting Eve to her yoga class. Jennifer thought she could just say a few words. Julie tells her to consider her problem solved and she exits.

Paige tells Bev that Rory was wrong because nothing happened and they're cool. Bev talks about JJ being in to her until he wasn't and how every girl thinks he's hot so there will always be more parties and other girls for JJ. Bev talks about JJ not being able to say no. Bev tells her to enjoy her studying and walks away.

JJ brings up Kayla giving Paige a tour of the hospital. Kayla asks if he thought she'd have a problem with her being Eve's daughter. Kayla says she would never hold that against Paige. JJ is glad to hear it. Kayla adds that she's really enjoyed getting to know her. Kayla asks if there is something else he wants to say. JJ decides that's it and exits.

Chad tells Sami that he's not interested in discussing his relationship with EJ. Sami asks about their relationship as she thought they had mutual respect. Chad says that hasn't changed. Sami knows Chad being shot was her fault. Chad says that was the night everything changed for both of them as if he didn't take that bullet then he would've still been with Abigail and EJ wouldn't have slept with her.

EJ tells Stefano that he will make up for Sami and Kate's damages. EJ brings up Sami being his wife and the mother of his children. Stefano complains about what Sami and Kate did but says it pales in comparison to the betrayal of his own son.

Daniel says he doesn't want Brady and Theresa together but warns Kristen about making up any false evidence. Kristen says screw you to Daniel. Kristen gets a text from her lawyer that all of the charges against her have been dismissed. Kristen says there's just a few loose ends to tie up. Parker is brought home and Daniel excitedly greets him.

Brady tells Marlena that he doesn't want to be anywhere near Kristen. Marlena tells him not to see her then. Brady responds that he has to. Brady says he's supposed to do the right thing and thanking her is the right thing to do. Brady then exits the club.

Theresa wonders why John wants to see her. Maxine doesn't know but tells her not to keep him waiting. Theresa worries to Eve about seeing John and if he remembers. Eve suggests it could just be about her marriage to Brady. Eve tells Theresa that she can't run from this so she has to go talk to him and find out what he knows.

Theresa enters John's room and comments that he's looking better. John says he's feeling better and some memories are even coming back to him which is what he wanted to talk to her about. John tells her that he started to remember something about the night he was hurt.

Sami tells Chad that she understands how devastating the affair was. Chad questions her sending him Will's article. Sami admits she was very angry and thought he had a right to know but she apologizes for not handling it better and not being more sensitive to his feelings. Chad tells her that she did him a favor. Chad says he was in denial long enough about the kind of man EJ really is.

EJ tells Stefano that he can't condemn him for being with Sami. Stefano argues that she is no excuse for betraying him. Stefano warns EJ no more lies and declares that he knows about everything he has done.

Kristen greets Parker and tells Daniel that she'll leave. Kristen calls Parker precious and says Daniel is lucky as she exits. Kristen starts to walk on when she gets a call from Brady. Brady says he needs to see her and asks if she's free. Brady says he's in the town square. Kristen suggests meeting at the Pub but Brady says it needs to be done in private.

John says Theresa was there when Brady hit him. Theresa says she was and apologizes for getting Brady drunk which led to everything. She adds that they got an annulment and are not married anymore. John points out that it means they never were. John questions her being in the room when it happened. Theresa says that she wasn't but wishes she could've stopped it. Theresa claims she would do anything to take that night back if she could. John bets she would.

Sami is relieved that Chad understands. Chad thinks she's being presumptuous to say she knows how he felt. Sami says she does understand what he's going through. Chad argues that she doesn't. Chad says he saved EJ's life and he swore his gratitude then slept with Abigail. Sami insists that she knows how he felt but she found a way to forgive EJ and doesn't understand why he can't.

EJ doesn't know what Stefano thinks he's done. Stefano tells EJ that he is the reason that he's a fugitive. EJ argues that he's not the enemy. EJ brings up being in jail and how Rafe came up with new evidence against him. Stefano accuses EJ of giving the evidence to Rafe.

JJ goes to see Daniel. Daniel tells him that he can come any time to get away from Eve and he trusts them to be responsible. Daniel asks JJ if there's a problem. JJ admits there sorta is.

Paige meets with Kayla at the Pub. Paige asks her about changing careers. Kayla talks about being a nurse and mentions Jack who she identifies as JJ's dad.

Theresa asks John if there was anything more. John says no and thanks her for filling in the blanks. John says he will try to get some rest now so Theresa gives him another pillow and tells him to feel better. Theresa adds that she hopes they have a better relationship moving forward. John says his only concern in all of this is for Brady. Theresa says she will let him rest and then exits. Theresa says to herself thank God he doesn't remember anything. John throws the pillow and declares it was her.

Brady goes to Kristen's hotel room. She greets him with a smile and invites him in.

EJ tells Stefano that he didn't give him a choice and he knows that when he threatened Sami. Stefano calls him a self-righteous turncoat for selling him out for Sami. EJ is offended by Stefano calling Sami a whore. Stefano brings up EJ having sex with his brother's lover.

Chad brings up all the times Sami has forgiven EJ. Chad says he can stop caring about EJ and he wouldn't miss EJ for a second if he was gone from his life.

Kayla explains that the time she is talking about is before JJ and Abigail were born and before Jack met Jennifer. Paige wishes she could've met Jack and asks what he was like back then, assuming he was just like JJ.

Daniel puts Parker to sleep and goes back to talk to JJ. JJ feels lucky that Paige believes him about the party and Daniel too. JJ recalls messing things up for Daniel and Jennifer. Daniel calls it ancient history. JJ brings up his past in England and girls he wasn't nice to. Daniel asks if there's a problem between he and Paige.

Julie goes to see Eve. They talk about being happy to see one another. Eve asks if there's a reason she stopped by.

Theresa texts Eve that all is well and calls it a beautiful morning. Jennifer appears and asks her what's wrong, assuming something is up. Theresa tells her that she's just thrilled for John's recovery and nothing can spoil her good mood. Theresa then asks if she has a minute to talk about Kristen.

Brady tells Kristen that he owes her an apology. Kristen tells him that he doesn't owe her anything but Brady feels he does. Brady talks about giving her hell over not believing the drug would work. Kristen says she's so happy for him and John. Brady says he owes her a lot as he almost killed his father and she gave him his life back and his own. Brady thanks her. Kristen says it was her pleasure. Brady says that's all he had to say so he's going to check on John. Kristen stops him for one more question. She asks what John remembers about that night.

Marlena goes to see John. John asks to see Brady because there's something he needs to say to him. John tells Marlena that he knows now what happened that night.

Chad tells Sami it's not his business if she wants to take EJ back and he won't judge her but she'll never get him to forgive EJ so she can give up now. Chad says the bullet he took doesn't mean a thing because EJ is already dead to him. Chad then walks away.

EJ tells Stefano that he won't defend what happened with Abigail. Stefano calls him a traitor and swine. Stefano says thank God he still has one loyal son. EJ asks if he's disowning him. Stefano declares that EJ is out of his life forever. Stefano adds that he is no longer his son as he then hangs up.

Julie asks Eve about her vocal surgery and how Eve might return to singing. Julie offers any help she can give. Eve talks about wanting to send Paige to Stamford. Julie brings up how Eve must need money after suing Jennifer. Julie then says she thinks it will be wonderful that she'll be focused on her career instead of making JJ and Paige miserable.

Kayla tells Paige that Jack was one of a kind. Paige asks about being married to his brother. Paige adds that she always wished she had a big family like that. Kayla gets a message that she has to get to the hospital. Paige says they can finish anytime. Kayla exits.

JJ tells Daniel that he's just worried that he's going to screw things up with Paige. Daniel gets a message that there's an emergency at the hospital. Daniel exits as JJ stays to babysit Parker. JJ wonders how he'll ever talk about it with Paige if he can't even bring it up to Daniel.

Theresa questions Jennifer being best friends with Kristen. Jennifer says they were friends and asks what she wants to know. Theresa says Kristen has been jealous of her and Brady and has been harassing her lately. Jennifer wishes Theresa luck and walks away. Theresa argues that she's wrong as Kristen can't touch her without John's help that he won't be giving.

Marlena tells John that there's so much that she wants to talk about and so much he doesn't know. John insists he's remembering. Marlena says she's talking about things that happened while he was unconscious that will affect he and Brady. Marlena says he won't hear from her. John asks what else Theresa did. Marlena tells him it's not what Theresa did but about Kristen.

Brady tells Kristen that John still doesn't remember anything about that night. Kristen says that's too bad but Brady doesn't think it would be any good to think about that night. Brady says he's going to go so if he never sees her again, he thanks her. Kristen stops him and asks him not to go yet.

Chad goes home where EJ calls him a son of a bitch.

Eve says now she knows why Julie paid her a visit and wants her to leave. Julie says she should know what happens when she tries to tell a teenage girl who she can and can't see. Eve says she will focus on her career while Paige focuses on work and school. Eve says this relationship with JJ won't last.

Paige joins JJ at Daniel's. JJ asks her how it's going. Paige asks him why he didn't tell her about Jack and Kayla.

Theresa calls Brady and leaves a message asking how he's doing and where he is.

Daniel arrives at the hospital and talks with Maxine about doing surgery. Maxine tells him that it seems John's memory might be coming back. Daniel calls that great news for some of them. Daniel thanks her and walks on.

John asks about Kristen. Marlena informs him that she's back in Salem and Brady is with her right now.

Kristen believes that fate wanted her to help him and maybe it makes up for some of the mistakes made with each other and other people. Kristen tells Brady that he can't leave now. Kristen says she knows in his heart he understands why as she gets close to him and touches his face.

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