Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/3/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/3/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ is on the phone at home with Victor. EJ says today would be perfect. Victor tells him he will be free in an hour so they agree to meet and hangs up. Kate walks in and tells EJ that she needs to speak to Sami. EJ tells her that they decided no on the European deal. Kate argues that she and Sami are partners not EJ. EJ tells her that Sami can explain. Kate says she won't explain and wants Sami to call her. EJ asks when Kate is going to pack her bags.

Hope visits Victor and Maggie. They talk about John's recovery. Maggie offers coffee but Hope says she just stopped by to say something in person and doesn't want anyone told until she tells Ciara. Hope adds that it is serious. Hope informs Maggie and Victor that she has decided to file for divorce from Bo.

Aiden comes across Nicole in the town square. She notes that he seems happy. Aiden's son Chase enters and asks if Nicole is his date.

Theresa and Anne eat at the Pub. Anne asks about John being coherent today and if that makes her nervous but Theresa says no.

Daniel works in his office until getting a call from Kristen, who asks for the latest on John. Daniel tells her that he's not giving her any information on John and tells her not to call again as he hangs up. Eric enters and asks who it was. Daniel says it was Kristen. Eric questions why he would ever talk to her about John.

John wakes up in his hospital bed with Marlena and Brady at his side. They explained he was sedated to keep him from getting upset. John asks what happened to him. Brady asks what he remembers.

Kate questions EJ thinking she's moving out. EJ thought he made it clear last night. Kate says she'll make it clear that she's co-CEO so she's there to stay unlike him.

Daniel tells Eric that Kristen is interested in the situation. Eric argues it's only because of Brady and questions what Daniel is doing.

Theresa tells Anne that it doesn't make a difference because John doesn't remember that night. Anne notes that she seems confident but things can change in a heartbeat.

John remembers them being angry with him. They say they weren't and have been worried about him. John says he doesn't understand because he remembers coming back to Salem. Marlena regrets that. John brings up things Brady said to him. Brady admits they argued. John decides it's too many questions but the big one is why is he in the hospital.

Hope explains that she's reached out, written letters, prayed, and hoped. Hope says she received a short note last winter in which Bo said it could be years. Victor agrees that no one should have to live in limbo. Hope adds that she has met someone, Aiden, but it's not serious though it made her realize that she couldn't go on with her life unless she dealt with Bo. Hope says she wrote a letter and told him how she felt that he deserted her and their family. Maggie gets a call and steps out to take it. Hope decides she should get going but Victor says they need to talk.

Aiden tells Chase that Nicole is not his date. Chase runs off to school. Nicole questions Aiden about his date. Aiden says it's nothing but Nicole doesn't believe him. Nicole suggests they go have breakfast at the Pub. Aiden thinks back to seeing Caroline and tells Nicole that he's avoiding the Pub these days. Nicole wants to know who his date was.

Victor mentions meeting Aiden at the gala and he seemed intelligent and a good guy. Victor says all that is important is that she's happy. Hope thanks him. Victor asks what Caroline said. Hope admits she wasn't happy. Hope says she has to stop by the station and thanks him for listening and understanding. They hug and agree to dinner later in the week. Hope exits while Victor seems upset.

Kate questions how long EJ thinks this latest hookup with Sami will last. EJ says it will be the rest of their lives. Kate asks what happens when EJ goes to prison for tax evasion. EJ tells her that won't happen. Kate questions him when both CEOs have to sign off on it and she would not save him from going to jail.

Eric warns Daniel about giving information. Daniel brings up Eric letting her go and doing the right thing but says they all had to deal with her. Eric declares that Kristen is in the past and irrelevant now so there is no need for contact. Eric asks if she knows anything about John. Daniel thinks back to Kristen telling him that Theresa put John in the coma.

Anne warns Theresa that John could remember eventually and people could help him with questions so she should be prepared.

John asks about being in the hospital for months. Brady asks for time alone so Marlena exits after adding that she's glad he's back with them. Brady tells John that this won't be easy to talk about but he won't sugar coat it. Brady tells John that the reason he was in a coma was because they got in a fight at Victor's where he was drunk, high, and angry so he hit him with a fireplace poker that knocked him unconscious. John responds that Brady didn't do that.

EJ mentions seeing Kate playing with the kids while planning to send their father to prison. Kate argues that the children would be better without EJ in their lives. Kate says EJ and Sami would screw up again in a few months and their family would be in pain all over again. EJ understands her hatred towards Stefano but not him. Kate responds that EJ is his father.

Victor goes to the Pub and questions Caroline for being judgmental. Caroline cries about everyone giving up on Bo. Victor says Hope is being very honest with everyone. Victor states that Bo has abandoned her. Caroline worries about if Bo comes back. Victor says they will deal with it but Hope has to move on.

Nicole asks if she's just supposed to guess who Aiden's date was. Hope appears so Nicole tells them to enjoy their date and walks off. Hope questions if Aiden told her about their date. Aiden explains that Chase came by and saw Nicole. Hope tells him they need to make sure nobody knows until she tells them. Aiden assures that he knows. Hope mentions not looking forward to telling Ciara but knows it has to happen soon. Aiden suggests they just talk about them because it always makes him smile.

Daniel tells Eric to just focus on Brady. Marlena comes in and informs them that John is awake and fully conscious. Daniel goes to check in on him. Eric asks if Marlena is okay. She says she's getting better every minute as they hug.

John tells Brady that he knows him and he'd never raise a weapon against him. Brady apologizes for what he did that night and insists it's true because he was drunk, high, and angry. Daniel comes in and greets John. Daniel notes they seem intense. Brady informs Daniel that he was filling John in on what happened that night but he doesn't believe he hit him. Daniel says they'll have time to deal with that but he needs to check on John's condition. Daniel tells Brady that he did the right thing in telling him the truth in what he think happened but they don't want to overload him. Brady agrees and thanks him as he exits. Daniel tells John that he has to get his chart up to date. John tells him to go for it. John asks if Daniel was there the night he came in. Daniel says that he was. John asks Daniel what really went down that night .

Theresa approaches Brady at the hospital and asks if he's okay. Brady tells her that John is awake. Theresa says that's a good thing. Brady says he couldn't lie to him when he asked what happened so he told him what he did. She asks what he said. Brady says John doesn't even remember like he hurt him so bad that he lost his memory. Theresa hugs him and tells him everything will be fine.

Kristen sits in her hotel room thinking back to arguing with Theresa and telling Daniel that Theresa put John in the coma. She throws her magazine and declares Theresa won't get away with it as she storms out.

EJ tells Kate that he is not Stefano and is nothing like him. Kate says he didn't used to be but she's watched him over the years. Kate agrees he's not as ruthless but he's just as selfish and egotistical. EJ warns Kate that they will call an emergency board meeting to have her put out. Kate blames his ego and reminds him that she is co-CEO so she has access to all the books going back years. Kate says she can tell the board how much money that EJ and Stefano put in their personal accounts then she won't be the one out. Kate tells EJ that she'll give him two weeks notice to find a new place to live and then walks out.

Daniel tells John that evidence showed he was hit with a fireplace poker and slipped into a coma on July 16. Daniel thinks the memory loss is normal for being out that long.

Eric and Marlena walk by Brady and she asks what's wrong. Theresa says he's upset. Brady explains that he was in with John and told him what happened but he denied it and doesn't remember anything. Marlena tells him not to go there yet and just enjoy the fact that he's back with them. Theresa agrees and suggests looking forward instead of expecting too much. Daniel comes out and says John's recovery is going well so they will start getting him on his feet tomorrow. Daniel adds that he will have a full physical recovery but no one can tell as far as his memory. Marlena asks to see him. Daniel tells them one at a time because he needs his rest. Marlena heads in while Daniel goes to his office after exchanging looks with Theresa. Marlena sits with John and holds his hand. Eric and Brady sit together. Brady talks about the look on John's face when he told him what he did. Brady says John still loves him as he's a better man than he will ever be. Brady complains about what he did to John. Eric stops him. Brady says everyone keeps telling him to forgive himself but he doesn't think he can or ever will.

Daniel sits in his office on the phone with Parker and talks about seeing him later. Theresa storms in and says she is so on to him.

Aiden tells Hope that he's trying to think out of the box for their date and suggests all day at a spa. Aiden then brings up the art institute. Hope thinks they should lower the bar with just lunch. Aiden agrees and says he only cares about spending time with her. Hope says she'd like that too and then gets a call from Caroline. Caroline says she needs to see her right away.

John asks Marlena if they didn't patch things up. Marlena admits they didn't. John asks if she's here now because of what happened to him. Marlena informs him that she's barely left his side. John calls it amazing that he woke up and asks if they found some kind of miracle drug. Marlena says there's a lot to explain and lots of time for that but what's important now is that he's back. Marlena mentions telling Eric how grateful he is. John has a flashback to seeing Eric in the Pub and then asks to see Eric.

Daniel tells Theresa to get out. Theresa yells that she knows he has a sick fantasy that she hit John and wants to tell everyone to turn them against her. Theresa warns him to stop or she will sue him. Daniel says if she did nothing wrong then she has nothing to worry about. Theresa says she only worries about him because he hates her and wants her gone. Daniel thinks she will be gone after John remembers and brings up prison. Theresa argues that he can't prove a thing and warns that she will mess with him right back. Theresa tells Daniel that she's going to ruin him.

Hope meets Caroline at the Pub and begins to apologize but Caroline stops her and wants to explain. Caroline tells Hope that she was wrong. Hope says it's okay but Caroline says it's not. Caroline brings up Bo being gone for a very long time so she respects Hope's decision to move on.

EJ meets with Victor outside the town square. Victor gives him a check which is more than what EJ expected. Victor says that's what they agreed on for the information on companies that EJ gave him. EJ says it's nice to meet a man with his word as his bond. Victor asks about needing that. EJ tells him that he's back with Sami and isn't worried about the tax evasion charges. Victor says he's talking about Stefano.

Marlena goes and tells Eric that John wants to see him so he heads inside. Marlena asks Brady to go grab breakfast so she can talk to him. They talk about not telling John about Eric dropping the charges or Kristen getting the drug. Brady wants to keep that off the table as long as they can and wonder why John wanted to see Eric as they walk off.

John tells Eric that he wanted to ask him something that he thinks he just remembered. John asks if he ran in to him somewhere on the day he ended up at the hospital. Eric remembers talking to John about Brady at the Pub. Eric tells John that he was upset about Brady. John asks if he talked about Theresa. Eric says that he did. John asks if he was angry. Eric suggests going to get Daniel but John says he's fine. John decides maybe he just needs to rest. Eric tells him they can talk about it later. John thanks him and Eric exits.

Theresa warns Daniel that he won't just be dealing with lawyers but social media. She brings up Parker hearing bad things about Daniel. Theresa tells Daniel that she'll never be done with him and warns him to keep his mouth shut because he has nothing on her. Theresa warns that if he spreads lies about her then she will burn him down.

Victor says it's all over town that Stefano is pissed at EJ. EJ assumes he's just mad that he and Sami are back together. Victor says it's more than that and Stefano has put the word out to not credit EJ and is cutting off his air. Victor senses a real royal showdown and wants a ringside seat. Victor then walks off.

Caroline tells Hope that she loves her. Hope says the same. Caroline tells her to do what she has to do to move on. Caroline jokes with her about Aiden and then walks away.

Brady and Marlena go to the club. Brady worries about pushing John so far away and hurting him so badly. Marlena tells him they are lucky that they got him back and that's all that matters. Brady points out that it wasn't just luck as they had help and there is something he needs to do. Brady declares that he's going to have to thank Kristen.

Daniel goes home upset and Kristen arrives right behind him. Daniel doesn't want to hear it. Kristen admits she followed him because she wants to know if John is remembering because Theresa should not be allowed to get away with it. Daniel agrees that she shouldn't.

Eric talks with a nurse about John wanting some rest. Theresa approaches Eric and asks how John is doing. Eric says he's better all the time and getting stronger as well as remembering a lot more than anyone thought about the night he fought Brady.

John lays in his bed and starts having flashbacks to arguments with Brady and talking to Eric about it and then the night with Theresa. John has flashbacks to Brady visiting him mixed with Theresa knocking him out. John suddenly wakes up and declares it was Theresa.

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