Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/2/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/2/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ runs in to Nicole outside the town square. She asks him if he's happy about what Kristen is getting away with. EJ responds that he's not giving her a quote for her television show. Nicole says she's not asking as a reporter but as someone who cares about Eric. Nicole adds that Kristen caused Eric a lot of pain and ruined his life but got off free.

Sami meets with Eric at the Pub and says she has something to tell him. Sami informs him that she and EJ are back together for good.

Kate tells Jordan that she and Clyde had a harmless little date which shocks her. Kate then wonders why Rafe would be so upset about it.

Paige suggests going upstairs for privacy but JJ quickly says no and gets up. Paige asks if something's wrong and JJ says they can't be down there alone in case someone walks in. Paige suggests going up to his room and closing the door but JJ declines. Paige mentions she could get in to her friend's dorm room but JJ refuses.

Eve goes home and Jennifer follows her in, saying she can't walk away from her as she's not done by a long shot.

Ben and Abigail continue kissing. Ben tells her that she's so beautiful and asks how he got so lucky as they resume kissing.

Jennifer tells Eve that her words have consequences. Eve says she was speaking the truth about Jack and they will see how JJ turns out. Eve tells Jennifer that she's not willing to settle because Paige deserves better than JJ and will have it.

Paige asks JJ if he's bothered by having more experience than her. JJ says of course not. Paige tells him that she loves him. JJ says he loves her too. Paige wanted them to get closer and have more alone time. Paige asks if this is about Eve. Paige apologizes for Eve being mean to him. JJ tells her it's not about Eve. Paige says the only other thing it could be about is what she overheard about Kayla so she asks if that's what is upsetting him.

Sami notes Eric is upset. She knows how everybody feels about EJ but it's important to her that he understands EJ hates that he hurt her and has gone out of his way to make it up to her. Sami adds that she hurt him too but they are a family and have worked through it. Sami says their kids are so happy when they are together and talks about all the fun they had. Sami says she'll never be okay with EJ knowing what Kristen did but she wants Eric to know that EJ is horrified by Kristen's actions and hates that Eric is in pain. Sami admits EJ makes her very angry and she hates that he didn't step forward. Eric tells her that they both know that EJ's affair is what broke her and he doesn't understand how she got past that. Sami admits it wasn't easy but says it was simple as she forgave him. Sami asks Eric if he can understand that with his faith. Sami then asks Eric if he can forgive her being with EJ.

EJ tells Nicole that he has had nothing to do with Kristen since she came back and says what she did to Eric was deplorable. Nicole doesn't believe him and brings up EJ knowing about it but keeping quiet. EJ tries to leave but Nicole continues, saying it's ironic after all the hell they put each other through, he gets back with Sami while Nicole falls in love with Eric but now neither are with the other. EJ informs her that she's wrong as he and Sami are back together and better than ever.

Ben and Abigail continue kissing in bed and begin to undress.

Jordan has no idea what kind of games Kate is playing now. Kate responds that she doesn't play games and points out that Rafe introduced her to Clyde. Kate says she decided to fill Clyde in on things about the town and calls him a charming man. Jordan argues that she doesn't know him. Kate says she knows they didn't get along but he is eager to make things right.

Ben and Abigail continue having sex.

EJ tells Nicole that he and Sami are happier than ever. Nicole calls it not a surprise but quite predictable because Sami can't be without a guy. Nicole adds that Rafe and Lucas wouldn't take her back but EJ would. Nicole calls it sad that he has such low standards. EJ thinks it's sad that she will never understand the type of love that he and Sami have. Nicole sits down laughing.

Sami asks Eric to tell her what he's thinking. Eric doesn't think it matters. Sami says she can't go the rest of her life thinking he hates her for being with EJ. Eric tells her that no matter what he says, she will still be with EJ.

Paige feels bad for bringing up what is a painful topic for JJ and apologizes. JJ thinks back to arguing with Jennifer about finding out what happened. Paige realizes that something really is wrong.

Jennifer tells Eve that JJ is his own man and she has no right to call him out on anything. Eve argues about the pictures of JJ at the party. Jennifer says anyone could see it was a setup. Eve brings up Jack's past actions. Jennifer shouts that Jack made mistakes but was a wonderful man. Eve cuts her off and tells her that her family is not worth defending. Jennifer warns her to watch herself. Eve brings up Abigail sleeping with EJ and now JJ then brings up Jack. Eve calls Jack a cheater, drifter and an absent husband. Eve calls Jack a pathological liar who used Jennifer as a doormat. Eve adds that Jennifer loved playing victim and how Jack hurt her. Jennifer responds by slapping Eve.

JJ tells Paige that it's all complicated. JJ says he wasn't telling the truth before because it is about Eve. JJ says Eve got to him more than he led on and that she laid in to him pretty hard. Paige argues that's so unfair and wants to go talk to her. JJ tells her she doesn't have to. Paige declares that Eve is going to listen to her and she won't let her have the last word. JJ gets a text and says he has to deal with this. JJ quickly walks Paige out and says he'll see her tomorrow. Paige declares that's the last time anyone gets in the way of her and JJ.

Jennifer warns Eve that she won't listen to her say another negative word about Jack or her children. Jennifer tells Eve that she will stay away from JJ and never contact him ever again. Jennifer hopes she made herself clear and then storms out. Eve says to herself that she's just getting started.

Ben and Abigail lay in bed as Ben talks about the first time he saw Abigail. They talk about being instantly attracted to each other and then they kiss.

Nicole continues laughing at EJ. EJ doesn't know what she finds so amusing. Nicole says it's not so much what he said but how he said it with such a straight face. Nicole mocks him. EJ doesn't think Nicole has ever or will ever experience the kind of love he and Sami have. Nicole brings up EJ's affair with Abigail and everything Sami did to destroy him. EJ wonders if all this comes from her destroying any possible relationship with Eric. Nicole warns him not to talk to her about Eric. Nicole argues that EJ is not worthy of speaking Eric's name when he stood by and let Kristen destroy his life. EJ laughs at Nicole still being in love with Eric.

Sami tells Eric that she loves EJ no matter what but she loves him too and wants him to understand and love her as he always has. Sami says if Eric can't get past this, she wants him to tell her. Sami asks him to be honest with her.

Paige comes home and questions how Eve could go after JJ. Eve responds that someone had to.

Jennifer comes home and finds JJ sitting on the floor in the living room. She asks how he's doing but he doesn't respond. She asks him what's going on and if it's Eve. Jennifer then says she totally understands because she knows exactly what happened today.

Kate says she understands Jordan's anger but she Jordan disagrees. Kate says it's not about Clyde but her relationship with Rafe. Kate adds that her date with Clyde was just a little dinner and she made it clear that she and Rafe don't have a future together. She encourages her to go forgive Rafe but Jordan calls her a colossal bitch.

Nicole tells EJ that it doesn't matter how she feels about Eric. EJ asks if it's time for them to put their past behind them and just want what is best for one another. Nicole agrees that would be different. EJ says it would be refreshing. Nicole admits they have been through the wars with Sydney, Sami, and each other. EJ says he has never heard her speak of anyone with the intensity she speaks of Eric so he can appreciate that this is obviously very painful for her. Nicole adds that it doesn't matter. EJ questions if she is really going to throw in the towel that easily. Nicole argues it wasn't easy at all. Nicole brings up how much Eric hates her.

Sami waits for an answer from Eric. Eric says the one thing they've never battled is their love. Eric tells Sami that he loves her as much as she loves him and nothing would prevent him from loving her with all his heart. Sami excitedly hugs him.

Paige argues that Eve had no right to run JJ down. Eve says she's her mother and spent her life protecting her. Eve complains about the pictures and accuses Paige of not being honest about them. Paige argues that it was a set up. Eve tells her not to be a fool and claims JJ knew exactly what was happening. Eve questions if JJ has already damaged her and what he's done to her.

Jennifer tells JJ that she knows Eve came over and jumped him about the photos. Jennifer informs him that she just had it out with Eve. Jennifer says she won't stand back and let Eve attack him and Abigail. Jennifer declares that Eve won't get away with it and tells him to just live his life. JJ remains looking down with his hands shaking. Jennifer wants to know what is wrong. JJ responds that he's in trouble and he's not sure what to do about it.

EJ tells Nicole that he has found hate can be temporary. Nicole argues that Eric will hate her for all eternity. Nicole questions if he's actually encouraging her not to give up on him. Nicole tells EJ that Sami is going to dump him yet again. She questions if Sami is really the one he loves. EJ states that Sami is the one. Nicole wishes him luck. EJ kisses her on the cheek and tells her to take care as she walks away.

Paige tells Eve that JJ hasn't done anything to her and she hasn't changed at all but her eyes are open and it's clearly all about Eve. Paige says Eve hates Jennifer and is still mad about Jack so she hates JJ. Eve calls it ridiculous. Paige argues that Eve hasn't given JJ a chance and just wanted to go after him.

JJ tells Jennifer that he loves Paige so much that he can't think of not being able to be with her and he gets afraid sometimes. Jennifer understands it hasn't been easy but feels something else is going on and he needs to tell her what it is.

Abigail tells Ben that she never wants to leave. Ben doesn't either but says they will eventually have to and they will have to find a place where they can be alone all the time unless she doesn't want to. Abigail jokes about having to think about it. Ben says he'll help her decide and kisses her. Abigail jokes that they'll have to keep going so they do.

Jordan accuses Kate of trying to undermine her ever since she suspected Rafe was interested. Kate tells her she has an ego. Jordan tells her to go out with Clyde again because he's exactly the kind of man she deserves. Jordan then walks away.

Ben wishes he could afford a better place to live and talks about going back to school. Abigail understands how important it is to him and she wants him to have that. Ben tells her that nothing in the world is more important than she is.

Paige tells Eve that they are done. Eve argues that JJ is a liar and won't change. Eve shouts that JJ is exactly like his father.

Jennifer asks JJ to tell her. JJ says he's just on edge because Eve really threw him off. JJ says Paige believes him but she's close to Eve so he gets worried about what she is saying when he's not around. JJ says Eve always finds a way to mess things up for them. Jennifer says that's why she went over there. JJ doesn't want Jennifer to have to worry and fight his battles. JJ doesn't want her to be upset for him anymore or have to worry about him ever again.

Eric tells Sami that he just wants her to be happy and if that's with EJ then he can accept it. Sami understands he doesn't believe in EJ or forgive him. Sami says all that matters is that he can forgive her. Eric tells her that he loves her and that's all that matters, no conditions. Sami calls him the best person she knows and says she's so lucky to have him as her little brother.

EJ goes home where Kate is sitting in the living room. Kate informs him that Sami's not there. EJ stops and tells her to start packing up her things and move out. EJ warns her not to overstay her welcome as he exits. Kate grabs her phone and calls Chad. She leaves a message saying that she wants to talk as soon as he gets home as she has some information about EJ that she would encourage him to pass on to Stefano.

Sami walks through the town square and runs in to Nicole. Sami declares she's in a really good mood so she can't ruin it. Nicole says she heard the good news and jokes about it. Nicole tells her that she hopes they are every bit as happy as they were the last time and then walks on.

Abigail jokes with Ben about a ten million dollar place to live and then they continue kissing.

Jennifer gets a message from work. JJ tells her that he'll be fine. Jennifer says she won't be long and exits. JJ looks at a photo of Jack and says he knows this is on him to tell Paige the truth but how can he explain it to her when he doesn't understand it himself.

Eve tells Paige how well she knew Jack and how JJ is exactly like him. Paige doesn't want to listen anymore. Eve continues but Paige walks out. Eve states that she's going to make her see it.

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