Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/1/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/1/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paige asks JJ if he knew that Kayla was raped. JJ looks away. Paige apologizes, thinking JJ didn't know.

EJ comes home and asks Sami where Susan is. Sami tells him that she was gone when she got there. EJ asks why she didn't call. Sami thinks back to Kristen telling her that EJ loved what she did to Eric. EJ worries about Susan running around Salem.

Clyde comes across Rafe in the town square. Rafe starts to walk away but Clyde wants to thank him for introducing him to Kate.

Kate meets Chad at the Pub and asks him what's happening. Chad tells her that he spoke to Stefano last night and that he wanted her to know he was flying to Frankfurt.

Jordan goes to the club expecting to see Ben but Sonny tells her that he's off and meeting up with Abigail.

Ben brings Abigail to a hotel room. Abigail seems nervous so Ben quickly declares it a terrible idea and apologizes.

JJ tells Paige that he did know. Paige is relieved that she wasn't the one to tell him. JJ asks how she found out. Paige explains that she overheard Kayla talking to a rape victim. JJ asks what exactly she heard.

Abigail tells Ben that it's not a terrible idea at all. Ben feels he jumped the gun and that it wasn't the surprise that she was expecting. Abigail calls it sweet. Ben thinks it's weird for her and asks if it's because they saw EJ earlier.

EJ finishes a call trying to find Susan. EJ asks Sami if she could be with the children. Sami doesn't answer. EJ gets a text from Susan that she can't remain in Salem but she will help him from far away, adding that evil still lurks. Sami remains quiet.

Rafe tells Clyde that he doesn't have to thank him. Clyde says he wouldn't have been able to talk to Kate if not for Rafe.

Kate explains to Chad that one of the board members is there on company business so Stefano wants her to think that he's going to interfere with their business deal. Chad asks what she's going to do.

Paige explains what she heard from Kayla. Paige feels she was so brave to put her personal experience out there like that. Paige says she felt proud of her but horrible for listening in so she rushed off. JJ asks if she didn't hear the details then. Paige says she didn't but guesses it wasn't recent. JJ informs her that it happened a long time ago. Paige notes that he seems really upset and asks if it's because she overheard. JJ's phone rings with a call from Kayla.

Abigail tells Ben that this has nothing to do with EJ. Ben asks if she's sure and brings up the last time they got close. Abigail explains that she didn't want anything with them to be like they were with EJ. Abigail says this is completely different and nice. Abigail notices the food in the room and asks if it's for them. Ben tells her that he ordered ahead with room service.

EJ talks about how strange it was that Susan came and went so quick. EJ asks if Sami has any idea what set Susan off. EJ notes that Sami is upset and wants to know what's going on. Sami says she doesn't know what set Susan off but guesses it was because Kristen was there.

Clyde continues praising Kate and mentions that they laughed all night at dinner. Rafe questions them having dinner.

Chad asks Kate what the move is. Kate says she will do exactly what Stefano will expect her to do so it will make him think he knows the game. Kate says she'll take the first hit to make a sacrifice and maybe more until Stefano is certain that he's winning and he'll let his guard down. Chad notes that Stefano is arrogant. Kate tells Chad to watch out because overconfidence has been the undoing of every DiMera man. Chad responds that he'll learn a lot from her.

Paige tells JJ to answer the phone but JJ says it's okay. Paige worries that maybe Kayla knew she heard so JJ answers. Kayla tells him that Paige is a total star and praises her. Kayla adds that she can't believe Paige is Eve's daughter. Kayla tells JJ that Paige can come straight to her if she needs anything. JJ agrees to let her know. Kayla tells him she loves him and they hang up. Paige asks if everything is okay. JJ says Kayla just wanted to tell him how great Paige is and that she can see her for any problem. Paige feels awkward about overhearing. Paige decides she has to tell Kayla what she heard but JJ tells her not to do that.

Clyde hopes dinner with Kate was just a start for them so he feels he owes Rafe a big thanks and offers to return the favor if he can help him and Jordan. Rafe tells him that they are fine. Clyde wishes them the best and walks off.

Sonny gives Jordan her coffee and she starts to leave but stops to ask about Chad. Sonny assumes Chad told her about the misunderstanding with Ben about the cash. Jordan asks if Chad thought Ben was a thief. Sonny tells her that he thinks it was about Abigail because Chad used to be with her so he's probably jealous.

Ben worries that Abigail doesn't look happy. Abigail says she's overwhelmed as no man has ever tried to make it special for her before or been so amazing to her. Abigail tells Ben that he is everything she could want as they kiss.

Kate meets Rafe in the town square and says she got his message. Rafe tells her to feel free to tell him it's not his business because it's not but he feels responsible for the whole thing. Rafe questions her about Clyde.

Clyde meets with Jeremiah in the park. Jeremiah tells him that the shipment is arriving tomorrow. Clyde says they will need to double the load next week. Clyde tells him that they are going to sell it because they are doubling their territory.

EJ questions what Kristen was doing in the house. Sami says she was gloating. EJ questions what she has to gloat about when what she did was disgusting. Sami brings up Kristen not going to prison. EJ asks what it is that has her in this mood. Sami explains that Kristen said EJ knew what she did and that she said he liked it.

JJ apologizes to Paige for being out of line. Paige didn't mean to upset him. JJ says he knows it happened a long time ago and it may seem like Kayla's fine but he feels it's private. JJ thinks an anonymous patient is different than friends or family. JJ suggests they forget the whole thing.

Kate tells Rafe that he's right that it's none of his business. Rafe questions her going out with him. Kate says she just had dinner with Clyde because he asked her. Rafe questions that being all it takes. Kate says Clyde happens to be really charming not that she owes him an explanation. Kate then asks Rafe if this is about Jordan.

Sonny tells Jordan that they are all grown ups and he thinks Chad is over it. Sonny asks Jordan if she's met Chad. She mentions running in to him a few times and how he's been nice to her but didn't know she was Ben's sister. Chad then arrives and greets them. Sonny leaves them to talk. Jordan tells Chad that Ben is her brother.

Ben and Abigail sit down to eat. Abigail mentions having the whole day free. Ben tells her he's all hers. Abigail calls it perfect. Ben says they have all the time in the world.

Sami tells EJ that Kristen said he laughed when she told him and what he said about Eric needing to be knocked off his high horse. Sami dares EJ to lie to her. EJ says he doesn't remember laughing. Sami realizes he did say the comment. EJ brings up that morning and how Sami talked about Eric being better than them. EJ admits he starts looking for faults when he hears people being talked about that way. EJ asks Sami how she would react if it was anyone other than Eric. Sami says she wouldn't believe it but Eric is that good. EJ says he saw that in Eric every day after. EJ says he may have made that comment but he tore Kristen apart for what she did. EJ reminds Sami and she remembers him being furious with Kristen. EJ says Kristen came back to cause trouble and sees how happy they are after he refused to help her. EJ asks Sami to try not to let Kristen get to her.

Paige tells JJ that she loves how he looks out for his aunt. JJ responds that she's the best. Paige says he is too and hugs him.

Ben and Abigail have wine. Ben's phone rings. Abigail jokes with him and then her phone rings too. They agree to turn their phones off together. Ben then suggests she keep hers on in case a job offer comes through. Abigail asks Ben what his dream job is. Ben jokes that he has it at the club. Ben tells her he does want more but now that he's in one place, he can finally save up for school. She asks what he wants to study.

Chad is surprised and asks about their last names. Jordan says it's complicated but they are siblings. Jordan explains Ben came because she was there. Chad bets she's a great sister. Jordan admits she tries to look out for Ben. Chad tells her that he's really sorry for his run in with Ben and hopes they won't hold it against him. Jordan says Ben is very understanding and goes to leave but Chad stops and asks if she understands or if it's a thing now. Chad hopes he didn't screw things up with his new friend. Jordan tells him that he didn't and then exits.

Rafe questions how this could be about Jordan. Kate brings up Clyde being Jordan's stepfather. Rafe says he lives by his instincts and something is definitely wrong with Clyde. Kate questions it being because Jordan doesn't like him. Rafe brings up Jordan running away and hiding from him. Kate says nothing has happened since he found her. Kate thinks Jordan could be exaggerating and misjudged. Kate says Clyde has been very open about his mistakes and he's in town to make amends. Rafe doesn't buy the story. Kate questions if he has evidence against it or if it's just his gut instinct. Kate brings up that Clyde's only said nice things about Rafe and that he hopes Rafe and Jordan work things out. Rafe doesn't believe it. Kate feels Rafe won't let it go and asks if he's jealous.

Jeremiah asks Clyde if he knows what he's taking on. Clyde says he's not leaving all that money on the table. Jeremiah questions him going against the DiMera family. Clyde says it will just be EJ as he's on his own. Clyde declares he's going to deal with EJ himself.

EJ hugs Sami and she calls it a heck of a day. Sami brings up everything with Susan and having to go the Pub then coming home to Kristen. EJ says he's sorry. Sami says he doesn't have to say that as it could be her family attacking him. Sami jokes that they could elope and never come back. EJ says he would go anywhere with his family. She asks if there's nothing he'd be sorry to leave behind. EJ responds that all he needs is her and the children which he has here and then they kiss.

Ben tells Abigail that he's still figuring out and talks about how Jordan always was happy to help people which is what he wants to do every day. Ben says whatever he does has to matter to someone besides himself. Abigail assures him that he will find it and they kiss.

Rafe tells Kate that he is not jealous of Clyde but he cares about her and doesn't want her to get mixed up with a guy that's bad news. Kate says it wouldn't be the first time. Jordan walks by and sees them together. Rafe tells Kate that he's just looking out for a friend.

JJ tells Paige that he loves her so much as they kiss.

Jeremiah questions what Clyde means by dealing with EJ.

EJ tells Sami that they can't get to them if they don't let them. Sami says they won't no matter what happens or who tries what. EJ agrees they won't allow them to get to them as they kiss.

Paige and JJ kiss onto the couch. Paige suggests going upstairs for privacy but JJ quickly says no and gets up. Paige asks if something's wrong and JJ says there is.

Ben and Abigail continue kissing. Ben tells her that she's so beautiful and asks how he got so lucky as they resume kissing.

Chad tells Sonny that he should've called him before he came back, but he just kept reading the article on his way back and couldn't shake it off. Sonny is not surprised and asks what about now. Sonny says Chad is still his partner so he asks if he'll be okay with Ben, Abigail, and everyone else coming regularly. Chad jokes with Sonny about being the bouncer. Chad tells Sonny that all that other stuff is over and he's good. Chad then tells Sonny that he thinks they need to change how things are done around here.

Jordan continues watching as Rafe takes Kate's hand and tells her to take it slow with Clyde. Kate thanks him for caring. Rafe gets up and walks away. Jordan tries to rush off but Kate catches up to her and tells her that she just missed Rafe. Jordan says she saw. Kate tries to explain but Jordan says it's their business. Kate tells her that it's not about her and Rafe but about the fact that she went out with Clyde.

Jeremiah warns Clyde that he could have the whole DiMera family come after him with all their resources at their disposal.

Sami and EJ continue kissing until the kids come in. Johnny calls it gross but Allie says it's romantic. EJ and Sami go and play with the kids.

Clyde questions Jeremiah being all doom and gloom. Clyde says he's in a good mood that he cannot ruin. Clyde guarantees that EJ will see it his way, one way or the other.

EJ and Sami continue playing with the kids, having a good time and they all join in tickling EJ.

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