Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/30/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/30/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ continues listening from the door as Eve argues that JJ and Jack are the same. Daniel says he knew Jack too. Eve mentions Jennifer going back to Jack from Daniel. Daniel tells her not to bring her hate for Jennifer here. Daniel argues that JJ is nothing like Jack. Eve tells Daniel that he's wrong because JJ is more like Jack than he's willing to admit.

Kayla tells Lucy that she is a rape survivor too which Paige overhears. Kayla encourages Lucy not to let it beat her and that they will help her. Paige walks away. Kayla tells Lucy that she knew her attacker too and she can't blame herself. Paige walks on to the front desk where Jennifer asks her how her day is going. Jennifer then asks if she's okay.

Ben makes a call from the club about pricing for a place to stay then hangs up. Clyde appears and offers to help him with cash.

Abigail walks through the town square and her phone rings.

EJ and Sami finish a meeting at the Pub. EJ praises Sami for how she handled things. Sami doesn't want to go home yet but decides they should go ahead and face Susan.

Susan opens the door to leave just as Kristen arrives and is shocked to see her. Kristen questions what she's doing in Salem. Susan says she smelled evil in the air and Kristen brings it. Susan shouts that Kristen is the evil.

Paige tells Jennifer that she's fine. Jennifer assumes she's still thinking about JJ and the party. Paige assures her that they are fine. Jennifer comments that she looks pale. Kayla joins them and asks if something is wrong. Jennifer says she was asking the same thing.

Daniel continues sticking up for JJ and tells Eve that he was set up. Eve then opens the door to reveal JJ was listening in and says it looks like the honest and straightforward JJ was eavesdropping.

EJ tells Sami that there is no rush and thinks they should come up with a plan to deal with Susan. EJ says they just need to work out whatever set her off. EJ tells her not to worry but Sami talks about Susan thinking horrible danger is being brought in to his life. Sami wonders if she's not wrong.

Susan tells Kristen that EJ is in trouble because of her. Kristen argues that Sami is her danger. Susan calls her the spawn of Satan. Kristen tells her to go away. Susan says she's not scared of her. Susan brings up Kristen being locked in the secret room years ago. Susan says she triumphed before and will again.

JJ admits he wanted to hear what she wouldn't say to his face. Eve questions Daniel defending him. Eve accuses JJ of getting wasted. JJ shouts back that he was drugged. Eve continues mocking him. Daniel stops her and tells her to go.

Paige claims she just studied too late and got tired. Kayla tells her she can leave early. Paige thanks her. Jennifer and Kayla agree that it's nice to see her working there. Kayla tells her to go rest and they'll see her tomorrow. Kayla asks Paige if there's something else. Paige says she should tell her.

Abigail stops and begins using her phone.

Ben tells Clyde that he doesn't need his money. Clyde says it sounded like he needed help and he does owe him. Ben tells him that he's good. Clyde adds that he has it to spare with no strings. Ben gets a text from Abigail that she can't wait to see him.

EJ tells Sami that there's not any danger. Sami says they're both in danger even if it's just Stefano coming back. EJ promises that he won't succeed but Sami is unsure. Sami wonders if Susan's premonition is not wrong. They talk about what to do when the kids get home. EJ suggests the kids could be a good distraction. Sami feels they haven't prepared the kids for meeting Susan. EJ jokes with her. Sami says EJ loves his mother and is protective. EJ kisses her and they decide to head home.

Kristen says she will never understand how Susan managed to outmaneuver her. Kristen brings up the pain and suffering she put her through. Susan says she will stop her in her tracks. Kristen tells her to get out of her face and grabs her phone. Kristen calls Stefano to hear. Stefano questions what the noise is. Kristen allows Susan to hear his voice, causing her to scream. Stefano asks for Kristen to speak to him. Kristen informs him that Susan stopped by the mansion. Stefano is shocked and questions what the hell she is doing in his house.

Paige tells Kayla and Jennifer that she's so glad she knows them both and will learn a lot here. She thanks them for being so great. Jennifer hugs her and says they will see her tomorrow as they walk on.

Eve says she'll be happy to leave but adds that JJ is no longer welcome in her home. Eve argues that she will show Paige who he really is before he does any more damage. Eve exits. JJ can't believe how much she hates him. Daniel points out that it doesn't mean Paige does. JJ worries about being an issue between Eve and Paige and that Eve might try to keep Paige away from him. Daniel gives JJ a key to his place so he and Paige can come there to be away from Eve. Daniel adds that he expects him to be responsible. JJ agrees and promises not to let him down. Daniel says everything he said about him to Eve is true.

Ben joins Abigail in the town square. Ben asks about her job interview. Abigail thought it went great but they went with someone with more experience. Ben encourages her to try again and kisses her. Ben tells her that he has a surprise for her. They start to walk off as they run in to Sami and EJ walking by.

Susan freaks out over Stefano's voice. Stefano yells at her through the phone to leave. Susan tells Kristen that she hasn't seen the last of her and she might come back some day. Stefano repeats for her to get out so Susan runs out. Stefano questions what Susan is doing there. Kristen says he should know. Stefano says he will get his people to get her out as soon as possible. Kristen tells Stefano that she will find his will and get it to him. Stefano thanks her and hangs up. Kristen goes in to the living room and gets a folder out then stops and stares at the portrait of Sami and Kate.

Sami greets Abigail and Ben. Ben says they are late and better run so they head in the opposite direction. Sami jokes with EJ about coming up with a device to always know where they are. EJ tells her it will get easier. EJ gets a text that he has to deal with something. Sami asks if she should go talk to Susan herself. EJ doesn't think it's a great idea. Sami jokes that they can bond. Sami tells EJ to hurry home quickly. EJ says he will try as Sami walks away. EJ goes back to his phone with a serious look.

Kayla and Jennifer discuss work. They talk about Paige and joke about Eve. Jennifer says Paige has it altogether. Jennifer feels JJ and Paige have something that would blow any young couple away. Jennifer points out that they are very honest with each other too.

JJ goes home with Paige. JJ tells her that he just saw Eve and she's on the warpath about him. Paige doesn't care. JJ points out that Eve doesn't believe what happened. Paige says she does and is sick of Eve's feud with Jennifer. Paige assures JJ that she won't listen to a word Eve says. JJ tells her it's so good to have her on his side. Paige tells him that she loves him so of course she's on his side as they then kiss.

Susan goes to the hospital. Maxine asks if she can help her. Susan says she's looking for Marlena. Maxine tells Susan that Marlena is doing a consult but she can give her a message. Susan says she can give her the message herself. A nurse comes out of John's room, allowing Susan to see inside. Susan then sneaks in to John's room. Susan says she wanted to stay in Salem to help EJ and maybe help John recover but she can't stay because evil is alive and well in Salem and it's forcing her to leave.

Kristen sits in the living room mocking Susan. Sami comes in and questions how she did that. Kristen informs Sami that the bitch is back.

Ben walks out of the town square with Abigail and tells her he just wanted to get away from Sami and EJ. Abigail is sorry they ever have to see them because she only wants to see him. Abigail comments that he was good with them. Ben talks about how Sami tried to ruin things for them. Abigail points out it didn't work and asks about their plans. Ben responds that he's not so sure about the plans anymore.

Eve sits in the Pub and thinks back to deciding to make JJ her target. Eve sees Jennifer out the window and rushes to catch up with her. Eve tells her it won't take long as she just saw JJ and laid down the law about Paige. Eve says JJ is to stay away from Paige and she is to help. Jennifer says no. Eve brings up the pictures. Jennifer says she knows JJ was set up and adds that Eve obviously did it.

JJ and Paige kiss. JJ suggests they go upstairs for more privacy. JJ asks if something is wrong. Paige tells him that she heard something at the hospital that she shouldn't have and she can't shake it.

Kayla talks on the phone setting up counseling for Lucy. Daniel comes in and brings her case files. Kayla asks if everything is okay. Daniel mentions just seeing JJ. Kayla says JJ has had a rough year. Daniel hopes he catches a break soon.

Susan tells John that she always thinks about their wedding that never was. She says she's with Edmund now but will always be grateful to John. Susan wants John to know she was there and adds that she has the most perfect reminder.

Sami questions what Kristen is doing there and what she did with Susan. Kristen tells her that Susan is fine and she's welcome because she got rid of her. Kristen says Sami and EJ have to answer for what they've done. Sami responds that Kristen will have to answer for what she did to Eric. Kristen knows she was evil but says what Sami's done will cause so much damage. Kristen accuses her of making EJ turn his back on his family. Kristen warns her that there is a price to pay for that. Sami argues that EJ hates his family as much as she does. Sami brings up EJ saying she's dead to him. Kristen brings up EJ's past words about Sami.

Abigail is sure whatever Ben planned will be perfect. Ben assures her that he wants to be with her and takes her to show her.

Paige tells JJ that she knows it's none of her business but it shocked her. JJ asks what it is. Paige says maybe she shouldn't say anything but it's his family so she doesn't want to keep it from him. JJ wants her to just tell her. Paige tells him that it's about Kayla.

Eve questions what Jennifer would do if Abigail was in Paige's situation. Jennifer shouts back that it's not JJ and she doesn't know the story. Eve says she won't let Paige follow in Jennifer's pathetic footsteps.

Kristen questions Sami thinking EJ is on her side and would never hurt Eric. Kristen tells Sami that EJ knew exactly what she did to Eric that night. Sami responds that she knows because EJ told her everything. Sami argues that EJ is nothing like Kristen. Kristen tells her that EJ loved what she did to Eric and claims he laughed when she told him.

EJ meets with Clyde in the park. EJ thought they covered everything and asks what is left to discuss. Clyde says it's hard to let him walk away from so much money. EJ warns him to stay where he designated him. EJ says it's his decision and he does not need to explain it. EJ warns him to abide by it or he will regret his foolishness. EJ walks off. EJ's associate meets Clyde. Clyde encourages him and says he wishes he could make EJ see it his way.

Maxine tells Daniel that she thinks John had an unauthorized visitor and describes Susan to him. Daniel decides to go check it out. He heads into John's room and says everything looks okay. Maxine points out that Susan left an old wedding photo next to John's bed.

Ben brings Abigail to a hotel room.

Kayla sits at her desk and worries about JJ. She thinks back to JJ finding out that Jack raped her.

Jennifer questions Eve. Eve says she won't let Paige make excuses for JJ like she did for Jack. Eve talks about how much Jack hurt her and lied to her and she always took him back. Eve says Jack was pathetic and Jennifer was even worse. Eve says she won't let Paige grow into a version of her because JJ is just Jack waiting to happen. Eve then walks off.

Paige talks about how nice Kayla was to her and she doesn't know she heard but she was talking pretty openly. JJ asks if it's about her job. Paige says it's not. JJ asks what it is. They sit down and Paige asks JJ if he knew that Kayla was raped.

Stefano calls EJ questioning how he could get back in Sami's bed. EJ says they are in love. Stefano brings up what she did to them. EJ says they have money still and he's in the process of restoring things. EJ gives his word that Stefano will walk away with more money. Stefano questions that making it better. EJ tells him that he and Sami are going to be together and there's nothing he can do about it. Stefano questions if that's a challenge. EJ hopes not. Stefano says he will force him to act. EJ says he's restoring everything he lost so there is no need for retaliation. EJ warns that he will be met if so as he will protect his wife and children so there is no room for negotiation.

Kristen continues telling Sami about EJ betraying Eric. Sami tells her to get out and warns that she will keep her out. Kristen repeats that EJ was happy about what she did to Eric as she then rushes out.

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