Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/29/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/29/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel meets with Paige at the hospital. She thanks him for getting her the internship. Daniel jokes with her and tells her she has nothing to be nervous about.

Aiden and Hope begin their date. Aiden sits down and tells her it's perfect.

Eve goes to see JJ and tells him that he knows why she came.

Sami joins Marlena in John's hospital room as John sleeps. Sami asks if John remembers anything. Marlena says he's been a little agitated but should be alright. Marlena thanks Sami for coming. Sami is glad she got her miracle. Sami wishes they could find a way to make Kristen pay for what she did to Eric and she's not giving up hope that she will suffer for what she did.

Kristen calls Stefano and tells him that all charges have been dropped so she's free. Stefano congratulates her and asks how she plans to celebrate her victory. Kristen says she's unsure as she's been waiting for months but woke up with a feeling of dread.

EJ answers the door to see his mother Susan Banks has returned. EJ asks what she's doing there. Susan says she had to come to save him and hugs him.

Sami forgot to bring the kids' get well card for John. Marlena decides she can go pick it up so she can see the children. Marlena worries about the last year of fighting with John. Sami wonders if he will remember all of that. Marlena doesn't want to forget how she feels now about him and Sami's support. Sami is grateful to her for giving her blessing with EJ. Sami assures Marlena that it makes her very happy as they hug.

EJ questions why Susan had to come all the way from England. Susan says she had to come to rescue him. Susan complains about the mansion and Stefano. EJ asks what she came to save him from. Susan says she just had a premonition that EJ was in terrible danger.

Aiden and Hope talk about being out of town for privacy. Hope talks about always being with Bo and how it won't be easy for Caroline or anyone. Aiden asks Hope if she's sure she's ready to do this.

Daniel introduces Paige to Kayla. Paige didn't expect to meet the chief of staff. Kayla mentions also being JJ's aunt. Daniel tells Paige that Kayla will give her the tour of the hospital.

Eve tells JJ that Mary Beth told her about the photos. JJ says it isn't what she thinks. Eve questions how he explains the photos. JJ tells her that he was set up but she doesn't believe him. She accuses of him being wasted. JJ swears he wasn't but thinks someone put something in his drink. Eve asks to see the photos and demands JJ's phone.

EJ thinks Susan just has an active imagination. EJ wants her to get to the point. She worries about evil. EJ assures her that he's fine and never been better. EJ mentions being married. Susan implies that the evil she's worried about could involve Sami. EJ tells her that Sami is the love of his life and mother of his children. Susan asks why they kept splitting up. EJ says they went through a rough patch but now things could not be more perfect. EJ tells her that he will fly her back to London today but Susan says she is not going anywhere without him. EJ says he can't leave the children. Susan tells him that he can't stay here. EJ gets a call and asks her not to go anywhere as he steps out to answer. Susan complains about sensing Stefano's evil presence. Sami then enters and bumps into Susan.

Paige sits with Kayla and asks about her favorite job. Kayla mentions running a free clinic in Nigeria. Paige talks about wanting to work in Africa and how Eve was there. Kayla asks about college. Paige says she loves her classes so far. Kayla encourages her to make time for fun. Paige mentions the party a few nights ago but it didn't turn out as fun as they thought.

JJ asks why Eve wants to see the pictures and what difference it makes. Eve says Paige downplayed them but she wants to be the judge. JJ shows the picture. Eve acts disgusted and claims she had no idea. JJ tries to explain but Eve doesn't believe him. Eve says she thought he was different. JJ argues it wasn't his fault and Paige believes him. Eve says Paige is very trusting but she knows better. Eve warns him to stay far away from Paige. JJ refuses. Eve tries to leave but JJ grabs her and tells her to wait.

Susan and Sami talk about not expecting one another. Sami mentions being married now. They talk about the past. Sami asks about EJ. Susan says he got a call and suggests they talk some sense in to EJ. Susan tells Sami that EJ is in danger and the only way to protect him is if he comes home with her. Susan says she meant EJ and the kids but Sami can come too. Sami reminds her that she is his wife and the mother of his children. Susan suggests it be their honeymoon. EJ comes back in and tells Susan that they aren't going anywhere.

Hope assures Aiden that she wouldn't be there if she didn't want to be and she has no doubt that she wants to give them a chance. Aiden is glad. Hope adds that she finally feels like she has to make a life for herself. Aiden says if it didn't work out then they would just go back to being friends. Aiden tells her that he has an amazing afternoon planned. Aiden suggests going to see a movie after lunch and promises to get her back to Salem in time for dinner. Hope is impressed and Aiden says he really wanted their first date to be perfect. The waiter then comes and trips, dropping the entire plate of spaghetti on Aiden.

Eve tells JJ to let go of her. JJ apologizes and just wants a chance to explain himself because he can prove he's telling the truth. Eve questions how. JJ calls Daniel and says he needs a big favor. JJ asks if he can meet him in the next hour. Daniel says he's about to go on break and suggests his place. JJ adds that he'll be bringing Eve.

Stefano jokes that Kristen is sounding like Celeste about vibes. Kristen blames Stefano for sending her a photo of Susan. Stefano says he was just warning her not to let her guard down. Stefano adds that he has a favor to ask.

Susan tells EJ that she doesn't mean to embarrass him which is why she stayed away even if it meant EJ got corrupted by Stefano. Susan whispers about Sami and adds that she knew EJ was living the life he wanted. Susan says she knew she had to come back. EJ wishes he could spend more time with her but says he and Sami are rebuilding their relationship. Susan states that Sami could come too if she has to. Sami thanks her but says she has to stay due to business. Susan encourages EJ to get a new job and work for The Sun in England. Susan begs him but EJ tells her that this is home and he's staying in Salem. Susan declares then so is she.

The waiter apologizes and informs there was a kitchen fire so they don't have much left. Aiden apologizes to Hope. Hope tells him it's fine and says they'll grab something quick on the way to the theatre. Hope says she's more excited about the show anyways. Aiden then gets a text that their show has been cancelled. Aiden calls it unbelievable.

Kayla introduces Maxine to Paige as Paige leaves her office. Maxine informs Kayla that Daniel requested she talk to a patient. Maxine hands over the file and feels Kayla will know just what to say.

JJ and Eve go to Daniel's. Daniel assures Eve that JJ was clean and only had a roofie in his system. JJ insists he was set up. Daniel adds that he believes JJ. Eve questions why she should trust Daniel when he doesn't trust her. Daniel says they have had their differences but he believes Paige is a fantastic young woman. Daniel says he wouldn't be advocating for JJ if he had any doubt about his innocence. Eve asks JJ for a moment alone with Daniel.

EJ tells Susan that he's not in any danger. Susan argues that she has the feeling. Susan says that she can see in his eyes that he's up to something that will cause him trouble. She encourages him to get it out but he calls it ridiculous. Marlena then arrives and greets Susan. They talk and Marlena asks how long Susan is in Salem. EJ says she will be leaving later today and suggests they spend some time together while he and Sami leave. Marlena says she would love to and mentions hoping to see the children. Susan can't wait to meet them. Sami gives Marlena the kids' card for John. EJ says they will be back shortly. Susan warns EJ that this is not settled. EJ says time will tell as he and Sami hurry out. Marlena shows Susan the kids' get well card. Susan asks how Marlena and John are.

Aiden and Hope joke about their night. Aiden says he wanted their first date to be memorable and got it but not in the way he intended. Hope jokes that it will be a great story to tell the kids some day. Hope tells him that she had fun and it was nice spending time with him. Aiden asks if that means she's willing to try this again.

The female patient named Lucy is sent to Kayla's office to talk. Lucy asks her to keep the door open as she doesn't want to be closed in. Kayla sits with her and asks if she wants someone to be there with her. Lucy says she doesn't want anyone to know what happened to her because she feels like it's her fault for not being more careful. Kayla tells her that she was raped so she's not to be blamed in any way. Kayla assures her that it's not her fault.

JJ steps out and listens in from the door. Eve talks to Daniel and asks if Melanie was in the same situation as Paige. Daniel admits he would be skeptical but he knows JJ. Eve brings up what Theresa has told her about JJ and how much trouble he's caused Daniel. Eve tells Daniel that he can't know and questions why he's so quick to take his side. Eve accuses Daniel of trying to score points with Jennifer. Daniel tells her that his opinion of JJ has nothing to do with Jennifer but he's not sure Eve could say the same.

Marlena informs Susan that John had an accident and is recovering at the hospital. Susan says she feels bad about things she did to them in the past. Susan adds that everything ended up as it should. Marlena declares that she really does belong with John and always has. Marlena asks Susan what brings her to Salem but Marlena gets a text that she has to get back to the hospital before she can answer. Susan tells her they are family now so they will see more of each other now. They hug goodbye. Marlena stops and tells her that she looks exactly the same as years ago. Marlena then exits. Susan wonders how she can get EJ out of there.

Hope tells Aiden that she doesn't want to do this exactly again but she accepts a second date. Aiden feels the same. Hope suggests they end the date on a proper note so she kisses him on the cheek.

Eve argues that she doesn't know what Daniel is talking about. Daniel says she really disapproves of JJ because she hates Jennifer. Eve claims she knows what kind of guy JJ is based on knowing Jack. JJ continues listening from the door.

Paige goes back towards Kayla's office but stops outside as Kayla continues talking to Lucy. Kayla tells Lucy that she is a rape survivor too which Paige overhears.

Sami and EJ sit together at the Pub. EJ wants to come up with a plan to get rid of Susan. Sami thinks they should talk about the fact that Susan might be right. EJ questions her believing that. Sami points out that everything is perfect. EJ doesn't want his mother's ranting to get to her or change anything. Sami kisses him.

Susan sits and decides she should do something productive. She sets out to go visit John. She opens the door to leave just as Kristen arrives and is shocked to see her.

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