Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/26/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/26/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe, Sonny, and Will go to the club talking about another basketball game. Rafe jokes with Sonny and mentions T replacing Lucas this time. Sonny says he tried to get Ben but he had to work. Will gets a call from Zoe. Ben tells Rafe that he would've liked another opportunity to knock him on his ass. Rafe tells him that he reached out to Jordan and she did that enough.

Jordan sits with Abigail at Will and Sonny's, babysitting Arianna. Jordan thanks Abigail for having her over and mentions missing Arianna since not being with Rafe. Abigail asks if they got to talk. Jordan mentions that she can't look at Rafe without picturing him with Kate.

Chad sits with Kate in the town square and tells her that he spoke with Stefano. Chad informs her that he told Stefano about their plan to destroy him which she questions.

Johnny, Allie, annd Sydney come home to the DiMera Mansion with Lucas. Sami is excited to see them. Johnny wants to go to camp again next year and asks about EJ. Sami tells him that EJ had to run out.

EJ meets with Clyde in the park. Clyde says he wants to kick off their new association right and shows him a bag full of money.

The kids tell Sami about how much fun they had at camp. Sami sends them to go eat and get ready for school. Sami asks Lucas if he's upset about her and EJ getting together again. Lucas thought she was done with him and was kicking him out. Sami feels she doesn't owe him an explanation. Lucas yells that all she does is repeat the cycle and questions her taking him back.

Clyde tells EJ that it's all there. EJ responds that it better be.

Kate questions why Chad would tell Stefano that they are working together. Chad claims it's all part of the plan. Chad says he was supposed to come back and win her trust. Kate says now she has to wonder if he's going to call Stefano to report in. Kate questions whose side he's really on.

Jordan tells Abigail that she really loves Rafe and wishes she could get past it. Abigail didn't mean to push her and says her feelings are normal. Abigail says what's not normal is Sami and EJ getting back together. Jordan is surprised to hear. Abigail mentions running in to EJ who was glowing with happiness. Jordan suggests if you love someone else, maybe you should forgive them and they got it right. Abigail tells her not to compare themselves to Sami and EJ as they couldn't be more different.

Ben asks Rafe if he pushed Jordan too hard. Rafe says he didn't get a chance to say much at all. Ben says he's just protecting herself. Rafe understands he hurt her badly and suggests maybe there is no fixing them.

Will tells Sonny that he hasn't been able to sit down with Chad yet. Sonny thinks he only shows up for a fight. Will thinks he should cut him some slack. Sonny feels that Chad has really changed.

EJ says he has somewhere else to be. Clyde asks for another minute and says they will be doing even better soon. Clyde talks about moving competition out of the way and he could bring him three times the amount. EJ tells him no and declares it's his town. EJ tells him to stick to the area he designated. Clyde explains that they are leaving buckets of cash on the table. EJ questions what's not clear about their working relationship.

Sami accuses Lucas of being jealous and hating EJ. Lucas talks about how Sami hated EJ too. Lucas questions what happened and if she just changed her mind all of a sudden. Lucas tells her that she can't explain it because it's just what she does and who she is. Sami remarks that he's starting to sound like Kate.

Chad asks Kate if he should report back to Stefano. Kate doesn't like playing games. Chad says he does too but he's in control this time not Stefano. Kate asks why he hates Stefano so much since he was devastated by what happened to him. Chad says Stefano went right back to his old self. Chad mentions telling Stefano that he was coming back after finding out EJ slept with Abigail and all Stefano cared about was how to use it to his advantage. Chad explains that Stefano wants him on a mission to go after Sami and mostly Kate.

Ben asks Rafe if he really feels that bad about cheating on Jordan or if he's just hoping it will get back to her when they talk. Rafe thought he knew him better. Ben says he thought he would never do something like that to her. Ben adds that he won't wish Rafe luck if Jordan leaves him. Rafe decides to leave. Will asks Sonny if Chad's changed or they have. They mention Abigail babysitting Arianna which Ben hears. They joke with Ben about Abigail wanting kids. Ben says Abigail will be an amazing mom as she's amazing period.

Jordan asks Abigail about her and Ben's night. Abigail says they had a picnic in the park. Abigail asks Jordan if things are any better with Clyde. Jordan says no. Abigail is sorry as he seemed so remorseful. Jordan calls it complicated and then exits to see a client.

Chad tells Kate that Stefano won't get what he wants. Kate questions how she knows whose side he's really on. Chad says he likes Kate and hates Stefano. Kate asks if it's all about revenge. Chad says they put Stefano and EJ on the sidelines and he wants them to stay there. Chad adds that he won't be a fickle friend. Kate says Sami was never her friend. Chad adds the he wants his share of what's left from keeping them out. Kate likes that he has a plan and they toast to that.

Lucas tells Sami that Kate's right this time and questions what she's going to do when Stefano comes back. Sami says EJ will protect her as he's more powerful than Stefano now. Lucas laughs it off and blames Sami for sucking Kate into this. Sami says she can't help Kate if she continues acting like her and EJ are her enemies. Sami wants Lucas to convince Kate. Lucas thinks it will blow up in a few weeks. Sami says her parents gave their blessing and Lucas's would mean a lot to her for Allie's sake. Lucas questions her being okay after EJ seduced Abigail. Lucas says it's not okay with him so he's not giving his blessing. Lucas tells Sami to forget it as she's on her own and he doesn't care. Lucas walks out.

Clyde didn't mean to overstep as he just wanted to maximize their profit. EJ clarifies that he does the thinking as he knows the town. EJ warns him about making a fatal mistake and then exits. Clyde pulls out his phone and makes a call to setup a meeting.

Chad and Kate say their goodbyes. Kate exits the town square and Clyde follows her.

Jordan walks through the town square and drops her things. Chad helps her pick things up and asks if she's okay. Chad notes her hands shaking and asks if that guy has been bothering her. Chad suggests she have some tea but Jordan says she's fine. Jordan asks if he's okay. Chad says he's a little tense so Jordan decides to take a look and they sit on the bench. Jordan checks his arm which is hurting then he reveals it's not. Chad wants to help get her mind off whatever is bothering her. Chad offers to buy her a cup of tea so she agrees.

Lucas goes to Will and Sonny's where Abigail greets him. Abigail tells him that Arianna is sleeping now. Lucas suggests they catch up then and asks about Jennifer and JJ. Abigail says they are good. Lucas notes that she looks content as well. Abigail mentions being unemployed. Lucas encourages that she'll get a job soon. Lucas mentions just coming back from a bad conversation with someone he should be getting along with so he's glad she's getting along with Will. Abigail wouldn't say that as she still thinks Will is a jerk for what he did.

Will and Sonny joke with Ben about things getting serious with Abigail.

Kate questions if Clyde is stalking her. Clyde says he was just walking through and saw her talking to a handsome young fella and he would hate to find himself in competition with a DiMera.

EJ talks on the phone outside the mansion about wanting a deal in place. EJ heads inside where Sami is with the kids. EJ watches as the kids show Sami things from camp. Johnny notices Sami's new wedding ring. Sami explains that she and EJ wanted to show each other how much they love one another. They notice EJ in the doorway and the kids run up to hug him.

Lucas goes over with Abigail how Will has been beating himself up and never wanted to include her name. Abigail says he's going to defend him as his father. Lucas talks about the bad things he's done and says nobody is perfect. Lucas talks about how she and Will were very close so he's hoping she doesn't hold it against him forever. Will then comes home.

Kate asks how Clyde knows Chad. Clyde says he just met him yesterday. Kate goes over how Chad is Stefano's son and EJ's brother but he's nothing like the others. Kate hopes Clyde never meets Stefano and wants EJ to disappear.

The kids show Sami and EJ a drawing of them which they love. Sami says they are perfect as they all hug.

Ben makes a call inquiring about a place to stay for one night but doesn't like the price. Sonny comes over and asks if Chad's been in yet. Ben tells him that he hasn't seen him since yesterday since he came to apologize. Sonny doesn't think Ben accepts his apology. Ben doesn't want to talk about him. Sonny asks if he's going to keep having a silent partner or if Chad's going to show up and help. Sonny tells Ben that he has his full trust so he's there to stay. Ben brings up Lucas saying Chad used to be a regular in the basketball games. Ben mentions he wouldn't mind roughing him up in a game next time. Sonny says Ben will be on his team.

Chad and Jordan walk through the town square and sit down drinking tea. They laugh together as Rafe walks by and sees them.

Abigail tells Will that Arianna was perfect. Will thanks her and says there's something he should know before she goes. Will tells her that he's writing another article about Chad. Will says he could've turned it down but someone else would've written it and anything Chad says about her would be in print. Will explains that he told Chad he can't throw Abigail under the bus and guarantees she will be protected. Abigail says it's not her business how she does her job. Will asks if she's on her way to see Ben as they were just talking about her. Will tells Abigail that Ben said she was amazing and it means something. Abigail asks if he's done and exits. Lucas tells Will not to worry about it and says she'll be good after the article on Chad. Lucas asks about Zoe and Will questions how he knew.

Jordan thanks Chad for the tea and says she's feeling much better. Rafe approaches and welcomes Chad home. Chad says he was really sorry to hear about Gabi. Rafe tells him that she's doing her best to be strong and get through things to get home some day. Chad says he was just about to leave and tells Rafe it's good to see him as he exits. Jordan says she has to get going to the hospital too. Rafe asks if he can have a second.

Kate doesn't think she should get into it with Clyde and she has to go. Clyde understands if she has a meeting to go to but he wanted to say what a great time he had last night. Clyde says he's never met a woman who has everything a man could want. Clyde takes Kate's hand and tells her that they could rule the world or at least this town. Clyde kisses her hand and tells her to think about it as he walks off.

Sami tells the kids they have to get to school but Johnny says no. Sami encourages them and they go. EJ tells her that he has to wait for a call from Mr. Shin. Sami jokes with him and they kiss as someone approaches the mansion outside. The kids say goodbye to EJ and they exit with Sami while someone hides in the bushes watching.

Will questions if Lucas had something to do with him getting his job. Lucas explains that he ran into Zoe at the Pub. Will questions what he said. Lucas says he told her that he was glad Will wasn't working for her anymore. Lucas explains what happened. Will says he should've told him but wasn't sure he'd approve. Lucas isn't sure he does. Will insists it will be fine so Lucas believes him. They joke around together.

Abigail goes to the club and kisses Ben. Sonny jokes about hearing Abigail is amazing. Ben is glad she stops by. Abigail says she came for coffee as she's on her way to a job interview. She doesn't want to say where until afterwards. Ben says he knows it will go great and suggests celebrating afterwards. Ben thinks they can find a place where they don't have to share with anyone else but he doesn't want to say where yet. Abigail kisses him for good luck and exits.

Rafe gets that Jordan doesn't want to stick around and chat but there's something she should know about Chad. Jordan questions if he's going to tell her who to talk to. Rafe says no and advises her that Chad comes off as a nice guy but he's a DiMera. Jordan says she's heard all about the DiMeras and knows about Stefano. Jordan says she wouldn't want someone to judge her or Ben on their family so she wouldn't do that to someone else. Jordan says she judges on how people treat her and the people they care about. Jordan walks off.

Chad calls Stefano and Stefano says he's very pleased with his progress. Chad says Kate will take everything he says on faith. Stefano encourages Chad in the plan against Kate. Chad hangs up and says Stefano can keep laughing as he'll never see him coming.

Sami runs in to Kate in the park. Kate mentions the kids and the tension that had been in the house. Kate asks if it's different now. Sami says her life is good and she's in a very good mood so she won't let Kate ruin it for her. Sami tells her to have a good day and walks off.

Clyde meets with EJ's associate in the park and wants him to get through to EJ about his idea.

Someone remains outside the mansion. EJ finishes his call with Mr. Shin that he likes the proposal. EJ hangs up and starts to head upstairs when there's a knock at the door. EJ answers to see his mother Susan Banks has returned.

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