Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/25/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/25/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate comes downstairs at the DiMera Mansion where Sami greets her and wants to talk about EJ. Kate thinks they've exhausted that subject unless she kicked him out. Kate realizes and asks Sami if she invited EJ back in to her bed.

Abigail calls Jennifer from outside the town square and leaves a message, thanking her for making dinner for her and Ben. EJ approaches and asks for a word with her.

Clyde shows up at the club with a new clean-shaven look and jokes that Ben didn't recognize him while Chad enters the club.

Aiden talks with Chase in the town square about trying to find him a zombie hunter costume for Halloween. Chase brings up tomorrow but then remembers Aiden has a date. He asks if Aiden's still not going to tell who his date is with.

Hope announces to Caroline that she's filing for divorce. Caroline is surprised. Hope says she hasn't told anyone else yet but thought she deserved to know so she wants to keep it between them. Caroline points out that Bo has been gone a long time and asks why she's doing this now.

Theresa declares it's now or never and pulls out a needle she stole. John wakes up and calls her name, startling her.

Abigail can't think of anything they have to talk about. EJ tells her it's good to see her so happy.

Ben questions Clyde being so dressed up. Chad listens in from nearby. Clyde informs Ben that he has a big night ahead with a special lady. Ben remarks that he pities whoever it is.

Sami blows off Kate's question. Kate believes Sami has gone to the other side and calls her a little fool.

Theresa tells John that she should go get a nurse. Brady comes back in and asks what she's doing there. Theresa claims she was just checking to see if he was okay and he woke up. John repeats Theresa's name. Brady is glad he remembers her name. John asks why wouldn't he.

Aiden tells Chase not to worry because he comes first with him. Aiden says he's just having lunch with a woman and that might be all there is to it. Chase suggests maybe not. Aiden promises to find him his costume for Halloween.

Caroline asks Hope if there's a chance she will change her mind. Hope brings up that Bo left two years ago and has clearly chosen his mission above his family so she's not changing her mind. Hope tells Caroline that she's so sorry. Caroline tells her that whatever happens, she'll always be her daughter.

Clyde tells Ben not to worry cause this lady can take care of herself. Ben remarks about taking care of his mom. Clyde asks if he gave the money to Jordan. Chad interrupts and questions that being where Ben got that cash.

Abigail notes that EJ looks happy as well and points out his shopping for jewelery. EJ says he has a lot to atone for. Abigail remarks that Sami has been a total bitch. EJ understands why she feels that way. EJ says they have been through a tremendous amount together and he sees that she is happy and he's happy so he just wants her to know that he's as pleased for her as he is for himself.

Sami tells Kate that she had to follow her heart. Kate mocks her. Sami thinks Kate is just bitter about her relationships going up in flames. Kate questions Sami's relationship with EJ. Kate says she should've known and calls Sami a weak-willed slave to a really bad man.

John states that he met Theresa last night at her apartment when he got back. Brady suggests he get some sleep. John asks why he's in the hospital. Brady tells him not to worry but John demands to know. Maxine comes in and asks if John is okay. John asks to know why he's there. Brady doesn't want him upset. Maxine says Daniel ordered a sedative to help him sleep. John doesn't want sleep and just wants answers. Maxine tells him that they will take real good care of him. Theresa looks on relieved.

Kate questions Sami being naive enough to believe EJ's words. Kate tells her to wise up because EJ is Stefano's son and all he wants is his power and money back. Kate can't believe Sami fell for his act. Sami argues it's not an act. Kate tells her to keep on saying that to herself and then exits.

Clyde introduces himself to Chad. Chad mentions owning the club with Sonny. Chad tells Clyde that Ben is doing a great job for them. Clyde calls him a hard worker and says he has to go. Clyde thanks Ben for doing that favor and exits. Chad tells Ben that it seems like he owes him another apology.

Abigail brings up Sami trying to put EJ in prison and take everything for him but now he's getting a second chance. EJ feels he's lucky. Abigail comments that is one way to put it. EJ brings up Ben but Abigail stops him. She tells him that her life and everything she does is off limits for him now. EJ tells Abigail that he still cares about her and brings up Chad. She tells him that's off limits too. Abigail tells EJ that if he cares about her, he shouldn't talk to her, look at her or even think about her. Abigail walks off.

Clyde and Kate meet at Chet Rouge.

Maxine suggests Brady let John rest and Daniel will call him in the morning. Maxine adds that John will start asking questions if he sees him. Brady agrees. Theresa asks what he's going to do now. Brady decides to go call Marlena. Theresa happily says to herself that John doesn't remember anything about that night. Brady comes back to Theresa and asks if Daniel went in to see John yet. Theresa says no and asks how he's doing. Brady says he's good and is so happy that John is awake and recognizing people but it's like he lost months of his life. Theresa doesn't think Brady has to tell John why he's in the hospital. Brady asks why wouldn't he. Theresa thinks it's better for both of them if they keep it that way.

Aiden goes to the Pub and runs in to Hope. Hope says she wasn't expecting to see him again today. Aiden just wanted to make sure they are still good for tomorrow. Hope says they are. Aiden says it's been awhile since he's been on a date as Caroline comes back and overhears.

Ben tells Chad that all he owes him is his pay. Chad gets that they got off on the wrong foot. Ben questions him wanting to be buddies after accusing him of stealing money. Chad says he was out of line. Ben wants to stick to being owner and employee. Chad thinks it will be awkward since Ben is friends with Sonny and Will. Abigail comes in and asks if Ben is ready to go so he goes to get his jacket. Abigail questions Chad. Chad says he was just trying to fix the situation. Chad mentions finding out that Ben had the money because Clyde gave it to him to give to his sister. Abigail says she knew there'd be a reason. Chad mentions not knowing Ben had family here. Ben comes back and exits with Abigail.

Clyde tells Kate a story about reading his fortune from a fortune cookie a few months ago. He shows it to Kate and she reads that it said he would meet a beautiful and mysterious stranger that would change his life. Clyde reveals that Kate showed up the very next day and she has changed his life. Kate asks if this dinner is about celebrating his fortune. Clyde informs her that this dinner is about seducing her.

Sami comes downstairs calling out for Harold. She goes in to the living room and finds EJ has set up a candle lit dinner. EJ tells her that he gave Harold the night off and thought they could spend some time together alone before the kids come back tomorrow. Sami mentions needing to talk. EJ tells her to open the bag so she does. EJ removes their rings and presents Sami with the gift box. She opens it to see a new ring. EJ drops to a knee and proposes, asking Sami to marry him one last time. Sami tells him they are already married. EJ says he wouldn't change that but he wants to replace their last memory. EJ says this time, he will know that she knows she is the only woman he will ever need. Sami says yes and they kiss.

Hope sends Aiden to go check on Chase so he hurries out. Caroline approaches Hope. Hope guesses she overheard. Caroline points out that Hope never mentioned him. Hope says it's just lunch. Caroline questions her getting a divorce so she's free to date Aiden. Hope says yes and no.

Abigail and Ben eat together in the park and they kiss. Abigail is glad he's having a good time. Ben wonders why he wouldn't be. Abigail says things seemed tense between he and Chad when she got to the club. Ben doesn't want to talk about Chad. Abigail says neither does she but thinks they kind of have to. Abigail doesn't want him to lose his job because of her.

Stefano calls Chad and wants to know how things are going in Salem. Chad responds that things are going just about the way they thought.

Kate tells Clyde that his plan falls flat. Clyde says he didn't mean physically but thinks they could make a powerful team. Clyde knows he could learn a lot from her but thinks she could learn from him too about business. Kate finds it difficult to imagine what kind of professional relationship they could possibly have.

Brady and Theresa go to the club. Brady doesn't know how to lie to John about that night. Theresa thinks John doesn't have to know what happened now. Brady questions why she's pushing this so hard when she has nothing to worry about. She tells him that's not true as she has her own reasons for hoping John doesn't remember that night.

Clyde tells Kate that he has some money and he's prepared to go all in. Kate says she still doesn't understand. Clyde asks her to just promise to think about it.

Abigail feels Chad was trying to make up for being a jerk before. Ben admits he was trying. Abigail suggests Ben try to find a way to stay there. Ben responds that he just doesn't trust Chad and feels he's no different from EJ. Ben doesn't want any part of anyone who could hurt Abigail like that and then they kiss.

Caroline asks if Hope has feelings for Aiden. Hope says she's not sure but she still would've come to this decision about Bo. Hope notes that Caroline seemed to understand her decision before. Hope adds that she really needs her support.

Brady doesn't get why Theresa would feel guilty about any of this. Theresa says that night makes her sick. Brady tells her not to go there. Theresa says she already has because their fight was about her. Theresa blames herself and says she feels so horrible that she almost cost him his father. Theresa tells him how much she still cares about him.

EJ tells Sami that he knew she was the one for him when they first met. Sami jokes with him. EJ asks if she ever thinks about what would've happened if they just settled down to their happily ever after. Sami feels they wouldn't be them. EJ agrees and vows catch her and hold her when she needs to cry and to always put her and the children first now and forever. EJ puts the ring on her finger and tells her she is more than his heartbeat. Sami cries as EJ brings out the letter she wrote him from prison. EJ says he will never jeopardize their love or take it for granted and he will earn her love. Sami stops him and says she can't let him do this.

Caroline complains that she supported Hope but she cannot support her in this. Caroline says she's sorry and walks away leaving Hope disappointed. Hope then exits the Pub where Aiden is waiting outside. Aiden apologizes if he screwed things up. Hope admits it wasn't a good idea to bring up their date. Aiden asks if it's a bad idea. Hope promises she'll still be there tomorrow. Aiden is glad and tells her that he will see her tomorrow as he walks away.

Stefano asks Chad if he and EJ buried the hatchet. Chad doesn't see that happening. Stefano asks about Kate. Chad says he told her everything he wanted him to. Chad tells Stefano that he was very convincing. Stefano points out that Kate is not stupid and asks if he's sure she believed him. Chad informs him that she bought every word.

Kate promises Clyde to think about it but tells him not to get his hopes up. Clyde says he will respect whatever she decides even if he doesn't agree. Clyde is glad he got to spend the evening with her. Clyde takes her hand and says he thinks it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Kate gets up and exits.

Ben and Abigail continue kissing in the park. Ben thinks they need to slow down a bit as they are not in a private place. Abigail says it seems like it but agrees. Ben tells her that he wants to be with her so bad but his place doesn't allow guests. Abigail adds that she can't sneak him past her family so they'll need to come up with a plan. Ben assures that they will.

EJ tells Sami that he wasn't finished. Sami thinks it's her turn. Sami says EJ was about to rehash all the horrible things they've done to each other. Sami says they hurt each other and they are going to move on from it. Sami thinks they had to go through all of it to get here. Sami tells EJ that she knows now that nothing is stronger than them. She knows what they have is unbreakable and irreplaceable. Sami adds that she meant what she said in her letter, she can't breathe or sleep without him and she will love him always and forever. EJ smiles and kisses her.

Brady tells Theresa that she owned her part in all of this and he knows that wasn't easy for her. Brady thinks they can just learn from that night and live their lives a little differently. Brady gets up and exits the club. Theresa smiles and comments that Brady thinks she's a lovely person so this lie turned out better than she thought it would. Theresa decides maybe everything will be okay unless John remembers more.

John starts to have a dream about that night. Maxine rushes in and notes that John's heart rate just went up and asks if he's okay. John responds that it was a dream. Maxine asks if he wants to talk about it. John says he can't remember but it was something really bad.

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