Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/24/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/24/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Sami lay in bed together. EJ says he doesn't know what he would do if he lost her and there's something he has to tell her something that he didn't think would come out and might not. EJ wants no more secrets between them so he has to tell her.

Chad goes to see Will. Chad notes Will has a framed copy of his article and says they have some catching up to do.

Hope goes to the hospital and talks to Marlena about John waking up. Marlena worries about what John might not remember and says he might not realize who certain people are.

Brady sits at John's side. Brady gets up and goes to leave when suddenly John calls out "Son!" Brady turns back with a smile and asks if he knows him. John says of course he does.

Daniel sits in his office and says only time will tell what trauma the patient will remember. He thinks back to Kristen telling him that Theresa hit John.

Kristen tells Theresa about the good news and asks if she is as happy as she is.

Hope believes John is coming back to Marlena. Marlena calls it overwhelming but wants to have faith. Hope says she has to get going and will check back later. Hope stops and asks about Brady. Marlena tells her that he's in with John and they just want to make sure he wakes up.

Kristen can't stop wondering what John's first words will be. Theresa claims she's thrilled for Brady since she's been there with him through all of it. Kristen questions why she isn't at the hospital with him now then.

Brady tells John how much it means to hear his voice. Brady asks if he knows where he is and what happened to him.

Chad tells Will that he must be really proud of his article. Will informs him that his editor gave him the framed copy and jokes about how no one wants to forget about it. Will informs Chad that he's no longer with Tru Vista as he's moved on and they want him to do a cover article on Chad.

Sami asks EJ what it is. EJ informs her that he knew what Kristen did to Eric and why. EJ says she told him just before the wedding and he lied. EJ explains that she told him she loved Brady and deeply regretted what happened with Eric. EJ insists that he wasn't covering for Kristen but was trying to hold on to Sami. Sami says she remembers and he didn't have to tell her this. EJ knows it was a risk but wants her to see he can be honest with her. EJ adds it could be too much for her. Sami reveals that she's known for awhile.

Brady asks if John knows where he is. Marlena comes in and John greets her causing them to smile.

Theresa tells Kristen that she told Brady about their conversation and he was very protective. Kristen questions her thinking Brady cares about her. Kristen tells her to go find Brady right next to John's bed side. Theresa says she has to go and walks out. Kristen calls after her to say hi to John for her.

Daniel comes in to John's room. Brady informs him that John recognized he and Marlena. Daniel tells them to wait outside while he takes a look. Marlena tells John that he will be fine as they exit. Daniel sits with John and asks him to open his eyes and he does. Daniel asks if he knows who he is and he does. Daniel asks if he remembers what happened to him.

Chad realizes the DiMeras are a hot subject. Will explains how all articles have come from the outside before. Chad asks if it would just be about where he's been, what he's been up to and coming back. Will says something like that. Chad adds that it'd also be about how he felt about EJ sleeping with Abigail.

EJ realizes that Sami knew about Kristen but still came back to him. Sami knew that he would have done something if he could have and sometimes lying is just a reflex. EJ says that lie started everything and he lost his mind. EJ knows she loves him but jokes that he wants some reassurance that her temper has run it's course as he doesn't want to go back to jail. Sami says she got her retribution and him being honest with her means more than anything. Sami kisses him. EJ wonders how someone like him ever ended up being so lucky to meet somebody like her. Sami jokes that she has no idea as they continue kissing.

Daniel tells Marlena and Brady that John is good as he knew him too. Daniel adds that these interactions are exhausting on him so he's resting now. Daniel assures them that he is out of the coma. Daniel says they will get answers but not today. Marlena wants to go sit with him. Daniel agrees but only wants she and Brady to be his only visitors so he gets his sleep. Marlena thanks him. Daniel is relieved for her whole family. Marlena heads back in to John's room. Brady asks if John said anything else. Daniel says he wouldn't let him but he repeats that Brady needs to be patient. Theresa arrives. Brady tells Daniel that he has to tell John that he's sorry for what he did. Daniel declares that is something he cannot do. Daniel takes Brady to his office as Theresa watches.

Kristen calls Stefano and tells him that John will have some interesting things to tell when he wakes up. Stefano laughs at John being interesting. Kristen says it could change everything. Stefano tells her to stay in the moment as the best laid plans can go wrong. Stefano adds that he just sent her something on her phone to remind her to never overestimate her position. Kristen doesn't want to be lectured and looks at her phone. She sees that Stefano sent a photo of Susan Banks from the past.

Hope sits with Caroline at the Pub and tells her that Marlena and the doctors are cautiously optimistic about John. Caroline thanks her for telling her the good news in person. Hope says it's nice to have good news for a change. Caroline realizes it's not the only news she came to share and asks if it's about Bo. Hope tells her that it is about Bo.

Chad is unsure about sharing his feelings in print. Will tells him that if he doesn't want him to write the article, he won't. Will reminds him that the article will be written by someone else that might not protect him. Chad says he doesn't have a choice then but Will does. Chad asks Will if he wants to write the article. Chad suggests he write something a little less close to home.

EJ and Sami lay together after having sex again. They joke about their families not being happy for them and wanting to tear them apart. EJ tells her it's them against the world and they like it. They kiss and Sami wonders how they will tell Stefano.

Stefano asks Kristen if it brought back memories. Kristen says it's enough to have Susan in her nightmares. Kristen says she only cares about Brady as she's focused on him and hangs up as she leaves her room.

Daniel tells Brady that it's a very confusing time for John so they can't barrage him with questions or details. Daniel says John will talk on his own time but wants Brady to promise not to lead the conversation or put anything in his head. Brady promises to do whatever he tells him. Daniel says he has to go and get Parker. Brady asks Daniel if the drug worked. Daniel says it seems that way. Brady calls it crazy as so many people will be so happy to hear that.

Theresa goes through files at work until Marlena approaches and questions what she's doing. Theresa says she works there and heard the good news that John is awake. Theresa claims she's thrilled but Marlena feels she looks a little scared.

Chad asks about Will thinking he has a better shot at a fair article if he writes it. Will says he's his friend so he would try to be fair and accurate. Chad questions it being good for Will's career and then asks what he gets out of it. Will says if he wants payback then he should go with someone else as he won't hurt Abigail again. Chad asks what about EJ and if he has to protect him too. Will says the quotes will be Chad's words not his. Chad decides he's got some thinking to do and will get back to him as he exits.

EJ tells Sami that she's the mother of Stefano's grandchildren so that means a lot and what she did was motivated by anger and revenge which Stefano admires and respects. Sami talks about how the kids would be upset. EJ knows Stefano will be angry but in time he will be fine. EJ is unsure about Kate. EJ gets a phone call from Harold and tells Sami that Marlena is coming. Sami worries that she has to get up and get dressed. EJ jokes about sending her up. Sami figures Marlena is coming to try and convince her what a huge mistake she's making after talking to Roman. EJ suggests she could surprise her. Sami doubts it but says it doesn't matter as only she gets to decide who she loves then they kiss more.

Caroline asks Hope if she heard something. Hope says she hasn't heard something and nothing's happened or changed as they still don't know where Bo is, what he's doing, or if he's coming back. Caroline tells Hope to say what she came to say. Hope tells her that she loves her and she's always made her feel like a part of Bo's family. Caroline says that she is. Hope tells her that she's prayed every day that Bo would come back. Hope brings up Marlena talking about faith today. Hope declares that she's lost faith and no longer believes Bo is coming home. Caroline stops her from continuing.

Daniel opens the door at home expecting Parker but Kristen arrives and says she needs to talk to him. Kristen says she knows John is waking up so she asks what is going on. Kristen says she will beg if she has to. Daniel says it will be public soon as John woke up and recognized them. Daniel says they don't know the extent of the trauma or how quickly he will recover. Kristen is happy that the process has begun. Kristen thanks him for sharing. Daniel figures she could do him a favor too. Kristen figures he wants her to help him nail Theresa since he knows she's the one who put John in a coma.

Theresa tells Marlena that she's just scared for Brady having to relive that night. Marlena thinks Brady is just happy that John is improving. Theresa says she's just worried and thinks going over that night wouldn't be good for John either. Brady joins them and says he was just talking to Daniel. Marlena says she's going to tell Sami the good news. Brady says he'll be with John in case he wakes up and wants to talk. Marlena exits. Theresa tells Brady that she's worried about him. She says she knows he can't wait to talk to John but suggest he not listen to anything he has to say.

Daniel tells Kristen that he doesn't know if Theresa did anything and one day maybe John will tell them or he won't. Daniel says it's not about Theresa. Daniel sits Kristen down and tells her to really listen to what he's going to suggest because he wants her to hear him out. Daniel tells her to leave Brady alone. Kristen laughs and says Brady can take care of himself. Daniel says he wasn't finished. Daniel asks her to leave Brady alone for his sake and her own.

EJ walks through the town square where he runs in to Chad. Chad comments on his expensive bag and questions if it's a bribe to get Sami back or a payoff because she already forgave him.

Marlena goes to see Sami. Sami tells her that EJ left so she could tell her off. Marlena says she didn't come for that but to tell her that John is awake. Sami is shocked and excitedly hugs her.

Theresa tells Brady that she's just worried that John will make him feel bad about what happened that night. Brady says he should feel bad about bashing his head in. Theresa tells him that it wasn't his fault and was self defense. She argues that John could be delusional. Brady feels he will need him and will have to face him and own it. Theresa feels he already owned what he did and it's not his fault. Brady insists that it is his fault as he put him in the coma. Theresa tells Brady that he's forgetting how John acted. Brady reminds her that he doesn't remember because he was out of it. Theresa questions him just taking anything John says and what if he tries to paint a different picture of that night. Brady wonders why he would do that. Theresa asks what if John wants to make someone else pay for his mistake. Brady again asks why he would do that. Theresa recalls him being so angry that night. Brady questions if she is saying John would lie. Theresa says she's just really worried about what will happen. Brady assures her that he's not going to lie. Brady says he couldn't have been more wrong in thinking John was trying to hurt him as he loves him. Brady declares that he's going to deal with whatever John has to say. Brady goes in to John's room and sits at his side. Theresa watches a medical cart go by.

Kristen jokes about Daniel worrying about her. Daniel thinks it's best for Brady for her to leave and thinks it would be really bad for her to stay. Daniel says bringing her back to Salem, he saw that part of her really missed and loved Brady. Daniel knows she wanted to do the right thing for Brady. Daniel tells her that she and Brady is not going to happen ever so no matter what she does, she will never get back with him. Kristen declares that she can't accept that. Daniel tells her that it's not really her call. Daniel says Kristen is beautiful and smart so her life is not over. Daniel thinks there is someone else that she can love. Daniel tells her to move on for Brady's sake and her own. Kristen asks if he's saying she needs a man instead of a boy that can handle her. Kristen remarks that she had no idea he was so interested.

Caroline asks if Hope came to tell her that she can't wait for Bo anymore. Hope says not like this as he's deserted her. Hope says she can't not know what her life is and announces she's filing for divorce.

EJ tells Chad that his relationship with Sami is not his business. Chad argues that they are family so everything he does is his business. Chad jokes about EJ sleeping with Abigail and still getting Sami back. EJ warns him to start treating he and Sami with more respect. Chad says you can't command respect but must earn it. EJ remarks it's nice to see he's finally grown up and walks off. Chad calls Will and tells him that they are doing the article.

Sami express she's so happy for Marlena and John. Marlena asks why EJ had to leave. Sami figured Roman would've spoke to her. Marlena says that he just said they were getting close again. Sami assumed Marlena would've rushed over to tell her that she's being an idiot. Marlena tells Sami that she's a grown up that can decide if EJ is what she wants to be happy. Marlena declares that all she has ever wanted in her life is for her to be utterly happy. Sami tearfully thanks her and hugs her.

Daniel tells Kristen it would be in her wildest dreams. Kristen tells him that she's not going anywhere so he can worry about Brady while she worries about herself and Theresa can just worry a lot. Kristen exits.

Brady feels John's hands are cold so he exits to go get him another blanket. Theresa then sneaks in to John's room and approaches him. She declares it's now or never and pulls out a needle she stole and prepares to inject John.

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