Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/23/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/23/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve is on the phone with Mary Beth, upset that Paige hasn't said anything about the photos. Mary Beth says she's bound to sometime. Eve doesn't think it's going to happen and says she'll just have to tell Paige that she found out from Mary Beth. Mary Beth worries that Paige would hate her for it. Eve insists Paige would forgive and forget then quickly hangs up as Paige comes home. Paige asks Eve what's wrong. Eve asks what's going on with JJ.

JJ interrogates Rory about Jill, wanting to know her last name. Rory says he was so wasted. JJ encourages him to think. Rory thinks JJ just wants to hook up with her as she was one hot babe. Jennifer then walks in with Abigail and questions who was one hot babe.

Roman meets Nicole at the club. He asks what's so important. She wants to make sure Kristen doesn't win again.

Kristen asks Brady what the text says. Brady tells her that John is waking up. Kristen gets excited and says she knew it. Kristen tells him that she's so happy that she could fix this one thing for her. Kristen adds that he doesn't have to thank her.

Marlena calls out to John and tells him that she and Eric are there. John's eyes open as Marlena tells him that they are so glad he's back with them.

Daniel tells Theresa that there's news, it looks like John may be waking up. Daniel says he has to get to the hospital to see what needs to be done. Daniel suggests she should come with him and asks what she thinks.

Rory says he has to go to class and rushes out. JJ informs Jennifer and Abigail that something happened at the party that's not good.

Paige tells Eve that nothing is going on with JJ. Eve reveals she talked to Mary Beth, who told her that JJ was all over a woman at the party and sent photos of it. Paige calls it all a joke and insists nothing was going on. Eve wants to see the photos.

Brady tells Kristen that he wasn't about to thank her and questions why he would. Brady says she only got that drug to use as leverage since now Eric has to drop the charges against her. Brady congratulates her for doing it for herself. Kristen argues that she did it only for Brady. Kristen says the look of hope in his eyes was so worth it. Brady exits.

Theresa tells Daniel that she's not going anywhere with him and needs to find Brady. Daniel tells her that Brady will be at the hospital by John's side to hear what he says about that night. Theresa says she's happy and thinks it's great news. Daniel walks off. Theresa thinks back to that night and declares that John cannot wake up.

Marlena and Eric encourage John to stay with them but his eyes close.

JJ explains that he doesn't remember much of the party and tells them about someone taking pictures of him with the girl. Abigail accuses him of drinking but JJ insists he wasn't. JJ reveals that he ended up high but it's not what they think. Abigail decides to let JJ talk to Jennifer and exits the room.

Paige tells Eve that there's nothing to see. Eve wants to be the judge of that. Paige tells her that she deleted the pictures as they were stupid and JJ already explained it. Eve complains about JJ. Paige tells her it was just a bad joke. Eve wonders if JJ's been lying to her but Paige tells her to forget it. Paige says she has to get to her study group and exits. Eve tells herself that she worked too hard for the setup so there has to be a way for Paige to see the truth. Eve imagines showing Paige pictures of JJ with Jill to convince her that JJ's not worth it.

Nicole tells Roman that Kristen doesn't quit as they know she hates John so there's no way that she got the drug to help him. Nicole says Kristen's not stupid so they know Stefano wouldn't give her a drug that wouldn't work. Roman says John waking up would be a great thing that makes Brady and Marlena very happy. Nicole asks about Eric. She wants Roman to have a talk with Eric. Roman says Eric gave his word which is very important. Nicole still thinks he could convict Kristen but Roman says he won't do that. Nicole wants Roman to talk Eric into double-crossing Kristen. Roman tells her that won't happen. Nicole brings up that Kristen raped Eric and broke his spirit. Nicole complains that Kristen ruined his life and asks if that means anything to Roman.

Kristen calls Stefano and thanks him. She tells him that John is waking up and Brady is just thrilled. Stefano asks what her next move is with him. Kristen doesn't want to get ahead of herself as she wants to make sure Eric keeps up his side of the deal. Stefano wishes her luck. Kristen says someone else won't be quite so lucky with their legal problems.

Theresa calls Eve. Eve is making copies of the photos of JJ and Jill. Theresa tells Eve to drop whatever she's doing to meet now.

Brady goes to the hospital and joins in John's room. He says he got Eric's text then sees John is no longer awake again and asks what happened. Eric says they aren't sure. Eric explains that John squeezed Marlena's hand and his eyes opened but then he went back asleep. Daniel comes in with a nurse to check on John. Brady demands to know if he's going to wake up or not.

Kristen asks Stefano about Kimberly Brady and brings up her and Shane's daughter, Theresa. Kristen thinks Theresa could be a gift in disguise. Kristen tells Stefano about Theresa saying Brady hit John but she thinks John will tell things differently. Kristen says Brady will have another reason to be thankful to her.

Eve meets Theresa at the Pub. Theresa tells her that she's going to be in huge trouble.

Roman questions Nicole wanting him to talk Eric in to believing Kristen is responsible for all of his pain. Roman tells her that Eric won't forget what Kristen did but a lot of other things as well. Nicole tells him that Eric is making her pay while Kristen is getting absolution. Roman tells Nicole that all she has ever come up with are lies. Nicole says all she's trying to do is get Roman to convince Eric to make a better life for himself. Nicole tells him to just go talk to Eric.

Marlena and Eric ask Daniel about why John slipped back in to the coma. Daniel explains that it comes and goes but John is waking up. Brady and Marlena are relieved. Eric steps away and calls Kristen and tells her they need to meet now.

Roman realizes Nicole has a hard time understanding but Eric's word is sacred so the only way he would testify against Kristen is if John didn't wake up. Roman then exits. Nicole mocks him as he leaves.

Jennifer questions JJ about getting drugged. JJ explains he had to have gotten it slipped into his drink. JJ assures her that he would never use again. Jennifer tells him that she knows that and she's sorry it happened to him. She asks how he feels. JJ says he's better now. Jennifer says she could've taken him to the doctor to be safe but JJ informs her that Daniel took care of him. Jennifer questions not being informed by him. JJ tells her that he asked Daniel not to say anything as he wanted to figure out what happened first. Jennifer tells him that he can talk to her about anything. Jennifer gets a text about a meeting at the hospital. Jennifer says they will deal with this later and then exits. Abigail comes back in and asks if JJ laid it all out for Jennifer. JJ admits it wasn't all of it.

Paige confronts Mary Beth in the town square about telling Eve about the photos. Mary Beth tells Paige that she's worried about her and doesn't believe JJ. She feels Eve needed to know. Paige questions what's really going on.

Theresa tells Eve about John waking up and worries about John telling that she hit him. Eve doesn't want to be roped in to it. Theresa asks if she's going to help her or be a selfish bitch. Theresa asks her to care that she's dying here. Eve advises her to stop freaking out.

Brady asks when they can talk to John. Daniel says to just give him some time and steps away. Brady hugs Marlena as they are overjoyed that it's going to happen. They wonder where Eric went.

Eric meets Kristen at the club and tells her that John is waking up. Kristen says she's so happy to hear that as she knew he would. Eric explains that no one knows what kind of recovery he will have as he's not fully conscious yet. She asks what his point is. She adds that their agreement was just that John came out of the coma. She asks if he's thinking about going back on their deal. Nicole interrupts and says that's exactly what he's thinking. Nicole declares that Kristen is going to pay and she'll love every minute of it.

Paige questions if Mary Beth had anything to do with those photos. She claims that she had nothing to do with it. Paige goes over her making her leave the party which left JJ alone and how Daniel said nothing was wrong with her arm. Mary Beth questions Paige not trusting her. Paige points out that she never liked JJ. Mary Beth says JJ is trouble. Paige tells her that they think someone was out to make JJ look bad. Paige asks to see Mary Beth's phone so she hands it over. Paige tells her that she's checking to see if she has the photos but she doesn't. Paige says if someone else has the photos then they were definitely a part of this. Paige walks away.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's office and asks if he has a minute. Daniel tells her to have a seat. Jennifer asks if JJ is really okay. Daniel tells her that he's fine. Jennifer questions why Daniel didn't tell her about it.

JJ tells Abigail that he didn't tell Jennifer that he thought he was set up deliberately and adds that there's no proof to know for sure. Abigail thinks it sure seems like it and asks who would want him to look that bad. JJ says Theresa would be at the top of his list.

Theresa tells Eve that she only knows what Daniel said. Eve points out that Daniel hates her and could've been yanking her chain. Eve tells her to get the facts first. Theresa continues to worry. Eve says she has to go pick up some photos. Eve advises Theresa to get the facts because knowledge is power. Eve then exits the Pub.

Marlena and Brady sit with John. They talk about John being okay. Brady can't believe it as all he wanted was one more chance to make things right with him and now he's going to get it. Brady declares that it's all because of Eric.

Kristen asks if Eric is seriously going to listen to Nicole. Eric says he's going to the DA's office and walks off. Nicole stops him and mentions her sources saying John is waking up. Nicole tells him that he doesn't have to drop the case and can still make Kristen pay for what she did. Eric tells her that his life is not her business and won't be ever again. Eric then exits. Kristen mocks Nicole with a drink offer.

Daniel tells Jennifer that JJ asked him not to say anything. Jennifer says she gets it and believes JJ but she feels like she should've been told what happened. Jennifer feels like a year or six months ago that Daniel would've convinced JJ to tell her. Daniel agrees but says things are different now as they're not together. Jennifer accuses him of punishing her for that.

JJ meets Paige in the park. Paige informs him about Mary Beth telling Eve about what happened. JJ tells her that he had to explain to Jennifer as well. JJ adds that Rory didn't have Jill's last name but they have to find her some way. Paige suggests maybe they should just drop it. JJ questions her not wanting to find out who was trying to break them up.

Eve comes home with large copies of the photos of JJ and Jill. Mary Beth comes over and tells Eve that Paige is pissed about someone setting JJ up. Eve comments that JJ can get Paige to believe everything. Mary Beth explains that Paige knows she faked her injury to get her away.

Theresa calls Anne, leaving a message asking if John woke up. Theresa tries to tell herself to keep it together then runs into Abigail in the town square. Abigail asks what's the matter with her. Abigail accuses Theresa of drugging JJ. Theresa says she doesn't have time for this. Abigail notes that she sure seems guilty about something and asks what it is.

Eric returns to the hospital and tells Marlena and Roman that he just told the DA that he won't be testifying against Kristen so the case will be dropped. Roman tells Eric that he made the right choice under the circumstances. Eric thanks him and Roman exits. Marlena thanks Eric as they hug.

Kristen tells Nicole to celebrate John waking up. Nicole tells her to go to Hell. Kristen mocks her being on the outside looking in. Kristen talks about Nicole trying to get back in to Eric's life. Kristen reminds her that Eric hates her even more than her. Kristen adds that he will always find her hateful and disgusting. Nicole says she has a lot to say about Brady. Nicole questions if she really thinks this is going to change how Brady feels about her. Nicole tells Kristen that she knows it and walks out of the club. Kristen remarks that it's going to happen.

Theresa calls Abigail a piece of work. Abigail calls it a simple question. Theresa brings up the article and calls her Salem's biggest slut. Abigail says she made a mistake and owns up to it. Abigail says one day, Theresa will pay for all the awful things she's done and maybe it will be today. Abigail walks off while Theresa yells for her to go to Hell.

Mary Beth worries about Paige looking for a setup. They blame JJ. Eve says that's why it's so important that they get Paige to see the truth. Eve tells her not to worry as Paige won't be mad long. Mary Beth exits. Eve is glad she didn't show Paige the pictures now and folds them up. Eve then wonders why try to get to Paige when she can make JJ the target.

JJ and Paige go over him being setup. Paige suggests it could have just been a prank and they are okay now. Paige wants things to be fun like before instead of digging at this. JJ agrees to let it go. JJ asks if she's sure. She says she is and hugs him.

Daniel asks Jennifer why she would say that when he's not trying to punish her. Jennifer brings up wanting to have coffee. Daniel says he's been busy. Jennifer thinks he always shuts the door. Jennifer says she gets that Daniel had to do what JJ asked but he had to have known it would hurt. Jennifer is glad he was there for JJ but suggests they just forget them. Jennifer remarks it will be easy for him since he obviously already has. She storms out of his office.

Eric and Marlena wonder if John will make a full recovery.

Brady sits at John's side. Brady gets up and goes to leave when suddenly John calls out "Son!"

Theresa gets a text that John is waking up and worries. Kristen confronts her and says what a difference a day makes.

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