Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/22/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/22/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami and EJ kiss. They stop and smile before continuing. They get up and kiss out of the room until Sami's phone rings back in the living room.

Abigail approaches Ben and questions what's going on. Ben questions her following him. Abigail admits she did and asks where he got all that money from. Ben tells her to ask Chad.

Chad goes to see Kristen. She greets him with a hug. Chad says a lot has changed since he last saw her. Kristen adds that some things haven't changed enough but they will.

Theresa walks past the Pub and sees Eric coming out. She stops him and asks if he's going to see John. Eric says he is. She notes that he seems anxious and asks if there's been a change in John's condition and if Kristen's drug is working.

Daniel joins Brady and Marlena in John's hospital room. Daniel says there's no indication that he's waking up yet. Brady says they have to be patient. Daniel admits to them that something should've happened by now. Brady asks what he's saying. Daniel responds that time is running out.

Sami points out that it could be the kids calling so she goes to check it. Sami tells EJ that it's work. EJ tells her to take it but Sami decides business can wait and goes back to kissing EJ as they head upstairs.

Kristen tells Chad that it broke her heart when he had to leave Salem. Chad says it was his only option. She mentions him saving EJ's life. Chad wishes he didn't lie to Abigail but says it's a long time ago and he's glad to be back at the mansion. Kristen mentions not being welcome there. Kristen tells Chad that everyone has it in for her and calls it unfair. Chad talks about knowing Daniel and Eric so he knows they are good people. Kristen asks what his point is. Chad says he's worried about her. Kristen mocks what he must be thinking and says he's wrong. Kristen tells him he doesn't have to worry because she's perfectly fine.

Eric tells Theresa that the drug hasn't worked yet but they are praying it will. Theresa worries about Eric having to let Kristen go free. Theresa questions if John would do the same thing for him. Theresa says she and John don't like each other. Theresa talks about researching trauma cases and how sometimes it can change a person. Theresa thinks it would be better if John didn't remember anything about that night. Eric tells her that he wouldn't count on that.

Daniel says there's been no change in John's brain activity so the window could be closing. Brady asks how they could know how long it takes. Daniel states that the window may have already closed. Marlena asks if that means all of this may have been for nothing.

Kristen says it's no accident that Chad coming back coincides with Will's article about EJ's affair with Abigail.

Abigail tells Ben that she doesn't believe Chad because she knows he would never steal but she saw him give the money to Jordan so she wants to understand what's going on. Ben tells her that the money wasn't his. She asks if it was Jordan's.

Eric notes that Theresa seems distressed. Theresa calls it a really sad situation. Eric thinks she's upset because if John wakes up, he and Brady's relationship will reconcile which threatens her. Eric asks where that would leave her since their last argument was about her marrying Brady. Theresa tells him that he's right because John will do everything he can to make her look bad to Brady. Eric questions that being her main concern when John's life is on the line. Eric talks about having a lot at stake and calls it a small price to pay to save John's life. Theresa agrees and asks what kind of horrible person wouldn't want John to wake up. She questions why he's looking at her like that. Eric believes Theresa doesn't want John to wake up and says he finally gets it.

Brady tells Daniel that he believes John will come out of this. Brady says he has to go clear his head. Daniel understands he's angry and wants someone to pay but confronting Kristen won't bring him back or help him get his life back.

Chad tells Kristen that Will's article is not why he's back. Kristen doesn't believe him and says EJ humiliated him in the most horrible way possible. Kristen comments on EJ turning his back on his family. Chad is unsure but Kristen argues that EJ threw them both under the bus.

EJ and Sami kiss in the bedroom and begin to undress as they kiss on to the bed.

Eric talks to Theresa about John and Brady turning on her and having to face the consequences of actions. Eric gets a text from Marlena. Theresa asks if it's about John or if something happened. Eric tells her that the drug is not working and he walks off. Theresa is relieved that John isn't waking up and she didn't have to do anything to make sure he didn't. Theresa remarks maybe there is a God then declares that Brady needs her.

Brady assures Daniel that he's not out to find Kristen or Theresa but Eric. Brady says Eric gave up almost everything to help save John. Brady thanks Daniel. Daniel agrees to go wait with him at the Kiriakis Mansion but Brady tells him it's not necessary as it's something he wants to do himself. Brady then exits looking upset.

Chad talks about Kristen always giving him great advice that he wishes he took. Kristen says Chad came back to settle some scores. He questions that. She says people hurt him so he has to make them pay but he could hurt them even worse by making sure they don't see him coming. They agree and toast to keeping friends close and enemies closer.

Ben tells Abigail that he won't lie to her but it's not his place to explain the money. Ben says things were almost perfect with them and now Chad's back. Abigail says it's not about Chad as he didn't give him the money. Abigail apologizes and is sure he has a good reason to not talk about it. She says she trusts him and he thanks her. She questions if he would be curious or worried if she dropped an envelope of money.

Sami and EJ continue kissing in bed. EJ tells her that he loves her. Sami then tells him to stop. EJ wants her to talk to him. Sami says it's what she's always been scared of with them. EJ argues that she's not scared of anything. Sami worries about losing him. EJ calls her the bravest person he's met. EJ says he's given her his soul and the rest is up to her.

Ben admits he'd be curious and apologizes for getting so defensive. Abigail suggests they just drop it so they do. Abigail mentions seeing Jordan and she seemed upset but was vague after mentioning seeing someone she used to know. Ben doubts that Jordan would want to talk about the money. Ben hates that he can't tell her everything as he doesn't want any secrets between them. Abigail understands and respects that he's doing it for Jordan which she would do for JJ. They talk about things being close to perfect with them and then they kiss until Ben's phone rings. Ben tells her his break is over so he has to get back to work. They agree to continue when his shift ends as they walk off together.

Eric joins Marlena in John's hospital room and tells her that he's so sorry as they hug.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and calls Parker about finding one of his toys. Daniel says he'll see him soon and hangs up. Daniel goes to leave as Theresa arrives. Daniel wonders why he's not surprised. She claims to have no idea what he means but Daniel says they both know she's there because she heard about John.

Marlena thanks Eric for being there and for being willing to sacrifice the justice he deserved to help John. Marlena says Eric gave her hope even for a little while and that was such a gift. Marlena adds that if anything good comes out of this, it will be that Eric gets the justice he deserves for everything Kristen did to him.

Brady shows up at Kristen's and yells at her that it didn't work.

Abigail goes back to the club with Ben and he brings her favorite drink to her. She thanks him and prepares to pay for it when Chad arrives and says she doesn't have to.

Sami tells EJ that she wants him. He wants her heart and soul. EJ tells Sami that he will never give her a reason to cut him out and he will devote his life to being worthy of her but he needs her words. EJ tells her this is their time.

Marlena sits with John and says they have been through so much over so many years. She can't believe she has to find a way to say goodbye.

Kristen wants Brady to calm down and argues that the drug hasn't been given enough time. Brady complains that there's been enough time and they are losing John so her drug is worthless just like her. Brady says John is dying and there's nothing anyone can do. Kristen tells him not to give up. Brady declares it's over. Kristen says she gave him hope and it's not false hope. Kristen says she did everything she could to bring John back because she loves Brady and wants to take his guilt away so he can learn the truth about what really happened that night. Brady questions what truth she wants to tell him about.

Theresa tells Daniel that she heard about John at the hospital but knows Kristen's drug was a bust. Daniel questions her wanting to comfort Brady. She asks if he's there. Daniel tells her that Brady's not there so she says she will go find him. Theresa thinks she should be there to comfort him. Daniel thinks it will be hard for her to hide her relief that John's not going to wake up and tell what she did to him that night.

Chad tells Ben that he owes him an apology. Ben says he doesn't owe him anything and goes back to work. Chad asks Abigail to hear him out. Chad sits and says he was out of his mind when he got back as Will's article sent him over the edge and he took his anger out on her. Abigail says she understood. Chad thought lashing out at her would help but it didn't. Chad says he was wrong as he knows she never meant to hurt him. Ben watches as Chad touches Abigail's arm.

EJ kisses Sami's hand as she asks him about it being their time. EJ says it is now and forever. She asks if that's the best he can come up with. Sami jokes that he could do better than that. They roll around and Sami tells EJ that she's his forever. EJ tells her he wants all of her. Sami says she loves him and they kiss.

Brady questions what Kristen could know about the truth. Kristen says Brady is a better son than John deserved. Brady warns her not to talk about John. Brady talks about how John would do anything to keep her away from him. Kristen knows he's on a downward path. Brady says it can't be fixed and she knew it. Brady argues that she knew the drug wouldn't bring John back but they were desperate to try anything. Kristen says she wanted it for Brady but Brady feels she just wanted to watch everyone jump through hoops and be in pain. He asks if she thought it was fun. Brady declares that he's losing his dad and there's not a damn thing she can do about it. Kristen tells Brady that there is still something else that can be fixed and it's the guilt he feels about that night and what happened to John.

Theresa tells Daniel that she has no clue what he's talking about. Daniel argues that no one knows what happened that night but her. Daniel points out how she's been sweating every second of John's treatment. Daniel brings up Theresa always asking questions about John and says it's clear her emotional state hinges on John's prognosis. Daniel notes that Theresa is calm when John's not looking good but when he has a chance, she loses it. Theresa calls him paranoid and questions what's wrong with him. Daniel says he's been wondering all along and thinks he's now pretty close. Daniel tells her that she knows exactly what he thinks. Daniel asks if Theresa was the one who hit John and put him in the coma.

Marlena says she has prayed so long and hard that John would come back to them and now they say she has to find a way to say goodbye. Marlena holds his hand and cries that she loves him. Marlena feels movement in John's hand.

Abigail thanks Chad. Chad says he knows she would never intentionally hurt anyone. Chad says maybe in a little while Ben won't be so mad and let him apologize. Abigail asks why he put Ben on the spot. Chad admits he was a little jealous. Chad says he's trying to be a better person and start owning his mistakes rather than blaming other people for his failures. Chad adds that he knows he's the one who blew it with her and it's something he has to live with and learn from. Chad exits. Abigail goes back over to Ben. Ben says he has zero interest in anything Chad has to say. She questions him being rude to one of the owners of the club. Abigail says she believes Chad is sorry as he's a good guy.

Outside the club, Chad says Kristen was right about not letting them see him coming as he walks off.

EJ and Sami continue kissing and undress as they have sex in the bed.

Marlena tells Eric that John is holding her hand and won't let go. Eric grabs his phone.

Brady tells Kristen that he will carry what he did to John every day. Kristen tells him that he doesn't have to. Brady's phone rings.

Theresa questions Daniel accusing her and trying to pin it on her. Daniel's phone rings.

Kristen asks Brady what it is.

Theresa asks Daniel what it is.

Brady tells Kristen that it's about his father.

Marlena and Eric watch as John begins to wake up.

Daniel tells Theresa that there's news, it looks like John may be waking up.

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