Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/19/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/19/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan questions Clyde about what Jeremiah is doing in Salem.

Abigail informs Rafe that she was with Jordan but she just rushed off and she doesn't know why.

Rafe wonders if Jordan left because she saw him coming.

Clyde doesn't like Jordan's tone. Jordan questions if Clyde is setting up shop and warns him that she knew exactly what Jeremiah did for him in the past so he better not think of starting again.

Will informs Sonny that Zoe came by for his contract as she has another assignment for him about Chad. Zoe asks why a story about Chad. Will calls it a profile piece on a DiMera. Sonny assumes Will turned it down because of family being involved but Will says not exactly.

Chad goes to the club and greets Ben. Ben says he has nothing to say to him. Ben tells Chad that he can get out after he spoke to Abigail. Chad then reveals he's Ben's boss. Ben says he works for Sonny. Chad informs him that he's his partner and owns half the club so he works for him too. Chad comments that they don't like this attitude.

Kate asks if Roman talked sense into Sami about EJ. Roman says he tried but Sami reminded him of things he had forgotten like you can't always pick who you fall in love with. Kate asks what that means.

EJ approaches and asks if it's Roman. Sami hugs him crying as EJ tells her that he's so sorry. EJ understands Roman is just being protective. Sami tells him that he has it all wrong.

Roman tells Kate that he walked in on Sami and EJ kissing. Kate questions her excuse and hopes he let her have it. Roman informs Kate that he told Sami he loves her and will back her up. Kate questions how he could be so foolish.

Sami tells EJ that she's not upset because of fighting with Roman as it changed into something else where even Roman admitted that if you find love, you have to be there. Sami admits revenge and everything was really cold and hurts a lot. Sami adds that it doesn't just hurt EJ but herself too and the kids. Sami declares that it needs to be over as it cost too much. EJ asks if that's what she told Roman. Sami says he'll understand what happens next. EJ asks what does happen next. Sami declares that she needs to forgive him.

Chad explains to Ben that he and Sonny started the club together. T comes in and greets Chad. Chad's surprised to learn T works there now and jokes with him. T praises Ben and brings up Ben dating Abigail before stopping.

Rafe decides he should go before Jordan gets back. Abigail advises Rafe that Jordan might think he's avoiding her if he leaves.

Jordan questions Clyde why Jeremiah was in Salem. Clyde claims that he was just passing through. Jordan accuses him of lying to her which angers him.

Rafe decides to sit with Abigail. Abigail thinks he made the right decision to stick around and asks about the basketball game. Rafe tells her that Ben schooled him and jokes with her. Abigail talks about Ben being worried about Jordan. Rafe says Ben took it out on him but he would've done the same thing. They agree that Ben is a good guy. Abigail wonders what's taking Jordan so long.

Jordan tells Clyde to go ahead and swing at her. Clyde says he wouldn't hit her and raising his fist was just a reflex to being called a liar. Jordan doesn't like being lied to. Clyde says she got her answer about Jeremiah and he's sorry if it wasn't what she wanted or expected. Clyde tells her to go see Ben because he's got something for her from him. Jordan warns him not to set up shop here. Clyde warns her not to threaten him.

Will talks to Sonny about accepting the article on Chad to protect him. Sonny brings up that he said the same thing before his last article. Sonny thought he wasn't going to do this anymore as Chad is practically family and not even here. Will informs Sonny that Chad came back last night.

Chad tells T that he knows all about Ben and Abigail. Chad remarks about scraping the bottom of the barrel. Ben decides to go on break and walks away. Ben drops Clyde's envelope of money. Chad picks it up and questions it.

Kate brings up what EJ did to Sami and she can't believe Roman supporting it. Kate mocks Sami until Roman stops her.

EJ and Sami hold hands as she holds back tears. Sami tells him that Roman understands even if he doesn't like him. Sami says Roman won't yell at her anymore about what she's doing because he knows how much EJ means to her. EJ declares that he will earn it and knows it's just the beginning. Sami tells him that they have a lot of work to do. EJ thanks her and says he's so grateful for the chance as he holds her on the couch.

Roman tells Kate that he thought this was a good idea but it's a big mistake. Kate feels she's just being realistic. Roman questions what she knows about realistic in her life. Roman explains that he knows what he's dealing with as nobody stops Sami when she's made up her mind so he's just standing by to pick up the pieces when it all blows up again. Kate thinks he's still making a mistake. Roman questions why it matters if Kate hates Sami. Kate shouts that Sami is her partner and she doesn't want to go down with her. Roman tells her that he's not worried about her because she survives no matter what.

EJ tells Sami it's all her way in her time. Sami asks about Chad's punch. EJ says it'll be fine and Chad will be angry. Sami assures him that Chad won't get to her. EJ says he put Chad on notice. Sami asks about Kate, Stefano, and everyone else when they find out. EJ jokes with her and points out there will be three little people who will be very happy they are together. Sami is glad the kids never knew there was a problem. EJ wishes Will could've seen that she did a lot right. Sami admits she thinks Will realizes he misses her.

Sonny can't believe Chad just showed up and hasn't called. Sonny wonders if Chad has been to the club. Sonny questions Chad not calling and what he's so busy doing.

Ben demands his money back. Chad questions if it's his and wonders where it came from. Ben warns Chad to give it back or he'll end up on the floor.

Sonny continues to wonder why Chad came back suddenly. Will jokes about wanting to write about it and they kiss. Will is sorry that Chad blew him off and says there's no excuse for that. Will tells Sonny that he hasn't made up his mind on the assignment yet as he wanted to wait for him and Chad. Will adds that he won't do it if it's not okay with them. Sonny gets a text from T that Chad is at the club and all hell is breaking loose so they rush out.

Rafe asks Abigail if she saw who Jordan was talking to. Abigail is unsure but thinks it's Clyde. Rafe decides he'll go check on her and walks off. Abigail remarks that she was hoping he'd say that.

Clyde warns Jordan that he could say a lot of things that would have a bad effect on her life. She questions him threatening her. Clyde wants to leave the past behind. Clyde warns her that she doesn't want anyone especially Ben to know what happened when she left. Clyde asks if she thinks Ben would worship her like he does now if he knew the real story. Rafe approaches. Clyde acts nice and tells Jordan it was nice to see her again then tells Rafe that he will let them catch up. Clyde walks off while Rafe questions Jordan as to what's going on and what Clyde said to her.

Sami laughs about she and EJ staring at each other. EJ asks what she would like to do. They get close and the phone rings so Sami gets a call from a board member. She puts it on speaker for EJ and talks about being a good team. After the call, they realize they haven't eaten yet so EJ goes to get some food.

Rafe questions Jordan. Jordan tells him not to touch her. Rafe says he knows something's got her spooked. Rafe decides maybe he misunderstood what he saw like she did with he and Kate. Rafe wants to explain but Jordan doesn't want to hear it. Jordan yells that she doesn't want Rafe around as it's not safe. She says it's not safe for her and tells him to leave her alone as she storms off.

Clyde goes to Kate's office with flowers.

T tries to separate Chad and Ben. Chad accuses Ben of stealing the money. Sonny and Will arrive to break it up. Chad tells Sonny and Will that it's good to see them. Sonny asks about the money. Chad says they need to check the bank deposits because Ben can't explain why he had the envelope of money.

EJ brings food in for he and Sami. EJ sets the table and jokes with her. They toast to time machines. EJ reminds her of the night they met.

Kate is impressed by Clyde's flowers and says she should get back to work. Clyde wants to set a time for dinner. Kate tells him that she never said yes. Clyde asks if she doesn't want to be seen in public with a guy like him.

Sonny assures that he checked the cash balance this morning and everything was right. Chad questions Ben about the money. Ben grabs him while Will and Sonny pull them apart. Abigail runs in to break it up. Sonny takes Ben aside and warns him. Ben tells Sonny that it's not his money but he can't explain it. Ben says he'll leave. Sonny tells him to wait a minute. Sonny goes to Chad and asks for the money. Chad questions Sonny believing Ben. Sonny tells Chad that he can't prove it's not Ben's money and Ben's never had a problem with anyone until Chad showed up. Sonny says he trusts Ben. Chad goes to Ben and says his partner trusts him so he hands him the money back. Ben storms out. Abigail tries to stop him then asks the others what is going on. Chad tells her to ask Ben about the envelope of money he won't explain. Abigail exits.

Clyde tells Kate that he cleans up real good and could pass as one of her crowd. Clyde says after that, he won't bother her again. Kate worries that he could decide to blackmail her.

EJ brings up Sami telling him that she wished she had a time machine to undo all her mistakes when they met. They talk about being young back then. EJ talks about good coming from mistakes. EJ says they are perfectly them and Sami has always been the party. Sami gets a picture message from Johnny of a costume he's making in crafts. EJ explains the costumes of Johnny and Allie coming from a game they play. Sami is happy the kids are coming home tomorrow and everything will be back to normal. EJ adds that everything will feel right again. EJ gets up but Sami holds on to his hand.

Chad sits with Will and mentions Sami sending him the article. Chad mentions being glad to get the whole story and calls him a good writer. Chad says he has to go. Will wants to discuss first but Chad says later and tells Sonny he will call as he exits. Sonny sits with Will and asks if he told Chad about the assignment. Will says Chad had to go but Zoe's waiting for an answer so he guesses he should turn it down but Sonny is not so sure.

Clyde calls blackmail an ugly word and prefers leverage. Kate questions there being no consequences if she says no. Clyde tells her that she'd be missing out on good food and good company as well as hurting his pride but he would have to move on. Kate agrees to one dinner and says she'll get back with him on a time. Clyde declares that dreams really do come true as he exits.

Jordan meets Ben outside the town square and asks what happened. Ben comments that she looks freaked out. Jordan says it's been a weird morning. Ben gives her the money and tells her he doesn't want to carry it around anymore. Ben knows she's not okay. Jordan says they will talk about it later. She thanks him and walks off. Abigail approaches Ben and questions what's going on.

Sami tells EJ that everything does feel right as they begin to kiss. They stop and smile before continuing. They get up and kiss out of the room.

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