Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/18/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/18/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe, Lucas, Sonny, & Ben come in to the Pub from a game of basketball. Sonny jokes about he and Ben winning. Ben and Lucas step aside. Lucas comments on Ben letting Rafe have it with elbows. Ben says they just play to win. Lucas sits with Ben and wants to ask him about Jordan.

Jeremiah tells Jordan that he just wants to talk. Chad arrives and warns Jeremiah that she doesn't want to talk to him. Jeremiah tells him to mind his own business. Chad refuses to go anywhere.

Clyde tells Kate that the help she gave worked out real well so he wanted to thank her. Kate tells him it's not necessary but Clyde says it is and offers to buy her lunch. Kate says she's swamped at work and she thinks he's gotten the wrong idea. Clyde thinks people are the same everywhere and women are women. Kate asks what he means. Clyde doesn't believe he got the wrong idea.

Jennifer talks with Abigail at home about not seeing JJ after the party. She asks if Abigail is okay. Abigail says it depends as Chad is back.

EJ and Sami end up kissing until Roman walks in and asks if Sami is out of her mind.

Will gets a text from Sonny about the game being over so he doesn't have to come. Zoe then arrives. She asks him about his signed contract as she has a new assignment for him, a profile piece on Chad.

Chad introduces himself and reveals to Jeremiah that he's a DiMera and warns him to leave Jordan alone. Jeremiah says he got the wrong idea as they are old friends. Jeremiah walks off. Chad hopes he didn't barge in but he didn't like how Jeremiah was talking to her. Jordan thanks him. Chad reveals the he remembers her.

Sonny tells Rafe that they took Arianna to see Gabi yesterday and shows him some pictures. Rafe doesn't know how Gabi manages to still smile and says he worries about her. Sonny tells him that Gabi is worried about Rafe.

Ben asks Lucas what about Jordan. Lucas says he heard she and Rafe broke up and it's too bad as they're great people and he thought it would work out. Lucas asks if Ben thinks they still could. Ben then asks if Lucas is asking if he can take Jordan out.

Kate tells Clyde that there is no interest coming from her. Clyde apologizes if he's offended her. Kate mocks what he said about women being women. Clyde talks about trust. Kate suggests having respect. Clyde says he trust what he sees in someone's eyes. Clyde questions her not being able to have lunch with him because of work when she runs a cosmetics company. Clyde wonders if there's another reason that she's too afraid to share a meal with him.

Roman thought Sami finally figured out who EJ was. EJ says he loves Sami and always has. Roman brings up EJ sleeping with another woman. Roman asks Sami to tell him that she's not this desperate.

Will says they have been over this. Zoe argues that Chad is not family so it's not writing about family. Will brings up his ties to his family. Zoe goes over Chad's story and how it could be a cover story. Will tells her that he hasn't spoken to Chad since he left and he's thousands of miles away. Zoe reveals to him that Chad is back.

Jennifer asks Abigail how she knows Chad is back. She says he walked by and it was good at first before revealing that Sami sent him the article. Abigail tells her that Chad knows all about her and EJ then said there's no one she could've picked to hurt him more.

Jordan and Chad talk. He asks about Clyde. She brings up seeing him get shot. Chad says he's better now and asks about Rafe. Jordan says he's fully recovered but they are no longer together. Chad remarks that he thought Rafe was smarter than that.

Rafe tells Sonny that he'll make sure Gabi knows she doesn't have to worry about him. Sonny says she blames herself for what happened between he and Jordan. Rafe says he's the only one to blame.

Lucas tells Ben that if he wanted to ask Jordan out, he'd ask her but he was just looking to find out if she was okay. Ben thinks he's hoping for something else. Lucas says he doesn't want to be the rebound again.

Roman tells EJ that he came to talk to Sami. EJ suggests he call first before coming over. Sami tells EJ to let her and Roman talk. EJ agrees and steps out. Sami tells Roman to let her have it.

Will is surprised to learn Chad is back. Will questions her wanting to use Chad to sell magazines when he's his friend. Zoe brings up Will's history with Chad. Zoe says it's a great story but she'll give him a pass if he doesn't want to write it. Zoe adds that a whole stable of writers are dying to write it and won't protect Chad like Will would. Zoe reminds Will that he has a contract to stop any edits like she did with revealing Abigail's name. Zoe tells him to think about what would be best for Chad and to not take too long.

Kate tells Clyde that she's not afraid of much and thinks they are wasting time. Clyde bring up her coming to find him in the first place because of Jordan. He asks if Rafe is the reason she doesn't want to have lunch with him.

Rafe and Sonny rejoin Ben and Lucas as they joke about the basketball game. Sonny decides to leave. Rafe stops Ben and thanks him for coming to play. Ben jokes that he wouldn't pass up the chance to knock him on his ass then exits. Rafe tells Lucas that he's gotta get going. Lucas asks what's going on with he and Ben. Rafe says he has to respect a guy who sticks up for his sister. Rafe says goodbye and exits.

Jordan tells Chad that Rafe didn't do anything stupid but they just didn't work out. Chad says he's sorry. Jordan tells him that she has to meet someone for lunch. Chad tells her to enjoy. Jordan thanks him for coming to her rescue then walks off.

Jennifer assumes Chad must have been angry. Abigail says he was. Jennifer brings up Chad lying about a brain tumor in the past. Jennifer asks why Abigail's affair matters to Chad when they broke up. Jennifer wonders if he just came back to make her feel guilty. Abigail blames herself. Jennifer tells her that she doesn't owe Chad anything. Abigail says she gave Chad hell for what he did and then slept with EJ, who helped him pull it off.

Roman talks to Sami about being scared of Stefano coming back. Roman asks if he's threatened her at all. Sami says Stefano is smarter than that and she can't believe she thought she could bring down Stefano. Sami says they humiliated him and now it's public knowledge. Roman jokes about being proud of them. Roman asks if Sami is so scared, why is she all over her other target and playing into EJ's hand.

Kate tells Clyde that she and Rafe are just good friends. Clyde questions why she is single. Kate tells him that maybe she's just not looking. Clyde apologizes and wants to make it up to her with dinner. Kate tries to turn him down but he insists and asks what she's so scared about. Clyde offers his hand and Kate accepts. Clyde says it makes him so happy and tells her he will tell her when and where. Clyde walks off while Kate says she did not agree to that.

Sami complains about her family thinking she is overreacting. Roman questions if EJ is telling her that he'll protect her from Stefano. Sami says he can and will but that's not why she married him. They talk about Roman and Marlena not coming to the wedding because they know who EJ is. Roman says they thought Sami finally figured out who EJ was. Sami brings up what Marlena did to Roman in the past.

Jennifer tells Abigail that Ben seems like a really good guy. Abigail agrees that it's nice to be with someone who isn't complicated.

Clyde goes to the club to see Ben. Clyde wants to talk privately and gives Ben an envelope. Ben opens it and there's a stack of money inside.

Chad walks through the park and stops with his phone. EJ finds him and tells him they need to get a couple things straight now.

Zoe goes to the Pub on the phone and mentions her name while walking past Lucas. Zoe finishes her call. Lucas approaches and asks how she sleeps at night after what she did to his son. She asks what his problem is. Lucas reveals that Will is his son and praises him. Lucas comments that he's glad Will no longer works for her. Zoe hands him the contract to show that Will is working for her again.

Sonny goes home and calls out to Will. He hears the shower so he decides to go join him inside and they kiss.

Roman tells Sami that they are talking about EJ. Sami questions what the difference is between Marlena cheating on Roman and EJ cheating on her. Roman calls it a long time ago and says he let it go. Roman calls it a different situation. Sami agrees because Marlena was in love with John while EJ didn't love Abigail but still loves her. Sami tells Roman to go back to 1993 and ask if he wouldn't have wanted to get back with Marlena to be a family. Roman admits he would have and asks if she's happy now.

Ben questions what the money is for. Clyde tells him that it's what Jordan offered him to leave town. Ben realizes it's her life savings. Clyde says he felt bad about taking it so he wants Ben to give it back to her.

Abigail meets with Jordan in the town square. Jordan tells Abigail about running into someone she used to know that she never thought she'd see again. Abigail tells her about running in to Chad. Jordan reveals that Chad is who she ran in to as well.

EJ apologizes to Chad for any hurt he may have caused him. EJ tells Chad that he has a chance to get back something he foolishly lost. EJ warns Chad that if he does anything to prevent it, he'll cut him down.

Lucas questions Will joining Zoe at her new job. Zoe talks about needing Will as a good writer with integrity. Lucas takes back what he said to her. Zoe tells him that she hired Will and he doesn't have to worry. She calls him a horse's ass and exits.

Sonny tells Will that he missed him and they joke around before continuing to kiss in the shower.

Clyde recalls being mad when Jordan and Ben left with the money and then seeing them together hit him how much he loved them and wanted them back in his life. Clyde knows he has a lot of work to do before he can make that happen but he's afraid to upset Jordan. Ben questions if he wants her to tell her that he's changed. Clyde says he can say whatever he wants but he wants her to know he's sorry. Clyde then exits.

Jordan asks if she said something wrong. Abigail is confused as to why she's upset about running into Chad as she didn't think they knew each other. Jordan says that's not who she was talking about but Chad came around and helped her out. Jordan adds that she doesn't know why they broke up but Chad seemed like a really nice guy. Abigail tells her that he vented all of his hatred on her.

Sami apologizes to Roman. Roman says he knows she was trying to make a point but questions comparing Marlena to EJ.. Sami says she wasn't doing that. Roman asks what she was doing. Sami says you don't pick who you fall in love with and points out Roman being with Kate. Sami recalls Roman telling her to never take true love for granted as they hug.

Chad goes over what's happened with EJ. EJ says he's apologized for what happened with Abigail and repeatedly told him how much it meant for him to save his life. EJ says he has a chance to bring his family together. EJ brings up seeing Chad with Kate and warns him to stop whatever he's planning or he'll regret it. Chad questions what Stefano would think of EJ threatening him. Chad says it might make him wonder how far EJ is willing to go to get Sami back. EJ warns him about finding out how far and walks away.

Roman goes to see Kate at her office. He says he was just at the mansion and comments on her and Sami's portrait replacing Stefano's. Kate asks if Roman talked sense into Sami about EJ. Roman says he tried but Sami reminded him of things he had forgotten like you can't always pick who you fall in love with.

Will and Sonny get dressed and go to the living room. Sonny wishes he made the basketball game. Will informs Sonny that Zoe came by for his contract as she has another assignment for him about Chad.

Chad goes to the club and greets Ben. Ben says he has nothing to say to him. Ben tells Chad that he can get out after he spoke to Abigail. Chad then reveals he's Ben's boss.

Jordan can't believe Chad hates Abigail. Abigail says she didn't see him last night. Clyde walks by and Jordan spots him. Jordan tells Abigail that she'll be right back and rushes to catch up with Clyde. She follows him out of the town square and approaches him.

Rafe joins Abigail at the town square. She asks about Gabi. Rafe tells her that Sonny and Will took Arianna to see her and she's doing well. Rafe mentions talking to Sonny after playing basketball with Lucas and Ben. Rafe jokes with her about Ben being a pretty good basketball player. Rafe asks if she's there with Jennifer. Abigail informs him that she was with Jordan but she just rushed off and she doesn't know why.

Jordan questions Clyde about what Jeremiah is doing in Salem.

EJ returns home to Sami in the living room. She's standing by the back door holding back tears. EJ approaches and asks if it's Roman. Sami hugs him crying as EJ tells her that he's so sorry.

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