Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/17/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/17/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope sits at home crying. She grabs her phone and calls Aiden, who is at the club. Hope tells him that she needs to see him. Aiden thought they said everything last night. Hope doesn't want to spar. Aiden tells her he's at the club so she agrees to meet him there. Hope hangs up and looks at a photo of Bo.

Paige prepares to leave for school. She looks at the picture of Jill kissing JJ on her phone then gets a call from JJ but ignores it. JJ calls again but she deletes his number. Eve comes in and asks if she ate but Paige isn't hungry. Eve asks what she's so upset about and if something happened at the party.

JJ declares this is not over as he grabs his things and leaves home.

Jordan runs into Rafe at the hospital and asks what he's doing there. Rafe says he was just interviewing a mugging victim. Rafe brings up not seeing her in so long. She thinks back to seeing Kate in his office and informs him that it hasn't been that long since she saw him.

Kate talks with Sami at home about investors. Sami says she'll ask EJ for an inside scoop. Kate accuses her of sleeping with the enemy. Sami says she didn't sleep with him but believes EJ is on their side. Kate questions her believing and trusting EJ before. EJ walks by so Sami stops him but he says he's in a rush. Sami notices EJ's face and asks what happened. Chad then walks in and greets them, surprising Kate and Sami.

Paige tells Eve that she'll be home after school. Eve questions her not telling her anything. Theresa arrives and asks if Eve is busy. Paige exits. Theresa comments that Eve looks happy. Eve admits that she is.

Hope meets Aiden at the club and thanks him for meeting. Hope says she's been avoiding the situation between them but she doesn't want to keep doing that.

Rafe asks Jordan when she saw him. Jordan says it doesn't matter as she's keeping someone waiting. Rafe questions her avoiding him forever. Jordan says it will be until it doesn't tear her up to see him.

Clyde meets with Jeremiah outside the town square and talks about their plan. Jeremiah questions what Clyde is doing working for EJ.

Sami asks Chad when he got back. Chad tells her it was last night and he didn't want to wake anybody. Kate tells him it is his home. Chad asks about the kids. Sami says that they'll be home soon. Kate hugs him and tells him that it's good to see him and wonderful to have him home. Chad says things have changed and he likes what they've done with the place. Chad adds that he's impressed with what they've done with the company. EJ thought Chad was on good terms with Stefano. Chad says he can appreciate a good scheme especially taking EJ down. Kate realizes what happened to EJ's face.

Aiden tells Hope that she made herself clear and he gets that she's furious with Bo for abandoning them but is still married. Hope doesn't think she was that clear. Hope admits she was taken aback by how candid he was about his feelings. Hope feels she was dishonest with him and herself. Hope admits that she never saw this coming but she does have feelings for him. Hope says he makes her laugh, he's smart, and he cares about people. Hope says she enjoys spending time with him so she decided to stop denying that. Hope asks him to say something. Aiden tells her that she knows how he feels about her and asks where they go from here.

JJ catches Paige outside the Pub. JJ says he knows the pictures look bad but it was a setup. Paige doesn't believe him. JJ tells her that she knows him. JJ asks her to let him tell her what happened so she can decide.

Theresa asks Eve what's wrong with Paige. Eve doesn't think she came to talk about Paige and asks about her being so freaked out last night. Theresa says she's better now. Eve asks if the drug didn't work on John. Theresa says it might not matter.

Clyde tells Jeremiah that he and EJ are going to work together just fine. Jeremiah asks what EJ is really like. Clyde calls him a spoiled rich kid who thinks he's better than everyone else. Clyde feels he can use EJ to meet all the right people if he's patient. Clyde declares that in the end, he always gets what he wants.

Rafe knows he hurt Jordan but they were starting to talk again. Jordan says she was an idiot to think that. Rafe asks why she would say that. Jordan declares that what they had is over and they both know why.

Sami tells Chad that everyone missed him and she hates to see two brothers off on the wrong foot. Kate mockingly questions what it's all about. Sami stops Kate. Chad tells Sami that she's right which is why he and EJ had a talk about their situation. Kate brings up what EJ did. Sami asks how long Chad is in town for. Chad reveals he came back to Salem for a new start and is going to build a nice new life for himself in this house. Sami takes EJ outside to talk. Chad tells EJ that they'll catch up later. Kate asks Chad if it bothers him as much as it does her that Sami and EJ are on such good terms again. Chad is glad they left so he and Kate can talk.

JJ assures Paige that he doesn't remember any of what happened and apologizes if he picked up the wrong cup. JJ believes he was set up. Paige asks who would do that. JJ brings up Cole, Bev, Mary Beth, and Theresa.

Theresa tells Eve that she researched John's condition and how he could have amnesia if he wakes up so he might not remember what happened. Eve tells her that she never learns. Eve hopes she gets out of whatever she did and promises that she won't tell anyone anything. They talk about Eve's surgery and Theresa mocks her singing. Eve complains that Theresa acts on impulse and tells her to learn to plan. Theresa questions Eve having a plan.

Rafe doesn't know what Jordan thinks he knows. Jordan informs him that she decided she wanted to talk to him so she went to his office. Rafe says he didn't see her. Jordan says she left because he was busy. Rafe doesn't understand. Jordan says she saw Kate kiss him. Rafe argues that it meant nothing. Jordan questions him staying friends with his exes and says maybe they can be someday too but for now she wants to keep distance. Jordan walks off.

Hope has no clue where they go from here but she just wanted to say there is an attraction that goes both ways. Aiden asks what he's supposed to do now as he planned to let it go but now doesn't think he can. Aiden calls it complicated but tells her that he would like to take her out on a real date. Aiden suggests going somewhere nice out of town and have lunch then see where it goes. Aiden says it could lead to nothing but at least they will know. Aiden asks if they are going out. Hope agrees that they are.

Theresa laughs at Eve giving her a life lesson. Eve compares their situations. Theresa complains about Eve insulting her. Theresa doesn't know why she tried to talk to her when she only cares about herself. Theresa storms out while Eve yells out that it's not true. Eve mutters that she does care about her daughter.

Paige tells JJ that he can't prove anything. JJ informs her that he had roofies in his system and he researched their effects. JJ insists that Jill drugged him. Paige asks why. JJ doesn't know and he might never know unless he can find her. JJ asks Paige what happens to them now as it comes down to whether or not she trusts him. JJ says when he first saw Paige, he stopped thinking about other girls. He tells her that he loves her and can't imagine loving anyone else. JJ hopes she can still believe that.

Sami and EJ go to the garden to talk. She asks about Chad hitting him. EJ says he was angry and has every right to be. Sami reveals to EJ that she sent Chad the article. EJ admits he deserved it. EJ adds that he had every intention to tell Chad but kept putting it off and now it's too late. Sami says she did it out of revenge but apologizes because they were close. EJ says he made it clear that any good will between them is over.

Kate talks to Chad about their plan against Stefano and Sami wanting EJ part of it. Chad says it seems like they could use a DiMera and offers himself. Kate brings up Stefano's love for Chad. Chad admits he's been good to him. Kate asks why he would want to help then. Chad brings up Stefano promising to change but not changing a bit. Kate asks if he's serious. Chad responds absolutely. Chad says if Sami's not up for it, they'll cut her out too and it will just be them.

Paige tells JJ that she does believe in him. JJ is relieved. Paige hopes she doesn't regret it. JJ assures her that she won't and promises to prove that she can trust him. They hug as JJ thanks her.

Aiden suggests tomorrow but Hope says she has something to do first. They agree on not telling the kids until they know for sure that there is something between them. Aiden asks about what she has to do. Hope says she just needs to do it before their date. Aiden agrees to make the reservation. She tells him to call when he does and she'll be free. They say goodbye as Hope exits.

Sami tells EJ that Chad will come around eventually but EJ doesn't think so. Sami brings up what happened and how Chad will be upset. EJ reveals to Sami that Chad pulled a gun on him. EJ brings up the fury and anger. EJ admits he thought he was dead when Chad pulled the trigger so they won't be bonding anytime soon.

Kate questions Chad really thinking Stefano would change and thinks he's not telling her something. Kate asks about Chad wanting to help destroy Stefano. Chad wants to make sure Stefano never returns to Salem and that EJ gets nothing. Kate likes it. Chad asks Kate if she wants his help or not.

Hope goes home and reads a letter that she is writing to Bo. She mentions not knowing if he'll get it but how she needs to write it. Hope stops and cries before continuing about how Bo was the love of her life and they grew up together. Hope says they had been through so much together and she never regretted loving him. Hope writes that Bo broke their hearts by deserting them and how his actions speak loud and clear. Hope states that Bo chose his mission over his family and she gets it. Hope continues to cry and then continues saying she's faced with a decision to either go on miserable or rejoin the living. Hope finishes that she has to let Bo go as she can't do this anymore so she has to say goodbye. Hope adds that she knows he'll understand and she'll always love him.

Jeremiah finds Jordan outside the town square. She questions what he's doing there. He tells her that he came to see Clyde. Jordan argues that Clyde is not her father. Jeremiah says it's been awhile and she looks good. She tries to walk away but he stops her. Jeremiah recalls her as a teenager. Jordan warns him to let go of her.

JJ tells Paige about worrying about her not taking his calls and declares that he will prove what happened so she can trust him. She asks how he can get started without Jill. JJ says he already has an idea.

Roman meets with Rafe and asks what he found out. Rafe tells him about Kate being there to thank him for keeping Stefano out of town but how she and Sami are afraid of what Stefano is planning. Roman realizes that Stefano will get to them before they get to him. Rafe tells him that they are worried about Stefano getting even. Roman says they will talk later and exits.

Kate tells Chad that she wants his help as Sami is back with EJ so she needs an ally and she likes him. Kate adds that she's not sure what he can do. Chad reminds her that he's a DiMera and Stefano has a soft spot for him so she'll see what he can do. Chad gets up and exits the room.

Sami assures EJ that Chad will come around eventually and forgive him. EJ worries that Chad will try to get back at him by trying to destroy any progress they have made. EJ says Chad knows that undoing their progress would destroy him.

JJ tells Paige that no one else should have the pictures so if they show up on someone's phone then he'll know they were involved. JJ swears to find out who put Jill up to it.

Eve sits at home with the pictures on her phone and says she can't believe a hooker finally gave her what she needs to open Paige's eyes about JJ.

Kate meets Clyde in the town square. He thanks her. Kate says he made it sound important. Clyde tells her that the help she gave worked out real well so he wanted to thank her. Kate tells him it's not necessary but Clyde says it is and offers to buy her lunch.

Jeremiah tells Jordan that he just wants to talk. Chad arrives and warns Jeremiah that she doesn't want to talk to him.

Sami and EJ go back in where Sami tells EJ that Chad can't change her mind about him or anything. Sami talks about knowing what Chad is going through so she can talk to him. Sami tells him that Chad cares about the kids. EJ brings up Will and how he feels about him. Sami insists that Chad will see that the kids love them together and will realize it's best for everyone. EJ and Sami end up kissing.

Chase joins Aiden at the club and asks about overhearing him making reservations for a restaurant. Aiden informs him that he has a date tomorrow. Chase brings up that Aiden said he wouldn't go on any more dates when his mom died. Aiden says he meant that but sometimes things and people change. Chase asks for the name of the lady. Aiden says not now. Chase asks if she's nice. Aiden says she is. Chase asks if she's like his mom. Aiden responds that she's not at all.

Hope repeats that she will always love Bo but she can't live like this anymore and she has to go on. Hope folds up the letter and puts it in the envelope. She then looks over at a petition for divorce and cries. Hope removes her wedding ring and puts it down.

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