Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/16/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/16/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ben calls Abigail and tells her that he should be done in a couple of minutes. Abigail says she can't wait to see him. Abigail hangs up and turns around to see Chad. She drops her phone in surprise. Chad picks it up and says he didn't mean to scare her. Abigail says she's just surprised. Chad tells her he just got in a couple hours ago. Chad says he was going to call but couldn't figure out what to say. Chad adds that it's really good to see her as she's even more beautiful than he remembers.

Hope finishes a call with Ciara. Kayla runs into her in the town square and asks about her talk with Aiden.

Aiden sits in the club with Nicole. Nicole hopes she didn't get him in trouble with Hope. Aiden tells her not to worry as he managed it all on his own. Nicole is glad he isn't mad at her as she needs a favor. Nicole wants to sue Kristen for destroying her relationship with Eric and she wants her to pay.

Eric sits in the Pub looking at photographs he's taken. He comes across one of Nicole and imagines being with her. Caroline joins him and asks for his thoughts.

Paige thanks Daniel. Mary Beth says she doesn't need any special treatment but Daniel is glad to help. Daniel asks if JJ is still at the party.

Eve complains about not hearing from Jill yet and wonders what's taking so long.

Jill gets JJ's shirt off while her friend prepares the camera. Jill tries to make it look like JJ is coming on to her but he's passed out. Jill decides on an idea and begins to move JJ.

Abigail tells Chad that it's good to see him too. Chad asks if it is because he wasn't sure how she would feel about him coming back. She asks if he's back for good. Chad tells her that he intends to stay in Salem. Abigail mentions her surprise to see him. She says she'd love to stay and chat. Chad asks if she's going to meet Ben.

Jill starts kissing JJ and has her friend take the picture to make it look like JJ is taking the picture himself.

Hope tells Kayla that she didn't do what she advised but she thinks it worked out for the best. Hope thinks her feelings for Aiden had more to do with Bo than Aiden. Kayla gets a text from the hospital and has to go. Kayla encourages her not to snap at Aiden as she exits.

Nicole tells Aiden that everything that happened between her and Eric traces back to Kristen. Aiden brings up that they were never married so her plan only applies to spouses. Aiden points out that it could be said that she screwed everything up on her own. Nicole knows she screwed up but blames Kristen for ruining Eric's life and says she deserves to be behind bars. Aiden asks if she still really loves Eric.

Eric tells Caroline that he was just going through his photos to sell online. Caroline tells him that she is so proud of how he's putting his life back together. Eric asks if that's what he's doing because it seems a little sad and pathetic to him. Caroline understands he feels lost and that he's giving up his chance for justice if John comes out of the coma. Eric says getting justice gave his life focus and now he has to find a new way to move on again.

Jill takes JJ's phone and pretends to be writing a text to Rory bragging about being with Jill but then sends it to Paige.

Paige asks Daniel about seeing Jennifer tonight. Daniel thinks back to their big argument and tells Paige that it just didn't work out. Paige apologizes. Daniel goes to check on Mary Beth's x-rays. Paige gets the text from JJ's phone with the picture of he and Jill kissing.

Jill and her friend run off while Rory's brother finds JJ and thanks him for helping Rory home. He helps JJ up and takes him out. JJ wonders where Paige is.

Mary Beth tells Paige that nothing showed up in her x-rays so they can go home. She tells Paige that her arm really did hurt but they can go home. She notices Paige is upset and asks what's wrong.

Eric continues looking through his photos and one of the park makes him imagine kissing Nicole in the park.

Nicole tells Aiden that she's still in love with Eric. Aiden asks about her thinking they could work this out. Aiden tells her that she doesn't have a case. Aiden jokes with her as Hope arrives and comments that they can't seem to get enough of each other.

Chad apologizes to Abigail for overhearing her call. Chad comments that Ben is lucky. Chad sits down and points out it's been almost a year since he left and a lot has happened since then. Abigail asks about his surgery in Boston. Chad says it went great and then he traveled a lot trying to forget about how much he hurt her but no matter where he went, he couldn't stop beating himself up over losing her. Chad tells her that he loved her so much. Abigail says it's all in the past. Chad says she was right that she couldn't trust him after he manipulated her life. Abigail doesn't want to talk about it. Chad calls it water under the bridge and asks if she wants to talk about sleeping with EJ.

Daniel gose to Jennifer's and sees the lights are off so he decides he'll see her in the morning. He goes to leave when Rory's brother drops JJ off. JJ stumbles to the door. Daniel asks if he can hear him and if he's drunk. JJ says he's not. Daniel asks if he thought about what this would do to Jennifer and walks him off.

Nicole thanks Aiden and exits. Hope guesses they were laughing at her again. Aiden tells her that they were talking business. Hope apologizes for interrupting. Aiden questions if she is sorry. Hope asks what he means. Aiden thinks she seems a little jealous. Hope asks him to step outside to clear the air. Hope exits the club.

Chad tells Abigail that there's no need to explain as he read Will's article. Abigail didn't want him to find out that way. She asks if he talked to EJ. Chad says they had a little chat after he hit him. Abigail tells Chad that it wasn't all EJ's fault. Chad says he knows that she wanted it as much as he did. Chad mocks her getting in to bed with EJ and says there was no way she could've hurt him more but she knew that.

Jill goes to Eve and shows her the pictures. Jill tells her about sending them to Paige. Eve compliments her and believes JJ got drunk and did this. Jill explains that they had to move away from the original plan to improvise. Jill tells Eve that JJ wouldn't drink and never took his eyes off Paige so she had to give him a push. Jill tells Eve that JJ won't be able to explain his way out of this one so the mission is accomplished. Jill tells Eve to pay up.

Mary Beth complains about JJ's text until Paige stops her. She tells Paige that she can dump JJ now. Paige complains that she is thrilled while this is killing her. Paige declares she's going to find JJ to know what's going on as she storms off.

Daniel brings JJ home and is glad Jennifer didn't see him. Daniel thought JJ knew better. JJ insists that he didn't do anything and only drank soda. Daniel says he had to have something. JJ says it's all blank but he knows he wasn't drinking. JJ declares that he must have been drugged. Daniel tells him not to lie to him and asks what he took. JJ insists that he wouldn't do that. Daniel asks about getting drugged. JJ says maybe he drank someone else's cup and hopes Daniel believes him. JJ assures that he wouldn't put Jennifer and Abigail through that. Daniel believes him and JJ thanks him. Daniel wants to get him to the hospital to see what's in his system. JJ worries about testing positive. Daniel tells him not to worry. JJ asks him not to call Jennifer or Paige until they get things figured out. Daniel walks JJ out.

Mary Beth goes to Eve and tells her that she was so right and JJ got in trouble. Eve tells her that she needs to go so Paige doesn't know anything about this. Mary Beth tells her about faking the injury. Eve rushes her out and reminds her she can't tell Paige anything. Eve looks at Paige's photo and says this is for her own good.

Paige goes back to the park and wonders what happened to the party. Abe arrives and informs her that he had to break it up for underage drinking and drug use. Paige asks about JJ but Abe says he wasn't there and he hasn't seen him. Abe asks if she's upset. Paige says she just wants to find JJ so they can talk.

Nicole goes to the Pub and tells Eric that Marlena told her what he sacrificed for John and Brady. Eric says nobody knows anything yet and doesn't want to talk to her so he asks her to go. Nicole asks him to let her help him.

Abigail apologizes to Chad. Chad says he can't get it out of his head and keeps thinking about her and EJ. Chad questions how long she was lusting after EJ and if she was thinking of EJ while with him. Chad brings up their first time and asks if she settled for him while wanting EJ. Abigail responds by slapping Chad.

JJ sits at the hospital and gets a call from Paige. JJ says she must be looking for him but he can explain. Paige asks if he went to the girl's place. JJ questions what she's talking about and what's wrong. Paige tells him that she saw the pictures that he thought he sent to Rory. She says she can't believe he did that when she thought he loved her. JJ says he does. Paige calls him a liar and never wants to hear from him again. Paige hangs up. Daniel comes in as JJ finds the pictures on his phone and can't believe it.

Abigail tells Chad that she made a big mistake but she didn't set out to hurt him and she's sorry that she did but it doesn't give him the right to talk to her like that. Ben arrives and asks what's going on. Chad introduces himself. Ben asks if he was bothering her. Chad says they were just talking about old times. Ben tells him that she can decide. Chad says he'll leave them alone. Chad warns Ben not to leave Abigail out alone at night as he walks off. Ben asks Abigail if she's alright.

Eric doesn't want Nicole's help. Nicole says she just can't walk away because of how much she misses him. Nicole admits she walks by every night hoping to catch a glimpse of him and wondering how he's doing. Nicole says it's killing her to be shut out. She asks about selling his photos online. Eric brings up how he can't be a priest because of her and needs a new way to make a living. Eric realizes Nicole has been to his site and hopes she didn't make purchases.

Aiden tells Hope that he knows about their feelings not being the same. Hope admits she hasn't been honest as at times she has felt attraction for him but it's just so complicated. Aiden agrees and says she doesn't have to explain. Aiden understands she loves her husband and her feelings for him are insignificant compared to that. Hope tells him that he doesn't get it at all.

Paige goes home crying while Eve acts surprised to see her and asks how the party was.

JJ tells Daniel that he doesn't understand as he doesn't remember that at all. Daniel informs him that test results showed a very potent drug in his system. JJ insists that he wouldn't cheat on Paige. Daniel points out that drugs can make him do things. JJ thinks something is wrong about this and questions the message. JJ thinks he was deliberately drugged and wonders if he was set up.

Abigail tells Ben that Chad is her ex. Ben comments that he seems like a real jerk or at least acted like one. Ben asks what Chad said to upset her. Abigail says he just lashed out and she really hurt him. Ben calls him a fragile jerk and promises it will be the last time he talks to her like that. Abigail feels he got it out of his system. Ben asks if she wants to reschedule their plans. Abigail doesn't think she'd be much fun tonight. Ben says he'll walk her home as they have plenty of other nights. They walk off while Chad returns and watches them go.

Nicole admits to Eric that she bought one of his photos. He yells at her not to do it again because any connection between them is wrong. Eric declares that he hates her. Nicole says she won't do it again but she's keeping the one she bought as it's all she has left of them. Nicole then storms out of the Pub.

Hope tells Aiden that she does love Bo as they grew up and built a life together but two years ago he walked out on all of that and left them for a mission she knows nothing about. Hope can't remember the last time she heard his voice and she doesn't know when or if he's coming back. Hope declares that he's deserted them and she's hurt and angry. Hope doesn't know if her attraction to Aiden is just a reaction to get back at Bo. Hope says if that's the case then she'd be using him and he doesn't deserve that. Hope apologizes and rushes off.

Eve asks Paige if something upset her. Paige doesn't want to talk about it. Eve says it might make her feel better. Paige just wants to go to sleep and heads to her room. Eve remarks that she'll see that she's better off without JJ.

Daniel says if JJ was purposely drugged then they should talk to the police. JJ says it's only a theory and no one would believe him. Daniel asks about the girl in the picture. JJ recalls her name is Jill but she didn't live here so there's no way he could track her down. JJ says he needs to sleep and asks if he can go home now. Daniel agrees to drive him home. JJ asks him not to tell Jennifer. Daniel says it's his call but he eventually needs to be honest with her. Daniel assures him that he does believe him. JJ says he'll just have to convince Paige to. They exit the hospital together.

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