Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/15/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/15/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ enters the mansion and finds a note. He reads it and is then hit with a punch to the face by the returning Chad, who declares he's home. Chad then pulls out a gun on EJ.

Jennifer looks in the mirror and imagines Daniel telling her that she looks amazing on their date. Abigail enters and tells her that she looks amazing. JJ enters and asks if she's going out. Jennifer says she's just going for a walk but won't be near JJ's big party. Abigail encourages JJ to have a great time.

Eve calls Jill to make sure she knows what to do. Jill calls it the easiest two grand she ever made. Eve tells her to make sure it goes off perfectly. Rory joins Jill in the park and is surprised she came. She asks where his friends are.

Brady goes home where Theresa greets him at the door in a panic. Brady tries to cut her off but Theresa says she has something he needs to know. She thinks back to knocking out John and tells Brady that it's about John.

Kristen tells Daniel that Brady didn't hit John, it was Theresa who put John in the coma. She has no doubt about it and brings up the look on Theresa's face. Kristen insists that it makes perfect sense why Theresa doesn't want John to wake up. She repeats that it wasn't Brady who hit John but it was Theresa.

Paige and Mary Beth get dressed for the party. Eve tells them that they look beautiful. Paige goes to get her lip gloss while Eve checks with Mary Beth to make sure that she knows what to do. Mary Beth doesn't know how this will come between JJ and Paige. Eve tells her to just make sure that she does her job and not let anyone know. Eve asks if she can count on her.

Abigail and Jennifer advise JJ about the party and wanting him to be careful. JJ doesn't want them to worry. Jennifer knows he'll use good judgment and tells him to have fun. JJ thanks her and tells them goodbye as he exits. Abigail assures Jennifer that he'll be fine. Jennifer asks what Abigail and Ben are doing tonight. She's not sure because their plans changed but is sure it will still be a great night.

Brady questions if Theresa has been keeping something from him about John. Theresa says she first needs to know if John is really going to get better.

Daniel admits John wasn't Theresa's biggest fan and thinks back to Theresa asking him questions about John. Kristen continues to insist until Daniel admits he thinks she could be right.

JJ goes to get Paige. Eve invites him in and says they were just talking about him. JJ tells Paige she looks great while Mary Beth shakes her head. Eve wishes them a good time as the three exit. Eve remarks good luck to JJ.

EJ tells Chad that he doesn't have to do this. Chad feels it's the least he owes him. EJ understands he's upset. Chad asks why he should be upset. Chad accuses him of bagging his girlfriend and the woman he loved. EJ tells him it was a terrible mistake and that's it. Chad brings up that EJ made it again and again. Chad says he was a fool and should've known EJ would move in on her as soon as he left. Chad accuses EJ of planning it even before he left.

Jennifer asks Abigail when she's going to have Ben over for dinner. Abigail says she will soon but Ben has a lot going on right now. Jennifer asks about it. Abigail tells her that he's having some problems with his dad and had a rough life. Abigail adds that she's so lucky for her family and they hug. Jennifer tells her to have fun. Abigail says the same and to enjoy her walk as she exits.

JJ, Paige, and Mary Beth go to the park for the party. JJ spots Rory. Paige asks about the girl he's with but JJ doesn't know. They approach Rory. Rory introduces them to Jill. Rory offers to get more beer. Mary Beth is offended as she doesn't drink and goes to hang out with others. Rory makes fun of Mary Beth. Paige points out that she's her friend. Rory walks away with Jill. JJ asks if Paige is having a good time. Paige says she is and comments that Jill is pretty. JJ jokes that Rory really scored. Rory and Jill come back to toast their beers. JJ asks Paige what's wrong.

Brady explains to Theresa about Daniel and Kayla being confident in this drug to help John. Brady admits they don't know for sure if it will work but it's a big deal and the first time he's felt real hope about this. Theresa says she will pray for him. Brady thanks her and asks what she had to tell him about John. Theresa says she didn't want to worry him about the drug but she tells him that it could be really terrible for her.

Kristen can't believe Daniel might believe her. Daniel tells her to forget it as he's not helping her. Kristen asks about Brady and brings up Theresa causing Daniel and Jennifer grief. Kristen asks if he's going to let Brady take the blame. Daniel declares he won't talk to her about it. Kristen wants to work together but Daniel yells at her that's enough.

EJ tells Chad that all he was planning was his wedding with Sami. Chad questions if he's saying it just happened. Chad thinks EJ wanted action on the side so he seduced the woman he loved. EJ says there is no excuse and he made a terrible mistake. Chad says he made an even bigger mistake when he took the bullet that should've killed EJ.

Rory and Jill follow the party to do jello shots. JJ asks Paige if she's upset that he took a beer. Paige insists it's not that. JJ wants to know what's wrong. Paige brings up hearing the cops broke up this party the last two years and JJ just got his record cleared. JJ realizes she's afraid he could blow it all in one night. JJ tells her not to worry about him. Paige says that's what girlfriends do. JJ pours out the rest of the beer and kisses her. JJ decides he'll grab them sodas instead and they will go somewhere alone.

Brady doesn't understand what this has to do with Theresa. Theresa tells him that it's about Kristen. Brady asks what about her. Theresa informs Brady that Kristen has been stalking her. Theresa explains that Kristen thinks Brady will be grateful to her for getting the drug. Theresa adds that Kristen warned her to stay away from him and threatened her. Brady asks why she didn't tell him before. Theresa says she didn't want to worry him but she was scared. Brady doesn't want her to worry about Kristen. Brady says he has to go and hurries out. Theresa worries about the drug waking John up and wonders what she's going to do.

Daniel tells Kristen that they have no proof that Theresa did anything. Kristen wants to find something. Daniel says they aren't doing anything. Kristen thinks Brady deserves to know. Daniel argues that Brady deserves to be free of her and he's not helping her. Kristen asks if he doesn't believe that Brady is done with her. Daniel tells her to give it up. Kristen mocks Daniel being Brady's friend. Daniel goes to throw Kristen out and opens the door just as Jennifer arrives.

Abigail goes to the club to see Ben. Ben says he was just about to call her as the night doesn't seem to be going their way.

Chad says he could've changed everything if he just stood there and let EJ get shot. EJ doesn't believe he means that. Chad reminds him that he's a DiMera and says he would still have Abigail if he didn't take the bullet and EJ would be dead. Chad says that's a much better scenario than what they have. Chad continues holding the gun on EJ.

Daniel tells Jennifer that Kristen was just leaving. Daniel gets a call from the hospital and steps away to take it. Jennifer questions what Kristen is doing there. Kristen says she could ask the same thing since they were finished. Jennifer walks in and Kristen stays. Kristen says she's been meaning to call her. Jennifer is glad she didn't. Kristen admits she deserves that and talks about her wedding day. Jennifer is glad it didn't go through. Kristen brings up her being disappointment. Jennifer says she was horrified and sick because she thought Kristen changed and that they were friends. Kristen argues that they were friends and asks if she can try to explain. Jennifer doesn't want her to and doesn't want to be in the same room as her. Jennifer tells her to go so Kristen exits.

JJ returns to Paige with sodas. They go to walk off when Mary Beth comes back claiming she hurt her arm. She insists on going to the ER. JJ offers to take her but she refuses to go with him. Paige tries to convince her. Mary Beth tells Paige that she has to take her. Paige agrees which JJ questions. Mary Beth feels she needs Paige more than he does. Paige apologizes to JJ but points out that Mary Beth doesn't know anyone else there. Paige says she will text him and come back as soon as she can. Paige exits with Mary Beth. Jill walks by behind JJ.

Eve sits at home and Theresa arrives, saying she needs a drink. Eve asks what's wrong now. Theresa says it may be everything or nothing. Theresa tells Eve about the drug and wonders what she's going to do if John wakes up.

Kristen goes back to her hotel room where she is surprised by Brady sitting inside in the dark.

Jill claims to JJ that Rory tried to make a move on her and acts scared. JJ says he'll go get him to apologize and puts his drink down. Jill's friend joins her and they complain about their plan not working. Jill tells her that the night is not over yet.

EJ asks Chad to just talk to him. Chad says there's nothing more to say. Chad aims the gun and pulls the trigger, scaring EJ as he reveals the gun was not loaded. Chad then exits leaving EJ frustrated. EJ goes out and wonders where Chad is going.

Ben tells Abigail that he has to work a little longer but she can hang out there. Abigail feels she'd be distracted and tells him to call her when he's done and they kiss.

Jill and her friend question what's wrong with JJ. Jill says she needs another angle. They decide to slip something into JJ's drink. JJ returns with Rory, who is drunk, and tries to make him apologize. JJ sends Rory away and tells Jill that he called Rory's brother to pick him up. Jill says there's nothing left to do but wait for Paige to come back as JJ takes a drink of his soda.

Daniel isn't sure why Jennifer came but he has to go to the hospital. Jennifer asks what Kristen was doing there. Daniel says she just showed up. Jennifer questions him letting her in. Daniel says it's a long story but not her concern. Jennifer questions how he can say that. Daniel asks if she came by to check up on him. Jennifer says she took a walk and saw his light on so she stopped by. Daniel questions her being all dressed up. Daniel doesn't believe she just stopped by.

Eve tells Theresa that she wishes she knew how to help but she doesn't. Theresa feels there has to be a way out. Theresa worries about John waking up. Eve says if he does then it's game over for her.

Kristen brings up Brady surprising her in her hotel room when she first came back to Salem. Brady calls it a long time ago. Kristen brings up caring about John and Brady. Kristen says she had to beg Stefano to help and she'll owe him for the rest of her life but it was worth it to help John. Brady calls it an amazing, unexpected gift. Kristen asks if he's going to thank her but Brady responds hell no.

Theresa wants Eve's help but Eve says her plate is full. Theresa decides she'll figure it out on her own then. Eve wishes her luck and Theresa storms out. Eve remarks that she's going to need it. Eve wonders why Jill hasn't called her.

Paige sits with Mary Beth in the hospital. Mary Beth complains about having to wait for a doctor. Paige goes to get her some water and texts JJ that they are waiting and she hopes he's not still mad. Paige brings her water. Mary Beth thanks her for staying with her and says she doesn't know what she would do without her.

JJ tells Jill that Rory's gone so he won't bother her anymore. She thanks him and JJ finishes his drink. She asks if he's okay. JJ gets dizzy and doesn't feel good. She asks if he needs help. JJ says he's good and walks off. Jill and her friend get their camera ready as she declares it's showtime.

Jennifer tells Daniel that he's right as she knew Maggie was watching Parker and Daniel didn't have work tonight. Jennifer admits she wasn't happy with how things went earlier so she wanted to try again. Daniel doesn't know if he can be alone with her in that dress. Daniel says he wants to spend time with her but he thought they were taking things slowly and talk about how to move forward. Jennifer questions Daniel being okay being alone with Kristen. Daniel argues it's not like that. Jennifer says he doesn't owe her an explanation. Daniel agrees and thanks her for the reminder that she doesn't trust him. Daniel says she had no clue about Nicole and now Kristen. Daniel tells her that it's none of her business. Jennifer agrees and storms out. Daniel gets mad and tries to go after her but she's already gone down the elevator. Daniel decides to follow out.

Brady accuses Kristen of trying to rescue everybody. Kristen says she doesn't want John to die. Brady accuses her of having motives and knows about using Eric to get out of jail. Kristen claims it was one of Stefano's conditions. Brady complains about it being all about her. Brady says she can't make up for what she did to Eric. Kristen says she understands but doesn't understand why he came to her to tell her something she already knew. Brady says he came to talk about Theresa.

Jennifer goes home.

Ben calls Abigail and tells her that he should be done in a couple of minutes. Abigail says she can't wait to see him. Abigail hangs up and turns around to see Chad.

Daniel goes to the hospital and greets Paige. Daniel asks about the party. Paige tells him that Mary Beth hurt her arm so they won't be getting back any time soon. Daniel says he's off duty so he'll take a quick look so she can get back to JJ as soon as possible.

Eve wonders what is taking so long as she paces.

JJ stumbles to a bench in the park and sits down. Jill and her friend follow him. JJ passes out. Jill begins to unbutton JJ's shirt while her friend gets the camera ready.

Kristen says Theresa is an interesting person and thought he was finished with her. Brady warns her to stay away from Theresa, Eric, Marlena, and everyone he cares about or he will kill her. Brady says even what she's done for John won't save her. Brady then exits. Kristen says she doesn't need to take Theresa down as she will let John do it for her.

Theresa stands in the town square and imagines smothering John with his pillow. She declares if that's what it takes, that's what she'll do.

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