Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/12/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/12/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa tells Kristen that she came to talk to Brady about her. Kristen says he'll get over it. Theresa doesn't think he'll get over Kristen barging in. Kristen says she came to deliver amazing news to bring John out of his coma. Theresa drops her glass in shock.

EJ's man assures him that Clyde is clean and then goes to keep watch. EJ says Clyde has been pursuing him aggressively. Clyde says that's how he does business. EJ questions why he should do business with him or trust him. EJ asks for one good reason why he should let him live. Clyde doesn't like threats. EJ warns him that if he's playing games with him, the consequences will be lethal.

Someone enters the DiMera Mansion and heads upstairs.

Eric sits alone in the Pub. Nicole walks by and sees him through the window so she heads inside. Nicole approaches and asks what's going on at the hospital with John.

Daniel makes the injection while Brady declares that this has to work. John's vitals begin to change causing Marlena and Brady to wonder if he's waking up.

Kristen questions what's wrong with Theresa.

Daniel explains that this won't happen quickly as the drug has to act for time before any real change which will take at least 24 hours. Brady asks if he could wake up tomorrow. Daniel suggests they go get coffee and go over things. Marlena agrees to stay with John so Daniel and Brady exit. Marlena tells John that she let him go once but won't do it again. Marlena pulls out her phone.

Eric tells Nicole that he doesn't know what she's talking about. Nicole argues that he does and questions John's transfer being put on hold. Nicole brings up Daniel and Kayla putting John's room on lockdown because something was going on. Nicole wants to know what else is going on. Eric tells her that he's not sharing anything with her anymore ever. Nicole tells him that she came to him first so if this is how he wants to play it then she will get her story from someone else and tweet it to the universe. Nicole goes to leave but Eric stops her.

Daniel encourages Brady to breathe as the drug is slow acting and they won't know anything for sure until tomorrow. Brady says it's a lot to process for him and mentions Kristen being the reason John has a chance. Brady declares that the truth is that Kristen coming back to Salem may have been the best possible thing that could've happened.

Kristen questions Theresa freaking out over the good news about John. She asks what's going on. Theresa repeats that John can't wake up. Kristen tells her that the drug will work. Theresa tells her to shut up. Kristen questions what's going on with her and why she's so upset.

Anne runs in to Maggie in the town square. Maggie tries to hurry off but Anne wants to talk and asks what Daniel is up to since something is going on at the hospital. Anne assumes Daniel and Kayla must have let Maggie know but she doesn't know. Maggie figures it's none of their business and walks away. Anne states that someone has to know something.

Clyde tells EJ that he's done his homework on his family so he knows he's a man of his word. Clyde insists this is good for the both of them and he has good reason to stay in Salem. EJ knows he's staying for Ben and Jordan, who both despise him so he asks why Clyde would want to work for him.

Roman goes to John's room and asks Marlena what's going on. Marlena wants him to find Eric and says that he did something so incredibly selfless for her, Brady, and John. Marlena thinks Eric deserves to be with his dad and sends Roman to the Pub.

Eric asks Nicole to sit back down so she does. Eric recalls Nicole promising not to broadcast anything about he or his family. Eric tells her that something is going down involving John at the hospital. Eric says Marlena just confirmed it's underway. Nicole worries about John but Eric says it's good news. Nicole wants to know but Eric says she doesn't need to know and can find out on her own. Nicole questions him not wanting to tell her good news. Eric says it might not even work. Nicole accuses him of just not wanting to tell her. Eric admits that he won't.

Daniel asks Maxine to keep an eye on John's vitals and then goes to get Brady. Brady doesn't want to leave John. Daniel assures him that Marlena and Maxine are on top of it. Brady wants to stay but Daniel wants to make sure he understands what Kristen's motives are and why she is doing all of this.

Theresa accuses Kristen of following her and lying about John. Theresa thinks Kristen is trying to prey on Brady's pain. Kristen argues that she's not. Theresa calls her desperate. Theresa says Kristen found out and came to ruin Brady's life. Theresa reveals that Brady came to her and they made love.

The person in the DiMera Mansion enters the living room and looks at the portrait of Sami and Kate.

Nicole tells Eric that he's starting to sound just like Marlena about her. Eric argues that it's not about her or her business. Nicole says she's a reporter. Eric refuses to give her any information and says he has work to do so she exits as Roman arrives. Roman joins Eric and tells him that Marlena told him that he did something incredibly selfless. Roman asks what that was.

Maxine goes in to John's room. Marlena mentions not seeing change. Maxine reminds her that things will be slow at first. They talk about the doctors being positive. Marlena says she has everything she needs.

Daniel and Brady go to Daniel's place. Brady wonders what else there is to talk about. Daniel tells him that there's more to it with Kristen. Daniel brings up Kristen saying she was grateful that he forced her to come back to Salem which gave her the chance to reconnect with Brady. Daniel informs Brady that John is her opening. Brady understands Kristen is giving him the chance that no one else could. Daniel reveals that the deal was that Eric had to agree not to testify against Kristen to get the drug to save John. Brady realizes that means there is no case. Daniel assures him that she will walk free and be free to come after him.

Kristen calls Theresa a pathetic, lying piece of trash and doesn't believe her. Kristen argues that Brady wants nothing to do with her. Theresa talks about how they made love while Kristen yells at her to shut up. Theresa accuses her of being scared that she and Brady will get back together. Theresa continues talking about it until Kristen grabs her and begins choking her. Maggie arrives and pulls Kristen off, asking what is going on.

Marlena agrees to wait outside. Maxine thinks she should rest. Marlena says she will be fine when John is as she steps out. Nicole arrives and wants to talk to Marlena. Nicole asks if something good is happening to John. Marlena questions her wanting to talk to her. Nicole says she's a reporter and will either get the facts or run with rumors. Marlena stops her and tells her to come with her. They walk off while Anne decides it's time to find out what's going on.

Brady can't believe he didn't see this coming and questions Eric agreeing to this. Daniel explains that he did. Brady talks about assuring Eric that Kristen had changed when she did everything to get back at Marlena. Daniel encourages him to focus on right now instead of the past. Brady argues that Kristen is only doing this for herself and blames himself for Eric not being a priest. Daniel warns him not to go talk to Kristen. Brady declares he's going to talk to Eric and walks out.

Eric informs Roman that he agreed not to testify against Kristen because helping John meant more than revenge. Eric says he's doing this to help Marlena and Brady so it's what he wants to do. Eric tells Roman that he's setting up a web site to sell his pictures that he's taken. Eric assures Roman that he's not going to be a priest again so he can let it go. Roman adds that he'll never be okay with what Kristen took from him. Roman says they'll talk later as he exits.

Maggie questions what this is all about. Kristen apologizes for barging in and walks out while Theresa takes a drink to clear her throat. Maggie asks what Kristen was doing there. Theresa says she was acting like a psycho. Maggie asks what Theresa was doing there. She explains that she came to see Brady and was leaving a note when Kristen came in. Maggie asks why Kristen wanted her dead. Theresa says she knew she was lying and tells Maggie about Kristen's drug to wake up John. Theresa calls Kristen a lunatic and argues that there can't be a drug since Brady said John would never wake up. Maggie looks away. Theresa asks if she believes Kristen is telling the truth. Theresa repeats that she can't be telling the truth.

Clyde tells EJ that he can't blame Ben for being unhappy about his affair with Abigail. Clyde adds that Jordan has always been very protective of Ben so he's not surprised. Clyde says he doesn't mix business with family as that never works out. Clyde says EJ had his people check him out and knows what he's done. EJ questions why Clyde would do him a favor. Clyde says he wants to make money but he didn't want to step on EJ's toes.

Marlena takes Nicole to the waiting room and says she'll tell her what's going on if she promises not to print a word until she gives her the okay. Nicole agrees. Marlena informs her that John has been given a drug that may reverse the coma. Nicole is happy for Brady and asks why she and Eric aren't. Nicole wants to know what's going on. Marlena says they are thrilled that John may return but the drug was provided by Kristen which shocks Nicole.

Brady goes to the Pub. Eric asks if they heard anything. Brady tells him that there won't be anything until tomorrow but he needed to see him. Brady tells Eric that he is so grateful for what he sacrificed for John. Brady thanks him and they hug.

Maggie tells Theresa that she has no idea what's true or not. Theresa argues that it's impossible to cure John. Maggie tells Theresa that she'll tell Brady that she called and walks her out. Theresa gets a text from Anne to meet her in the square as she has major news. Theresa feels sick as she walks off in a panic.

Maggie calls Daniel. They ask each other what's up. Maggie asks Daniel if there is a new drug being tried on John to bring him out of the coma. Daniel reminds her that he can't talk about a patient. Maggie says she will draw her own conclusion then. Daniel says she can. Maggie tells him that she heard Kristen is behind it so she will do whatever she has to do to help Brady through it. Daniel says he will do the same. Maggie tells Daniel that she loves him and she's very proud of him. Daniel thanks her and they say goodnight. Kristen then bangs on Daniel's door and walks in, complaining about that disgusting, lying slut.

EJ gives Clyde one week to prove him that his business model is as profitable as he says. EJ says if he satisfies then he may consider working with him. EJ adds that he may not contact him directly and if he does, he will regret it. Clyde agrees that it sounds fair. EJ says it's not and that if he came looking for fairness then he came to the wrong man. EJ then walks away.

Theresa meets Anne in the town square and asks her about the text. Anne informs her about the drug to wake John up. Theresa worries and says it can't happen. Theresa wants to think of something to do. Anne brings up Brady. Theresa rushes off.

Nicole calls it unbelievable that Eric had to give up any chance to make Kristen pay. Kristen says that the judge will have to drop the case. Nicole worries for Brady and Eric. Marlena states that Eric did what he thought he had to. Nicole says Eric is so good and amazing. Nicole calls Kristen a disgusting bitch who is not human. Nicole thinks Kristen should be put down. Marlena agrees that nobody would miss her. Nicole suggest they team up again to stop her but Marlena says no. Marlena clarifies that she thinks Kristen has to be stopped but they will never work together. Nicole realizes it's because of what she did to Eric. Marlena admits that's why she and Eric want nothing to do with her. Marlena then exits.

Brady and Eric exit the Pub. Brady says it's hard to believe there's so much hope right now thanks to him. Eric reminds him it could take awhile. Brady says it's also hard to believe that Kristen is going to walk and have the chance to hurt him again. Eric wants Brady to stay away from her. Brady insists he will stay away from that psychopath. Brady says he's going home to get a photo album for John. Eric says he'll go to the hospital to check on Marlena so he'll see him there. Brady assures Eric that he hates Kristen more than ever because of what she did to him.

Daniel wants Kristen gone. Kristen asks if he gave John the drug. Daniel argues that she doesn't deserve to know but tells her that he did like they both knew he would. Daniel tells her to get out. Kristen asks if Brady knows. Daniel says he knows exactly what she did and he made sure Brady understood that she forced Eric to drop the charges. Daniel mocks her. Kristen wants to talk to him about her run in with Theresa. Kristen says Theresa tried to tell her that she and Brady are sleeping together. Kristen questions if it's true.

EJ goes home on a call about Clyde, ordering his man to never let him out of his sight through the one week. EJ enters the mansion and finds a note. He reads it and is then hit with a punch to the face by the returning Chad, who declares he's home.

Eric goes to the hospital and hugs Marlena. Nicole sees them and exits through the elevator.

Brady goes home where Theresa greets him at the door in a panic. Brady tries to cut her off but Theresa says she has something he needs to know.

Kristen complains that she hates Theresa and can't believe she was telling the truth. Daniel says maybe now she'll realize that Brady isn't hung up on her. They argue over it. Kristen blames Theresa for Brady being on drugs and alcohol. Daniel compares Kristen and Theresa. Kristen brings up Theresa being freaked out over her news on John recovering. Kristen says it was like she didn't want John to recover and it didn't make sense to her. Kristen then realizes and declares it wasn't Brady. Kristen says Theresa was terrified for her life. Kristen tells Daniel that Brady didn't hit John, it was Theresa who put John in the coma.

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