Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/11/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/11/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami tells EJ that she's not going to let anyone decide how she feels about him as she will listen to her heart. EJ asks what her heart is telling her now about him.

Abigail walks through the town square and gets a text from Ben that he is almost off work. She stops and smiles then texts back that she will see him soon.

Clyde goes to the club and orders a coffee from Ben. Ben questions why he's there. Clyde responds that he's there to see his son.

Kayla asks Daniel what he thinks about the drug. Daniel decides it is time to call Brady.

Brady visits John at the hospital. Theresa looks in through the window and thinks back to knocking John out. Anne approaches and asks Theresa what's wrong. She questions what John is still doing in the hospital.

Marlena runs into Kristen in the town square. Kristen questions Marlena not being at the hospital at John's side. Kristen tells Marlena that Daniel and Kayla have the drug. She asks if Marlena is going to thank her.

Will sits at home with Arianna showing pictures of Sydney and Johnny at camp. Will wants to send them a package and mentions needing the address. Will suggests going for a walk.

EJ knows they have a long way to go but thinks they have made a big improvement. EJ promises to do anything he can to derail any plan Stefano has to get even with her. Sami thanks him and admits it's been hard to sleep thinking about Stefano's revenge. Sami is glad he is on their side. EJ says he couldn't care less about Kate but he will always be there for her. Sami thanks him. EJ tells her that his heart has been hers since the first moment he saw her and it always will be.

Theresa questions John not being transferred. Anne tells her that the paperwork hasn't been finished yet. Theresa wants him gone. Anne questions her not having it all together. Theresa complains about Kristen's threats. Anne asks if she's really that scared. Theresa says she plans to use Kristen's threats to get Brady back but she can't when he's at John's bed side. They talk about Brady feeling guilty. Brady comes out of John's room so Anne tells Theresa to put on her act. She approaches Brady and asks how John is. Brady says it's not a good time. Theresa apologizes and says she has to tell him something and doesn't have a choice.

Kristen questions Daniel and Kayla not keeping Marlena in the loop. Kristen asks about Brady making all the decisions about John. Marlena suggests maybe Daniel and Kayla don't want to use her drug which means there's no reason Eric can't testify and Kristen would go to prison.

EJ gets a text that the meeting is confirmed and tells Sami that he has to go. Sami understands he has to work. EJ says he knows she has a lot to think about it and he meant he just wanted one chance to win her back. EJ promises not to rush her or push her. EJ adds that Stefano has always underestimated her and she's made him pay for that. EJ declares that if anyone can beat Stefano at his own game, it's her. EJ then exits. Sami hopes he's right.

Clyde gets a text that the meeting is set. Ben tells him he saw him and got his coffee so his business is done. Clyde says he kept his word to stay away from Abigail and gave him time to think about his offer. Ben doesn't believe he's changed. Ben says it doesn't matter what he thinks as Jordan doesn't want him there. Clyde questions her getting to make the decision. Ben says she does after what she did for him. Clyde feels she stole him from his dad but Ben feels she saved him from Clyde.

Theresa tells Brady that this is important. Brady agrees to a couple minutes and they step into a waiting room.

Kristen tells Marlena that Daniel and Kayla would be stupid not to give John the drug. Marlena warns her about it working because Eric would help bury her if it doesn't. Kristen calls Marlena a hypocritical liar. Kristen brings up their past with John and then how she ruined her relationship with Brady too. Kristen calls her the destructive one. Kristen says she can give Marlena back John and she can't change that.

Theresa offers Brady coffee but he declines. He asks what she had to tell him. Brady gets a call and has to answer from Daniel. Daniel asks him to come over now as it's important. Daniel adds for him not to tell anyone that they are meeting and he'll explain when he gets there. Brady says he's on his way. Theresa asks what's going on.

Will brings Arianna to see Sami. Sami asks what he's doing there. Will asks for the address to the kids' camp. Sami says camp is almost over but Will insists. Sami points out that he could've just texted her. Will brings up that Arianna misses her.

Clyde knows what he put Ben through. Ben brings up how Clyde use to wrap his belt around his fist when he said something he didn't like but now he's bigger and old enough to knock him on his ass. Clyde says that Jordan saved Ben from him but also saved Clyde from himself. Ben agrees that one of them could've died. Clyde feels he needed the wake up call. Abigail arrives so Clyde says he'll leave Ben to her. Ben asks if he's sticking around. Clyde is adamant because his kids are there. Clyde exits and Abigail approaches to ask Ben if he's okay. Ben says he is now as he's off work and she's there. She asks what he wants to do. Ben says he just wants to be with her which Abigail likes.

Brady tells Theresa that there is a business crisis that he has to deal with. He asks what Theresa had to tell him. Theresa says it can wait and she'll see him later. He thanks her for understanding as he exits.

Daniel and Kayla discuss the drug. Kayla says trying it is better than doing nothing. They wish they didn't have to get it from Kristen and Stefano. Daniel worries about giving Kristen another chance to destroy Brady.

Marlena accuses Kristen of having Stefano get this drug just to get one up on her. Kristen argues that she could just watch John die. Marlena tells her that there will be Hell to pay if she's getting Brady's hopes up for no reason. Marlena walks off. Kristen pulls out her phone and wonders why Daniel hasn't told her since she gave him everything he needed. She wonders if Brady knows. Kristen insists that the drug has to work. Kristen goes to walk off but runs in to EJ.

Brady goes to Daniel's and asks about the phone call. He sees Kayla and asks if she's in on it too. Brady asks if it's about John. Daniel informs him that it's big news.

John remains in his hospital bed.

Ben and Abigail to the park. Ben says he wanted to take Abigail to the new sushi place but Clyde took him out of the mood. Ben talks about Clyde wanting to stay in Salem and insisting he's changed but he doesn't believe him. Abigail talks about her father not being perfect. Ben quickly tells her that her father was nothing like hers. Abigail asks what Clyde did to him. Ben doesn't want to get into it as he wanted this night to be special for them. Abigail says it still can be.

Anne joins Theresa and asks what happened with Brady. She tells her that Brady got a call and took off. They discuss Kristen's threats. Anne is unsure that Brady will run back to rescue her. Theresa thinks it's still a shot. They talk about John and Theresa doesn't know what to do. Anne suggests asking Brady for his protection outside of the hospital. Theresa calls her a genius.

EJ tells Kristen to enjoy her freedom while she can. They argue over their crimes. Kristen says they could've helped each other before he went to the other side. EJ says he is on his wife's side. Kristen brings up EJ and Abigail. EJ suggests they go their separate ways. Kristen brings up Stefano being so supportive and she thinks things are looking up for her. EJ laughs at her then questions what she's done.

Daniel and Kayla show Brady the lab report on the drug and inform him that they think it might bring John out of his coma. Brady questions the top specialists not knowing about this. Daniel and Kayla explain how it works. They are excited about it and they don't see a downside. They add that nothing bad can happen but they need his permission. Brady asks when. Daniel says as soon as possible. Brady asks why they didn't tell him about it before. Kayla didn't want to get his hopes up until they checked it out. Brady wants to do it. Daniel then informs him that Kristen is the one who brought them this drug which shocks him.

Sami talks to Arianna about when Will was little. Sami goes to get the camp address for Will.

Theresa decides Brady leaving was a good thing so now she can tell him in private. They talk about how one thing can lead to another. Theresa says she knows exactly where the right place is and exits.

EJ tells Kristen that their relationship is what came between he and Sami. Kristen brings up what Sami did to him and questions him worrying about what she'll do. Kristen calls him whipped and asks when he's going to stop letting Sami make his decisions. She warns him about making her an enemy. EJ mocks her and walks away. Kristen pulls out his phone and wonders why she hasn't heard anything from Brady. She decides she has to know what's going on and walks off.

Brady questions how Kristen got them this drug. Daniel begins to explain until there's a knock at the door and Marlena arrives. Marlena informs Daniel that she saw Kristen, who said they have the drug. Brady says he's still trying to wrap his head around it. Marlena asks if they are sure about the drug. Daniel assures that there is nothing that could harm John. Kayla adds that it could be the one thing that brings him back. Marlena turns to Brady and asks if he's going to do it. Brady says he is. Daniel adds that it will be in spite of Kristen being the one to bring it. Brady just wants to help John. Brady wants to get to the hospital and do this so they all exit together.

Ben wishes things were less complicated for both of them. Abigail says they can't control what goes on around them so they should keep things between them uncomplicated. Ben asks how uncomplicated. Abigail says she didn't mean completely. Ben says they are the one complication he's been looking forward to as they kiss.

Sami texts Will the address and he thanks her. Sami asks if there's anything else. Will tells her that Arianna isn't the only one who misses her. Sami doesn't understand and asks how he could miss someone that did those horrible things he wrote about. Will clarifies that he doesn't miss her but the woman he wrote about in the beginning. Will tells a story about when he was in first grade. Sami says she is that woman but is also the woman who was very deeply hurt by the man she loved. Sami says when she gets hurt, she hurts back and is willing to pay the price. Sami adds that she's not perfect but he can't pick which parts of her he accepts. Sami argues that's not love and family. Sami says he doesn't have to agree with or like all of her decisions but if he accepts her then he has to take all of her. Sami says either that or he can walk away with nothing.

EJ walks outside of the town square to meet Clyde. EJ orders his guard to pat Clyde down but Clyde tells him to wait. EJ decides to leave then but Clyde says he gets it and apologizes. The man pats Clyde down to make sure he has nothing.

Daniel informs Brady and Kayla that they are all set up and will be giving John the injection in a few minutes. Brady signs everything and gives it to Kayla. Kayla runs in to Anne, who questions where she's been all morning. Kayla asks why she needs to know. Anne wants to know when John is being transferred but Kayla tells her it's none of her business and walks off. Anne gets a call and steps away. Brady joins Marlena at John's window and says it must be really hard for her. Marlena tells him that their only concern is John's life. Brady does believe Kristen is doing this for him and as much as he despises her now, he can't hate her for this.

Theresa goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Henderson tells her that Brady's not there. Theresa says that he said he was coming here. Henderson goes to look for him while she waits in the living rom. Theresa pours a drink and practices telling Brady about Kristen's threats. Kristen then enters and they both question what the other is doing there.

Ben and Abigail kiss until Ben's phone rings and he answers. Ben says it's not a problem and he'll head over there now. Ben informs Abigail that the night shift manager called in sick so he has to cover. Abigail assures him that she understands and likes that he's responsible. Ben promises to call her as soon as he's done and kisses her then exits.

Will tells Sami that he gets it but he's not a little boy anymore. Will admits maybe he was out of line to write the article but she can't expect him to like everything she does. Will states that he is her son and what you see is not always what you get. Will decides they should get going. Sami tells Arianna how much she loves her and thanks Will for bringing her. Will thanks her for the information. Sami gives Arianna back to Will and they exit. Will says that wasn't so bad and could've been a lot worse. Sami smiles as she holds back tears.

EJ's man assures him that Clyde is clean. EJ sends him to make sure they are not disturbed. EJ says Clyde has been pursuing him aggressively. Clyde says that's how he does business. EJ questions why he should do business with him or trust him. EJ asks for one good reason why he should let him live.

Daniel tells Brady and Marlena that John is all set up for the injection. They go in to the room with him. Daniel makes the injection while Brady declares that this has to work.

Theresa tells Kristen that she came to talk to Brady about her. Kristen says he'll get over it. Theresa doesn't think he'll get over Kristen barging in. Kristen says she came to deliver amazing news to bring John out of his coma. Theresa drops her glass in shock.

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