Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/10/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/10/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ tells Sami that he will spend the rest of his life trying to make up for the hurt he caused her if he thought he could. EJ and Sami end up close and almost kiss. He kisses her on the cheek and hugs her as she cries. Kate walks in and hopes she's not interrupting anything as Sami tries to wipe her tears.

Hope remains seated outside of St. Luke's and thinks back to Aiden kissing her. Kayla approaches and asks if she's alright.

Aiden walks through the town square and stops when he sees Nicole walking through as well. He asks if she is looking for someone. She says she is as she has an interview to conduct. Aiden informs her that she was interviewing his client but he advised him not to talk to her.

Jennifer imagines going to Daniel's and being greeted with a kiss. She declares that will never happen then says you never know as she goes on to Daniel's. She greets him but he questions what she's doing there.

JJ and Paige talk at the Pub about the party. JJ talks about Mary Beth. Paige jokes that every girl will be jealous at the party when she walks in with him. JJ assures her that she is who he wants to be with.

Jill tells Eve that JJ is cute and asks what gives. Eve thinks she could pass for a Salem U student and tells her it's just for one night at a big party.

Nicole tells Aiden that she had this interview for weeks. Aiden informs her that he's his client now so he's not talking to her. Nicole complains about all of her preparation for this. Aiden doesn't believe she worked that hard.

Hope tells Kayla that she's fine but says she's losing her mind as she wouldn't believe what she's thinking about. Kayla thinks she just needs someone to talk to. Hope agrees and they walk off.

Jennifer brings up their meeting for coffee. Daniel thought they would meet at the club. Jennifer says she was in the neighborhood so she thought she'd pick him up. Jennifer adds that she really wanted to see Parker but Daniel doesn't want her to see him.

Sami tells Kate that she was just telling EJ how much the kids were enjoying summer camp. Kate asks if Sami told EJ that they figured out what he did. EJ tells her that he had nothing to do with Stefano. Kate doesn't believe Rafe came up with all the evidence by himself. Kate remarks that Rafe sure got it at the right time. EJ tells them that it just delays Stefano's return as he will still be coming back and he will be very angry with them.

Aiden asks Nicole about his client and proves that she didn't know about him. Nicole admits that she was being forced to do the story when she didn't want to. Aiden tells her that she's welcome. Nicole says she would thank him but she's been in a foul mood lately. Aiden says he knows what she means as he's in one too. Nicole invites him for a drink. Aiden agrees as long as it's non-alcoholic because he does stupid things when he drinks. Nicole jokes that he does when he's sober too as they walk on.

Daniel thought today was going to be really casual and catching up to see if there was a place they could go so he wanted to take it slow. Jennifer feels the same way. Daniel wants to keep Parker out of it. Jennifer questions JJ and Abigail getting to see Parker but not her. Daniel tells her that's right.

JJ tells Paige that Rory is going to the party with them but he'll probably hook up with someone there so they will be alone. JJ adds that if they get bored, they can go do something else. Mary Beth and Rory arrive. Mary Beth questions Paige disappearing. Paige says she was just coming to find her to let her know that she's going to the party. Mary Beth decides she's going to go the party with them too then but JJ says no way.

Jill tells Eve that the party could be fun. Eve encourages her to play the part and turn heads.

Paige tells JJ that's rude. JJ wants to talk about it in private. Mary Beth walks away and Rory follows. Rory tells Mary Beth that she loves to stir it up. JJ tells Paige that Mary Beth will ruin everything if she comes. Paige questions Rory coming but not her friend. JJ says Rory is fun to be around but Paige disagrees. Paige thinks it could be a chance for Mary Beth and JJ to turn things around which would mean a lot to her because she has been a friend to her. Paige kisses him goodbye and tells Mary Beth they will talk about it later as she exits for class. JJ questions why Mary Beth wants to go to the party. She tells him to guess.

Jill tells Eve that JJ is cute so she'll enjoy her work. Eve doesn't think Jill can get JJ in bed. Jill argues that she hasn't seen her work. Eve brings up JJ being in love. Eve says she will show her some pictures of JJ's friends in Paige's yearbook and they will come up with a plan that stays between them. Jill asks if she has to hurt the kid.

Aiden and Nicole have their drinks. Nicole complains about Eric hating her and orders another drink. Aiden recalls them not getting along at Daniel and Jennifer's party so he suggests maybe they weren't meant to be. Aiden says sometimes people aren't good together. Nicole assumes he's talking about he and Hope. Aiden tries to play it off but Nicole says she's not blind.

Hope and Kayla go to the club. Hope tells Kayla that things have taken an uncomfortable turn as Aiden admitted his feelings for her but didn't want to act on them. Hope says she did the worst thing when she tried to set him up with Jennifer and how Aiden got the wrong idea about it. Hope says everything got worse as they fought and then he kissed her. Kayla asks if she kissed him back. Hope says she shouldn't be telling her this as she put her on the spot. Kayla tells Hope that Bo is gone and unreachable so this makes sense. Hope says she and Aiden both hate it. Kayla tells her that they should start there with honesty.

Daniel tells Jennifer that they are just beginning to figure things out and they don't know where it's going. Daniel says Parker loves her. Jennifer gets a text and she has an emergency at the hospital so they will have to reschedule. Daniel apologizes for everything. Jennifer says she's sorry too and she'll just call him as she then exits. Daniel is not so sure now

Sami says all that is important is that Stefano is delayed so they can take time to figure out what to do. EJ says he doesn't want to see Stefano extract revenge on either of them. EJ gets a call and steps out to answer. Kate questions Sami being out of her mind and says she can't believe her.

EJ talks on the phone getting information about Clyde. EJ orders a meeting to be set up so Clyde has no doubt who is in charge.

Kate asks Sami is EJ working her to forgive him. Sami calls her paranoid. Kate brings up the horrible things EJ has done to her. Kate brings up Abigail and hopes Sami is not going to forgive him. Sami calls it having a chance to be happy instead of being alone and miserable like her.

EJ gets a call from Stefano and tells him that it was Rafe who dug up all the evidence. EJ tells him that he can't risk coming back to Salem right now. Stefano calls it a fortunate turn of events for Sami and Kate.

Kayla tells Hope that she at least knows how Aiden feels and asks if he knows how she feels. Hope says she doesn't even know how she feels. Kayla tells her to tell him she's confused instead of lying. Kayla encourages her not to feel guilty about it. Kayla tells Hope to level with Aiden and she then exits the club.

Aiden tells Nicole that they barely know each other. Nicole says she's seen enough and knows how much time he and Hope spent together on the gala. Aiden tells her that he and Hope were not getting along at the gala as they are just different. Nicole asks if he's saying she is a bitch. Aiden says he did not say that. Nicole says he didn't but she did.

JJ goes to see Daniel. JJ tells him about Mary Beth hating him as they sit together. JJ says Mary Beth reminds him of who he used to be and won't let him forget it.

Eve tells Jill that she doesn't want JJ hurt physically but some things need to change. Jill asks what needs to change. Paige comes home so Eve scrambles to hide Jill. Eve asks what she's doing home from class. Paige says it's just the first day so they got home. Eve stops her from going to her room as she thought she left a paper but Eve shows her it was on the table. Paige tells Eve that she will be going to the party tonight. Paige hugs her goodbye and exits. Jill comes back out and says she's beginning to figure out why Eve is going after JJ.

Daniel tells JJ that who he was isn't important as who he is now is all that matters. Daniel encourages him to not let Mary Beth get to him. JJ jokes with him and thanks him. JJ brings up Jennifer mentioning them getting together for coffee. Daniel says they have to reschedule but they will make it happen. JJ hopes it is a start to working things out as he wants them to be happy. JJ exits.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and Kayla questions what she's doing there instead of having coffee with Daniel. Jennifer tells her that she had to cancel for work and it may be for the best as they got off on the wrong foot. Jennifer tells her about Daniel not wanting her to see Parker. Jennifer admits she doesn't want to bond with Parker if they don't know it's going to work again. Jennifer worries that they won't reschedule. Kayla encourages her to just make it through the night. Jennifer says Daniel likes to spend his nights with Parker. Kayla informs her that Parker is staying with Maggie tonight and encourages Jennifer about seeing Daniel.

EJ tells Stefano to be patient. Stefano declares that Sami and Kate have given him no choice but to get his revenge. EJ brings up the kids missing him.

Kate questions Sami thinking EJ will make her happy. Sami says she's just thinking. Kate says she knows exactly what she is thinking right now. Sami feels she got her revenge and made her point so now it's like what next. Sami asks if it's really so wrong to want to find happiness, meaning, and love. Kate questions if she's just tired of sleeping alone. Sami declares she just doesn't want to end up like Kate.

Aiden didn't know Nicole felt so strongly about Hope. Nicole complains about Hope enjoying seeing her fail. Nicole brings up Eric being Hope's nephew. She makes fun of Hope. Aiden laughs along as Hope then appears. Hope comments that they seem to be having a great time. Nicole says they were but she's leaving now and walks off. Hope questions Aiden. Aiden tells her that Nicole was just drinking and kidding around. Hope says they were having a laugh at her expense. Aiden didn't know why she came over since he thought she wanted to keep their distance.

A nurse gives Kayla the report on the drug for John.

Daniel sits at home and thinks about calling Jennifer. He then gets a call from Kayla, who wants him to take a look at the lab report. Daniel says he'll be right there but Kayla says she will come to him.

Eve tells Jill about Paige having so much promise and not making mistakes with men so she wants to make sure she never does. Eve declares that they are going to stop her tonight.

Paige and Mary Beth talk in the park about JJ. JJ and Rory join them. JJ apologizes to Mary Beth for not reacting well and for being a jerk. Paige encourages her. Rory declares they are going to have such fun tonight. Paige steps aside with JJ. Rory tries to start small talk with Mary Beth. She tells him that she's going to the party and he can't stop her. Paige pulls JJ away and kisses him.

Kate tells Sami that they are co-CEOs of a huge corporation but are in the crosshairs of a madman seeking revenge. EJ comes back in and informs them that Stefano is delaying his return but still plans to come back for revenge and he couldn't dissuade him. EJ says nothing is as important to Stefano as saving face. Kate blames Sami for daring Will to write the article. Sami wants to focus on fixing it. Kate says she's beginning to realize it's every woman for herself and walks out.

Hope tells Aiden that she knows what she said and she meant it. Aiden says he's been trying to honor it but she walked up to him and Nicole then sat down. Hope says now that she knows he makes fun of her behind her back, it won't happen again. Hope tells him to have a great life and storms off.

Jennifer goes to the Pub and runs in to Eve. Eve apologizes for not having time to talk before. Jennifer brings up her being so anxious. Jennifer tells her that she just hoped they could be civil with each other for their children. Eve is so glad and says she feels the exact same way. Eve figures they have something really fun planned for tonight. Jennifer says it's a big school party. Eve jokes about missing being that age and guesses it will be tons of fun as she walks off.

JJ and Paige continue kissing in the park. JJ tells her that being with her at a party is one thing but they don't get enough alone time. JJ just wants to show her how much he loves her as they hug and Paige looks concerned. Mary Beth leaves Rory as Jill approaches and tells Rory he's better off without her. Jill pretends to be a student and asks if he's going to the big party tonight. Rory says he is now.

Kayla goes to Daniel's with the lab report on the drug for John. Daniel looks it over, calling it possibly John's best last chance.

Sami tells EJ that Kate is just panicking but knows they are all in this together. EJ agrees and promises to protect her from Stefano. Sami asks if he's seriously going to do this after everything she did to him. EJ says he wouldn't expect anything less after what he did to her. EJ assumes Kate tried to make her doubt everything he said to her and felt. Sami admits that she did but she didn't succeed which makes EJ smile.

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