Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/9/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/9/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ben goes to the storage and props the door open with a box again. Ben looks through the shelves as Abigail arrives. She moves the box, locking them in. Abigail tells Ben that she has a few things to say so he's a captive audience.

Hope sits with Ciara at the Pub and talks about her heavy backpack. Hope looks up and sees a couple kissing which causes her to think back to Aiden kissing her. Ciara mentions wanting to see Chase and suggests Hope could say hi to Aiden too.

Sami tells EJ that the judge ruled against Stefano so he's still under indictment. EJ calls it a lucky break for her. Sami responds that it's not luck as she knows what he did. EJ claims to have no idea what she's talking about. Sami says that he worked a miracle to keep Stefano out of Salem to protect her.

JJ goes home with Paige. Paige talks about wanting alone time. They head inside where Jennifer surprises JJ with decorations for graduation. Jennifer tells JJ that she couldn't have done it without Paige.

Two women walk through the park talking about wanting to find ways to make money. They walk past Eve, who decides to follow them. Eve follows them in to the club. One of the women steals from another woman's purse while Eve secretly records it on her phone.

Jennifer gives JJ and Paige Salem U sweatshirts and jokes with them. They thank her. Jennifer asks about their first day of classes. JJ says it was good. Paige says she has no doubts about staying and mentions Eve leaving her a note to wish her luck. Paige assumes Eve must have had something important to do.

Eve stops the woman from leaving the club.

Paige steps out on a call with Mary Beth. Jennifer excitedly asks JJ about his classes. JJ thinks it will be a lot more interesting than high school. Jennifer encourages him. JJ notices her note about meeting Daniel later and asks about it. Jennifer says they are just meeting for coffee later. Jennifer asks JJ about Mary Beth. JJ calls her a stuck up bitch who is always trying to get Paige to break up with him. Jennifer asks if there is pressure from Eve. JJ says he's really not worried about her anymore. Jennifer asks why not. JJ brings up Eve stopping by for her check the other day. Jennifer wasn't aware and asks what she said. JJ talks about it not being bad as they got to talking music and ended up playing a song together. Jennifer is surprised as JJ tells her about Eve wanting to get back in to music. JJ adds that he felt Eve wasn't judging him as much. JJ says they can just give Eve's check to Paige. Jennifer says no as she has to be the one to do it for their sake.

Eve questions the woman about stealing the other woman's wallet and warns her about her recording. She questions who Eve is. Eve takes the wallet out and makes the woman give it back. She thanks her. The woman asks Eve if she's happy now. Eve says no and they step outside to talk.

Hope is glad Ciara is excited about starting fourth grade. Ciara says she's only excited about their Cinderella play and how she wants to tryout. Ciara asks if Hope will come see her big debut. Hope says of course and asks why she wouldn't. Ciara brings up Cinderella being Hope's least favorite fairy tale. Hope says it's because of the message and she doesn't believe that girls should wait around for a prince charming to make their lives complete. Ciara tells her that it's just a story and then reveals that she wants to play one of the mean sisters.

Ben asks what's the point when they already talked. Abigail says he only talked while she listened and they weren't finished. Ben suggests she start with how EJ broke her heart.

EJ tells Sami that he doesn't know what's keeping Stefano as it's not his doing. Sami brings up Stefano's plan until Rafe finds new evidence. EJ continues trying to play it off. Sami tells him to stop as she knows what he did as he's the only one who could have. Sami tells him that EJ did it for her. EJ warns her that she knows what Stefano would do if he thought that he betrayed him so he makes it clear he did not do this.

Abigail thought Ben might want to hear about that but she came to talk about them. Ben tells her that they aren't alone because EJ is always on her mind. Ben accuses her of still being hung up on him. Abigail argues that she's not. Ben questions her thinking about EJ when she pushed him away. Abigail says it's not for the reasons he thinks.

Sami tells EJ that she and Kate were just guessing as to who it could be so they just thought it was EJ. EJ tells her that she will have to convince Kate otherwise. Sami looks away disappointed. She tells EJ that Stefano is going to come back sometime and he's going to come after her and Kate with a vengeance. She tells EJ that he's always known it.

Hope brings Ciara to school and tries to drop her off quickly but Aiden arrives with Chase.

JJ tells Jennifer that he can't avoid seeing Eve so he asks why he can't give her the check. Jennifer doesn't want to use him as the go between. Jennifer says the lawsuit is settled and everything is over. Jennifer wants to figure out how to be civil. JJ thanks her with a hug. Jennifer adds it won't be easy. Paige comes back in. JJ says he was just thanking Jennifer for everything. JJ says they have to get going as they are meeting people at the town square to study. Paige thanks her for the sweatshirt. Jennifer tells them to have a great day as they exit. Jennifer decides she'll give Eve her money and get this over with.

Eve brings the woman home and hands her $50. She questions it. Eve says she's not here to buy her services. Eve reveals that she's been following her to make sure she was the right girl for this. Eve says she believes she can help her.

JJ and Paige walk through the town square. They talk about not having many classes together. They run in to a classmate of JJ's. Paige asks him about it. JJ says she was just a classmate and he's glad to not have everyone knowing his reputation. They joke about Paige being jealous.

Eve talks to the woman, whose name is Jill. Eve says she used to do what she does and she knows what it takes to get the money. Jill mentions family in Lexington, Kentucky. Eve tells her that she could get her there. Jill asks if she would do that for her. Jennifer arrives at the door which interrupts.

Aiden and Hope greet one another. Ciara talks to Chase about the Cinderella play. Hope and Aiden send their kids in to school. Hope tries to rush off but Aiden says he has to tell her something. Hope says he doesn't but Aiden tells her that he was completely out of line last night.

Ben tells Abigail that she was thinking about EJ and he doesn't want to talk about it. Ben says he realizes that he was just the rebound for her. Ben tells her that EJ is famous and now she is too. Abigail questions if he was embarrassed to be around her. Ben says he was sure that she wanted to be with him and what they had was special. Abigail agrees and says that's why she pushed him away.

EJ tells Sami that Stefano can not hurt her right now. Sami blames herself for being cocky and arrogant. Sami declares she didn't realize it would end like this. Sami adds that she never even cared about Stefano. EJ accepts it was about him and how much he hurt her. EJ adds that whatever happens, he takes full responsibility for all of it.

Abigail tells Ben about where they were headed. Ben says she just had to tell him to slow down. Abigail explains that the shelves brought up memories of EJ. Abigail says she didn't know until later but she tells Ben that she didn't want their perfect moment to be ruined by what happened with EJ. Abigail tells him that everything they have is so right. She says she realized in that moment that she didn't deserve him.

Hope tells Aiden that she wasn't going to bring it up and wasn't sure he remembered. Aiden tells her that he was tipsy but not drunk and he apologizes. Hope accepts. Aiden brings up his feelings and promising not to act on them. Aiden just wants to make sure they are okay. Hope insists that they are. Hope says they've said everything to say about it and goes to leave but Aiden asks if they have.

JJ assures Paige that he's only interested in her and kisses her until Mary Beth interrupts. She asks Paige about her first day. Rory arrives and greets JJ. Rory asks if JJ is coming to the big off campus party tonight. JJ says yeah but Paige says no way.

Eve lets Jennifer in. Jennifer thought she heard voices. Eve mocks their situation. Jennifer gives Eve her check. Eve tells Jennifer to excuse her. Jennifer tells her to take care and exits. Eve shuts the door quickly and brings Jill back out. Jill asks why she had to hide. Eve tells her that Jennifer is one of the reasons that she's here. Eve tells Jill that if she wants out of this life, it has to come from her. Eve says she really wants to help and she can make things easier but she's not running a charity. Eve says she just has to do something for her in return. Jill asks what she wants. Eve says she's ashamed to ask but if she does it then she will have 2 grand. Eve threatens to use her video of her stealing if she turns her down. Jill tells her that she's in and asks what she has to do.

JJ tells Paige that this is supposed to be the best party of the year and if anything happens, they can leave. JJ wants them to have fun together and asks if she wants that.

Aiden asks Hope if she has anything else to say about what happened. Hope says they have exhausted the subject. Aiden tells her that he's truly sorry and they will leave it at that. Hope agrees. Aiden tells her to have a good day and walks away. Hope realizes she forgot Ciara's book in her purse and calls her teacher to ask if she can drop it off. The teacher agrees to send Ciara out so Hope says she will wait. Hope sits down with the book.

Ben tells Abigail that it's crazy for her to think she doesn't deserve him. Abigail says she knows who she's been and who he is. Ben tells her that she doesn't know what it's meant to him to have her believe in him and want to be with him. Abigail says she still does so Ben kisses her. T opens the door and reveals he was in on it with Abigail. Ben thanks him and then says he wasn't finished as he resumes kissing Abigail.

Sami tells EJ that she can't let him take all of the blame as she knows she went too far and was just trying to hurt him like he hurt her. EJ understands why it happened because he betrayed her love. Sami doesn't know if she can describe what it felt like to see those pictures of he and Abigail. Sami says it was a lie when she said she hated him as she just couldn't admit how empty it made her and how sick she felt. Sami cries that it made her feel like a piece of her soul was ripped out of her body that she would never get back.

Hope reads Ciara's book and imagines herself as Cinderella with Aiden as her Prince. Ciara interrupts to get the book and heads back inside. Hope smiles then shakes her head wondering what she's thinking as she walks off.

T goes to leave but Abigail stops him and gives him a hug to thank him. T is glad they worked it out and that he could help. T tells Ben that they have a big crowd coming in so he has to get back to work. Ben thanks him and says he'll be there soon. T gives Abigail the key and exits. Ben asks Abigail if she will be free later. Abigail jokes about checking her calendar. Ben says it would be a shame if she wasn't available for whatever he comes up with. Abigail says she'll clear her schedule as they kiss.

EJ takes Sami's hand and questions what kind of man he is to hurt a woman he loves so much. Sami calls him human and says she just got used to thinking of him as something more. Sami admits she pushed him away and she knows she hurt him. EJ says as much as he wants her forgiveness, he won't allow her to blame herself as there is no excuse for what he did. Sami says she's not making excuses but she knows there's more to the story. Sami says what he did or didn't do reminds her of everything he sacrificed for her. EJ tells her that he will spend the rest of his life trying to make up for the hurt he caused her if he thought he could. EJ and Sami end up close and almost kiss. He kisses her on the cheek and hugs her as she cries.

Paige tells JJ that she does want to have fun. JJ asks what's the problem then. Paige says nothing and agrees to go. JJ asks if she's sure. Paige says Mary Beth will understand. JJ says everyone is talking about the party and kicking off the school year right. JJ adds that it feels like one of those nights where anything could happen.

Eve shows Jill a photo of JJ and says it's the reason she's there. Eve declares that he is what this is all about.

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