Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/8/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/8/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will sits at home looking at his wedding photos on his phone. He calls out to Sonny, asking a question about Arianna. Will comes across a photo of he and Sami and stops. Sonny joins him and tells him that it's okay to miss his mom. Will says it doesn't matter because she still hates him for writing the article.

Ben says there is nothing left to say as he gets the bigger picture now. Ben tells her that he saw her looking at EJ and the whole thing makes sense. Ben says she pushed him away because she was thinking about EJ. Ben tells her to look him in the eye and tell him he's wrong. Abigail admits he's not wrong as she was thinking about EJ.

EJ walks through the park and meets Clyde. Clyde tells him it's a real honor and offers a handshake. EJ asks who the hell he is and what he wants.

Lucas talks to Jordan at the hospital and asks how she's been. Jordan says she's fine. Lucas is sorry about her and Rafe. He asks if they are going to try to work things out. Jordan asks why he cares.

Kate informs Rafe that Sami is the witness that heard every word. Sami looks surprised but goes along with it as Kate says that Sami heard Stefano threaten to kill her. Rafe brings up Stefano being out of the country. Kate explains that Stefano called her so she put on speaker for Sami to hear. Rafe asks Sami what exactly Stefano said.

Lucas tells Jordan that she and Rafe make a great couple and Rafe is his friend. Jordan points out Kate being his mom. Lucas says that doesn't mean he wants them together. Lucas does believe it was all Kate's doing. Jordan says she can't go through this. Lucas thinks Kate planned it all and warns Jordan that she'll be letting Kate win. Jordan then thinks that Lucas wants her to get back with Rafe just to punish Kate.

Kate tries to tell Rafe but he wants to hear it from Sami. Sami tells Rafe that Stefano was complaining about everything they've done and was getting angrier. Sami tells Rafe that Stefano said the games were over and he's going to kill her.

Stefano makes a call to have the jet fueled as he declares he returns to Salem today.

Sonny tells Will that Sami doesn't hate him but was just mad. Sonny compares to fighting with his mom and assures that they will both get over it. Sonny takes Arianna out to let Will work.

Rafe asks Kate if those were the exact words. Sami talks about Stefano going on and emphasizing calling Kate a whore. Rafe tells them that he will go see the DA. Kate asks why. Rafe informs them that the hearing is in less than an hour and they may need to testify. After Rafe leaves, Sami and Kate argue over their story as Sami worries about lying under oath. Kate tells her to just testify and they'll be free so she doesn't know why she is hesitating.

Lucas apologizes for pushing and knows it's hard to get past what Rafe did. Lucas adds that they had gotten over so much to get together. Jordan says she has a patient to see. Lucas tells her that she is an amazing, beautiful woman and even though he's rooting for Rafe, he would love to see her happy with someone. Jordan thanks him. Lucas thinks they all deserve that chance. Jordan walks away.

Ben thanks Abigail for being honest and says there's nothing left to say. Abigail tries to explain but Ben declares the whole thing was a mistake as they can't get past this thing with EJ.

Clyde introduces himself to EJ and asks about Carlo not explaining. EJ has no idea what he is talking about. Clyde asks if he has a minute so he can fill him in. Clyde thinks they could do some business together.

Abigail tells Ben that she doesn't want to think about EJ ever. Ben doesn't want a rebound and tells her to go get EJ. T calls Ben in to the club so he walks off, leaving Abigail upset. T apologizes as Abigail walks off.

Sonny brings Arianna to the Pub where Lucas greets them. Lucas asks about Will. Sonny says he's still kicking himself for the article but is working on something new.

Zoe goes to see Will and tells him that she came to make him an offer.

Abigail runs in to Jordan in the town square. Jordan asks her what's wrong and assumes it's about Ben. Abigail tells her that it could be over and it's all her fault.

EJ asks Clyde why he believes they could do business together. Clyde responds that they have mutual interests. Clyde adds that he's a little nervous finally meeting him. Clyde tells EJ that he hoped that he could come work for him.

Sami thinks Kate is overreacting but Kate thinks Sami is in denial about Stefano being a threat. Sami thinks Stefano would get the board and get them ousted from the company. Kate worries that Stefano will eliminate them. Sami brings up being the mother of his grandchildren. Kate assures that Stefano wants revenge. Sami doesn't think he will kill them and says he'd end up fighting EJ too. Sami states that EJ doesn't want her dead. Kate argues that none of that matters and brings up past examples of Stefano's torture. Sami says this has all gotten out of control. Kate tells her that they stripped Stefano of everything and now they have to face the reality that they could lose their company and their lives. Rafe returns and informs them that the DA Melinda has agreed to put both of them on the stand today.

Sonny and Lucas sit together and talk about hearing from Allie at camp. They talk about Will's article. Sonny says Will is still upset and he thinks he wishes he never wrote it. Lucas is sure Sami pushed his buttons. Sonny blames himself for telling Victor to get Will the job. Lucas encourages them to work through things. Lucas tells Sonny that they should be honest with each other and everything will be fine.

Will brings up hearing that Victor fired Zoe. Zoe informs him that she got a new job within hours. She tells him about being the editor of another popular website. She suggests they work together again. She also wanted to check on Will as she was worried about him after the story. Will says he's dealing with it but there had been repercussions. Will tells Zoe that her revealing Abigail's name made things worse for everyone.

T apologizes to Ben for interrupting. Ben says he didn't. T calls Abigail an amazing woman and asks Ben what's up. Ben tells him that it's over. T jokes about asking her out and when he sees Ben's reaction, suggests that things aren't as over as he thinks.

Abigail tells Jordan that it's too awkward to talk about but says Ben has every right to be upset with her. Abigail talks about Ben not getting over what happened with her and EJ. Jordan thought he had gotten over it. Abigail says the article brought it all up again.

EJ tells Clyde that he has a full crew at the house and the company. Clyde tells EJ that he knows the business and he feels EJ is getting ripped off. Clyde says he could see to it that EJ does a whole lot better if he just gives him the chance.

Kate tells Rafe that they are ready to go. Rafe says he'll be right back. Kate asks Sami if she's with her. Sami feels it's risky but agrees to be with her. Kate wants to get their stories straight. Sami goes over what she told Rafe. They argue over including calling Kate a whore.

Stefano says they have anticipated every move that Kate and Sami could make so they are neutralized and there is nothing they can do now to prevent his return.

Sami and Kate end up agreeing to include the insult. Sami argues that she'll hold it against Kate if they end up in prison. Kate worries about their lives and blames Sami for being hell-bent on revenge against EJ. Rafe returns and announces there's a change of plans and neither of them will testify today.

Zoe apologizes to Will for putting him in an awkward position. Will questions why he should trust her now. Zoe says she will tell him the truth. Will asks if she's sorry that she named Abigail and if she would do it again. Zoe says she's sorry that she named her without telling Will but she would do it again. Will declares he will never write about his family again. Zoe agrees and says she has a list of ideas for him. Will points out that he hasn't agreed yet. Zoe mocks TruVista. Zoe tries to convince Will and adds that he'd be on staff with a regular paycheck. Zoe tells Will that he's better than TruVista and offers him the contract. Will tells her that he will need to talk to Sonny. Zoe says she will need an answer soon. Zoe tells him to give himself a real break as she exits.

Rafe tells them it's good news that there is some new evidence that came to light so they have Stefano dead to rights. Sami asks if there will still be a hearing. Rafe says it's going on now but should be a slam dunk. Rafe adds that if Stefano steps foot in Salem, he will be arrested immediately. Kate questions how he found the evidence. Rafe reveals he found it through a little digging. Kate asks where it came from. Rafe says the details are confidential. Sami thanks Rafe and hugs him. Rafe says he's just doing his job. Rafe tells them that's it so they don't need to hang around. Rafe exits. Sami excitedly declares they are safe but Kate feels something is not quite right. Sami questions what she's thinking. Kate thinks something is going on that Rafe isn't telling them about.

Clyde tells EJ that he's looking to stay in Salem and he has access to a product at a low cost. Clyde says he knows how to put a stop to breakage and spill in the product. EJ asks if he's finished. Clyde says he is. EJ gets up and walks away. Clyde mutters "son of a bitch."

Abigail assures Jordan that she has no feelings for EJ and she wishes it never happened. Abigail adds that EJ and Sami deserve each other.

Ben tells T to go for it as it doesn't matter to him. T jokes with Ben about not being able to bluff. Ben tries to go back to work but T won't let it go.

Abigail tells Jordan that she cares about Ben so much and she thought they had a chance at something special and good. Jordan questions why she would give it up.

T finishes a call with Sonny and sends Ben to storage to go get olives that were left behind.

Sonny comes home with Arianna and lunch for Will. Sonny mentions running into Lucas. Sonny asks if Will is reading a draft of his new article. Will says he's stuck on that. Sonny asks what he's reading. Will tells him that it's a job offer. Sonny excitedly asks how they found him. Will informs him that it was Zoe. Sonny questions him seriously considering going to work for a woman who nearly ruined his life.

Sami wants to take the win but Kate insists on it being strange. Kate questions all of the past experts missing this evidence and Rafe finding it. Sami suggests maybe he was really lucky. Kate suggests maybe he had help and they both know there is only one person who could give him that help.

EJ goes home and pours a drink. He gets a call from Stefano. Stefano wishes Rafe was dead. EJ asks for the reason. Stefano informs him that Rafe brought up some ridiculous evidence against him so the charges were not dropped. EJ calls it unfortunate and offers to do some digging. Stefano says he will find out himself. EJ offers to get to the bottom of it for him. EJ tells him that everything is under control for now. Stefano brings up Kate and Sami. EJ tells him that they are under his watchful gaze and are actually doing an alright job. EJ adds that he will intervene if he needs to. Stefano declares that he will intervene himself when the charges are dropped and he will pay them back for all of their efforts. Stefano then hangs up.

Sami wants to go. Kate warns her to be careful and she thinks it's best to stick to Rafe discovering the evidence all on his own. Sami agrees and asks Kate if she's coming as she exits.

Will tells Sonny that Zoe apologized and he made it clear that he would never write about his family again. Sonny continues to question it. Will adds that she told him he could write about whatever he wants. Sonny questions trusting her. Will shows him that it's all in writing. Sonny offers to go to Victor but Will doesn't want what he feels is charity. Will talks about his writing getting this offer. Sonny decides to go check on Arianna. Sonny tells Will that he will support him in whatever he does. Will says his opinion matters to him. Sonny feels that Will already had his mind made up before he walked in.

Ben goes to the storage and props the door open with a box again. Ben looks through the shelves as Abigail arrives.

Rafe returns to his office to find Kate still there. Kate tells him that she just wanted to be sure. Rafe tells her that the hearing is over and the charges stuck. Kate thanks him. Rafe tells her to thank Stefano for being such a crook while he just did his job. Kate calls it a little above and beyond. Rafe disagrees but Kate insists. Kate thanks him for looking out for her and kisses him on the cheek just as Jordan appears in the doorway and then quickly walks away.

EJ talks on the phone to Sydney as Sami walks in and listens. EJ has her put Allie on the phone. EJ tells her that they are looking forward to seeing her soon. She puts Johnny on the phone. EJ is proud of him for looking after his sisters. EJ tells him to go have a good time and hangs up. EJ turns around to see Sami standing in the doorway and greets her. Sami tells him that the judge ruled against Stefano so he's still under indictment. EJ calls it a lucky break for her. Sami responds that it's not luck as she knows what he did.

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