Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/5/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/5/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will talks to Arianna at home about his job until there's a knock at the door and Ben arrives. Ben asks if Sonny is there as he is supposed to pick up some paperwork. Will says Sonny is out but invites him in to get the papers. Will is sure Ben must be pretty upset with him but he doesn't have any excuses. Will hopes it's not causing too much trouble for Ben and Abigail.

Kristen lies in bed with her laptop until there's a knock at the door and Eric arrives. Eric tells her that Marlena told him what she wanted. She asks if she'll get it for John's sake.

Abigail sits at the Pub with a dress that she bought for Arianna. Marlena approaches and compliments the dress then asks if they can chat for a moment.

Jordan is asleep in bed and has a nightmare about Clyde.

Clyde meets with a man in the park that was recommended to him by Kate.

Sami and Kate talk at the mansion about trying to keep the judge from ruling in Stefano's favor. Kate questions what Stefano's portrait is doing in the house. Kate then gets a call from Stefano.

Rafe walks outside of the town square where he meets EJ and says he got his message then asks what he wants.

Stefano tells Kate that it's so good to hear her voice. Sami asks if it's Kate's lawyer but she motions that it's Stefano. Sami yells for her to hang up the phone. Stefano questions if that's Sami shouting orders. Kate asks what Stefano wants. Stefano says he just wants to wish her well on what should be a marvelous day in Salem.

EJ imagines Rafe was surprised to hear from him. Rafe wasn't surprised that he wanted to meet in secret but he was surprised to meet in town in daylight. EJ says he has something that may be helpful to him. Rafe isn't interested in EJ's help. EJ thinks when he sees what he has to offer then he will realize that this is different.

Eric thought Kristen couldn't shock him anymore but he can't wrap his head around someone holding someone's life in hostage to get what she wants. Eric questions her holding John's life for her freedom. Kristen says he finally understands.

Abigail asks about John. Marlena says there's no change but they are hoping for good news soon. Marlena adds that it wasn't what she wanted to talk about. Marlena brings up her relation to Sami and Will then says she's genuinely concerned about her. Abigail insists that she's fine. Marlena knows she's smart and strong and been through so much like Jack's death and JJ coming back. Marlena says her business with EJ must have been very confusing and complicated even before it went public. Abigail appreciates her concern but insists that she's handling everything fine. Abigail then thinks back to kissing Ben and it reminding her of being with EJ the same way and stopping Ben. Abigail tells Marlena that she thought she was handling it but now she's not so sure.

Ben tells Will that he just wants the papers. Will realizes he's not going to answer his question. Ben takes the papers and goes to leave but stops. Ben tells Will that he and Abigail haven't talked about him but he always thought Will was one of the good guys. Ben says the truth is, he doesn't know how Will could have ever written the article. Will repeats that he doesn't have any excuses. Will says he started writing and realized he had to tell the whole truth or nothing. Ben suggests he should've gone with nothing. Will agrees as things got out of hand and he never meant to hurt Abigail but knows he did. Will says he screwed up and asks Ben if he's ever screwed up.

Jordan's nightmare about Clyde continues with him grabbing her by the arm until she wakes up in a panic.

Clyde tells the man what he has in mind. He informs Clyde that someone else is ahead of him.

EJ tells Rafe that nobody can know that they met. Rafe tells him to get to the point to why he called him. EJ reveals it's because he trusts him.

Kate questions if Stefano is trying to scare her. Stefano tells her that the games are over and hangs up. Sami asks what he said. Kate tells her that he's trying to scare them by saying that the games are over. Sami tells Kate about Stefano trying to set up an emergency meeting. Sami talks about what they pulled off. Sami suggests they show up at the meeting and impress with their ideas to prove to the board that they are best for the company. Kate says the board is the least of their problems if Stefano is coming back to Salem.

Eric tells Kristen that he didn't press charges. Kristen says without his testimony, there is no case. Eric brings up Daniel but Kristen says it would just be his word. Eric calls her a pathological liar so this could all be an elaborate way to torture his family and continue to get revenge which is why he's tempted to go ahead with his testimony to tell the world what she did to him. Kristen says he's not going to do that.

Marlena tells Abigail that she knows people if she wants to talk about things. Abigail says there is one thing that she may be able to help with. Abigail says she hurt someone that she really cares about and she doesn't even understand why.

Will apologizes to Ben as he doesn't want to minimize what he did or how much it hurt Abigail. Ben gets a text from Jordan that she really needs to see him. Ben says he has to go and rushes out. Will goes back to Arianna and says he's glad she can't leave yet or she'd hate him too.

Clyde wants to meet whoever is ahead of him but the man who is named Carlo, is not sure it's possible. Clyde tells him it will be worth his while to make it happen.

Rafe mocks the idea of EJ trusting him. EJ is sure that Rafe would do the right thing with what he's about to give him. Rafe asks what's in it for him. EJ tells him there's nothing in it for him but he wants to be assured that Rafe will properly use what he's about to give him. EJ brings up the court date for Stefano's tax evasion charges. EJ says this document will make sure Rafe and the people he cares about get the decision he wants.

Kate worries about Stefano being out for revenge. Sami says they aren't sure and asks about what Stefano said. Sami wants to stay positive. Kate suggests coming up with a counter attack plan. Sami says they have no idea what he's planning so they shouldn't jump to conclusions. Kate reminds her who Stefano is and says she wants to prepare because whatever he has planned, they won't see coming.

Rafe looks over EJ's document and questions what it is. EJ says it will stop the judge from ruling in Stefano's favor. Rafe realizes EJ and Stefano are at odds again so EJ wants him to keep him out of Salem. EJ says they aren't at odds and the document is not to come from him. EJ says Stefano has a lot of enemies. EJ explains how the document shows that Stefano avoided paying taxes without implicating anyone else. EJ tells Rafe that he's given him everything he has so the success of this operation is now entirely in Rafe's hands. Rafe questions if he's doing this for Sami. EJ tells him that Sami has no idea what he's doing and it's imperative that it stays this way. Rafe declares EJ doesn't want Sami to know that he's protecting her from his father. EJ walks away.

Sami tells Kate that she doesn't think Stefano will kill them as if he wanted them dead, he'd send his henchmen and they'd be dead already. Kate argues that Stefano would want to be there. Sami argues that Stefano won't kill her as she's the mother of his grandchildren. Sami brings up Stefano's feelings for Kate. Kate says none of it matters. Kate tells Sami that if they are going to survive what Stefano has planned then they can't be in denial because it will be more horrific than they could ever imagine.

Ben meets Jordan at the club. She asks if he's seen Clyde. Ben says he hasn't and asked if she has. Jordan says she's shaken up because Clyde ruined her life. Jordan cries about their new lives and how they had stopped running. Ben says they can't let him ruin it for them. Ben promises it will be alright. Jordan tells Ben that he knows nothing will ever be the same again.

Abigail tells Marlena about pushing Ben away and she isn't even sure why. Marlena encourages her to examine the moment and find that it had nothing to do with Ben. Abigail worries that she hurt Ben and doesn't know how to change that. Marlena suggests talking to him and hopefully he'll understand. Abigail agrees that she doesn't want to lose him as she really cares about him. Abigail believes if she talks to him, he will listen. EJ walks in to the Pub.

Eric tells Kristen that she knew he would give her what she wants because he wouldn't let John pay. Eric tells Kristen that he won't sign anything or promise that he won't testify until she makes sure the drug reaches John and he awakes from his coma. Kristen stops him from leaving and tells him that she is so sorry. Eric questions her. She says she isn't talking about what happened between them even though she is sorry about that. Kristen brings up not seeing him for a long time and how he's changed. Eric argues that she never knew him. Kristen talks about the work they did together for St. Luke's. Kristen repeats that he's changed a lot and says it's because of Nicole. Eric warns her. Kristen says Nicole made him bitter and sad which is tragic and heartbreaking. Kristen says that's on Nicole and they all know it. Eric turns and exits.

Abigail gathers her things and thanks Marlena for listening then rushes out of the Pub. EJ approaches Marlena and asks if Abigail is okay as they seemed to be having a tense conversation. Marlena tells EJ that he's out of his mind if he thinks she will discuss anything with him. EJ says he's concerned about her. Marlena doesn't believe he could be concerned about anyone but himself. EJ understands she doesn't care about what he's going through but he tells her that he does have feelings. EJ says he cares about Sami and her family. Marlena warns him not to bring up Sami to her. EJ asks if there's been any change with John. Marlena turns and walks out of the Pub.

Rafe goes to his office and talks on the phone about the case. Sami and Kate arrive to ask about Stefano's court date. Rafe says it's still on for today. They feel they still have time.

Abigail goes to see Will and brings Arianna's dress that she got. Will says she's sleeping but they will put it on her and send Gabi a picture. Will adds that he's surprised to see Abigail. Abigail brings up being Arianna's godmother and she promised to be a part of her life no matter what else is going on or how she feels about Will.

Ben tells Jordan they weren't going to run anymore. Jordan worries that Clyde will never go away. Ben says they have to ignore him and act like he doesn't exist. Ben tells Jordan that he will handle it if Clyde ever comes near her. Ben asks what happened this morning to upset her so much. Jordan thinks back to her dream. Ben asks her to talk to him about what happened.

Carlo finishes a call and tells Clyde that he did what he could so he may be getting a call. Carlo walks off. Clyde declares that one way or another, he will make this happen.

Marlena sits at John's bed side and tells him about asking Eric to go along with not testifying against Kristen. Marlena knows how upsetting it will be for John because once again their lives are in Kristen's hands. Eric then enters the room. Eric tells her that he saw Kristen and gave her his answer that he's going to do it. Eric apologizes for ever doubting that it was the right thing to do and put her through that. Marlena tells Eric that she loves him so much and she knows what it's costing him. Eric says all that matters is doing what's best for John. Marlena hopes Kristen is right and the drug works. Eric knows how much it means to her. Marlena hopes she gets a chance to tell John.

Abigail asks Will why he didn't tell her that Sami was the one who insisted her name in the article. Will says he wrote it. Abigail explains that she knows now that he didn't mention her name. Will talks about thinking he was protecting her when people would've figured it out still. Abigail talks about being really upset when she first found out but now it's not quite as horrible since she knows the details. Will is glad to hear that. Will tells Arianna that he's not as horrible as Abigail once thought. Abigail says he's still a colossal jerk. Will says nobody is more angry than him except maybe Ben. Will mentions Ben dropping by earlier and how he was vague. Will asks if they are alright.

Jordan tells Ben that she hates Clyde being near them. Ben says they can't let him win and all they can do is keep trying to make their lives better.

Abigail doesn't want to talk to Will about Ben. Will understands and hopes they are okay. Abigail tells him to let her know if the dress fits Arianna. Will thanks her for bringing it. Abigail says she will see Arianna soon. Will tells her to come by anytime. Abigail says she will work it out with Sonny and then exits.

EJ talks on the phone to find out about Stefano's hearing. EJ hangs up and says now Rafe just has to do his part. EJ gets a call and says he's never heard of him and orders him to be checked out. EJ says to hope this pays off as he exits the Pub.

Rafe isn't sure they can stop Stefano. Sami says he has to. Rafe brings up Stefano's army of lawyers. Kate asks what if Stefano threatened her life.

Eric tells Marlena that he knows this is a chance for John. Marlena says she's not counting on it but it's the first hope they've had. Marlena asks Eric if he thinks Kristen is bluffing and trying to torment them. Marlena then says nobody can tell. Eric states that all they can do is pray as they hug.

Stefano talks on the phone with Kristen. Stefano is confident they will see each other soon. Kristen says they will both be free. Kristen tells Stefano to get the drug to Kayla and Daniel. Stefano reminds her that it's untested and she must be real about this. Kristen knows it could go either way. Kristen hangs up and declares that this has to work because everything is riding on this.

Rafe asks Kate if Stefano threatened her life. Kate asks if it would make a difference in the outcome of the hearing. Rafe points out that the hearing is about his tax evasion. Kate says Stefano thinks she's the one who handed over the evidence which is why he threatened her life. Rafe says it's her word against his. Kate informs him that Sami is the witness that heard every word. Sami looks surprised but goes along with it as Kate says that Sami heard Stefano threaten to kill her.

Jordan sits outside the town square and declares that Ben is right that they cannot let him win.

Abigail goes to the club to see Ben. Ben tells her that he's working and walks out of the club. Abigail follows him out and wants to talk about what happened but Ben doesn't. Ben says there is nothing left to say as he gets the bigger picture now. Ben tells her that he saw her looking at EJ and the whole thing makes sense. Ben says she pushed him away because she was thinking about EJ.

EJ walks through the park and meets Clyde. Clyde tells him it's a real honor and offers a handshake.

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